OLTL Update Tuesday 9/20/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/20/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Original Todd gets sent to jail telling all whom he speaks to that he did not do it. As much as he wanted to, he did not kill his brother. The guard tells him he’s heard that before and wishes him sweet dreams. Todd protests that Jack knows better and is lying.

Jack is then standing alone over his “father’s greave and protest that he had to do it. Right then, it appears that somebody might be there and startles jack. He turns to see Shane Morasco

At Capricorn, Starr and James are together when she reminisces all that she remembers about Victor being her father. Right then, unexpectedly, Bas (Sebastian) walks in with Rick the porn producer. Starr demands to know what bas is doing with that sleezeball.

Rex finds the hospital in Kentucky and asks an attending nurse that he knows that there is an anonymous patient there who is a friend of Kimberly Andrews. Right then, Kimberly notices Rex and knows she better hide and panics.

Brody proposes to Natalie.

Bo informs John that the new mayor got a warrant for original Todd’s arrest. They both realize that they have to believe that original Todd killed Victor Lord since Jack’s story seemed to check out. But they both realize that they do not believe that original Todd did it.

Right then, original Todd is kicking a chair in his jail cell when Irene enters and tells him he better be careful or he will hurt himself.

‘Rex tells the nurse at the private hospital that he realizes that the law will not allow her to tell him the name and identity of the patient. But no law prevents her from telling him where he will find the patient’s friend. She then excuses herself and refuses to answer Rex’s questions. Right then, Kimberly gets her attention and tells her that that guy out there, Rex is dangerous. He is an abusive man. The nurse then concludes that he is the person who put this patient in this condition. Kimberly confirms yes and urges her to get rid of Rex.

Brody tells Natalie that he has some things to discuss with her about her Uncle Victor’s murder.

John tells Bo he must know that without the gun, they do not have a case against original Todd. Bo tells John he can tell that although Jack’s statement sounded convincing, John still believes that Jack is lying. John confirms that he does in fact believe that that kid is a liar and wants original Todd to pay for his father’s murder.

Right then, we see Jack confirming that very thing beside his father’s gravesite.

Irene goes to see Todd and seems “unemotional” that her one son has been murdered and the other is in prison. He tells her he cannot possibly think of her as his mother when she attempted to murder her one son and brainwashed the other and had him locked up in an institution for 8 years. She admits that she was not a “good mother”. He tells her that could be said about Joan Crawford. But compared to her Joan Crawford was a great mother.. She then admits that she made mistakes and was not successful in her mission. She tells her son that he, on the other hand, did in fact succeed in his. He asks her just what she means by that. She tells him that he has successfully murdered his brother.

Rick protests to Starr that he has given up the porn industry and is now a legitimate businessman. He urges her to listen to him. She refuses and James is ready to throw him out. Bas urges her to hear Rick out. He understands that Rick may not be her favorite person but he urges her to keep an open mind. She remembers that he crossed the line with what he did to Dani and Nate and all the trouble he’s caused. But Bas wants to work with Rick.

Brody remembers vowing to baby Liam that he cannot let John ever find out that he is Liam’s father and take away Brody’s child and his woman. He tells Natalie that he's lost too much of his life already while in Iraq. He knows she’s been through too much in her life also. So they need to make this official and become a family. So he gets down on one knee and proposes to her.

John tells Bo that it seems too convenient that Jack suddenly sees original Todd at the scene when nobody else did and right at the time when Jack decides that he has to get original Todd charged with murder. Bo seems to listen and realizes it’s probably true.

Irene tells original Todd she knows the reason he got convicted with murder is because the one eye witness was her grandson Jack. He demands to know how she would know that.

When Jack is alone by his dad’s grave, Shane enters and tells Jack he remembers all too sell feeling exactly what Jack is feeling when he realized his mom is in the ground right when she should not be. He stares coldly at Jack and jack faces him silently.

At the hospital while Rex is outside determined to “find” what Gigi needs him to know, Kimberly attempts to get the nurse to believe that she is protecting her friend from the guy outside who is her abusive husband or boyfriend. The nurse tells Kimberly that she has no proof that Kim is telling the truth and how does she know that Kimberly is not a criminal out to make trouble. While they “debate” and are distracted, Rex is outside, on the computer determined to find some clues leading up to what he is looking for.

Starr and James are both furious with Rick for what he did to her cousin and his brother with the porn flick. He protests that he did what he had to do in order to make money and asks James if he needs to correct him if he’s wrong that James used to steal cars before he became a self-righteous jackass. James admits that he did steal cars when he was a child because his father would beat the crap out of him if he did not. Starr angrily tells Rick he needs to get out of there and leave James alone.

Brody asks Natalie if she does not have an answer. She tells him actually she does. Her answer is no.

John admits to Bo that they do not have enough evidence pointing to other suspects. Bo asks him just what his gut says about who may have killed Victor. John replies that it’s obvious many people wanted the guy dead. Bo then asks him to just throw out a name. John then tells Bo that one name that comes to mind is Rex Balsam.

Rex is in the front office of the hospital when the nurse enters and catches him going through confidential patient records. He tells her he apologizes but needs to know what Kimberly Andrews is doing right now. She at first tells him he is crazy but he manages to persuade her to give him the information he is looking for.

Shane tells Jack it’s kind of odd that Jack’s dad is buried right where Shane’s mom is. And he asks Jack if nobody has been caught for the murder. Jack replies that they have found a suspect and have arrested him. Shane tells Jack that sounds odd since he knows the cops have yet to find a murder weapon. But Jack lets Shane know that Todd manning get arrested because he (himself) is the eye witness who saw him do it.

Original Todd tells Irene that she seems to know a lot and it’s coincidental that she “knows” Louie. He knows that the reason she knows Louie is because she made Louie disappear along with that gun. He tells her he is so sick of all of her games. He knows she killed Louie in order to destroy the evidence. She tells him she’d like to help him. But he needs to do something for her first.

Jack tells Shane that he regained his memory after being knocked out and remembers it was Todd manning who knocked him out before he murdered his dad. So that is why the cops have arrested him. Shane asks if that’s really true, faces jack and clearly indicates he does not buy that and knows Jack is lying.

Natalie tells Brody that getting married is going to ruin any possibility she ever has of reconciling with Jessica. He tells her that Jessica already knows the reality that th4ey are together, sleep together and have a child together. And he tells her he knows that the reason she has said no is not because of Jessica. It’s because of John.

John tells Bo that even if Bo does not want to consider that Rex is a murderer, he needs to know how Rex has changes ever since Gigi died. He “sold” Gigi’s heart to Clint and took all of Clint’s property and wealth. He started this company called origami cogs to go after Todd. He admits he considered killing Todd and Jack. And grieving the loss that he’s suffered is enough to make any otherwise sane person do some crazy things.

At the hospital, Rex manages to find Kim when she least expects it.

Bas tells Starr that he believes that regardless of Rick’s wrong doings, he thinks it’s best for the two of them to let Rick produce their music. He is the right man for the job. She tells him there have to be other producers. Rick is an extortionist and pornographer but at that point, eh tells her if she does not want to do business with Rick, he won’t force her. It may be nothing more than a hobby to the little rich girl but it’s his life and his dream and he’s not going to let anything prevent it from happening whether she’s with him or not.

At the hospital, Rex tells Kim that he thinks he knows that there is “something” going on that she knows of regarding Gigi. He urges her to tell him what she knows realizing that they have never been friends but telling her that she has to help him find the answers he needs.

Todd asks Irene if he has heard correctly that she is blackmailing him. Is it true that the gun that could exonerate him will magically appear if he does something for her? And just what does she have in mind. She replies that she has something specific that she’s wanting for a long time that he can offer her.

After Bas asks Starr if music producing is not important to her and she’s not serious, she furiously tells him that her father is gone. She has wanted to make him proud and pursue her dream throughout her entire life. Nothing is going to stop her. And how dare he tell her it’s not important to her. Right then, James takes her aside and tells her that he knows that nothing will stop her from doing this. And she doesn’t have to be at the desperate mercy of Rick. Maybe she can accept his help the first time in order to accomplish what she wants. And then she can pursue her dream without relying on the likes of Rick.

Bo asks John if he knows of another suspect. He tells Bo Irene Manning. He observed her having a pretty ugly confrontation with Victor at the station and he was ready to strangle her until John and Brody pulled him off her. So maybe it was “pay back”.

Todd furiously asks Irene if she is not aware that he has absolutely nothing to give her if he wanted to. Does she think that after being locked up for 8 years has enabled him to have any “bargaining power” to do anything he wants or needs to do? If it did, he’d give her whatever she wants just so that she leaves him alone and he never has to see her again. She then coldly tells him it’s unfortunate that his life is not good and reminds him if he does not find a way to do what she wants, he will never find the gun and will be locked up in prison for murder for the rest of his life.

Brody then asks Natalie why she can’t marry him and just what she plans to do. Is this about John? What is going on that is preventing her from moving on with him and with their son?

Starr reluctantly agrees to join forces with Rick. He tells her he believes she’s made the right choice and promises her she will not regret this. Bas tells her that he intends to do his part. James then tells her he has to go and meet his brother, Robert. She is very worried that she has disappointed him by giving in to Rick. But she does not look ok.

Natalie tells Brody that “maybe” she does love him. She loves spending time with him and with their son. He tells her that may be better than the alternative. He can take a “maybe”. He then asks her if she could at least think about his proposal and not close any doors. She then agrees that she will think about it.

Kim tells Rex that she had to lie to Clint by telling him that he friend was too sick to travel. But she had to protect her friend. He tells her how it was, all of a sudden, that she found a way to pay the hospital bills. She does not have an answer and dismisses Rex. She knows he can never find out the identity of the patient. She then rushes in and revels that it’s Stacy and that they both know that Rex must never know.

Shane sits alone by his mom’s grave and tells her that the wants the people responsible for killing her to pay. He cannot let Jack and his father get away with what they did. Not only has Jack gotten away with killing Shane’s mom. He’s falsely accused an innocent man of murdering his father.

Jack finds Starr, smirks in satisfaction and declares to his sister that he’s happy. “Scar face” has gone to prison for murder.

Irene tells her son if he ever reveals to anyone that she knows where the gun is, it will never be found. Right then, a guard enters to escort her out. She then “reiterates” to him that she is the only one who can help him. And he must know that a boy’s best friend is his mother.

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