OLTL Update Friday 9/23/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/23/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie goes to Rodi’s to see John and both are ready to tell the other something. He admits to her that he is still in love with her. But John is merely sleeping and having a dream and he awakens startled knowing it did not really happen.

Natalie wakes up in the bed she now sleeps in with Brody and goes out to the kitchen to open up an envelope with evidence that startles her. She realizes she was only having a bad dream but it may not be as simple as that.

Jessica is alone in her home being visited by Brody ready to propose to her and realizing he cannot marry anyone else. She awakens form her dream to see her father who knows he has startled her and asks if she is ok.

Tea has a dream that she is in her bed lying beside her husband. She first calls him Todd, and then realizes his name is Victor. But she sees that it’s not “current” Todd in her bed. It’s original Todd and she is startled as he tells her she got it right the first time. She awakens startled and alone in her bed.

We then see Jack going to original Todd’s jail cell to tell him he is sorry, admits he lied and did not see his father kill Victor and call shim dad. But original Todd awakens to realize it’s only a dream.

We then see another “dream” where Jack is in high school and Gigi is his science teacher asking him what he “knows” about carbon monoxide. And he awakens to see that she is not really there but Shane is sitting beside him in the classroom, asking him what his problem is and remarking that he looks like he saw a ghost.

John awakens on the bar stool hung over and not knowing what to do with his situation regarding Natalie. He drinks a pitcher of iced water in an attempt to sober up. Right then, Bo appears and says good morning. John asks his boss what he can do for him. Bo tells him he could show up for work but not at this present time as he does not want John showing up drunk.

When Tea awakens in her bed, Blair is there to help her to get up and reminds her that she forgot that victor was dead and then she woke up. Tea does not want to discuss that and just wants to go back to bed. But Blair tells her she thinks the best thing she can do is to get the blood flowing. But Tea tells Blair that if she gets up it will only get worse. She informs Blair hat not only is victor dead, Todd wants her to prove that he did not kill him.

When Todd awakens and Irene is right across the room in the adjoining jail cell, she tells him that she still has an offer on the table for him.

Jessica asks Clint what he’s doing out of his wheelchair. He tells her he’s “gotten sprung”. She tells him that maybe he needs to get some physical therapy and not push himself. She tells him that she has to stay home with her kids. He tells her that she is wearing herself out and knows she was having a nightmare. She tells her father it was not a nightmare. The dream was wonderful. It was waking up that was the nightmare.

Natalie does not want to admit to Brody just what her nightmare was about. He suspects nothing but tells her he has a surprise for her. He then pulls out the ring and remembers that when he proposed to her, eh left out the most important part

Jessica admits to her dad that she had a dream about her wedding to Brody. He asks if it was a double wedding. She replies that given the “happy” nature of her dream, Natalie was nowhere nearby. But she has found out in the real world, that Brody has proposed to her sister. Apparently Natalie has declined his proposal. And she knows the reason is because of John.

At Rodi's, Bo asks John if anything happened and if there’s anything he wants to get anything off his chest. John does not want to talk about it. But Bo knows it must be something about Natalie.

Natalie tells Brody the engagement ring is so beautiful but she evades answering the question. She hesitates when he attempts to put it on her finger. But she cannot tell him the “real” reason why she does not want to marry it.

Blair asks tea if Todd really used Dani to get to her. Blair tells her she knows it’s got to be because Tea is such an excellent lawyer but reminds her that she is not obligated to help original Todd regardless. And she admits that she does have her own questions about jack’s story.

Shane stares, across the aisle at jack in the classroom and asks him what is up with him. Jack asks what he thinks is wrong. His dad died. Right then, classmates approach him and ask if it’s really true that he’s found out that his dad is not really his dad and the real Todd Manning came back and killed him after knocking Jack out.

Todd asks Irene if she does not know what the 8 years of drugging and electroshock did to him and wiped out his memory of many things. If he knew or remembered what she assumes he does, he’d admit to it. But she tells him she realizes that he knows somewhere and somehow what it is that she wants and how he can find it. He asks her to tell him what it is that she believes he has.

Blair admits to Tea that she is pretty certain that Jack is lying to the cops that he saw Todd kill Victor. Yet she is going to defend her son against anybody who comes up against him. She knows that Jack is his father’s son and if he thinks for a moment that she is turning against him, he will shut down. She believes that there’s got to be a way to motivate her son to grow a conscience although Tea is not certain that is a great way to do it.

In the high school classroom, Shane continues to stare at jack and overhears the conversations about all the things that Jack is lying about.

Brody tells Natalie that maybe he should go and see her dad and ask him for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Clint hears that Jessica is still not over Brody and tells his daughter that he really thought well of Brody until he found out what Brody did to her with Natalie. And he realizes that although he’s had his issues with John, he knows that he is the one for Natalie and not Brody. Right then, Clint sees that Brody is calling him and reminds him that not long ago he proposed to Clint’s daughter Jessica and is now proposing to her twin sister and asks if that is supposed to make them all feel “warm inside”.

John does not want to admit to Bo that he is still in love with Natalie but does not deny it. Bo tells him that he needs to admit it to Natalie. But John reminds him that Natalie is now living with Brody and they are having a kid. End of story.

On the phone, Clint tells Brody that he does not have his blessing knowing how he and Natalie have hurt Jessica. Brody tells Clint that he’d like his blessing but will marry Natalie regardless. He and Natalie are not proud of what they did to Jessica but are not going to repent for the rest of their lives and that’s the way it will be. When Clint gets off the phone, Jessica is really proud of her father for standing up to Brody. When Brody gets off the phone, Natalie tells him he need not worry. She has said yet. Clint informs Jessica that it’s not as great as she’d hoped. Brody just informed him that Natalie said yes.

Bo informs John that he has some bad news. They have no choice except to cut Irene Manning lose.

Irene tells original Todd when she found out that Victor Sr. cut her and her son off and denied them all of the money that she and Victor Jr. had the right to have, she was desperate and had to take drastic measures. He then asks her if she can get to what it is she is looking for. She tells him he needs to have patience.

Blair leaves Tea alone. She still cannot get out of bed and continues to stare at the picture of herself, victor and Dani.

Irene informs original Todd that she sent her FBI agents to find him. She knows that he took a microchip before he got brainwashed and tortured for refusing to help her and Victor. She informs him that they had to program his mind to get Victor to take his place and persuade him to surrender the microchip. But now that he knows, there are “techniques” to search his mind. He does not want to listen or do what she wants. But she reminds him if he wants his freedom, he either works with her or can spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Brody tells Natalie he’s afraid there are more obstacles than just Clint. She tells him it does not matter because she is with him. She smiles and they kiss.

Bo asks John why he does not seem surprised that they have to release Irene. John tells him he kind of suspected that she has too many friends and seemed too calm and not afraid of being arrested. Bo tells him that they have to release her soon and do their jobs in a way they’d rather not have to do it.

Jack observes Shane continuing to stare at him and walks out the door of the classroom when his mom enters and asks him where he is going. He demands to know what she is doing there.

Tea gets dressed and attempts to put the stuff away that reminds her of Victor. She then remembers original Todd telling her she has to take his case if nothing else for Dani.

Brody gets baby Liam out of bed and gives him to Natalie. She is happy to be with her fiancé and infant son. She has to get to work first so he takes the baby. Alone, Natalie‘s expression reveals that she has doubts.

Bo goes to release Irene from jail and she warns original Todd that she is a force to be reckoned with as they cannot release him nor can he give them a reason.

Clint is ready to help Jessica with the kids knowing that she’s mourning the loss of her relationship with Brody.

Brody is happily with baby Liam and suspecting nothing after Natalie’s told him she needs to leave and get to work. And on the kitchen table there is a document that appears to name John the father of the baby instead of Brody.

Natalie goes to see John as he’s cleaning up the bar after a night of depression and drinking over her.

At the high school, Jack asks his mom what he “did wrong now”. She tells him that she is not there to accuse him of anything. She believes what he says that original Todd knocked him out and killed Victor. From inside the classroom, Shane overhears and stares at them very attentively. On the night in question Jack attempts to get his keys to unlock the door of his father’s house in the rain and then gets knocked out. The person who knocked him out was not original Todd. It was Shane.

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