OLTL Update Friday 9/9/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/9/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kim (who we find out is really Aubrey Wentworth) is on the phone pleading that somebody gives her time to pay off a delinquent debt she’s been unable to pay, protesting that they cannot deny “someone” the medical care that they need and promising that she will find a way to get the money. She tells them she is working on a payment plan right now.

Cutter gets out of the bed at The Minuteman to get to work when Aubrey asks if he is leaving already. He tells her that he is determined to get the assistant manager position when the guy who has it has a “problem”. She tells him that he cannot do what he’s been doing which she knows all too well is scamming. But he has a plan.

Kim goes to Clint’s home when she’s seen by a suspicious Nigel. She asks where Clint is.

Echo is alone with the horrifying reality that Rex lied when he said his gun had not been fired. She is worried that her son may have, in fact, shot and killed Victor Lord.

Starr is getting ready for Victor’s memorial service when she sees Sebastian who appears to have a plan.

John is on the phone to investigate the murder of Victor Lord.

Brody is sitting with Natalie and Buenos Dias suspecting nothing when Natalie admits that Victor Lord’s secretary came by and overheard him threatening Victor on the day he was murdered.

Echo sits at Angel Square when she determines that because she is Rex’s mother she has to get rid of “this”. Right then, she runs into Roxy who asks her what she intends to get rid of.

Cutter gets out of the shower and asks Aubrey if there’s anything she’d like him to peddle off to a flea market, like perhaps the yearbook she is staring at with the picture of the “real” Aubrey Wentworth (Kim before the plastic surgery). She tells him she cannot get rid of it because Rama lent it to her. Cutter views the picture of his sister when she was not so attractive.

Kim tells Nigel that even if he does not want her there, she and Clint are very close and bonded.

Aubrey (Christine) asks Cutter what his sister Aubrey was like before the surgery. He asks her why she is so interested in that. She tells him that Rama told her some things like that she had seen Aubrey at the Spotted Pony after Aubrey stole her money for the plastic surgery. And she knows there is something that the real Aubrey (his sister, known as Kim) as well as Rama is hiding. He evades the question and she suspects that he knows and it appears everyone is keeping a secret from him.

Nigel reminds Kim (the real Aubrey) that he’s been given instructions from Miss Natalie not to let her in the house. But Clint enters and informs them that Natalie no longer lives there and he decides who he can see.

Roxy notices Echo and tells her she is pretty noticeable talking out loud in public where anybody can hear. She also informs Echo that she is hosting a flea market and selling a lot of stuff. She wants to sell Echo some stuff since she is hard up for money. She tells Echo she can “get rid of that thing in there” if Echo will let her sell it for her. Echo then resists and Roxy grab her purse when the gun falls out.

John calls Tomas to the station and informs him that the story his son gave him about the night in question is a little different than Tomas’ story.

Sebastian tells Starr that too many things fail to add up in his dad’s story. She protests that he does not know his dad that well and cannot conclude with certainty that he killed Victor just like she cannot conclude that it was his dad.

At Buenos Dias, Natalie informs Brody that Victor’s secretary informed her that she overheard Brody telling Victor that if Victor revealed a very important secret that could ruin Brody’s life, Victor would be a dead man. And, she asks him, if any of that is true. Brody then replies that he did go to see Victor regarding what was on Marty’s tape.

Tomas tells John he better not bring his son in for questioning without telling his father. John tells Tomas that it’s legal since his son is over 18. Tomas tells John that his son does not know his rights and cannot be hauled into the station for questioning John tells Tomas that nobody hauled Sebastian anywhere. He came to see John of his own free will. Tomas then asks what his son said. Now he needs to hear Tomas’ version. John admits that he finds it hard to believe, just as Sebastian also thought, that Tomas’ blew out a tired and could not get his cell phone to work to get help for 2 hours. He asks Tomas if he wants to revise his story.

Sebastian tells Starr he would not bother her if this were not important. He tells her that the producer who heard their tape wants to see her. She asks if it cannot wait. She agrees that she wants to pursue this venture. But before they can continue their conversation, as soon as they open the door, Rick the porn producer walks in uninvited and remarks that the two of them are the perfect recording stars and appear to be the perfect couple.

At Viki’s home, Nigel seems to want to make Kim feel unwelcome as to be protective of Clint. Clint tells him he may go and attend the flea market. Alone with Clint, Kim remarks how cold Nigel is to her. He tells her that it’s just his protective nature as he’s afraid she is after Clint’s money. Clint asks her if it’s not that, then what is she really after?

Natalie asks Brody just what he needed to talk to Victor about regarding Marty’s tape. He tells her that he knows that she believes what Delphina says even if he doesn’t. So he just had to check it out. Natalie finds that explanation a bit fishy, however.

When Roxy discovers that Echo has a gun, she immediately suspects that Echo is dangerous and she won’t tolerate a murder weapon in her hood. She notices it’s a 9 millimeter, the same as what was used to kill Victor Lord. Echo protests that that is a very common type of gun. She tells Echo she can see guilt all over her face and perhaps she should call Johnny McBain as she bets there could be a reward for her. Echo protests that she did not kill Victor Lord. But, she reveals to Roxy, Rex did.

Starr and Sebastian both recognize Rick Powers and tell him he is not welcome there after what he did to Dani. He then informs them that he is there to make them rich and famous and although unknown to them, he’s the music producer who wants them to audition for him. And he actually manages to get them to listen to him and consider his offer.

Cutter informs Aubrey for the first time that the reason Aubrey is out for blood of the real Aubrey (known as Kim) is because Aubrey stole money from her for the plastic surgery. Aubrey inquires of now his sister is pretty and why they have not spoken or been in touch for so long.

Kim then admits to Clint that she has a friend who’s in the hospital and has no money. So she’s helping pay off her medical bills although she is strapped. Clint then asks Kim with what. She tells him it’s been with working at the Spotted Pony but even with tips it’s not enough. She tells him that she did not want to end up dancing again but hasn’t met any CEOs who want her to be their assistant. He then tells her that he wishes he could write her a check. She tells him she does not expect that but knows how resourceful and savvy Clint is and believes perhaps he’d have some ideas about how she can get back on her feet.

Echo admits to Roxy that there are a lot of suspicions surrounding “their” son. Roxy tells her that Rex is not the only person who has wanted to kill Victor. But Echo informs her that she knows for a fact that Rex went to the casting of The Vicker Man alone and intended to murder Todd and Jack but couldn’t go through with it. Roxy tells her that just because he’s kept the gun does not mean he killed Victor. But Echo informs Roxy that she inspected the gun after Rex told her he never fired it. And she found out that he lied and did fire it.

At the station, John informs Tomas that he investigated and found out that Tomas never got his tire changed the night in question. But Tomas tells John he’s got it all wrong. He did not kill Victor.

Natalie asks Brody if he believes that Victor’s secretary is lying. He tells her he thinks she’s being a little dramatic. Natalie asks what he really did say to Victor. He tells Natalie that they had a confrontation. But she asks what he would have threatened to make Victor a dead man for. He then asks Natalie if she believes that he had something to do with Victor’s murder.

Roxy concludes to Echo that she (Echo) could get in a lot of trouble carrying a gun in her purse around angel square. She tells her that she (herself) has a lot of connections and resources and knows how to make the gun disappear so nobody will know that Rex ever had it. Echo just needs to watch her stuff and she will do what she needs to do. Roxy then runs into Nigel and conceals the gun in her pocket.

Starr and Sebastian declare to Rick that he is trash and they refuse to work with him. He asks if they have so many offers that they can afford to turn him down. Starr tells him they will take their chances. Rick then concludes that is their prerogative but just in case, he gives them his business card. He leaves and offers condolences for the loss of Victor Lord Jr.

Tomas tells John that it’s true that he has wanted Victor Lord dead. But if he killed him, he would lose his sister and his niece and his entire family. So it would not be worth it for him to kill him. John reminds him that he knows that one does not just walk away from the life of the CIA that easily. Tomas tells John that he has an alibi and he appears confident that the cops have nothing on him.

Brody asks Natalie if she believes that he killed Victor. She tells him that she isn't making accusations but is concerned that John will question him and wonders what he will say. She tells him she just wishes they had the murder weapon which she knows is a 9 millimeter. At that point, Brody tells her he can save her some suspense and pulls out the gun and puts it on the table.

Roxy attempts to “engage” with Nigel while hiding the gun.

Cutter remembers talking to his sister and hearing that she has a secret when she gave him a picture of herself and Stacy Morasco. He tells Aubrey that maybe the should get to the flea market. But she misses the wealth that used to have but are now giving up. He tells her he knows but has to get to work as he tells her that he is willing to do anything he needs to do for “love”.

Kimberly (Aubrey) talks to Clint about her “friend” who used to be so full of life and so strong and so positive. And she needs to help her. Clint then tells her he remembers how loyal she used to be to her friend Stacy. He tells her that he wants to help her and be her friend. But he has one condition. He does not want her to go back to The Spotted Pony. He tells her she is “way too good for that”. In response to that, she tells him, in awe, that nobody has ever said that to her. And it appears that she and Clint might be reconnecting.

After Rick leaves, Starr and Sebastian conclude that they are not going to do business with him. She remarks thank God they knew that he was behind this before signing a contact. He tells her he’s sure they will find other producers and maybe they can sign a clause to not let him have anything to do with their contract. But he tells her that realistically, they might have to do business with him. Does she know how competitive this business is? Offers like this don’t come around easily and Rick might be their only chance.

Rick goes to the flea market. Cutter appears and considers buying a gift for Aubrey. Roxy hides the gun inside her stuffed animal while she and Echo are distracted arguing about who is more fit to be a mother to Rex. Meanwhile, “somebody” lifts up the unattended “shield” for the gun. We see “somebody” (whose face is unseen) lifting up the stuffed animal of Roxy’s.

At Buenos Dias, Brody tells Natalie if she does not trust or believe him, she may get his gun tested. But she tells him that is absurd. She is not accusing him of anything. She does not believe he killed Victor. But they both agree they need to get to the bottom of this.

Tomas returns to find his son and faces both Sebastian and Starr to reveal that he knows that Sebastian has given his father up to the cops.

Nigel asks Clint if Miss Andrews is still there. Knowing Nigel is hoping to hear he’s kicked her to the curb, Clint tells him she’s gone for now but he’s asked her to marry him. Clint then tells Nigel that he wishes Nigel could take a joke and realizes that Nigel really has it in for Kim. He tells Nigel that Kim is not a terrible person. She came there to get help for a sick person. Hearing that, Nigel remarks how “original” that is. Clint reminds him that she realizes that he has no money anymore. Clint tells Nigel she knows that Nigel hates her and would not get any welcome from anybody in this town but she came back in order to get help for her friend because she’s loyal. And he remarks to Nigel that he and Kim have more in common than Nigel realizes.

While alone in The Minute Man and looking at the yearbook, Aubrey hears a knock on the door. She opens the door to see Kim (aka the real Aubrey).

Roxy then discovers that her stuffed porcupine is gone and so is the gun. It appears that Cutter has bought it not knowing there’s a gun inside.

Shaun goes to see John who asks what he can do for Shaun. Shaun clarifies to John that it’s what he can do for John. He declares to John that he can lead him to find Victor Lord’s killer.

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