OLTL Update Thursday 9/8/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/8/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Buenos Dias, Cristian Vega gets a phone call from the Dean of Faculty at LU who has asked him to travel to Barcelona tonight. Right then, his mother appears and asks her son what is going on. He tells her about his “dilemma”.

Robert Ford goes to see Jessica. He knows that she has spoken to Cristian and asks her if they are getting back together. She informs him that it doesn’t concern him because all they are (she and Robert Ford) is co-parents to Ryder. Robert then tells her in that case, she needs to “keep Tess away from him”.

Blair informs Starr that Jack had the gall to blurt out to Sam that “scar face” killed their father. Hearing that, Starr is shocked.

At the station, John informs original Todd that he is going to need a lawyer. Todd tells him that Téa will be representing him. Hearing that, she asks him what he is talking about as she did not agree to any such thing. He protests that she must know that he did not kill her husband.

Right then, Todd’s secretary goes to find Natalie and tells her she has some information about who killed Todd (Victor Lord Jr.). She tells her she knows that Todd has been “visited” by Officer Brody Lovett. Hearing that and not comprehending, Natalie asks her what Officer Lovett would have to do with Victor Lord Jr.’s murder.

After Robert Ford informs Jessica that he was “visited” by Tess, she asks him what he is talking about. She knows that she “hasn’t lost any time”. He tells her he knows that she has not. But he is being “haunted” by Tess.

Cristian's mom tells her son that she encourages him to go. Being single without children and without being able to give her grandchildren means that he has the freedom to travel. She reminds him that the students need a teacher and he needs an adventure. But she can see that he does not want to leave her and all of his friends in Llanview. She tells him it’s time to spread his wings and also tells him that there is obviously something missing for him here. And maybe he will find it in Spain.

Starr tells Blair that she needs to let Téa represent original Todd. She is a good lawyer although they both know that both Téa and Dani would be a big mess because of losing current Todd. The both admit that they have not seen or heard from original Todd in a while. Right then, Tomas enters and Blair informs him that she and Starr do not know whether Todd killed Victor. He tells her that maybe they should not be so certain because Todd is at the police station now. Blair asks why. Did he get arrested? Tomas replies not that he knows of. It appears they are just questioning him.

Original Todd tells Téa that she must know that he is being railroaded and did not kill Victor. She remarks that he is “always the victim”. She also informs him that he had motive as well as a gun and no alibi. He tells her that he hated Victor and they must find Louie. John reminds him that Louie is gone. Original Todd tells John he must look harder for him. If he can find Louie, Louie can prove that Todd did not have the gun and did not kill Victor.

Natalie talks to Todd’s secretary to all but blurts out that she knows that Brody Lovett killed Victor Lord. But she does not want to be questioned and tells Natalie she needs to leave and Natalie must never tell anyone that she was there.

Original Todd tells Téa and John that Louie could not have gone very far. Téa tells original Todd that it’s very possible that he gave Louie money to travel and send the cops on a wild goose chase. John concludes that since Officer Lovett did not find the gun, they have no proof that original Todd did not kill Victor. Original Todd tells John that may be but John can prove that he is innocent.

Natalie then goes after Todd’s secretary and urges her to wait. She tells her if there is a “problem” with Officer Lovett, then they need to know. But the secretary evades her questions. Natalie urges her to tell her what she knows. The secretary then informs Natalie that she heard Brody Lovett threaten Victor Lord.

Cristian tells his mom she’s right that opportunities like this don’t come along every day. She tells her son that that is why he needs to take it. She tells him he need not feel guilty. He can give her a reason to travel. He tells her that maybe they can Skype although she admits she is not familiar with modern computer functions. They then agree that Cristian should go and everything will be ok.

Jessica asks Robert why he is there. He tells her that he's made arrangements with his mom so that she will come and pick up Ryder at Jessica’s home so she won’t have to worry about seeing him or having him kiss her or get in the way of Cristian. He gets ready to go out the door, clearly indicating that he has “given up”. But Jessica asks him to wait indicating that she doesn’t want him to feel unwelcome around her.

Sebastian goes with his dad to see Blair and Starr. Starr tells him that she doesn’t want anything to happen to her dad. She loves him and it means everything to her to get him back. But if he killed Victor, then he will go to prison.

At the station, when John tells original Todd that he is under suspicion, original Todd protests to Téa that she tells John what she knows as well as he does that is most important to him. When she fails to defend him, he tells them both that it’s true he hates Victor and wants him dead and has been tempted to kill him. The guy stole his life and his family. He wants Victor out. He wants his life and his paper and his money back. But the most important thing to him is his kids. He knows that if he killed Victor, both jack and Dani would hate his guts and it would break Starr’s heart. And that is the one thing he cannot risk.

Sebastian admits to Starr that his dad lied about where he was on the night that Victor Lord was killed.

At the station, original Todd tells Téa he would really like a chance to get to know their daughter. He’s missed out on her entire life. And he has a granddaughter who doesn’t know him. And he knows that Jack needs a father with all the stuff he has going on. John listens to them silently while original Todd urges Téa to represent him.

In the other room, Natalie asks Todd’s secretary why she believes that Officer Brody Lovett may have killed Mr. Manning. She replies that she overheard them arguing and knew that officer Lovett had a gun. And she overheard Brody threaten to kill Todd.

Jessica informs Robert Ford that there is “nothing going on” between herself and Cristian. They talked about their previous relationship and their history and they are still friends but are not getting back together. And she tells Robert that it’s fine with her if he comes to the house to pick up Ryder. He doesn’t have to hide from her.

Cristian admits to his mom that he might have some “incompletion” with Jessica.

Blair tells Tomas that she blames herself for the possibility that Todd killed Victor. He asks her how she could say that. She replies that she gave him the gun mistakenly assuming that he will know not to use it. But he may have killed Victor because she “encouraged” him.

At the station, when Téa tells original Todd she is not about the defend him, he reminds her that she defended Victor when he was guilty as sin, after he kidnapped Marty Saybrooke and pulled his sick stunt with her. She tells him that there’s no way she will represent him.

Todd’s secretary tells Natalie that she heard what sounded very much like a death threat made by Brody to Todd. And Brody told Todd that Todd was threatening to destroy “something of his” although she could not tell what that was.

John tells original Todd he needs him to do him one favor when he gets released. He tells him not to leave town. Original Todd asks John why he’d do that when everything he has is there.

Sebastian tells Starr that last night his dad was supposed to meet him but showed up hours late with some lame story and looking guilty.

Natalie tells Todd’s secretary she promises they will not “drop” this. They will look into it. She then asks what on earth of Brody's he was afraid that Victor Lord could destroy.

Starr demands that Sebastian tells her what happened when he got the idea that his father is under suspicion, he tells her that he was unaccounted for and had too many excuses that didn’t add up the night in question and he found out that Tomas was AWOL at the very time when Victor was killed.

Téa goes to Buenos Dias and sees Cristian who informs her that he’s been trying to reach her before he leaves. She asks him where he’s going.

Natalie faces John and Brody after Todd’s secretary has informed her that she overheard what sounded like a Brody making a death threat to Todd.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she is ok with his coming to the house. They can still be friends and talk about their mutual son. They joke about all the fun things their son can do. And he admits to her that he did not have a “first love” in high school. Hearing that, she seems interested in finding out why. He then admits to her that he was a scrawny underfed runt from a poor family with an abusive father who did not mix into the social scene. Hearing that, Jessica tells him she cannot believe he’s never had a first love. Robert then clarifies to her that he did not say that he’s “never” had a first love. It just wasn’t in high school

Blair goes to Buenos Dias to find out that Cristian is leaving town and tells him she will really miss him and hopes he will find all the happiness.

Starr reminds Sebastian that he is not the only person suspecting his dad of killing Victor. So is she. He then gets a phone call and finds out that after sending a demo of their tracks to some producers, one of them really likes it and wants them to come and meet their producers because he thinks it’s a hit. She then hears the doorbell ring. She gets the door and sees original Todd. She stares speechlessly at him.

John asks Natalie to tell him what is on her mind but she doesn’t know what to say. He tells her that maybe it’s getting late and encourages her to get him to “her” little boy.

At Buenos Dias, all of Cristian’s friends reflect how they will miss him and how he is loved.

Jessica then wants to find out about Robert Ford’s history and who is his “first love”. He admits that Langston was the first woman who he “considered” as a real relationship and not just sex. Before he met her, it was all about the score and the conquest. He admits that he “mistakenly” thought that it was Langston but later found out he was wrong. She then asks if it was not Langston, then who was his first love. He replies that his first love was Tess.

At Buenos Dias, Rama finds Cristian and tells him that she knows his true love is out there waiting for him. And she wishes him well. He leaves. Blair and Téa are together at a table and Blair assures Téa that she hopes there is no doubt in her mind that Victor loved her.

When original Todd goes to see Starr, she asks what happened at the police station. Sebastian leaves them alone to talk. He tells her that he did not kill Victor but knows that John McBain has it in for him. He urges his daughter to believe him that he did not kill Victor. He tells her he needs her on his side. She assures him she is.

Sebastian goes to see John and tells him he wants to talk about his father’s alibi the night of the shooting.

Blair tells Téa that she knows that Téa is worried about Dani and she can help her with the kids. She can see that Téa needs emotional support when Téa breaks down crying and she promises to be there for her.

After Jessica hears Robert Ford’s “true confession”, she tells him she’s sorry that his first love was her alter ego. Hearing that, he tells her she mustn’t sell Tess short. She tells him she feels bad. He tells her she need not. He loves his son and that means more to him than anything that he’s a dad. She tells him that she feels bad that he doesn’t have the memories that she has. He then tells her thank you for being a friend and leaves. Alone, Jessica reads the old love letter that Cristian wrote her many years.

Cristian is at the new place where he will be teaching. He meets a female co-worker named Erin who can sense that he might have things on his mind. He admits to her that she reminds him of someone he used to know. And low and behold she’s Erin Torpey, the actress who played Jessica when she and Cristian were teenagers and up until 2003 when the character was played from then on by Bree Williamson.

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