OLTL Update Tuesday 9/6/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/6/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Cristian comes to see Jessica and tells her he heard about her uncle and wanted to pay his respects. He asks her how the family is. She tells him they are in shock and there's not much anybody can do. He ten admits to her that he has a confession to make. Offering his condolences for her family is not the only reason he is there.

At Buenos Dias, Rama talks to Aubrey telling her that she wonders if things will really suit her to stop being a con artist with Cutter and start fresh with her real identity as Christine. And she remarks that she knows all about the “real” Aubrey Wentworth and what she did.

Right then, we see “Kimberly” enter the Minute Man to see Cutter and acknowledges that she is his sister, Aubrey Wentworth.

Dani returns to Todd and Téa's home distraught and her mom does not want her to see all that has happened with current Todd being killed.

Jack returns to Starr and Blair who tell him they want him not to be worried nor freaked out after he has returned from the hospital. But he tells his mom and sister that the only way he will be ok is when he knows that “Scarface” is behind bars.

Original Todd goes to the station to find John, knowing that the cops obviously want to talk to him. John asks him if he killed Victor Lord Jr.

Kim reveals to Cutter that she has been falsifying her identity with the name Kimberly Andrews. She tells him that she has noticed her “own brother” on the front page of a magazine when she saw The Vicker Man.

Rama asks Aubrey (whose real name is Christine) is that they knew each other from boarding school. Rama reveals that she knew Aubrey from school and that she didn’t used to be attractive. We then remember that Cutter revealed this his “sister” was the ugly duckling. But Rama reveals that she had to get plastic surgery in order to turn into a swan.

Jessica asks Cristian just what he is there for. She tells him she would like to talk about something that isn’t sad. He tells her he has a friend who has been giving him advice. She asks about what. He tells her it’s about making connection. Jessica then asks what specifically he means. He tells her that she must know that sometimes the people who end up meeting and hooking up are the “wrong” people. Hearing that, Jessica asks him if he is talking about Robert Ford.

Dani is distraught to know that her father was killed when alone in the house and there was nothing she could do when she was out. But Téa holds her daughter in her arms and tells her thank god she was no endangered. Dani asks her mom what his dying words were. Téa tells her she guesses he was trying to tell her who killed him.

When Jack tells Starr and Blair he believes that “scar face” killed his dad and is not to be trusted, Starr angrily tells her brother he has no right to talk that way about their real father. She loves him and does not believe for a moment that he would kill anybody. But Jack tells her she does not know what she is talking about and asks his mom if she did not seriously consider that original Todd did in fact kill Victor. He tells her he knows that she would lie and not want to tell Starr as not to hurt her feelings. Hearing that, Starr then demands that her mom tells her if that is true. Did she really believe that original Todd killed hers’ and Jack’s father. Blair, then, finds that she cannot answer that.

John asks original Todd the same question at the station.

Dani asks her mom if her dad did, in fact know who killed him. Téa does not know how to answer that and hesitates to tell her daughter what she is suspecting.

Blair tells Starr she is not trying to “dodge” her question here. But what they need to know and be concerned about is the facts. The police will find out who did, in fact kill him even if the truth is not what certain people want to face up to. Starr admits that Victor’s death will certainly affect her as well as Hope. She does not know what to tell her daughter knowing that Victor was the only grandfather Hope has ever known. Jack then chimes in with his sister telling her that she has abandoned and betrayed Victor.

Cutter tells his “sister”, that he knows all about her “history” at The Spotted Pony. He tells “Kim” (who’s really Aubrey Wentworth) that she has to stay away from that place or else people will find out all of the secrets.

Rama admits to “Christine” that she has been looking all over to find “that little bitch”, the real Aubrey Wentworth. And she did eventually find her. Aubrey (Christine) asks where she found Cutter’s sister Aubrey (previously known as Kimberly Andrews). Rama replies that she found “Aubrey” at a strip joint in Kentucky called The Spotted Pony.

When Cristian admits to Jessica that he has a specific reason to go and see her, she has absolutely no clue what is really on his mind. When he mentions Robert Ford, she assumes it’s something regarding him. But Cristian tells her no. He is there to see her because of the two of them (himself and Jessica). She asks what about the two of them. He replies that when he was talking to his friend, Rama, her name came up. Jessica then asks why Vimal’s wife would mention her when she barely knows Jessica. He then replies that he and Rama were talking about happiness and how she has found hers’ and that she’d like Cristian to find his. He then clarifies to Jessica that they thought that maybe he should seek out his first love who is her.

Rama and “Christine” are then talking about Cutter’s and Aubrey’s “secret” about The Spotted Pony.

Right then, Cutter and “Kim” (the real Aubrey) reveals that nobody must ever know about “what they did” at The Spotted Pony. But he tells her that somebody already does know. She asks him who knows. He replies her “friend”, Rama.

Starr tells Jack he must know that it really devastated her to lose Victor. She cries but her brother tells her that Victor is the only father he’s ever known. Blair tells her two kids they both must know that they have a lot of questions and hopefully before too long they will get some answers.

Téa admits to Dani that “Victor” tried to say something that began with a “T”. Dani then demands if she thinks that maybe he was trying to say Todd. Téa replies that they were running out of time and he knew it. She tried everything she could think of to get him to hold on. She thought if she could get him to realize all that they had to do together, he might pull through. She then breaks down crying telling her daughter that it’s all too late. Dani then tells her mom she knows that he was trying to say Téa.

At the station, original Todd admits to John that he did go to confront Victor. His intent was to demand that Victor give him his life back. John then asks if what he did was go to the house and notice Jack was there and realize he cannot see or know anything so he has to knock the kid out and take his keys so that he can unlock the door and sneak inside.

Original Todd tells John that his “theory” about his going to Victor’s home and knocking out Jack to take the keys and kill Victor makes sense. But it’s not true. He appears calm in telling John that he did not do it. John asks him why he would not do it. He replies because of Blair. She convinced him that it would not be worth it and he’d regret it after all he had been through if he finally had a chance to get his life back and then have to throw it all away going to prison for murder. Plus, she made him realize that those kids would be devastated to lose Victor so if he loved them he would not do that to them.

Blair attempts to get through to Jack telling her son that she does not want to disbelieve what he is afraid of or deny the “truth”. He then angrily tells her if she really wants to get to the truth, why she doesn’t find out where “scar face” went.

At the station, original Todd calmly admits to John that he considered killing Victor and had the gun. He realizes that John will ask him to account for his whereabouts when nobody knew where he was. He went to Buenos Dias and walked around. John asks him where the gun is. He tells John that he (John) has it.

Rama admits to “Christine” that she tried to track down Aubrey who took all of her money for it.

Cutter talks to the real Aubrey (Kim) about Rama in town and the fact that he knows she married Vimal. Aubrey tells him that she is not afraid to run into Rama who remembers how she used to look and may not identify her with her “new face”. He confirms that they both know that she stole the money from Rama in order to get the plastic surgery. Kim (real Aubrey) admits to him that she will give Rama the money back as soon as she re-marries Clint and gets the money.

Jessica asks Cristian just what was decided between him and Rama when she told him he had to get back to his first love. He tells her that they concluded maybe that since they are both single, it would be worth pursuing. She then remembers when she had her memory loss and was reliving being a teenager when she was dating him. He tells her that that is not what he is concerned about. She is not a teenager anymore. She then asks Cristian if what he is saying is that he’d like them to “try again”. He then tells her he knows this is the last thing she suspecting. They have been “just friends” for a long time. But that thing she said before about “not having to work” at being happy is what they used to have all those years ago. He then appears afraid that maybe too much time has gone by. Too much has happened. They’ve both been in relationships and married to other people. But she reflects that it worked for Kelly and Joey finding their way back to each other after a similar history.

Rama tells “Aubrey” that she can get “Christine” back. Changing her name will not change who she is.

Aubrey finds out that her brother, Cutter scammed her husband Clint. She tells him he better stay away from him. He asks her if she does not realize Clint is now broke and so she has no “reason” to get him back. She tells him that the Buchanan name still means something. She tells him that “her happiness” is not the only thing at stake. There is someone else here. He asks her just who’s “happiness” they are talking about.

Starr returns to Téa and Dani. She tells her step mother and step sister she is so sorry for their argument. Téa then tells her daughter and stepdaughter she has to get to the police station now that Starr is back. She goes out the door. Starr asks Dani how she is. Dani tells her she doesn’t really think she “believes” it yet. Starr tells her she does not either. But she needs for Dani and everyone to know that she loves Victor. He was her dad. It may be different for Dani and for Jack who have only known him as their father. But she knows that Jack tells her she is a traitor and no longer his sister so she wants to know if Dani believes the same. Does Dani still see Starr as her sister?

Original Todd tells John that he will let him go to find the gun registered to him that he's kept in Dorian’s safe at her home. John can find out whatever he needs and will confirm that the gun has never been fired.

And right when Blair and Jack are arguing about his “dad”, Sam enters the room and asks why everybody is yelling about “dad”. They do not know what to tell the little guy.

Rama tells “Christine” that she (Christine) can find her way back just like she (Rama) did. But they talk about how that no good Aubrey Wentworth could take Rama’s money to get the plastic surgery.

The real Aubrey then indicates that she is carrying something in her purse that she reveals to Cutter.

Cristian gets ready to kiss Jessica and she lets him. And it appears they might consider reconnecting.

Original Todd tells John that he is confident that John will be able to prove that he’s clean and has found his gun. But John tells original Todd that he asked their mutual friend, Louie but Louie did not have the gun. So, John tells him, he has to keep him there for a while because he is not in the clear.

Dani tells Starr she spent so much time fighting and hating Victor. But he didn’t give up. He never stopped trying to be her dad. He never stopped loving her. She cries and then reflects that Starr helped her to love him back and to see the good in him. Starr helped her love him and she’s so glad that Starr did. Starr has all these memories that Dani does not have and Starr remembers a Todd Manning that Dani does not. SO it makes sense that Starr is close to original Todd. So, they conclude, it does not matter which man they feel closer to. They are still sister, the two of them. And they always are. Because, Dani tells her, she really needs her sister right now.

Blair asks Sam to go upstairs and then they will talk later, as she does not know what to tell the boy. But Jack demands that she stop keeping Sam in the dark and tells his little brother that their dad is dead and Sam’s “friend, Scarface” killed him.

Téa goes to the station and asks if Todd manning is there. They tell her that nobody can talk to him except his lawyer. She tells them that she is Todd’s lawyer.

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