OLTL Update Tuesday 9/27/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/27/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert Ford is wearing his hot dog costume attempting to do his job and being ignored. Jessica comes by and greets him indicating she may be flirting with him.

Rex is at Buenos Dias when he sees a waitress who appears to be Gigi.

A man comes to the house to inform Tea and Victor’s family that he is there to read Victor’s last will and testament. Blair and Jack overhear and Blair asks Tea if she knew about this or what Victor may or may not have left to his family although she assumes it all went to his family.

Viki tells Irene she needs to get out of Viki’s home. Irene pulls out a gun from her purse.

Original Todd reads a letter written by his “mother” telling her that he must find the gun and bring it to her or she will have to take drastic action by taking his loved ones out one by one. He yells for the guard. Starr appears and asks her dad what is going on.

When Viki notices Irene’s gun and the nurse asks about Clint’s medication, Viki knows she needs to keep a secret and not let the nurse see the gun.

Jessica and Robert Ford observe the kids in the park and she tells him she wants to know the secret for why the hot dogs taste good. He tells her the secret that she must swear never to reveal is that they are microwaved. He tells her that he can give her a coupon. She asks if his boss knows about that and admits that she has tried to look for him. She tells him that she remembered his telling her that she may come to him if she needs to talk. She reveals that Natalie said yes to Brody’s marriage proposal. She realizes she has no choice but to accept that it’s too late. Brody is marrying her sister.

Rex notices a waitress who is not Gigi although he sees his deceased fiancé. Natalie comes by and asks her brother if he is ok. He asks her if she gave an answer to Brody’s proposal. She shows him her engagement ring. He tells her congratulations but can see that she is not completely ok.

The man who appears at the door informs Tea and Blair that he is a banker and does not know any details about Victor’s will.

When Starr comes to see her dad and knows he is in trouble and afraid of something and yelling for guards, he tells his daughter he does not want her around or put her in danger. She reminds her dad that he has to talk to her. He admits that her crazy grandmother, Irene has been sprung from jail and is making death threats to his entire family. She tells him she is not afraid. But he tells her maybe she should be because he is.

While Irene is at Viki’s home and Viki tells her she better get out, Viki gets a call from Blair and can tell that her former sister in law is not ok.

Jessica confides in Robert that she was there when Brody asked her dad for his blessing for Brody to marry Natalie and Clint did not give it to him. She admits that tested her but she knew she had to not let it get to her. He tells her he believes she had every right to go off the wall. She admits that sometimes she feels like hauling off and decking somebody. He tells her he wants to encourage her to take her best shot of decking someone and stands in his hotdog uniform as the target for her.

Natalie admits to Rex that she went to see John who offered her his blessing to marry Brody. But Rex can see that that is not what Natalie really wanted from John.

Todd attempts to let Starr read the letter with the death threat but she sees a blank sheet of paper.

On the phone while with Irene in her living room, Blair informs Viki that she is invited to the reading of Victor’s will. Irene wants to join although Viki tells her she better not even think about it. Irene affirms that Victor is her son whether Viki likes it or not.

Blair tells Tea she knows that Victor had a will but assumes he changed it after he divorced Blair and married Tea. Tea admits that the last few years of their lives were not great. But Dani got to bond with her real father and one thing she knows is that Victor provided for all of his children. She realizes that they are waiting for Viki but questions if they have “forgotten” anyone. Blair says that perhaps the “big question” is just whom this house and all of Victor’s stuff officially belongs to. Tea tells Blair that there are legal arguments that could be made that Todd at least gets some of it. The doorbell rings and a panicked Viki tells Blair and tea she wants them to know that she did everything she could in order to prevent “her” from coming there. Hearing that, they ask Viki just whom she means by that. Irene appears and smirks.

Rex asks Viki what she just happened to overhear and eavesdrop upon in a conversation between John and Roxy. She tells him that Roxy told him she dared him to admit that he did not love her daughter and he admitted it. Rex asks if what she “thought” she overheard is the reason she said yes to Brody.

Jessica tells Brody she does not want to be violent because she knows that would not be a good example to Bree whom she is teaching not to promote violence. But he protests that what is far worse is that her fiancé she hoped to marry and believed loved her has cheated on her with her sister and is ready to marry her and have a baby together. At that point, Jessica is provoked enough to punch Robert.

Starr wonders why her father has freaked and has assumed his mother has threatened to kill them all and he wonders why she cannot see the hand written death threats.

Irene tells her son’s completely non-responsive family that she has the right to be there whether they welcome her or not. The strange man tells them that he would like to get on with the reading of the will and they need to put their differences aside until he’s done. He reads that “somebody” identifies himself as Thomas Todd Manning. Hearing that name, Viki, Tea, and Blair all know that Victor would not have identified himself that way and it could be the living will of original Todd instead of Victor. Out of nowhere, a dog runs into the room and the women are not happy to see that she has peed on the floor and on their legs. Behind the dog, Viki and Todd’s sister and Irene’s daughter, Tina, appears unexpectedly wearing a black witch hat. She asks if she is “too late."

At Buenos Dias, Rex tells Natalie he knows she said yes to Brody but he does not “see it” in her eyes. She protests that she is happy. She and Brody are making a really good home for their son. But he tells her he knows that her heart is not in this and asks just what she would do if John were to come through the door and urge her not to come through with this. She tells her brother it does not matter. It’s too late. She remarks that the previous night, she had a dream that she found out that John was Liam’s father and it wasn’t a happy dream. But he tells her that maybe her dream “meant” something like that she is not over John. And he tells her that she cannot marry Brody if the only reason is obligation involving the baby.

When Jessica accidently decks and knocks Robert Ford over, he’s unable to get up with the hotdog suit surrounding him. She laughs and tells him he needs to “engage his core." She attempts to pull him up but falls over on top of him.

Inside Buenos Dias, Rex tells his sister he believes she deserves the best. But he’s hardly one to give advice realizing that he is a guy who sees dead people. He admits that he and Gigi were so close and ready to have everything they ever wanted. Jack Manning took it all away.

When Tina walks in with her dog, Viki, Blair, Tea and all the others are not happy to see her an know that she is only there for the reading of the will in the hopes of getting her hands on the money. She tells them she is family. Blair gives her back the dog and Tina tells Blair that “David Vickers” (the dog) has not done anything to Blair that half the men in the town have not done. She realizes she has not met but has heard of Tea and Dani and remarks how lovely they are and introduces herself to Jack. Unexpectedly, her mother appears and scares her.

Todd tells Starr that his mother has told him he needs to give her a microchip that he no longer has. If he had it, he’d hand it over to her in a heartbeat. Does she think that he would have wanted to be prevented from getting back to her and to Jack and to his family? He asks her if he is “cracking” to see a death threat that she cannot see.

Tina is stunned to her mother believing for many years that she’s dead. Irene tells her daughter she is very much alive. Viki tells her sister it’s true. Irene is very much alive. At that point, Tina gives her dog to Viki to hold and passes out.

Starr tells her dad that she might be able to help him unravel the mystery of the things that Irene has done and outsmart her. But, she tells him, even if he’s impressed by that, they need to wonder what they (the two of them) are going to do.

Viki revives Tina who is afraid of what may have happened to her dog. Her mom reveals that Tina’s “overprotectiveness” of her dog is because as a child, her mother would not let her have a dog. Tina remembers for the first time that her mother did some dastardly things to her as well as to her sons. Tina admits that she needs a minute there and assesses if it’s true that Todd had a twin named Victor Lord Jr. who died and did Todd kill him? All the others reply they do not know except for Jack who tells her he did. She asks why nobody told her that her mother came back. Viki tells her sister she was nowhere to be found and concludes that maybe they should postpone the reading of the will since Tina has just had a major shock. Tina attempts to ingratiate herself to Blair reminding her that she has missed Blair’s kids, her beloved nieces and nephews. But Blair does not buy that and knows Tina only wants to get her hands on the Will.

Jessica is on the ground with Robert looking like she wants to do more than just help him get up. He tells re if his boss saw what happened to his “uniform”, he’d be in trouble. She thanks him for listening about Natalie and Brody and allowing her to take a punch. He tells her he needs to get back to the store. Alone, she reveals that she might have feelings for Robert and wants to have fun.

Natalie tells Rex that she should not be burdening him with her issues when he’s had this tragic loss but tells her brother she cannot do this without his blessing. He tells her she has it. He tells her that’s better than what she got from her dad and realizes that Rex might be the only guest at their wedding. When Rex is alone, the waitress comes by to ask how his salad is. And again he envisions Gigi.

Jessica enjoys playing jump rope with girls and remembering having fun. She comes face to face with Natalie and her smile fades while they stare coldly at each other.

Starr tells her father that they have to take his mother’s threats to the cops. But he tells her that’s easier said than done unless she helps him get out of there.

The man reads the will where Victor directs that all his debts have to be paid off. But Tina realizes this is only article one. He reads article 2 where Victor is ready to will all of his wealth, property, vehicles, monetary wealth and ownership of the Sun to his mother, Irene Manning. Everybody is shocked and horrified to hear that except for Irene.

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