OLTL Update Monday 9/12/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/12/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie sneaks into Viki’s home alone and original Todd appears to confront her for the fact that she stole Brody from Jessica and the two of them don't know how to do their jobs if they accuse him of killing Victor Lord. He remarks about how she knew how to “stick it to her twin” by sleeping with Jessica’s boyfriend and them moving in with him. In response to that, she tells him at least she did not kill her twin.

At Angel Square Park, Roxy and Echo get distracted arguing about how they are going to help Rex regarding the suspicion that he could have killed Victor Lord. And they suddenly discover that the place where Roxy has hid the gun is taken. Cutter Wentworth has just purchased Roxy’s porcupine at a cheap price to give Aubrey a stuffed animal. Little does he know the gun is inside the stuffed animal? He is then in Buenos Dias while Roxy is determined to get her porcupine, as well as the gun that could incriminate her son, back. Right then, Rex appears and asks his “two moms” what they are talking about regarding him.

Original Todd confronts Natalie.

Shaun goes to the station and tells John he has information regarding the murder of Victor Lord.

Echo asks Rex how Shane’s first day of school went. But he knows that she is evading his question of what she and Roxy were talking about regarding if they don’t “get something back” Rex’s life would be ruined. Roxy then informs Rex that her porcupine is missing.

Brody notices Cutter Wentworth while at Buenos Dias.

Kimberly (the real Aubrey Wentworth) appears at the door of The Minuteman and tells Aubrey she’s looking for Cutter. Assuming that this must be one of Cutter’s many former girlfriends, and not knowing who she really is, Aubrey asks her if her name ends in an "I" such as Bambi or  Candi. Kim then answers that her name is Aubrey Wentworth.

Shane goes to talk to Brody and tells him he wants Jack Manning out of his life.

At Dorian’s home, Jack tells Starr she needs to wake up and realize that “scar face” killed their dad. She protests to her brother that they do not know that and he is making false accusations. Although Jack saw original Todd pulling a gun out of a safe and some unknown person knocked Jack out, jack hasn’t a clue if what he suspects is true.

At the station, Shaun plays a tape recording to John of suspicions that Victor Lord had before he died. He wants to seek justice for his friends, Tea, Dani and Blair who all loved Victor. So, he asks John, just what he concludes from the recording.

Natalie tells original Todd that he may judge her and judge Brody but he does not have an alibi for the murder of Victor Lord any more than Brody does.

John plays the tape that Shaun has recorded of an intruder who did have to break in but knew how to kill Victor without being seen or known. Shaun remarks that this sounds like murder one.

Original Todd tells Natalie that she and the cops are going to have to cross him right off the list of suspects because he gave the gun to Louie and did not use it to kill Victor. He tells her she must know that her boyfriend does not know how to do his job. He has lost 8 years of his life. He’s finally gotten his life back and if she understands anything, she’d know that he would not throw that away. He remarks that he knows that Jack suspects him and he could not lose his son for taking his “father” way from him.

Starr and Jack both express their opinions about whether to suspect original Todd of killing Victor.

Roxy tells Rex that she was talking to Echo about how “losing” the porcupine could ruin his life because she remembers how much he loved her stuffed porcupine when he was a child. But Rex knows that that is not what they were talking about.

Cutter returns to The Minuteman with his “gift” for Aubrey but is stunned when he walks in with the porcupine and sees Kimberly (the real Aubrey) talking to Aubrey (his girlfriend).

Original Todd asks Natalie what she is talking about regarding Jack being accused of murder. He has not heard about this except remembers when he got back to town he read something about t Jack being in some legal trouble and/or under suspicion but the charged were dropped. She tells original Todd that he obviously does not know much. Original Todd then asks Natalie to please fill him in on the details that he may not know about his son. She then explains that Jack is a bully who likes to hurt and pick on kids who are easy scapegoats. He had a confrontation with a boy named Shane Morasco and lured Shane to the basement of a house. But Shane’s mom, Gigi, went in her son’s place. It just so happened there was carbon monoxide poisoning in the basement and Gigi died. That is her brother Rex’s fiancé and her nephew’s mom who has been killed by Jack who was able to get away with it and have his dad arrange for another kid to take the rap for him. Jack has no remorse and Victor lets his son get away with things like this. Hearing that, original Todd is horrified and afraid that this is all his fault.

Rex joins Shane while he sits with Brody at Buenos Dias and asks how his first day of school is, unaware of what Shane and Brody are talking about. Rex talks about Morris the porcupine and talks (light heartedly) about how Rex noticed both of Shane’s grandmothers freaking over somebody stealing Morris. Hearing that, Brody remarks that he knows Morris as Roxy kept him at the front desk at the Angel Square motel where he lives. And both he and Shane remember seeing Cutter in there earlier with Morris and tell Rex they know who has Morris.

Roxy then goes to the station and tells John it’s urgent that she gets Morris back. He may think it’s unimportant or like she is merely reporting petty theft. But he needs to trust her that this is far more important than that. Hearing that, John tells her he dares not ask her what she is about to tell him.

Kimberly tells Cutter that she could care less about his girlfriend. But she has some important things to attend to involving raising money to pay the medical bills for her friend. She then leaves. Alone with a perplexed Aubrey (Christine), Cutter asks her what she thinks of this “cute little guy”.

Roxy does not want to admit to John exactly what is going on regarding her urgency to get Morris back. But she does tell him she believes that even if her daughter is “with” Brody, Natalie belong with him. John then concludes that he is determined to find the porcupine for her.

Original Todd tells Natalie that he has to live with the fact that his son has killed someone and knows that Jack has a conscience and must live with terrible guilt. Yet there is nothing that he can do since his son hates him. Natalie listens intently and tells original Todd that the Todd she knows would stop at nothing to help his son. He then tells her that he’d like her to tell her “two” boyfriends to stop eating jelly donuts and do their job by finding the gun.

Shaun goes to see Starr informing her that he heard what her father (Victor) said before he got shot to death. And it points suspicion toward original Todd. They both do not want to believe it. But unknown to them, Jack overhears from outside the door.

Brody tells Shane and Rex he has to get back to work. Alone with his son, Rex asks how it feels to be a sophomore. Shane does not report any issues but is obviously not completely. Rex asks what he was talking to Brody about. Shane replies nothing. Rex tells him he does not have to tell him, knowing that Shane and Brody are friends. He admits that he is also not “complete” with Todd’s sociopath son getting away with killing Shane’s mother. But, he tells Shane, its ok if he doesn’t want to tell his father everything.

Roxy and Echo argue about whether whoever it was who took Morris is going to look inside him and find the gun.

Cutter and Aubrey are happily together suspecting nothing about the porcupine and talking about where they are going to keep him. He tells her that he gets the idea that this guy is going to “bring them luck”. He can just feel it. She then lifts Morris up and the guns falls out. They panic.

Original Todd runs into Starr who tells him he needs to beware of jack. He is furious and blames him for killing Victor. But, she assures original Todd, she is there for him and they seem to be bonding.

Natalie runs into Brody when she informs him that she talked to original Todd and admits she is beginning to think that original Todd did not shoot his brother.

Starr returns to her dad and discovers that Jack is gone and unaccounted for.

Jack barges into John’s office and tells him this is urgent. He has to tell him something. John tells him he needs to go back outside and have the courtesy to knock on the door. Jack then does that and returns to tell John that he knows what happened. It’s that guy that calls himself Todd Manning with the scar face. He knows that he killed his dad.

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