OLTL Update Monday 9/26/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/26/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki goes to get her door and is shocked and spooked to see Irene and learn that she’s been sprung from jail.

Original Todd is still in jail and protesting to Bo that the cops cannot release her and keep him there. Bo protests that it’s out of his control that that has happened. Right then, the guard announces that Todd has a “visitor”. He remarks that it’s not a “visitor”. It’s his ex-wife and lawyer when he sees Tea.

We then see a document that has Natalie’s, Brody’s and John’s names. John remembers talking to Bo and unable to deny that he is still in love with Natalie.

Todd tells Tea he is very grateful that she is representing him. She replies that she has not agreed to do anything at this time.

Natalie goes to Rodi’s and John informs her that last night he spoke to Roxy about how he feels about her. Natalie remembers eavesdropping upon their conversation and heard what he said.

Right then, Tea is in her room looking at legal documents with Natalie’s, Brody’s and John’s names. Tomas enters and Dani shares with her uncle how she has bonded with her father in a short amount of time.

Tea tells Todd how he dare ask Dani to ask her to represent him. He tells her that she needs to listen to him and realize that he is innocent. Their daughter has the right to know that and know her father and Tea has to stop being so selfish that she can’t realize that.

Blair tells Jack that she believes what he said about entering the house in the rain with his keys and seeing original Todd knocking him out. She turns her back and avoids her son’s eye while he relives that very event. She tells him she knows that “Victor” is the only father he’s ever known and would never do the terrible things that that “no good” original Todd would do. But Jack appears to know that his mom is lying that she believes him. She is looking for her wallet.

When Viki sees Irene she calls Bo and demands to know how this could happen. Irene reflects that this house should have been hers’ since it once belonged to Viki’s father. Viki affirms that it’s her house and she does not want Irene there. Irene asks if she does not even want her there to say she is sorry.

At Rodi’s, Natalie tells John that she stopped by the previous night to talk to him and noticed he was talking to Roxy so she eavesdropped. She was able to confirm that he does not love her. She is finally aware of the way things are and it’s ok. But John protests that it’s not the way she thinks. He then gets ready to tell her that there is “something else” he revealed to Roxy in their conversation after Natalie left.

Irene tells Viki that Victor was Viki’s brother and her son and she loves both of her sons. Viki tells her she does not love anybody and it’s because of her (Irene) that Victor is dead and Todd is in prison.

Dani cries and talks to Tomas about her visit to the jail to see Todd. He as happy to see her although she realizes he did not know she existed until he came back. He told her that he is innocent. Tomas asks if she believes him. She replies she does not know. Todd sounded sincere. But she has nothing to “compare” it to. And she feels bad about the man having been locked up and tortured for years and now back on jail. She asks Tomas if he believes she’s being too easy on him. Tomas tells his daughter no and he is sorry for what had to happen to Todd for all those years because it was his fault.

Todd tells Tea that he thinks Dani is smart and awesome and beautiful, not unlike “somebody” he used to know. She tells him that flattery will get him nowhere and she needs to know exactly what he told Dani. He tells her he knows that somebody is setting him up besides Jack.

Blair goes looking for her wallet and her driver’s license at Todd’s home and admits to her son that whenever she’s in this room, she thinks of “his biological father” who is Victor and how in love she was with him. Jack can see that something is “not right” with what she is telling him. She tells him that the happiest day of her life was marrying him and having his children. And that no good original Todd is going to burn in hell because of Jack. Jack asks his mom what on earth she means. She tells Jack that there’s all the evidence they will ever need that he committed pre-meditated first degree murder. And the prosecution is going to give him the death penalty. Hearing that, Jack demands that she repeats what she just said.

Original Todd protests to Tea that she must know that Jack is lying because Jack hates him. She tells him she agrees that Jack’s story does not add up. She informs him that Blair does not buy it any more than they do but she is “working” on her son to get him to open up.

When Jack hears his mom affirm that original Todd will get the death penalty, he admits that he is not ok with that. She tells him that original Todd deserves it and that’s what happens when somebody murders another person in cold blood. She urges Jack to know that this is not his fault. Original Todd chose to walk out of the house with a gun and made a decision he must pay for. But Jack begins to protest that he does not want Todd to be put to death.

Tea reminds Todd that the gun that has disappeared is the only thing that can prove his innocence. She asks if that is what he tried to tell her when he told her that “someone” other than Jack is trying to frame him.

Irene tells Viki that Viki’s father had no right to give everything in his will to Todd and nothing to Victor. Viki tells her be that as it may, she does not buy that Jack saw original Todd kill Victor and knows she is also trying to frame her own son. She reflects that Irene has lost herself. She used to be a decent person when they were best friends in college many years ago and demands to know what happened to Irene.

Tomas admits to Dani that he was ordered to murder original Todd. He did not do it but enabled him to be locked up so that he could spend 8 years locked up and tortured. She tells him that he mustn’t blame himself. What happened to Todd was not his fault. It was because of her twisted grandmother. He tells her she may have engineered it but he carried out her orders.

Viki asks Irene if she is blaming her behavior on the fact that Viki’s father abandoned her. Irene protests that she had 3 children with Viki’s father. Viki tells Irene that she did not have a fun childhood growing up with that man but did not turn out like Irene did. She would never hurt her own children nor murder anybody. Irene reminds Viki that “she” (Viki) might not have done that but her alters were a perfect excuse for her. Viki tells Irene there is no excuse for her (Irene)

Todd remembers Irene threatening him to never reveal what he knows about her or else he will never see the gun that will set him free. Tea tells him if he expects her to trust him, he has to trust her and tell her everything he knows or she’s out of there. He then hesitates and she walks out.

Natalie reveals to John that Brody proposed to her. She tells him it wasn’t planned. Brody just popped the question out of the blue. John asks if she said yes. She tells him that is the reason she came by. She wanted to tell him in person and not let him hear it from someone else. He tells her congratulation and tells her that he knows she and Brody will be happy together.

Dani observes a picture of herself and Victor and gets ready to go somewhere with her uncle Tomas.

Todd informs Tea that Irene threatened him. She was in the cell across from him. She knew how to make the gun disappear and there’s apparently something he needs to remember but cannot from the electroshock that was given to him all those years. He can’t remember anything except his kids and tells Tea if she does not help him, he will lose everything.

Viki reminds Irene of the “young woman” she left on Viki’s doorstep whom Viki later learned was her sister Tina and asks Irene if she cares about her daughter, viki’s sister or heard from her. Irene asks Viki if she has.

Jack looks like he is getting ready to tell his mom “something” when she tells him that original Todd will get the death penalty because of his false accusations. But before he can get it out, Dani and Tomas interrupt him when she finds Blair’s wallet. They can clearly see that Jack is “not ok”.

At Rodi’s, Natalie can see that John is devastated although he does not admit it, about her marrying Brody. But he tells her that what he was “ready” to tell her does not matter.

Blair and Jack go off together while Tomas tells Dani he has some things to do. Blair tells her son now that she has her wallet, she wanted to take him to lunch and to the stables for some horse riding. Jack does not admit what he was considering telling her but admits he’s not comfortable and tells his mom he can’t join her and leaves.

Original Todd reminds Tea that Dani does not even know him and Jack hates his guts. He fought throughout the last 8 years and the only thing that kept him alive was his kids. He urges her to know that if she does not believe him, she can’t expect any jury to. She asks if he knows how difficult this is. They will have to go through Victor’s medical records when he was killed. She admits that she believes him and will represent him but has to leave because she has a lot of work to do. She asks the guards to let her out and leaves.

Viki admits to Irene that she has not seen nor heard from her sister in a few years and they did not part on good terms. Viki tells Irene that because her mother abandoned her, Tina has lead a pointless life and is selfish and shallow just like her mother. Irene asks Viki if they are talking about Irene’s sick genetics vs. Viki’s child rearing expertise. Viki tells her this conversation is over. Irene tells Viki she is not finished and has some important things to discuss with Viki.

Natalie walks out of Rodi’s appearing like she’s crying when she runs into Bo who knows his niece is not ok. He goes inside and asks John if they spoke. John replies they did and she informed him that she and Brody are getting married. So, like he said before, end of story.

Tea returns to the house and informs Blair that she’s decided to represent Todd. Blair tells Tea out of an earshot of Jack that she “almost” got her son to open up. When Jack notices his mom and stepmom talking and Blair knows she must “play the roll”, she attempts to sound furious with Tea for representing Todd. Right then a strange man enters the house with some personal stuff on behalf of the will of Victor.

When original Todd is alone in the jail cell, he opens a letter from Irene telling him where to find the gun and that he better find it before anybody else does. Or else she will “take out” his loved ones, one by one.

Right then, at Viki’s, she tells Irene she’s heard all she wants to hear and Irene needs to leave. But Irene tells her there is “one more thing” regarding the unfinished business she mentioned. And she pulls out a gun.

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