OLTL Update Thursday 9/22/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/22/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert Ford is sitting in the steam room, distracted, incomplete and admitting that he misses Tess. Nate is nearby admitting that he misses Dani. James is there and admits that he misses Starr to which his two brothers ask him if he is serious since he has seen her only hours ago.

Blair gets off the phone talking to Viki when Starr enters. She wonders how she is going to tell her daughter that he father has gone to jail. Starr admits to her mom she already knows that and knows the person who put him there. Jack enters.

Dani returns home and attempts to get her mom to consider representing original Todd as he’s asked her to do. Téa tells her daughter she is not about to represent the man who murdered her husband.

Brody is alone in the dark room putting baby Liam to bed and affirming that the two of them and Natalie are going to be family while he keeps his deep dark secret buried.

At Rodi's, Roxy finds John and tells him that she knows that he is not over Natalie. She is on his mind whether he admits it or not and until he does, he has no life at all. Right then, he notices Natalie through the window hesitating to come inside.

Nate puts James in the grip lock and Robert joins him out of envy that he has a relationship and they do not. Robert also puts him in the lock grip telling him that he can easily and conveniently get on the phone and call his precious Starr while the two of them do not have that luxury. James then tells them both that they better not come near him as he knows they both want to fight him while experiencing their frustration with the incompletion in their lives. But they tell him he better be grateful that he has a relationship and they do not.

Téa tells Dani that she needs to know that Todd is using her to get what he wants. Dani asks her mom if she really believes that he does not care about her. Téa tells her daughter she is not saying original Todd does not care about his daught4er in his own way. But Dani does not know Todd the way her mom does with all of his manipulation tactics with telling people just what they want to hear so that he can get what he wants.

Starr asks Jack why, if he’s so adamant and knows with certainty that original Todd killed his father, why he is so quiet and not taking credit for it. Jack tells his sister she needs to know that killers are supposed to be locked up so that they can’t hurt anyone else. She asks him what about liars? I guess they can get away with their crimes. Blair tries to break up their argument. Jack protests that Starr has been “like this” ever since that freak came back to town from the moment he showed up. Starr betrayed them and his dad. Blair urges him to stop and asks just what he so conveniently remembered and told the cops that he had no recollection of when he got knocked out. He tells his mom and sister it really doesn’t matter. He knows what he saw and for once the cops did their job. They both face him and ask if he thinks his deceased father would be proud of him for lying. He replies he thinks that current Todd would since current Todd did not have much luck in getting the cops to do what he wants.

At Rodi's, Roxy tells John that he cannot scare her off. John tells her that whatever she wants to tell him, what does whatever he feels for Natalie mean to her? She tells him that maybe it should not matter to her if he dies a bitter old man dying with just his pride lying about his feelings for the woman he loves. He tells her that Natalie has made it clear she’s done with him. She tell shim that her daughter is a “good actress” just like he is a good actor and the two of them are pretending to be over each other yet she knows better. He reminds her that Natalie and Brody moved in together. She reminds him th4e only reason that is happening is because things blew up between Brody and Jessica right before things blew up between John and Natalie.

Right then, Jessica faces Brody and is not happy to see him.

In the steam room, James tells his two brothers he understands where they are coming from. If he were them, he’d hate them too. But is he supposed to apologize to them just because he has a relationship. He asks Nate if he and Dani are not working things out. Nate replies that they talked but didn’t get anywhere. He knows that since she just lost her dad, the last thing she needs is having him showing up and getting in the way. James tells his brother he may be wrong and he may be just what Dani needs.

Dani urges her mom to know that she should at least consider changing her mind about Todd. When she first met current Todd, she hated him but he later won her over. Her mom protests that original Todd will only hurt her. She then reminds her mom that she must know that “Uncle Victor” hurt them both over and over again. But he loved them and they loved him. So, for all she knows, Todd could be a better man. Téa protests that original Todd treated her like crap and left her on an island to die. Dani reminds her that she married him anyway and she cannot assume that he killed current Todd because he may not have.

Starr asks John just what he told John. He replies that he came inside the house on the night in question. Blair tells her son that really doesn’t sound credible since he didn’t remember any such thing up until now when he conveniently needs to. Starr runs through what he heard and saw between the two Todd and tells her brother it makes no sense that he passed out right at the time that contradicts what he is now saying and what Shaun confirmed to her when he played the tape. Jack then tells his sister if it’s enough for the cops to arrest him, why isn’t it enough to convince her? She replies because he’s lying. He tells her if that’s true, why doesn’t she tell the cops and prove it? He knows she cannot and needs to realize that her dad shot his.

Roxy tells John that even if she and Brody are together and raising a kid together after they’ve both been dumped by the people they love, that does not mean they love each other. John asks why, if Natalie is not over him and content to be rid of him, why did she move in with Brody? Roxy tells John that Natalie and Brody are settling and she knows they are not going to be going down the aisle any time soon. So this could be John’s only chance.

Jessica goes to see Brody at his new place and gives him the medal from his dress whit4es that he gave her the night of prom. She tells him she needs to give it back to him and cannot keep it. She has kept it all the while because it symbolized getting back with him and realizing he was the one for her. She gets up to leave but Brody urges her not to go.

In the steam room, Nate admits to his brothers that he got some “motivation” to go and see Dani. Hearing that, they listen attentively and asks from whom. He replies some lady. He’s not sure who she was but she looked kind of weird and sounded like a fortune teller. So he went to see Dani afraid that she might not want to see him but she let him hug her. He does not want to get his hopes up. But they both encourage him not to give up hope. But he tells them he realizes that after she found out that he went behind her back to do the porn flick with Deanna and covered up what happened between himself and Matthew, he is worried that she may never trust him again. James then encourages his brother to win her trust back and realize it may take time and work.

Starr asks Jack if he could imagine for just one moment what it would be like to be kept away from one’s family for 8 years. He needs to know that their dad had that happened and missed his growing up. Does he have any idea how hard it was for their father to miss her graduation and her daughter’s birth? Jack does not seem to care yet she tells him it’s they who gave Todd the strength to come back to them and win them back. Does he think that Todd would want to give all of that up? She tells Jack that he has the means to do something about it and not take that away from Todd. But Jack tells his sister, in a flip and uncaring manner sorry, it’s too late. Starr then urges her mom to do something about this. She needs to make him admit he’s lying. But Blair tells her daughter she cannot do that because she doesn’t believe he is. Hearing that, Starr demands to know how her mom could say that.

Dani asks her mom if she really believes the word of Jack who bullied and tormented Shane Morasco and had no remorse when Shane almost took his own life and who got away with getting Shane’s mom killed. Téa needs to know that Jack has this misguided idea that he’s doing Victor some big favor to get Todd locked up for killing him. But, she remembers, Todd told her he believed he was being set up. Hearing that, Téa asks her daughter just whom Todd believes is setting him up. Dani replies that he would not tell her that but he might tell Téa if she represent him so Dani urges her mom to do so. She urges Téa to know if she lets an innocent man go to prison for murder, she will never forgive herself. She must know that Todd trusts her with his life. She can see through the lies and be able to prove and get the cops to see that they have the wrong man.

James informs his brothers that Rick has come out of nowhere and has convinced Starr that he is the only person to help her get her music recorded. They both warn him that Rick is trouble. But he tells them that he cannot prevent Starr from pursuing her dreams even if it means dealing with Rick. Robert t4ells his brother if he was in his shoes, he might not risk losing the woman he loves for anything.

Jessica asks Brody why she should “stay”. She knows that things are never going to change between them. She tells him that she needs to focus on her two kids and not on something that’s been over for a long time. He asks her if she’s ok with the tension and the anger. She protests that she did not choose for him to sleep with her sister. She realizes she played her part in it too and may not have left him another choice. But there’s no way to get past this. He then informs her that there is one more thing she needs to know. He proposed to Natalie tonight.

Roxy tells John she will leave him alone under one condition which is that he looks her straight in the eye and tells her he does not love Natalie anymore.

After Robert sees that Nate has gotten some encouragement to salvage his relationship yet there is none for him, he tells them he realizes it’s a bit different for him when the “love of his life” does not exist. It’s like she’s in jail and trapped unable to come out. Nate tells Robert he realizes that Tess is inside Jessica and asks if he gets along with Jessica. Robert replies that Jessica is civil to him as long as he does not dare mention Tess. He realizes she wants Tess to stay buried and he cannot say he blames her. So he realizes Tess is not going to be coming out. He realizes he should have listened to the people who realized he’d only get hurt if he fell for Tess and didn’t realize that the inevitable would happen. He then gets up and walks out of the sauna looking depressed and empty.

Brody informs Jessica that Natalie turned down his proposal and he believes it’s because of her. She tells him she seriously doubts that it would have anything to do with her because she knows if Natalie wants something she takes it and has no consideration for Jessica’s feelings. It has to be something else, she tells him. Like John.

Natalie sits outside Rodi’s unseen and eavesdrops upon Roxy telling John that she will leave him alone if he can repeat after her that he does not love Natalie. Roxy asks him if it’s so hard to do that. John tells her he’s not playing this game with her. She protests it’s not a game. He just needs to tell her he does not love Natalie. Knowing it’s the only way to end the conversation, John then tells Roxy he does not love her daughter anymore so is she satisfied? She tells him she would if she did not know that it’s a load of crap.

Blair affirms to Starr that she does not believe that Jack is lying about original Todd killing Victor. Starr asks her mom if she wants to tell Rex Balsam that she can vouch for her son. Does she not remember his lying to the principal to set Shane up to get in trouble for something he did and if he did not get Gigi Morasco killed by locking her in a basement where she could not get out when there was carbon monoxide poisoning. Jack then leaves his mother and sister alone. Starr demands her mother tells her what she is doing. Does she believe a word Jack is saying? Blair then faces her daughter and asks who says she believes it.

Téa tells Dani that she knows original Todd all too well with how he milks sympathy and gets a free pass to do whatever he wants with talking about being a child abuse victim and all the terrible things that messed him up growing up. Dani tells her mom that original Todd did not tell her any of that. Téa seems surprised that Todd did not tell Dani, as he tells all others, about his father beating and abusing and doing terrible things to him and how he’s damaged and cannot trust anyone because of it nor believe that anyone could ever love him. Dani protests that he did not make any attempts to get his daughter to feel sorry for him nor told her anything about what happened when he was a kid. Téa concludes that maybe he didn’t think he had to because he may have thought she was already vulnerable as it is. Dani tells her that they are both grieving. That may be the reason her mom is so angry. But they did not lose Victor because of Todd. She tells her mom she somehow knows that Todd did not kill Victor. Téa reminds her that there are other attorneys. But Dani tells her mom that he needs her and she cannot turn her back on him now.

Blair admits to Starr that she lied when she said she believed Jack. The reason she did that is because the alternative is to lose her son. He used to be her little boy and now he is changing and she’s afraid it’s because she’s such a bad mother. She knows she’s made mistakes but now she’s awake and knows of the tough job she has on her hands to take care of her children and make sure they grow into good people. She knows that Victor was the only father Jack has ever known. And now he’s gone and Jack is struggling alone and doesn’t know how to live except by doing the things he is doing. And she has to somehow show him there is another way. She’s got to let him know that he is not alone. Starr asks how she plans to do that. Blair tells her daughter that she is his mother and if she doesn’t get jack to trust her, she could lose her little boy for good. Star asks her mom if she thinks “that little boy” is still there. Blair replies she does. She could swear that just a few days ago, Jack seemed like he was about to open up and admit to feeling remorse for Gigi’s death and she swears she could see a conscience in there somehow. It was eating him up. So she believes that if he is lying about Todd, that will eat him up too and he will come clean. Starr asks if she really believes that will happen. Blair tells her daughter she has to believe that and trust him and has concluded that if she just yells at him, attacks him and blames him for everything like everybody else does, he will just shut down and she will lose him for good. Starr tells her mom that sounds like it could take some time and asks just where that leaves her dad.

Dani urges her mom to please just talk to Todd and hear what he has to say. And if she doesn’t believe it, she can make a decision at that point. Right then, the phone rings and Téa tells her daughter she has to get that and this is the end of this discussion. But Dani urges her to think about this and she agrees to do that.

Nate calls Dani and asks if she’s ok knowing that original Todd has gotten arrested for the murder of Victor. She tells him right now she’s tired and can’t talk. But they can meet some time tomorrow and she thanks him for calling.

Jessica goes to see Robert Ford. He asks if she’s there about Ryder. She is clearly not but then tells him she should not be there. He tells her she can stay and have some food with him in their kitchen. He knows that something happened that she wants to tell him about. She then admits that Brody proposed to Natalie. She realizes she should not care. But he tells her he understands all too well that this would upset her since the two of them were in love. He cares about this and about her>L But he realizes he cannot “go there”.

Natalie returns to hers’ and Brody’s new place and he informs her that Jessica brought back the “symbol” of their relationship. He asks her where she went. She tells him she’s been out thinking.

Roxy tells John that she is amazed that he has given up the fight. She tells him that maybe Natalie is better off with a guy who is not right for her than with a guy who lies. John right then admits to Roxy that she’s right. He does love Natalie.

When Starr is talking to her mom about Jack, James comes to see her. Jack tells his mom he’s going to bed be tells her he wanted to thank her for believing him. At that point, she stands up, puts her arms around her son and cries.

Robert tells Jessica he is sorry. She tells him she should be apologizing for breaking the rules that they only see each other when they have joint custody of Ryder. He tells her it’s ok if she wants to break the rules.

Natalie returns to Brody and tells him she has an answer.

John tells Roxy that it does not matter what he’s admitted to her about Natalie. It doesn’t’ change anything. She tells him it can and he must let Natalie know that before it’s too late.

Natalie tells Brody yes. She will marry him. But it appears she might have second thoughts.

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