OLTL Update Friday 9/2/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/2/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kim returns to the private hospital with flowers and greets “somebody” (appearing to be unconscious who may be Stacy), telling them that she just got back from Llanview and cannot accept an “I told you so”. It wasn’t completely a waste. She did get to see Clint. She smiles appearing like she has hope about something.

Natalie goes to the house looking for Rex and notices that her brother is distracted and inattentive when she rang the bell. He is engrossed in the article about Victor Lord Jr. (aka Todd Manning) being shot to death. And Rex remarks that it could not have happened to a nicer guy.

Aubrey is with Cutter in a motel room where it appears he’s willing to take any job he can get and delivers donuts.

At Buenos Dias, Rama tells Cristian she does not want him to give up on finding true love. He tells her that his life is good. He has his work and his painting and his friends. But she tells him she wants him to be truly happy and fill the empty void in his life.

At Viki’s home, Clint tells Jessica that he realizes that although he did not care for Todd or Victor or whoever that man is, he knows that Jessica cared for him.

In the other room, Viki talks to John on the phone about her brother (original Todd) being missing. He tells her that he would not put it past original Todd to commit murder and remarks that he is sorry for her loss. Right then, Brody enters and John asks him if he’s found any leads. Brody replies that he still sees original Todd as the prime suspect.

Right then, Viki is worried assuming the worst.

Jessica tells her dad that she can see that the cops have not named a suspect. He then asks if she might want to call Natalie. Hearing that, Jessica immediately sarcastically tells him yes. She’d love to contact Natalie and Brody and watch them mess around with each other and blame others for it. Clint then tells his daughter he’s sorry he brought it up but wishes she would get along with Natalie. Jessica then reminds her father that he might have his own reasons to have issues with Natalie after she booted Kim out of the house. Who is she to interfere in her father’s personal life, Jessica tells him. She tells Clint he has the right to see Kim if he wants and she has no issues with that.

Kim again talks to an unconscious “somebody” about how Clint’s “whole transplant” thing really took it out of him. She realizes that not everybody likes older guys. But she wants to reconnect with Clint. She is not ok with the fact that that nasty red-headed bitch, Natalie had to come in and prevent Kim from seeing Clint.

Natalie tells Rex that maybe he should not act happy that Victor Lord Jr. is dead. He then asks his sister if she cared for Victor at all. She admits that they had their differences. But his family is grieving. Rex then asks his sister if he is supposed to feel sorry for the miserable little punk who got Shane’s mother killed and the woman who let him get away with it. She tells him she understands how he feels but they have lost a loved one just like he has. He then protests that maybe now they can experience what he and Shane have had to.

Brody tells John that he assumed that original Todd would be their prime suspect. John tells him that original Todd is only one of many. Yes, he had motives but there is no confirmation that he did it. John tells Brody that they really don’t know anything about this guy named Todd Manning or what he is capable of.

Original Todd returns to Viki’s home. He seems “flip” and unworried asking his sister if he’s missed his curfew. She tells him that the “other Todd” has been killed. Original Todd tells her he “knows” sounding very casual.

Cutter tells Aubrey that the reason he is dressed in a “uniform” is because he was offered a job as front desk clerk at a local motel. Hearing that, she finds it hard to believe, remembering he’s never worked a day in his life. But he seems serious and ready to commit and redeem himself.

Jessica asks her dad what happened, what he thought and felt and did when Kim came back. Was he happy to see her? Did he want to throw her out? Clint admits that he has had mixed feelings. She then asks him if Kim were to want to get back with him, would he take her back.

Kim is then telling an unconscious person that Clint may or may not want to get back with her. She knows Natalie dislikes her but his other daughter might not be that difficult to deal with.

Rex asks Natalie if the cops have come up with any clues about the murder of Victor Lord Jr. She tells him they are still waiting on forensics. She tells him she is worried about him. He then tells her she looks tired and remarks that she works too much. Natalie then asks her brother why he had Gigi’s body exhumed. Did he think she wouldn’t be there? Rex then tells his sister, without emotional or feeling, that he thought that but noticed she was there. She asks her brother if he is still “seeing” Gigi. He tells her no. She asks if he’s found out what caused her gravestone to be tampered with. Rex says maybe just some kids playing a prank. She again tells him that maybe he should listen to Delphina. But Rex tells her that he did not appreciate the wild goose chase they had to go on to Kentucky where they were supposed to find Gigi and not Kim Andrews. She remarks that they had to lead Kim straight back to her dad.

Kim then tells her “companion” that she noticed Gigi’s grave. It appeared the date of death was removed. Rex had Clint’s brother and the cops exhume her grave. She wonders what was up with that.

At Buenos Dias, Vimal appears and tells Rama that Victor Lord Jr. was murdered last night. Didn’t he know?

John tells Brody that they do not know where the gun that killed Victor came from and cannot prove it was original Todd’s and they know that original Todd was not the only person who threatened to kill Victor this week.

Original Todd seems completely nonchalant to find out that Victor has been killed. Viki reminds him that he was “their” brother. But he seriously has no feelings. He then observes his sister’s grim expression and tells her he can see that she believes he killed Victor.

Aubrey asks Cutter if he is serious about taking a job as the front desk clerk at a flea bag motel for her. He tells her that he has said that she wants to reform herself and doesn’t want a crooked man in her life. He wants to get back what they had and who they were when she was Christine.

At Buenos Dias, after Vimal finds out that Victor Lord Jr. has been killed, he tells Rama that he has to get back to the house. He left the iron on. But she knows he’s lying and going elsewhere because they don’t have an iron. Alone with Cristian, Rama tells him she remembers that he used to have a “thing” with Blair. He tells her that it was only brief. They never got serious. He and Blair are just friends. She tells him maybe Blair might be worth considering. He tells her he appreciates her help but he’s not on the market. She suggests he finds somebody online. He says no to that. She then suggests why not someone from his past. He may already “know” his true love. She gets on the lap top to research the girlfriends of his past with whom it did not work. And she comes up with Jessica Brennan as the one with whom he might have a future.

Jessica again asks Clint if Kim were to ask to get back with him, would he take her back. Clint then asks his daughter if she means would he invite Kim to stay in this house with her and her mother. Jessica asks if he’d want to be with Kim. Clint reminds his daughter that he is under house arrest and grateful to be alive. And that is all he thinks about. That and her situation with Robert Ford. She admits to her father that she and Robert Ford are only co-parents to their son although there was a “moment” where they kissed.

Natalie tells Rex that she hasn’t a clue what Kim would want with her father since he’s broke. Rex suggests maybe Kim is not after Clint’s money. But she tells her brother she does not trust Kim. He tells his sister that maybe she should just let Clint figure out what to do and he will either see through her scheme or she will move on realizing he’s broke. But Natalie does not want to let up on Kim.

Kim then shows “unconscious Stacy” a picture of her baby, Sierra Rose. She is doing well living with Fish and Kyle. But she misses her mommy so Stacy has to get better.

Viki warns original Todd that the cops put out an APB on him. He asks her why she and Blair and all the people whom he thought loved him are accusing him of murder. But she realizes her brother is not answering the question of whether he took the gun out of the safe and only reminding her that that guy has taken his entire life and doesn’t he have good reason to be angry at him.

Vimal finds Brody and demands to know the truth. He knows that Brody has motives to kill Victor Lord Jr. since he is the only person who knows Brody’s secret about Liam besides himself and Marty and has threatened to spill the secret.

Natalie informs Rex that she has moved out of Llanview. Rex asks her where she’s going. She replies that she, Brody and Liam are finding a place. Rex is surprised that his sister is ready to become a family with Brody and Liam.

When Vimal implies to Brody that he might “know” something about Victor Lord’s death, Brody panics and gets ready to physically escort him out of the station when John notices them and asks if there is a problem here.

Aubrey is surprised that Cutter wants to get back with her and know her as Christine. He kisses her.

Rama tells Cristian that maybe he needs to get back to his relationship with Jessica. He raises objections about how they came from different sides of town and it was so long ago. But she tells him that they are like Romeo and Juliet and the fact that maybe they are meant for each other.

Clint is furious to find out that Robert Ford might be “interested” in Jessica. She tells her father there is no cause for alarm. But she knows that Robert misses Tess and has had his heart broken. Clint then urges his daughter to please tell her that she would never consider getting involved with that guy. But she cannot.

Vimal tells John that he wants the cops to find out who might have killed Victor Lord Jr. John assures him they are doing everything they can and asks if he might want to answer some questions.

Original Todd asks Viki why she and all the others would trust Victor and not realize that he scammed them all. He does not buy that he got brainwashed nor that any of them had any reason to love them. He asks her if Victor ever stood up for her, protected her children or was a brother to her. She doesn’t answer but gets on her phone remembering she promised to all John McBain if original Todd showed up.

Cristian tells Rama he appreciates her help but doesn’t need it. She tells him she is determined to tell him what his friends and family won’t. She tells him if he does not take charge of his life, he will die alone in his studio. He needs to reconnect to Jessica Brennan, his first love. Not many people have the chance to recapture what he has. Cristian then asks if he is supposed to show up at Jessica’s doorstep. She tells him yes. He’s not getting any younger.

Jessica concludes to her father that she and Robert Ford have decided to stop seeing each other. There’s nothing to worry about. He tells her that he knows she’s had a bad year so he’d hate to see her falling for some guy who’s’ proven not to be reliable. He tells her she deserves somebody right for her who is worth it. And she will find him. If not, he will find her.

In the hospital room, Kimberly reads that she knows about “something” going on at the Minuteman Motel involving Cutter and Aubrey once living it up in the Buchanan mansion and now being thrown out.

Cutter tells Aubrey that he has to get to work. She asks if he is serious. He tells her that he has to “live the dream”. She then looks at the want ads.

Natalie tells Rex she’s not sure she is buying his telling her that he is fine. She tells him she must get back to the station. She’s sure that Victor’s autopsy report has come back.

John asks Vimal how he has known Victor Lord, previously Todd manning. It’s odd that Todd would hire him and pay him so well barely knowing him when Vimal just got out of Statesville. Vimal tells John that he thinks he has information about the killer.

Original Todd tells Viki he does not think he should have to tell her whether he committed murder. She knows him. Does she think that he would risk losing everything by going to prison for murder? She tells him he must know he is a prime suspect. But he goes out the door.

Jessica gets the door and is surprised to see Cristian.

Aubrey goes to Buenos Dias and notices that Rama is there, surprised to see her and tells her she thought Aubrey left town. Aubrey tells her she is considering staying in town, getting back with Cutter, cleaning up her act and starting over. And she reveals the name Aubrey Wentworth belongs to someone else.

Cutter opens the door and sees Kimberly. She reveals that her real name is Aubrey.

Vimal sounds like he’s not going to give Brody up for murder. But he tells him he hopes it does not make him an accessory to murder. He leaves. Natalie appears and can see that Brody is tense and asks if he’s ok. He tells her yes.

Rex then opens the safe and pulls out the gun.

Original Todd goes to the station to find John and tells him he heard John was looking for him.

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