OLTL Update Friday 9/16/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/16/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After the end of Victor’s memorial service, Tea enters the empty church and believes she has seen Victor when she sees the picture of him at the front of the aisle and it appears there is also a person there. But original Todd turns to face her and tells her he’s sorry. It’s “only” himself.

Rex goes to confront Clint knowing he’s alone at Viki’s home. Clint demands to know what he wants. Rex demands that Clint tells him what is involved in his secretive call he is making on behalf of Kim.

Echo goes to the Minuteman when Kim is alone after Cutter has left and asks her if she may speak to Cutter Wentworth. Kim guards the door and tells Echo he’s out but maybe she can help. Echo informs her she’d like to purchase the porcupine. And at that point, Echo stares at Kim and reveals that she might know her from somewhere.

The new mayor, Kathleen Finn, goes to see Bo and asks if the police are making any progress on the Victor Lord murder. He tells her they have not yet determined who did it. She asks why not and wants to know if there was no an eye witness.

Jack is alone and depressed by his father's gravesite.

Original Todd asks Tea if he startled her. She reveals that she is distraught and demands to know what the hell he is doing there.

Shaun finds Destiny sitting alone at Buenos Dias and demands to know why she was not at the funeral and what could be more important than being there for Dani. It appears she has a secret of some sort and is engrossed in her laptop.

At Todd’s grave, Dani finds Jack and demands to know what he knows. He then admits to her that he is the witness for the cops.

The new mayor tells Bo that she has heard that an eye witness saw the whole thing yet nobody is revealing just who this witness is or why nothing has been done. Bo replies that the witness is the victim’s son. She asks why that would be a problem. Bo admits that it appears to be a bit too convenient that this kid would remember right when he “wants” to. This kid has some credibility issues involving clearly hating Todd Manning and was clearly involved in the death of Gigi Morasco. He tells her it’s obvious, although it cannot be proven, that Victor Lord paid off another boy’s father to have his son take the rap for Jack. She then asks why there is a cell phone recording of the exact thing Jack has told the cops if Jack is lying. Bo admits he does not know. She tells him that regardless of his opinions or anything else, it’s his job to make the arrest as he knows he has more than enough evidence to do so.

Original Todd tells Tea that he came there because he has to say good bye to his brother. She tells him she does not buy that for a moment. She knows he came there to gloat.

Clint tells Rex that what he’s doing is trying to help a friend. Rex asks him since when has he had a friend.

Echo seems to know that Kim was briefly married to Clint and was a stripper. Kim admits that she’s Googled Echo and knows her name and who she is. She asks Echo who sent her there. Rex’s other crazy mom? Echo protests that Roxy loves her son and loves her porcupine and needs to get Morris back. Kim tells Echo she knows exactly what is going on. She and Roxy do not want anybody to know that Rex is a stone cold killer.

Bo tells the mayor that there is “no rush” on the murder. He has to investigate it thoroughly and find the right suspect. She asks him why Todd Manning has gotten preferential treatment. He protests that Todd has not gotten that and admits he’s a bit worried that Todd might be getting railroaded. He also realizes that since she has just recently taken over Dorian’s job and the election is coming up soon, she has an agenda to “look” tough on crime. But she tells him she needs to “be” tough on crime and that Todd Manning is getting no breaks from this administration.

Tea tells original Todd that he cannot fool her. He tells her yet Victor could fool her and everybody. And he needs to know what she blames him for. She replies she knows he hated Victor. He tells her that’s right. But he did not kill him. And he realized it was not his brother’s fault that Irene did what she did to him and it probably messed him up in a way that he could not even understand. She tells him she really does not buy that and wants him to get out of there. He asks her how Dani is. She tells him if he really cared about the kids, he would not have killed Victor. She does not believe that he did not. That’s what he does. He does horrible things. Then he comes back and tries to make things better when it’s too late. That is the Todd Manning she remembers.

Dani demands that Jack tells her what he saw. He tells her that he saw original Todd. But she asks how that could be if he got knocked out and has more questions that he cannot answer. She tells him it’s a little strange that the police have not arrested him. He tells her that the cops don’t know how to do their jobs although they should have done just that and asks her what her problem is when it’s clear she does not believe him.

Clint admits to Rex that he’s trying to help Kimberly Andrews. Rex asks why Kim is back. Clint replies she has a sick friend in KY who she’s trying and failing to pay the medical bills for and he’s seeing if he can help her. And he asks Rex why he’s so interested in this. Rex replies that he was “sent” to find that out. Clint asks by whom. Rex replies by Gigi.

Echo tells Kim she will do anything to protect her son. Kim tells her she is not afraid of her. Echo tells Kim maybe she should be. Echo tells Kim she is leaving there with the gun. Kim tells her ok. Let’s deal. She tells Echo that she will give her the gun under the condition that Clint gets back everything that is his.

Rex admits to Clint that Delphina told him she knew that Gigi needed him to find out what his secret is regarding Kim’s friend. He tells Clint that regardless of whether Clint thinks she should listen to Delphina, she sent Rex to the Spotted Pony, which, in turn, enabled Clint to reunite with Kim. Clint then asks what is going on and if Delphina tells him she’s speaking with Gigi in the great beyond. Rex admits yes and that he sees Gigi. And she keeps telling Rex not to give up. He asked Delphina and she told him “his father” would know the answers. So that is why he came over there. Clint admits that he hasn’t a clue how to help him or what the mysterious hospital in Kentucky would have to do with what is going on with Rex. Rex tells Clint it could mean that he and Clint are supposed to “help” each other.

Destiny admits to Shaun that the reason she didn’t make it to Dani’s father’s funeral is because she went to Statesville prison to see their brother (actually her father), Greg.

Bo protests to the new mayor that nobody likes to see criminals walking around free. She tells him in that case, they need to put Todd Manning behind bars. She asks him what Nora is doing about this. He then asks her if she is aware of what has happened to their son. She tells him she is and asks if maybe Nora should take a leave of absence. And she tells him that Nora’s deputy is ready to indict Todd. Hearing that, Bo asks if the mayor has another “ulterior motive” to want to defy Nora, possibly due to the fact that Bo wouldn’t go out with her years ago and chose Nora over her. She tells him no. She’s moved on but she’s going to take action against Todd. Bo protests that she is making a big mistake and must know that she cannot rely on Jack manning’s word.

Jack tells Dani she must know that Victor is the only father either of them has ever known. She tells him she realizes that but needs him to swear that he is telling the truth. He tells her that he will. But as soon as he is alone, he tells his deceased father he is sorry for lying and that his dad may kick his butt for that but he must make sure that “scar face” pays for what he did and this is the only way he can make that happen.

Tea tells original Todd that she believes he killed her husband. He protests that he did not and needs a lawyer. She breaks down crying and tells him he better get out of there. This is sacred ground. He cannot touch her husband and cannot touch her. He then leaves and she falls to the floor sobbing hysterically.

Rex tells Clint that he somehow knows that Kim’s secret regarding her friend in the hospital in KY is connected to what Gigi is trying to tell him. Even if Clint thinks he’s crazy, if he can solve Clint’s problem, then why does Clint care? Clint then gives Rex the name of the hospital that he’s been able to dig up where it appears Kim’s mysterious friend is. He tells Rex that he needs to help Clint just like he knows she wants to help him. He declares that he knows that Kimberly is a remarkable woman.

Echo tells Kim that she seriously doubts that Kim wants to do this solely in order to help Clint. The only reason she wants him to get his money back is so that she can bleed him dry. Kim tells Echo she does not know her and admits that she needs money for her sick friend. Echo then bursts out laughing and tells her that is such a common line. Echo protests that her son has been denied justice when Jack Manning’s father let him get way with killing Rex’s son’s mother. Kim tells Echo that Rex killed a guy and if Echo wants the gun, she needs to do what Kim wants or the LPD gets the gun.

The mayor brings Bo a warrant for the arrest of Todd Manning. And she tells him he has no choice except to do his job when he has his warrant.

Tea talks to deceased Victor alone in the church admitting that she cannot let their daughter see them this way. She lied to Dani telling her she was ok.

Jack then admits to his deceased father that he did lie to Dani that he saw original Todd kill his father. But why should “scar face” walk just because there were no witnesses? She tells him she knows that when he and Dani both thought Tea was gone, that is when she grew to love her father and they bonded. So how is she going to teach Dani to move on when she cannot do that herself? Right then, Dani appears and calls to her mom.

Jack tells his deceased father that he believes there had to be a reason why he just happened to overhear Starr’s conversation with Shaun and the taped confession. It’s as if somebody was calling to him needing him to be the “perfect” witness. And that was his father who asked him to be. He tells his father he knows it was a sign. He then declares that he won’t let his father down. He had his son’s back and now Jack has his.

Shaun asks Destiny why it is that she suddenly went out of her way to visit Greg when last he heard she wanted nothing to do with the man. She replies that since she is now able to forgive mom and dad (her grandparents). So she’s now decided she can forgive Greg also. Hearing that, Shaun is very proud of his sister (his niece) for being able to do that. But, she admits that she had another reason for seeing Greg. She gave him Matthew’s medical records that she took from the clinic. She urges Shaun not to get mad and since Greg is a brain surgeon, she wanted to find out what he thought about Matthew’s condition.

Rex is ready to find out about Kim’s mysterious friend for Clint. Clint admits that he can understand how Rex is grieving the loss of Gigi and how tragic it was and how it’s not uncommon to hear and see someone you love after they are gone. Rex then appears sensitive about his “father’s” well-being. Clint acknowledges that he now has a good heart and thanks Gigi Morasco for saving his life every day he lives.

Echo tells Kim she does not even have access to Rex’s money. Her son doesn’t even know she’s there. He doesn’t even know that she’s found his gun. Kim tells her that’s not her problem but echo better figure out what to do before she “raises her price”.

Dani finds her mom and tells her she knows she’s been crying. And she knows that her dad lost it too when they thought she was dead. He was a mess. They both missed Tea but they had each other. Tea then assures her daughter that they will both be ok. Tea then tells her mom there is something she must know about Jack.

When Jack is alone by the grave, original Todd goes to find him, protesting that he did not kill his son’s father. He protests that the only thing that kept him alive for the last 8 years was his kids. He wanted to kill Victor but could not do that because he knows how it would hurt Jack. And he would never do that.

Echo finds Rex at Buenos Dias and he tells her he’s going to take the jet to “conduct some business”. She then asks her son if it does not feel “weird” to have all this money and all of Clint’s property. She then blurts out that she thinks he should just give it back to Clint.

Kimberly then vows to “make it right” for both herself and her friend.

Bo tells the mayor that he has put out an APB for Todd Manning but he still does not believe Todd did it. He tells her that this might get her re-elected but when the truth comes out, it will come back to bite her.

Inside the church, Dani informs her mom that Jack said he saw original Todd murder Victor with his own two eyes.

Outside when Todd is trying unsuccessfully to win Jack over, cops suddenly appear and tell him he is under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord. Todd smirks and asks how they could do that with no evidence. They tell him that an eye witness puts him at the scene. He asks who they believe is their eye witness. Jack then replies that would be himself.

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