OLTL Update Thursday 9/15/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/15/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd’s (Victor Lord Jr.) memorial service is underway. Starr is with Sam who has some questions about what has happened to his daddy. Jack is on the phone calling the cops to ask if they’ve made any arrests.

Viki is ready to go to the funeral when she notices Clint is on the phone in an attempt to help Kimberly wither medicals bills for her “friend”.

Roxy is on a rampage to find Morris and goes to bang on Cutter’s door to demand they let her in. Kimberly is with her brother and they wonder why Roxy is so furious about a porcupine.

Jack demands that the cops tell him whether “Todd Manning” has been arrested. He hangs up the phone angrily. Right then, Shaun enters and asks him what is going on.

Blair goes to Tea's home and talks to Dani while they are getting ready. They wonder why tea is not ready and still in her robe. Tea looks depressed and not ready to go anywhere.

Rex meets with Echo at Buenos Dias and admits that he “saw” Gigi again. She admits that she is worried about her son. He tells her that he saw Gigi’s ghost and she told him not to give up. Echo tells him that maybe he is trying to reassure himself that he will never forget Gigi. But Rex tells his mom that he believes that Gigi is somehow urging him not to give up on something. And he is kind of baffled about Kim’s “secret” involving Gigi.

Viki tells Clint that Natalie has in face told her that Clint has been in contact with “the exotic stripper”.

Roxy tells Cutter that he better hand over Morris to her. Kim hides and overhears him asking Roxy what the deal is and why the porcupine is so important to her.

At the church, Sam tells Starr he misses his daddy. She tells her brother she misses him too. But when they listen intently enough, they hear Todd. He tells her that it's not the same. She tells her little brother that it may not be the same but she knows that Todd is watching them and he loves them. Sam is asking a lot of questions when James appears. Jack admits to Shaun that he called the cops to find out if they have arrested “scar face” for murder. But they haven’t even brought him in yet. Shaun tells Jack that does not surprise him and should not come as a surprise to Jack either since John McBain does not have enough evidence. Jack tells Shaun they have all they need to make the arrest and John needs to know that, confirming that he knows that Shaun must know what he is talking about. Shaun asks him just how he would know that. Shaun asks Jack if he knows if they've found some new evidence that points to Todd Manning. But before Jack can answer that, Jessica comes up and hugs her cousin telling Jack how sorry she is and how much she loved Victor and saw him as her uncle just like the real Todd. Jessica and Shaun go in the room to talk while Jack finds Dani and tells her that she has really disappointed him. She “sold him out” when she thought that she was “on his side” believing that only victor is their dad and this other guy whom neither of them has ever known, is a fake and killed their dad.

Kimberly hides and overhears Cutter asking Roxy why she is so adamantly “in need” of Morris. She tells him there is something he does not understand involving the fact that she has to take Morris back because he’s “dangerous”.

Viki tells Clint that she has heard that Kimberly Andrews is back in town. And she does not judge nor know Kimberly very well and what Clint decides to do regarding her is none of Viki’s business. Clint then protests to his ex-wife that he realizes she has the right to know some things since they are family. So he attempts to explain to Viki that Kim needs help for a sick friend. He tells Viki that he offered to pull strings but Kim refused his offer. So maybe she is not a gold digger after all. Viki asks Clint if they “know” the name of the young lady for whom Kimberly is seeking medical care. Clint admits he does not know. She then tells Clint that she does not excuse David Vickers for taking Kimberly from him but maybe he should realize that Kimberly might have some secrets and he needs to be careful and not completely trusting.

At the church, Starr is really pleased with James knowing how to make Sam smile by offering to take him to a game.

Tea cries and is unable to face anybody or go anywhere when Blair urges her not pull herself together and realize that she can do this and everybody needs her and she can get through this.

Kim overhears Cutter asking Roxy just how a little creature like her Morris could be “dangerous”. She tells him that it’s hard to explain but she has to take him home. Cutter tells Roxy he’d like to help her but it would break Aubrey’s heart. He finds a way to push Roxy out the door and dismiss her. Right then, Kimberly comes out of the bathroom and demands her brother tells her what is up with his refusing to give Rex’s mom her porcupine back. Why was he giving Roxy such a hard time about this? She knows there is something going on.

Clint tells Viki he knows that she has made a lot of sacrifices letting him stay in her home under house arrest. He already overstepped his boundaries by sawing off his ankle bracelet. So he’s not going to get Viki involved in any more of his personal stuff. She then firmly tells Clint that she is concerned that if he trusts that girl, Kimberly, he could be getting himself into some trouble.

At Buenos Dias, Rex talks to his mom who urges him to please not take any “drastic action” against Jack Manning, as she can already see he might be considering doing just that.

At the funeral, Dani asks Jack why he assumes that original Todd killed their father. He has no evidence so he cannot railroad this guy who is his and Starr’s as well as her real father. He tells her that the cops do in fact have evidence.

Starr talks to James about how Victor was not a saint but had a terrible life with his abusive father as well as his sick mother brainwashing him. They then realize that Tea and Aunt Viki and Blair have yet to get there.

Blair tells Tea that she needs Tea. Tea tells Blair that is not true. Blair tells Tea that her own life is kind of crumbling with Todd coming back and Irene and a lot of stuff. Tea tells Blair that she sure does not appear like there are issues in her life. Blair tells tea that she had to tell little Sam that his daddy was dead. He did not understand that and his entire life of knowing Todd is a lie. And all she can do now is the “right thing” which is getting tea off that chair, into the shower, into her clothes and into the church. And she will do it if she has to drag Tea into the bathroom and get naked and into the shower with her.

Cutter asks Kim why he should give Morris back since he paid for him and since his girlfriend loves the porcupine. But Kim knows that Aubrey did not seem to care or have a “need” for Morris. Kim then picks Morris up and notices that he has quills and asks what is so special about this thing. Why does Cutter want to keep him and why does Roxy demand him give him back. She notices how heavy Morris is and asks if there is something “inside” him. Right then, the gun falls out.

At Buenos Dias, Rex reminds Echo that very soon they will lay Victor Lord to rest. And Jack Manning will soon know what he has done to Rex’s son to cause him to lose his mother when Jack loses his father. Maybe that will be “justice well served”. Hearing that, Echo then tells her son that maybe he should let it go.

Viki urges Clint to know that she cares about him. They were married and had children and he is one of her closest friends. She admits that she does not know what to say or do at the memorial service of a man whom she’s believed for 8 years is her brother when she did not even know what is going on. She reflects that it means a lot for her to have someone to talk to especially now that her kids are on their own and Charlie is gone. Clint then tells her that he sincerely offers his condolences for Victor knowing how much Viki loved him.

Blair then motivates Tea to get out the door.

Viki goes to see Sam and hugs him, telling him he’s a very lucky little boy as he has two wonderful sisters. Starr and Tea surround her and ask if she has seen either of their moms. Dani is worried and informs Viki that Blair came by to pick up her and Tea and she’s worried that Tea wasn’t dressed or ready and is not ok. Right then, Blair and Tea enter and Tea assures her daughter she’s there now and she is ok Everybody sits and the undertaker presides over the casket of Victor Lord Jr. Viki stands up and admits that Victor was her brother yet they did not know his real name nor even who he was until recently. She knows that this man was very special in the lives of many people. She knows that he was a man of faults and irrational behavior and anger. But he was also a loving and honorable person in many ways who touched the lives of many people.

Kim asks Cutter if he really believes that Rex shot Victor with the gun in the porcupine. He tells her that is his theory of the reason why Roxy freaked when she found out that he stole her porcupine where the gun was hidden. He overheard Roxy and Echo, Rex’s two moms, arguing and talking about how their son needs “protection”. Then, he finds a gun in the porcupine. Then all of a sudden, Roxy comes there expressing life and death urgency that he hands over the porcupine. She then concludes that this is a perfect plan and can help her friend get the medical care she needs. He tells his sister that he knows that the porcupine looks like a “motivator” for her. But he promised Aubrey he would not go through with a plan to commit any type of extortion. He has another plan.

Alone at Viki’s home, Clint is on his phone demanding that somebody tells him why they say that Kimberly Andrews is responsible for her own medical bills when he is Clint Buchanan, powerful tycoon and board administrator of Llanview hospital. He talks about all of his wealth power and influence when Rex enters to remind his “father” that he is a criminal on house arrest with a leg brace in a wheel-chair with a ticker from Gigi and he has no “bargaining power”.

They bury Victor’s casket while his family all stand around and say good bye to him. Blair notices that both Jack and Tea cannot walk away. Tea tells Blair she still cannot believe he is gone.

A shadow of an unknown person enters the empty church. The picture of Victor Lord Jr. is at the front of the pulpit.

Kim indicates to Cutter that she has a plan to blackmail Rex although she does not admit to it. She tells him he is welcome to leave while she stays behind. But he knows he better not leave her alone with that porcupine or the pistol. She then leaves and Cutter goes out the door confident that he has found his bargaining chip. But as soon as he is gone, Kim goes into the room alone.

At Viki’s, Clint tells Rex if he’s there to see Natalie, she moved out. Rex tells Clint he knows and he is actually there to see Clint.

When Kim is alone in Cutter’s room at The Minuteman, Echo comes by and tells her that she is there to see Cutter and would like to purchase the porcupine from him.

Tea enters the empty church and is in awe while it appears that she “sees” Victor.

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