OLTL Update Tuesday 8/30/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/30/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex is alone in the house holding a gun. Shane enters unexpectedly and knows there is something “up” with his dad.

Blair calls and leaves a message for Todd (Victor) to call her back because it’s urgent. She has been warned by Jack that original Todd has a gun and intends to kill current Todd. Starr runs into her mom and asks her what is going on.

Brody holds baby Liam and talks to him all about how he can’t let anybody take Liam from him. He is afraid that Victor is going to reveal to John that he is Liam’s father and not Brody. Brody admits that maybe he needs to rid the world of Victor. He took Starr’s baby from her and how could she forgive him? He’s not going to let anybody take his baby from him.

Current Todd tells Jack that he is not afraid of original Todd. He knows that original Todd wants his life back and may wave a gun around and try to scare him but it’s just an empty threat. Jack then tells his dad that sometimes people believe they are safe and are unaware when unexpected things happen. Hearing that, current Todd asks his son if by that he means what happened to Gigi Morasco.

Tea tells Tomas that her husband (Victor) got a call from Irene asking him to go to the station and talk about something. He was gone a long time and she wonders what business he could possibly have with that woman. Tomas tells his sister he is not interested in doing anything with current Todd except getting him out of town never to come back.

Bo and Nora sit outside Matthew’s hospital room depressed and realizing there is no change and no promise of their son getting any better. He tells her that they can do whatever they want except for one thing which is to give up. She agrees that they must never give up. He tells her that Rex persuaded him to exhume Gigi’s grave. She asks why he’d want Bo to do that. Bo tells her that Rex thought that maybe he’d find that she’s not in her casket. But they saw that she was.

Rex tells Shane he realizes that his son has good reason to be angry with him for going to the gravesite to exhume his dead mother and deserves an explanation. But Shane tells his dad he understands that his dad had a need to find her and so has he and he is not angry.

James goes to see Starr asks what is going on with her mom rushing off so fast. She tells him that she had to go and see current Todd and asks James what it sounds like for her to be unable to figure out which of two different dads is rightfully hers’. He tells her that he knows that although she is connecting to the real Todd, she still has a connection to Victor which she confirms is there. And he asks her what she plans to do regarding that.

Brody privately confirms to baby Liam that the only people who know that John is his baby’s father are Marty who’s out of town and no longer a threat to them and Vimal who promised to keep it quiet. But he is concerned that Victor won’t keep his mouth shut. He doesn’t know if he could go through with killing Victor yet wonders if it’s the only way to prevent him from losing Liam and Natalie to John.

Tea reminds Tomas that Victor Lord is not the person he has cause for alarm about. He has it in for and wants her to leave Todd Manning. But he tells her that whoever this guy is, he is dangerous and Irene can completely control him. She protests that her husband hates his mother and will never let her control him again. But he reminds her that the man is desperate enough to take drastic measures. He knows he’s about to lose everything and she should not underestimate what he might be willing to do. If she does, she is naïve and their father would be rolling in his grave to know she is falling for this.

Nora tells Bo that every time she goes to see Matthew, she stops and gets their son’s favorite milkshake, double chocolate and extra thick. She puts it by Matthew’s bedside table with the hopes that he will wake up and see and grab it. She asks if that is not pathetic. She tells Bo every time she walks down the hallway, she is able to hear Matthew talking. Bo then tells her he’s glad he’s not the only one. Matthew’s voice is so clear to him when he walks down the hallway and into the room where he sees that Matthew is unconscious, non-responsive and his eyes are closed. So he can really understand Rex feeling the very same thing about Gigi. He tells her she must know that Matthew is going to come back to him. Yet it’s not the same for Rex. They have hope but he does not. He tells her that digging up Gigi’s grave really backfired on Rex because Shane showed up at the cemetery unexpectedly. Rex was not going to tell his son. But Shane just decided to visit his mother’s grave and found out. Nora tells Bo that this is such a terrible thing that happened to that kid. Losing his mother and then finding out that Jack Manning was able to get away with it scot free.

Shane tells his dad that he “knows” that his reason for digging up Gigi’s grave was to get evidence to link Jack and his dad and make them pay. But Rex admits that was not his reason to exhume Gigi. And Shane admits to his dad that he contacted Brody to talk privately about doing something to make Jack and Todd pay. Rex demands to know why Shane went to Brody behind his back. >Shane answers because his dad has not done anything about it.

Blair finds Brody at Viki’s home and admits that she gave original Todd a gun when he told her he was “tempted” to kill Victor. She was certain he would not go through with it. But now she’s afraid that maybe that’s not the case because the gun is missing.

Starr admits to James that her “uncle Victor” asked her the question of how or if he’s going to fit into her life. He has been a huge part of her life for many years and she will never forget that. But her father is her father. And she is glad that her “real” father did not do the terrible things that Victor did. He tells her that he does not know anything about original Todd as he is not exactly a saint either. He has been able to convince Victor that he is a good boyfriend for Starr and has developed some trust with him. And he doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to easily do that with original Todd.

Tomas tells Tea that he does not buy into her excuses for Victor. Although he may have been brainwashed and not known that he was not really Todd manning, he wanted to lie and take all of the family with him to Hawaii after he found that out and knew the truth. She protests that current Todd was scared. But he warns her that both of these men have issues and she might be better of cutting her losses with both of them.

Blair urges Brody to attempt to prevent original Todd from taking drastic action against Victor.

Current Todd asks Jack if he “knew” that there was carbon monoxide poisoning in the basement that would kill Gigi. All he intended to do was keep Shane locked in a basement for a while. So he needs to get over it, let bygones be bygones and think about his future. He then tells his son that he’s found out about this mysterious Origami Cogs. It was a private imaginary company that Rex organized to stick it to them for what happened to Gigi.

Rex tells Shane that when he promised to get justice, it wasn’t just a promise to Shane. It was also a promise to his mom. He is not going to give up. After the failed attempt at the cemetery, he is going to get “back on track”. Hearing that, Shane asks his dad what he means. Rex tells his son he is going to make sure that Jack and Todd Manning pay for what they did. He will make sure of that.

Starr reminds James that not long ago he was afraid he’d never win Hope over. But now she likes him. And she tells him she is certain that as soon as original Todd finds out how much his granddaughter likes James, then James will win him over too.

Bo and Nora are trying to cope with their situation until she sees a letter for Matthew from LU.

Shane tells his dad that no matter what he intends to do to Jack and Todd Manning, it won’t bring his mom back and reminds his father that this is not fair. Rex tells his son he must agree that it is not.

Tea tells Tomas that maybe instead of his continuing to obsess about her relationship with her husband, maybe he needs to focus his time and energy on his relationship with Blair. She asks him if Blair trusts or considers having a relationship with him now that the real Todd is back.

Blair finds current Todd and tells him that maybe he needs to realize that his life could be in danger. He asks her if she really cares about him or about anything except for the “real” Todd to stay out of death row. She protests that she cares about him and he needs to know that maybe nobody will be there to save his life if somebody makes another attempt to kill him.

Nora has not yet told Bo about Destiny having her baby and letting them raise him or her. But she reveals to him that it will enable Destiny to be able to go on to college and not have her life interrupted and know that her baby is cared for and they will have a piece of Matthew in their life. He tells her that he is not “experienced” with raising a baby since he did not find out either Drew or Matthew were his sons until they were older. She asks if he is saying that he does not “want” to raise their grandchild. He tells her if Destiny agrees to let them do so, he would be honored.

Blair tells current Todd that he needs to take precautions especially when he is alone in the house. She tells him he needs to call Shaun because he needs a body guard. Original Todd has not been found and she does not want to take the risk of what could happen.

Tomas reminds Tea that Blair still considers her a friend. She tells her brother that friends do not give friends unsolicited advice. She admits she still has an unanswered message from Blair on her phone that she has not even heard. She is tired of Blair telling her what to do with her marriage. She does not need a mother. And she does not need him to behave like he’s her father. But he tells her that she does need to beware of what Victor Lord as well as the original Todd might be capable of doing.

Rex indicates that he has a plan.

Brody leaves the house in his police uniform with his gun in his hand and appears spooked about what he might or might not go through with doing.

Victor lies on the floor in a pool of blood after somebody has shot him unseen and unknown.

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