OLTL Update Monday 9/19/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/19/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Original Todd gets a surprise visit from the cops who have a warrant for his arrest. Jack confirms to him that he was the eye witness who confirmed to the police that he killed the only father Jack has ever had.

At the church, Téa and Dani are alone and Téa informs hre mom that Jack informed her that he knows with certainty as he saw with his own two eyes that original Todd killed current Todd.

Right then, Cutter returns to The Minuteman and tells Morris that he is having a bit of difficulty. But things might change soon. He then is somehow able to realize that there is something “different” about the porcupine.

After Kim has “motivated” Echo to do whatever it takes to prevent Kim from turning the gun over to the cops and getting Rex charged with murder, Echo goes to find her son and tells him he needs to give Clint back his money and his house.

Natalie is with Brody at the station in an attempt to investigate the murder of Victor Lord.

When jack confirms that he saw original Todd murder his father, original Todd asks him how he could lie and say he saw that. Original Todd confidently confirms that he knows there is no way that jack could have seen him because he was not there.

When Echo remembers Kim’s “threat” to her, she tells Rex that she has given a lot of thought to the fact that he keeps “seeing” Gigi and the fact that Delfina told him that he needs to reach out to Clint. He asks her why she would think that this has anything to do with Clint. She tell shim that maybe Gigi is telling Rex that he cannot go through with taking everything from Clint because it’s getting to his conscience.

Right then, Kim goes to see “somebody” and tells her that latest update about how she might get the ticket to get all the money they need. And it involves Roxy’s porcupine.

Cutter is able to see that somebody has moved the porcupine and wonders who it could e. Aubrey then enters and seems to know that there is something “up” with the fact that he is so engrossed in the porcupine.

Echo tells Rex that maybe Gigi did not like the idea of his taking everything away form a dying man in exchange for her heart. He took everything away from Clint including his pride and his dignity. Rex does not seem to care. But she asks him just where it has gotten him. And he must know that Gigi would want to donate her heart in order to bring peace and not war. And maybe Gigi’s soul has suffered because of that. Maybe if Rex could find a way to reconcile with Clint, it would enable Gigi to rest in peace and give Rex and Shane some peace also.

Dani admits to Téa that Jack informed her that his memory was blank when he woke up in the hospital and remembered nothing. But now, he has told her that he now remembers that original Todd knocked him out so that he could not see original Todd murder his father. Téa asks why Jack has not told them if it’s really true.

Original Todd asks Jack just what he told the cops. He attempts to urge his son not to lie to the cops and ask shim exactly what he said to the cops. Jack then remembers what he overheard from Shaun’s tape recorder. He seems to know what was said between them. Original Todd asks Jack just how he would know so much about this and faces jack in an attempt to get him to come clean.

Aubrey tells Cutter she suspects that he has not turned in the gun and urges him to please tell her that he is not going to blackmail Rex as he’d promised her he would not. He tells her he is not going to do what she does not want. She tells him that she got them some dinner. He talks about showering and the two of them relaxing after a long day. When he goes into the bathroom, she knows she better examine the porcupine. She then asks Morris to level with her about whether Cutter is lying to her.

Kim informs “someone” that her brother, Cutter, was able to get his hands on the porcupine and discovered a gun in it. It’s obvious that Roxy hid the gun in the porcupine because she freaked out when she found out her porcupine was missing. Cutter believes he “needs” the porcupine in order to “motivate” Rex and take his money. But, she knows, Cutter does not have a sick friend in the hospital.

Rex tells Echo that her theory about Gigi wanting him to contact Clint so that he can reconcile with his father is incorrect. He found out that what he needs to do for Clint is to go to a hospital in Kentucky as a favor for Clint on behalf of Kim and some friend of hers.

Natalie t4ells Brody that she was not about to believe a word that original Todd said to her and believed he killed Victor Lord Jr. But, she admits, original Todd had her believing for a while that he did not do it and was telling the truth. She confirms, however, that if Jack’s story checks out and can be proven, then maybe it’s true that original Todd killed current Todd. And, she tells Brody, she hope he can forgive her for doubting him and that she knows he would never kill current Todd.

Téa and Dani have a discussion about the same thing where they wonder if Jack would lie or not.

The cops put original Todd in handcuffs and take him away while Jack is content.

While Cutter is in the shower and Aubrey is alone, she lifts up Morris. He then comes out and looks suspicious. She tells him she was just “making friends”. She wants to confront her fears. He tells her that he thinks she does not trust him. She then admits that she has to look. She walked in and saw him and needs to know why he was so engrossed in the porcupine. He is worried that she will find it. She then discovers that there is no gun. At that point, Cutter is even more “worried”.

Kim holds the gun in a plastic bag and tells her friend that if she plays her cards right, Rex won’t get in trouble, Clint will get his money back and she will have the money she needs for her friend’s medical bills.

At Buenos Dias, Rex admits to Echo that Clint informed him that Kim informed him that she has a friend in Kentucky who needs medical care and they both concluded that maybe Gigi wants Rex to help Clint and Kim with that. Hearing that, Echo asks her son what one of those things would have to do with the other. He admits he does not know but it appears both he and Clint somehow know there is relevance and something they both need to discover that could change both of their lives regarding the mysterious Kentucky hospital and Kim’s friend.

Brody reconciles with Natalie telling her he realized that she was concerned after finding out her uncle had been murdered and did not want to believe his own brother would have done it.

Before original Todd gets taken away, he asks if he could talk to his son alone. He then asks Jack what made him into a malicious pathological liar and faces his son to look into his eyes and find out why he could do it. Jack tells original Todd that he knows what he saw. The cops believe him. He is going down. And he deserves it for murdering Jack’s father.

Dani and Téa both admit that they are puzzled about what to believe and about both of their relationships with Victor believing he was the real Todd. Dani admits that she has now found out that her dad is actually her uncle. Her real dad is his twin brother and the murderer of her father, at least according to Jack. She then asks her mom if she believes that Jack is lying.

Original Todd tells Jack that he must think before going through with this or he will regret it. Hearing that, Jack asks if hat is a threat. But original Todd says that in a way that is not about a threat but in a way to urge his son to know that he won’t get what he wants. He realizes that Jack is upset and ready to make anybody pay for killing the only father he’s ever known. But by having Todd locked up, he won’t bring his father back nor have any closure or peace about the loss of Victor.

Echo asks Rex if he’s sure that this sick friend of Kim’s really does exist. He tells her hat he overhead Clinton the phone to the hospital regarding the matter. He tells her that he almost had a meeting of the minds with Clint. He is not going to do what she is asking. He is going to take “his” jet to Kentucky. She then asks her son to at least promise her that if this trip turns out to be a dead end, that he will give up on it and at least consider giving Clint back his material stuff. She tells him it might grant him some peace. Rex then tells his mom she need not worry aobut hi. He is doing fine, especially now that Victor Lord is out of the picture.

At the station, Natalie concludes to Brody that if Jack Manning is, in fact, an eye witness that original Todd killed Victor, then they can do their jobs and convict the killer and she need no longer worry what Todd’s secretary told her about the suspicions of Brody. They then decide to go and get some dinner, spend time together and leave Liam with Roxy for the night.

Dani tells her mom she knows that Jack lied to the police Téa seems to agree.

Original Todd tells Jack that it won’t be too late for Jack to take it back. The cops won’t penalize him if he comes clean. John McBain will understand that Jack was angry and had to take action. Jack then tells him he knows what he saw and the cops may all know that original Todd killed his father. The cops then recite to original Todd his rights. Original Todd protests to Jack that he must realize that he knows Jack loves Victor and that this has not gotten his father any justice. He yells to jack that he must know that Victor is there watching and hearing him lying and letting the person who really did kill his father get away with it.

Natalie and Brody have put “their” son down and he’s sleeping while they are ready to be together. She affirms that Liam is just like his daddy. But Brody continues to hide his secret. It looks like they’ve found their own home and are happily together.

Cutter tells Aubrey that he wants to celebrate his first ever “honest” paycheck. He shows her the paycheck he earned and she concludes that it appears the government is criminal with the taxes they took out. She tells him that she will go and get them some wine. She will soon have her own honest job at Capricorn and can bring some money into the household and always wants to trust him.

When Echo returns home, she gets a call from Kim reminding her that she needs to work hard to get Rex to turn over Clint’s money so that Echo won’t be responsible for sending her son to prison for murder.

Alone next to his father’s grave, Jack protests that although he realizes he lied and did not see original Todd murder him, he’s pretty certain that original Todd killed him. He had to do it but just wishes his father could give him a sign as to what he is supposed to do now.

Right then, the cops are hauling original Todd into the station while he protests that he knows his rights in that he has to be allowed one phone call. He then calls Téa and informs her that he has been arrested for the murder of Victor Lord Jr.

Echo struggles to take out her phone when she hears it ring assuming it’s Kimberly and calls her a gold digging whore. But it’s Roxy who needs to know if she’s gotten the gun back. She admits she has not and tells Roxy she must know that they now have a very serious problem on their hands and it’s not Cutter Wentworth.

Right then, Rex appears right at the hospital and is surprised to come face to face with Kimberly who is also there, when they least expect to see each other.

Jack is then protesting to his deceased father about doing what he had to do.

Téa informs Dani that original Todd has been arrested for killing Victor.

Natalie is happily with Liam but sees that Brody has suspicion in his eyes. She asks why he is staring at her like that. He then asks her to marry him.

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