OLTL Update Tuesday 9/13/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/13/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair returns home and is surprised to see original Todd. He tells her he needs to see Jack.. She reminds him that he’s been gone for 8 years and really may not know how to handle the situation involving their son nor know about it. But he tells her that he jack to believe him that he did not kill Victor Lord. Jr.

Jack goes to John’s office and tells him he now knows with certainty that the real Todd Manning killed his father.

At the Minuteman, right when Cutter tells Aubrey he somehow “knows” that Morris the porcupine is going to “bring them luck”, she lifts “Morris” up and the gun falls out. At that point, they both panic.

Jack tells John that he has proof that “scar face” went to his dad’s home, knocked him out and made sure that nobody would see him. John asks Jack how he knows this for sure. Jack replies he saw him.

Destiny and her mom go to see Tea and Dani to express their condolences for the loss of Victor. The two respective mothers have a friendly conversation while their daughters are in the other room talking.

Bo and Nora sit at the table at Buenos Dias and talk to Rex and Shane. They admit that their son has not made any changes. But Nora blurts out that Matthew now “has a child”.

Felicia Evans tells Tea and Dani that she knows of many support groups for families of deceased people and tells them she is there for them. Destiny then admits that her brother Shaun believes he might have some evidence about victor’s death. Hearing that, Felicia asks her daughter not to blurt that out at a time like this. But Destiny protests that she thinks Tea and Dani have the right to know. Felicia and tea go into the kitchen to prepare some food that Felicia has brought for them. Alone in the other room, Dani tells Destiny she realizes that her father may have made some enemies who had justification not to like him. But to shoot and kill him was just evil, she says.

Blair tells original Todd that getting through to Jack may be easier said than done since he does not “know jack”. He informs her that Natalie informed him that Jack and his friends tormented a kid and caused his mother to get killed in a basement with carbon monoxide poisoning. Hearing that Blair asks if Natalie really had the gall to tell him that and asks what she is supposed to say: that their son is a murderer? He tells her that what he wants is for their son to get help for what is going on with him regarding having been responsible for killing someone. And he doesn’t mean the “getting away with it” help. But some serious guidance. She asks if he thinks he should be the one to offer that to Jack. He tells her he hopes it would be himself and not Victor if she has not yet noticed what Victor has done to “their” son.

Jack goes through all that happened the night when Victor was shot. He tells John he snuck out of the house in an attempt to find original Todd at Dorian’s but he wasn’t there. Then he came back to his dad’s home and noticed the door was locked. So he got his house key but before he could unlock the door he got knocked out by an unseen person. And he was able to see that it was, in fact, original Todd.

Aubrey tells Cutter now that they have a murder weapon in their home that may be the very weapon used to murder Victor Lord, they have no choice except to report it to the cops. But he tells her no way.

At Buenos Dias, Rex is surprised to hear Bo and Nora inform him that Destiny is pregnant by Matthew. Shane admits Destiny told him about it, that heard some gossip at school and defended Destiny but remarks it was not like she needed to be defended because he observed how she “mopped the floor with those kids”. He talks about how Destiny reached out to him the previous year and how he really likes her. Bo and Nora sound impressed and affirm that they think highly of Destiny and are proud to have her as the mother of their grandchild. Rex and Shane ask if they plan to help raise her baby, their grandchild. Nora remarks not if Felicia Evans has anything to say about it., Felicia won’t even speak to her except through her lawyer.

Meanwhile, Felicia and Tea talk about their respective careers and Tea tells her that Dani informed her that Destiny is pregnant by Matthew. Felicia tells Tea that she blames Nora for interfering in her daughter’s life. She understands Nora’s grief over what happened to her son but Nora has this deluded idea that the baby will be the answer to her prayers.

In the other room, Destiny admits to Dani that it was not comfortable for her in school today. She knew kids were talking about her behind her back. But Shane Morasco was there for her and had her back. He’s an awesome kid. She’s very fortunate to have friends like him and like Dani, as well as having her brother and her parents there for her. So Dani need not worry about her as she realizes Dani just lost her father. Dani then tells Destiny she would rather not talk about that. She would like to focus on something happy like Destiny and her baby.

Blair protests that Victor was not all bad. He loved all of their kids. He asks her what kind of love that was when he allowed Jack to get away with locking a woman in a basement and killing her. Blair protests that it was an accident. He asks her why Victor did not want Jack to take some responsibility for what he did and where was she? Where was she when Jack was picking on a kid who has asthma and who had cancer and locked a woman in a basement and had her killed? Where was she? Out getting her hair done? At that point, she cannot answer.

John asks Jack how he would know with certainty that original Todd killed Victor when he didn’t even know what happened or who knocked him or how he even got to the hospital when he woke up. He tells John he had a concussion and did not remember at the time but is now better and remembers that he did see Todd and Victor and knows what happened. He knows that original Todd knocked him out so that he could not know that he shot Jack’s dad.

Aubrey (Christine) reminds Cutter that the police are looking for the murder weapon so they have to tell them they found it. But he reminds her that since they are both known scam artists and are not exactly “popular” with the police, if they show up with a murder weapon, the cops might pin the murder on them. She asks why they would suspect the two of them when they did not even know Victor Lord and would have no motive to kill him. But he tells her she needs to know that they a “relentless” and will do anything they can to get them in trouble. Hearing that, she tells him he has been acting really weird ever since his sister has shown up and asks him what is going on.

Felicia then expresses to Tea that Destiny was all ready to have the abortion. She was going to graduate with honors and have a promising future. Her daughter should be looking at colleges right now and would be if Nora had not caught wind of it and convinced her to cancel the procedures. She told Destiny that she and her husband could raise the baby. She tells Tea that Nora showed up with a legal document “outlining” her son’s child and offered to represent Felicia and her husband in the matter. Tea listens intently and remarks that that is a conflict of interest while Felicia informs her that she then told Nora that they could get their own lawyer. Tea then asks Felicia if she’s asking her to represent her. Felicia tells her no, realizing she maybe should not ask that of Tea at a time like this. But, she admits, before this, she was seriously considering asking tea to do just that.

In the other room, Destiny talks about her dilemma about whether to give Nora and Bo their chance to raise their grandchild or to figure out what she wants.

Blair protests to original Todd that he has no right to accuse her of not doing the right thing with Jack. He asks her if she knew what her son was doing. She protests that she had no way of knowing until it was too late. But she grounded him, took away his computer and made him shut down his my face account and he couldn’t do anything. All he got to do was go to hospital to see his father in a coma throughout that time. She thought maybe he was just “acting out” because of that. She made him go to the Balsam’s to apologize. She could not bear to face them and hear what her son had done to their son. But of course, it did not end there, she admits. Jack and his buddies had to set up some sort of trap for Shane. Yet Gigi fell into it and she died. She cries and asks him if he thinks she wanted this to happen. This is her son.

John asks Jack if he was or was not unconscious when he saw original Todd. Jack tells John he was a bit dazed and out of it but heard and saw both “scar face” and his dad who did not realize that he noticed original Todd shoot his dad.

Original Todd tells Blair he does not blame her. Being raised by a human being like Victor is enough to mess any kid up. She then tells him maybe instead of blaming Victor for everything, he should blame his psycho mother. She brainwashed Victor. He then asks her if she is implying that she made Victor “too much like him”. He tells her that maybe he’s at fault. As they both know, he was not much older than Jack when he gang raped Marty Saybrooke. So maybe if someone is to blame for Jack’s behavior it is himself.

John asks Jack to go through the chain of events from the time he “saw” original Todd shoot his father after knocking him out. It’s odd that he remembered nothing when he was found in the hospital, John remarks. Jack tells John he finds it weird that original Todd “acts all nice” and may have taken him to the hospital and he doesn’t really understand. But, he asks John, is he going to arrest original Todd or not? John tells him that everything he’s saying right now sounds a bit too convenient. He’s all of a sudden “remembering” when he wants to yet did not remember before. And a jury doesn’t usually believe a witness who is mouthing off about how he hates the defendant. Jack then admits that it’s true that he hates “Todd Manning”. But he’s telling the truth and will testify or do whatever is needed. John then warns him that if he has to take the stand under oath, the defense attorney could rip him up and ruin his credibility. Jack protests that he knows what he saw. John then tells Jack that he needs to write it down. Jack then asks why. John replies because that’s how it’s done.

Original Todd concludes that maybe the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His father was a child molester. He’s a rapist. Jack hurts little kids and locks women and basements and gets them killed. She then tells him he better not say that. Jack may not be a saint but he’s certainly better than Todd’s father and better than Todd.

John asks Jack to sign a legal statement confirming that everything he’s alleged is true. Jack then asks if that means that John will arrest him. John tells Jack he will find someone to take him home.

Cutter tells Aubrey that he is committed to her. He got that stupid job for a reason. He wants to get straight. But if he goes to the cops telling them he’s “discovered” a murder weapon, it won’t be good. She then asks where he got the porcupine in the first place. He replies he saw it on Roxy’s table at the flea market. She and Echo were arguing about something and distracted as he remembers. She then asks if maybe one or both of them hid the gun in the porcupine after they killed Victor Lord. He tells her he doubts either of them would have done it. But he then realizes that they are both moms of Rex. So, Cutter, concludes, the gun might have belonged to Rex and they know he had motive to kill victor.

At Buenos Dias, Bo and Nor both tell Rex that they must investigate the murder but realize that he cannot be a suspect because they know he’s gone too far to take matters into his own hands just because he had motive to kill Victor. He knows Rex would not ruin his life and Shane’s life. Bo then gets a text message and goes outside. Rex sits alone looking “worried”.

Cutter tells Aubrey that it would make sense that Roxy and Echo would want to hide the gun in order to protect their son after finding out that he used the gun. He concludes that Rex will want his gun back and he now has a ton of money since he’s a Buchanan. So maybe they should “let Rex have” his gun. Hearing that, she concludes so that Cutter can blackmail Rex. He tells her no. He does not intend to blackmail Rex. But it’s not their fault that Rex lost his gun the way he did. He protests that she must know that they cannot live in this hell hole much longer and he’s not going to get very far with this worthless under paying job. She then realizes that he is once again plotting a plan of blackmail and extortion. She concludes that he will never change. And she will not let him do this to Rex. If he goes through with this plan, she is out of there.

Tea tells Felicia that life is too short to argue. She has a baby on the way. This is goo new. The baby is so lucky to have both her and destiny. Destiny admits to Dani that she’s not sure what she wants. She loves having a part of Matthew growing inside of her but she’s not sure she’s ready to be a mom. Dani asks her in that case what it is she wants for the baby. Destiny then admits that she is not going to let her child grow up with lies. The baby is going to know that she is his or her mom and Matthew is the dad. They both face their respective moms.

Blair tells Todd she still believes there is hope for Jack. She believes they can get through to help him. But she’s afraid that once again, Jack has shut down. He tells her he will be there for their son and apologizes if he was too rough with her. She did not deserve that. She tells him maybe she did. But they are both worried about jack. He holds her and promises that they will fix this. Right then, Jack walks in and angrily confronts his mom for having this guy in his house. Original Todd again protests to Jack that he must know that he would never kill the man that his son knew as his dad.

At the station, John admits to Bo that he’s a bit confused. He believes Jack would want to lie in order to frame original Todd because he hates him. But Shaun had an audio tape of Victor’s last moments that confirms that original Todd is a suspect. He gives Bo the tape. And they wonder how Jack would know the exact words that were said if he didn’t hear the tape. Little do they know that Jack overheard Shaun playing the tape for Starr.

Nora runs into Felicia at Buenos Dias after Felicia has spoken to Tea. She tells Nora that maybe the two of them should sit down and talk about their grandchild.

Cutter agrees to not blackmail Rex. But he is not comfortable with presenting himself and the gun to the cops. She tells him that maybe he can just anonymously put it in a mailbox using gloves or something if he doesn’t want to be identified. She then remembers she has an interview for a job at Capricorn. After she’s gone, Cutter has a plan and tells Morris what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her and he keeps the gun inside Morris.

Original Todd urges Jack to know that he did not kill Victor although Jack does not believe him and tells him he needs to be locked up for the rest of his pathetic life.

Bo and John confirm that they have sufficient evidence to convict original Todd and Bo asks John if he’s going to make the arrest.

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