OLTL Update Thursday 9/1/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/1/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John goes to Jack's hospital room to tell Blair, Jack and Starr that he’s sorry for their loss but “Victor” is gone.

Rex returns home to see that Shane is waiting for him and Shane asks his dad where he was. Rex indicates that he does not want his son to find out.

At current Todd’s home, Dani returns and is horrified and worried when she sees several police cars outside the house. She demands that her mom tells her who died.

Tomás finds his son at Buenos Dias and reminds him that they were supposed to meet at Capricorn. Sebastian reminds his father that he went there and had to wait for 2 hours. Tomás tells him he can explain.

Blair asks John if he knows how Victor died. John replies that he was shot. Blair, Starr and Jack are all distraught and don’t want to believe that current Todd is dead.

Rex tells Shane he must know that it’s late and asks why he’s up. Shane reminds his dad that he could not sleep remembering that they have to make Jack Manning and his dad pay. Also there was a storm. He asks Rex what was so important that he had to go out in the storm. Rex then panics, knowing he’s cornered not wanting to answer and tells his son it does not matter. He tries to avoid Shane’s questions but Shane continues to ask why he can’t give him a straight answer and what did he do.

Jack tells his sister and mom that they do not care about his father. Starr furiously tells her brother he does not know what he is talking about. She has loved current Todd and seen him as her only father. He tells her that that went by the wayside when “scar face” showed up. He tells Starr that only he and Dani could care less about the current Todd since he’s the only father they’ve known. And he tells Starr as far as he is concerned, Dani is his only sister now.

When Dani hysterically demands that her mom tells her what has happened, Téa admits that it’s Victor. He is in a body bag. But Dani does not want to believe that and tells her mom this must be a mistake. She rushes to see the body and tells her mom that is not her dad.

At Buenos Dias, Sebastian asks his dad what was so important that he did not show up to meet him. Tomás informs his son that his car broke down in the storm. But Sebastian finds it hard to believe that he would have been stranded for two hours. He tells his father that’s a lame excuse, reminds him he is a grown man and wants to hear the truth because he can take it. At that point, Tomás tells his son if he really wants to know the reason why he did not show up to meet him is that he cannot accept the fact that his sister did not leave the man she married the moment she found out whom he really was. That is why. Sebastian then tells his father he accepts that but asks what he plans to do about it.

Jack furiously tells his mom and sister that he meant what he said that Starr is not his sister. And they all need to wake up and know that “that man” that they have so stupidly welcomed with open arms and believe is Todd manning has killed his father.

Dani rushes to “show” her mom that her dad is not dead. But Téa and Brody both grab her to prevent her from opening up the body bag. Téa tells her daughter that she was with him when the paramedics tried and failed to save him. He is dead.

Shane again asks an evasive Rex where he went. Rex hesitates and after “thinking” tells his son he went to see Shane’s mother. Shane does not seem to buy that his father would have gone out in the storm nor been gone for that long. Rex explains that he wanted to apologize to Gigi for his impulsive actions. He faces his son and tells him he is so sorry for what he did. Shane again seems to know that his father has a secret and may have taken some sort of drastic action.

In Jacks hospital room, Blair tells her son how dare he disown his sister. John tells Jack he needs to stop being a jerk and grow up. He tells them instead of blaming him, what John needs to do is arrest “scar face”. John then tells Jack that in order to find out who may have shot and killed original Todd, he needs Jack to tell him all that he knows about what may have happened before current Todd got shot.

Shane tells his father he’s sorry for accusing him of doing something wrong when he felt a need to dig up his mom’s grave and for yelling at him for not doing enough to make Jack and his dad pay. But Rex is worried that there is something up with Shane and Shane seems to know that his dad has a deep dark secret.

Blair cries and tells John that she will be outside while John talks to Jack privately.

Shane tells Rex he cannot get any sleep. He’s too wound up. Rex asks if he wants something to drink like hot chocolate. Shane tells his father he has no interest in hot chocolate but remembers his mom used to watch late night movies with him when he could not sleep. They both recall that nobody can ever replace Gigi.

As soon as Rex is near his television, he immediately turns it on to see Blanca Morales reporting the live coverage of the murder of Victor Lord Jr.

John then asks Jack if there’s anything he’d like to tell him about what he may have been doing that caused him to get knocked out and what type of secret he might want to share about his “actions”.

Dani demands that her mom and Brody tell her what happened. Téa replies that someone murdered current Todd.

Blanca reports that Victor Lord Jr. who has been believed to be local tycoon Todd Manning has been shot to death in his home tonight.

We then seem Brody alone and spooked remembering vowing that Victor Lord Jr. has to be stopped. This is war. He has done it before and can “do it” again. Dani hysterically demands to know who can do it while Téa holds her daughter and Brody is stunned and speechless as we recall his “intent” to kill Todd.

Jack admits to John that he snuck out to see if he could take action to prevent this psycho from killing his dad. He saw original Todd with a gun and knew what he was going to do with it. He tried and failed to warn current Todd and his mom but they did not listen. He returned to the house with his keys alone and let himself in. And that is when someone hit him. John asks if he could see who it was.

At Buenos Dias, Sebastian tells his dad he can see why he does not want Aunt Téa to stay with Victor but he does not know what Tomás can do about it. Tomás then avoids his son’s eyes and the question and replies “nothing really”, appearing like he wants to change the subject. He explains that he felt like he had to drive around in the rain just to calm down. Then he realized that he had to get to Capricorn and that is when he got the flat. Tomás then tells his son that he has had a “bad day” and would like to happily spend time with his son and listen to his music. Sebastian gives him the iPod and tells him he thinks it’s gotten better since he’s been hanging out with Star Manning.

Outside Jack’s hospital room, Starr cries and asks her mom how her brother could say she does not love her father (current Todd) nor care that he’s dead. Blair tells her daughter she must realize that her brother is upset and not thinking about what he’s saying. Starr reminds her mom that she loved current Todd for 8 years. Blair tells her daughter she loved him too. Even after they separated. And Victor was so much like his brother and that is why it was so easy for all of them to believe it. She admits that she too cannot believe that he is gone. Starr admits that when she first found out who he was, he was attempting to tell Téa, Dani and Jack that he was the real Todd Manning. But she lashed out against him. And she is afraid that he never forgave her for that and now it’s too late. She breaks down crying and Blair tells her daughter she mustn’t blame herself and must know that current Todd knew that Starr always loved him.

Right then, Téa plays, for the first time, the voice mail message she got from Blair informing her that she is worried after discovering that the gun kept in the safe of Dorian’s home is missing and she’s afraid that original Todd has it and also has some “intent”. Dani again hysterically demands to know who killed current Todd. Téa cannot answer that.

Starr reminds her mom that she knows the way current Todd was. You were either “for him” or “against him”. She tells her mom that she was so happy to see original Todd but knows how angry he was with Victor. And she asks Blair if she thinks that Jack is right that original Todd killed Victor.

Téa assures her daughter that the cops will find whoever killed her father. Dani asks her mom how this can be happening “again”. Téa holds her daughter in her arms not knowing what to tell her or what to conclude.

Jack admits to John he did not see who knocked him out and does not remember anything that happened until he woke up in his hospital bed. But, he tells John, it does not matter. “scar face” had a gun and murdered his dad. And, he tells John, it felt like somebody hit him on the head with a gun. Although John realizes Jack cannot be certain, Jack tells him that this would not be the first time that creep clocked him over the head. He did it once in an attempt to break into his dad’s office. He knows that he had a gun> But John does not care about that. John does not care about him or about his dad. John asks Jack why he would say that. Jack then reminds John that he thought that Jack had something to do with Gigi Morasco dying and that his dad got away with it. So, he concludes to John, now John is going to let “Todd Manning” get away with killing his father. That way John can pay him and his dad back for what John believes he did.

Rex and Shane view the news report that Todd Manning (the one they’ve known for 8 years) is dead. Shane reflects that it’s “so weird” that jack’s dad is in that body bag. He tells his dad he “wonders what happened” as he observes how “spooked” Rex looks. We then see Rex holding the gun thinking he was alone when he returned to the house and startled to see Shane was watching him. He then asks his son what he means. And Shane recalls noticing an empty safe where his dad kept the gun.

John then admits to jack that he’s correct. He does believe that Jack is responsible for Gigi’s death and his father helped him get away with it. He thinks that abhorrent. But regardless of that, it’s his job to find Victor’s killer. And he will do whatever it takes to find them.

Tomás listens to his son’s music and seems impressed but asks why it stopped so soon. He then tells him he’s sorry about the way they started out. He tells his son he didn’t understand it but thinks it does now. And they both agree that Sebastian and Starr make a great team. Tomás asks his son if he wants to be more than just a musical team with her.

Starr asks her mom if she thinks that original Todd could have done it. John then appears and Blair asks if he’s found out anything. She also finds it a bit odd that “somebody” knocked Jack unconscious and then drove him to the ER and dropped him off. It seems a bit odd that somebody would do that unless it’s someone who cares about Jack but needed to make sure Jack could not catch them in the act of something or blow their alibi. So, she admits, to John, she does believe it’s very possible that original Todd went to Victor’s home to kill him.

Tomás and Sebastian walk out of Buenos Dias talking about father and son’s “prospects” with mother and daughter Blair and Starr. But right then, Blanca Morales notices Tomás and seems surprised to see him.

Brody tells Téa and Dani he is sorry for their loss and suggests maybe they should spend the evening in a hotel. The tell him what they want from him is to find the person who killed Dani’s father. He coldly tells him the police are doing everything they can, avoids their eyes and walks out the door.

Starr and Blair cry and explore the realistic possibility that original Todd killed Victor.

Blanca Morales approaches Tomás and reminds him the last time Victor Lord Jr. got shot, he was a prime suspect yet Victor didn't die. Todd dropped the charges after he unexpectedly pulled through and did not die. But now “somebody” successfully finished him off. Hearing that, Tomás asks her what she is talking about. She tells him as if he does not know. And she informs him that he must know that Victor Lord Jr. was murdered tonight. We then see a blank impression on Tomás’ face.

Shane asks his father if he might have any idea who might have killed Jack’s dad. Rex again evades the question, avoids his son’s eye and asks if it really matters and angrily reflects that it’s obvious that that guy did not exactly spread love and peace. A lot of people hated him, Rex remarks to his son. It could have been any of many people. Shane then tells his dad yes. Anyone. Rex then tells his son and the point is, they no longer have to know that Todd Manning is walking around and letting his son get away with what he did to Shane’s mom. Shane reflects that his dad meant that they killed her and that might mean that they have to die. Rex tells his son that they are finally free from him. But, he realizes he has to remind his son, that does not mean they are happy Todd was killed nor celebrate his death. It would be disrespectful to Gigi’s memory if they did. Hearing that, Shane reminds his dad that nobody is celebrating. But even though Jack’s dad is dead, Jack is still walking around free and easy. Rex reminds him that Jack lost a dad just like Shane lost a mom. Would he call that free and easy?

When Blair enters her son’s hospital room, he tells her get out. It’s her fault that his dad is dead. It’s all hear fault.

Shane tells his dad he said he wanted jack to be punished for causing his mom’s death and his father for covering it up. Rex affirms he wanted that too. Shane reminds him that they swore that one day they would get what was coming to them. So, Shane concludes, he guesses that “they” finally did it. Rex tells his son he thinks they need to put all of this behind them and forget everything they said about punishing Jack and Todd. So, he tells his son, why not turn on that cheesy late night movie. Shane then concludes that he’s tired and can finally get some sleep. But his dad asks if he’s sure he’s “ok”.

Jack tells his mom that he could have prevented his father from getting killed but failed. He breaks down crying.

Tomás and Sebastian go to current Todd’s home and offer their condolences to Téa and Dani. We then remember Dorian informing Tomás that she wishes Blair would get over Todd but she’s afraid that may not happen.

John returns to the station and asks Brody if he has “any ideas”. Alone, Brody admits that the “only person” who knew the truth is dead. He seems very confident and complete that he will keep Liam and nobody will ever know that he is not his son’s father and that John really is.

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