OLTL Update Monday 8/29/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/29/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Clint tells a very suspicious and skeptical Natalie that he “wants” to give Kimberly the benefit of the doubt. But, he admits, if she has an ulterior motive, he wants to know what it is.

Right then, we see Kimberly in the mysterious clinic with a picture of herself and her best friend, Stacy Morasco.

Dani and destiny are together awaiting signing up for classes and starting school. But Dani clearly has her two dads on her mind.

Jack is looking at the police statement about the “accidental” death of Gigi Morasco. Not far away, current Todd and Tea are talking about what they are going to do.

John calls Irene to the station and tells her he needs some answers from her.

Outside Buenos Dias, Kimberly has something on her mind and runs into Shaun who remembers her, wonders why she’s back in town and knows she has a secret.

Inside Buenos Dias, Dani admits to Destiny that she and Starr are at odds about which of the two dads either of them should believe.

John tells Irene that baker made her sound like a villain. But she wants them to believe differently. If she makes her “allowed” phone call who is she going to call? Her organization and all of the people who could potentially help her are shut down.

Tea tells current Todd that maybe what he should do, instead of spiteful action toward original Todd, is getting to know him. She tells him no matter how much he doesn’t want to face up to it, the two of them are brothers and have a lot in common. And right then, he gets a call that he cannot identify. It’s Irene who calls him junior and announces it’s his mother.

Jack is reading information about a Gigi Morasco scholarship fund when Blair catches her son and asks him what is going on with that.

At Viki’s home, Jessica wants to talk to an uncomfortable original Todd who wants to avoid dealing with Clint and other “inevitables” from staying at her home.

Irene calls current Todd from the police station and tells him she knows how to motivate him to “help” her. He will do it because he will need her to help him. Although he does not want to do it, she tells him he must trust her. She is his mother. He hangs up and Tea can sense that although he does not want to meet with her, he will probably do it.

Original Todd tells Jessica he’d love to stay and shoot the breeze. She asks why he won’t then. He tells her there is somewhere he has to be.

Natalie ask Clint why he trusts Kimberly. She thought he had a terrible red flag for Rex and wants to judge him and never trust him. He tells her that Rex no longer has any gold to dig for so it’s no longer an issue. Right then, Natalie goes into the other room where Jessica tells her she can’t wait until Natalie gets out of the house so she never has to see her again.

Blair takes Jack aside knowing that he does have a conscience and feels guilty for what happened to Gigi and wants to make good of his life even if he’s had his issues.

Outside Buenos Dias, Shaun knows that Kimberly has a secret and reminds her of all of the damage that Stacy Morasco has done and all of the lives she’s ruined. Kimberly protests that Stacy Morasco “is” one of the most wonderful people she knows. Hearing that, Shaun catches the fact that she is speaking of Stacy, whom everybody believes is dead, in present tense.

Natalie tells Jessica that she knows that Jessica wants her to leave and if it’s so unbearable to have Natalie under the same roof, then Jessica can leave herself. They both argue about how the other makes her so important although each wants the other to believe she could care less about the other and does not think she is worth being upset over. Clint hears his two daughters arguing. Jessica hears that Natalie has prevented Kimberly from seeing their father again and demands to know who Natalie thinks she is to be interfering.

Jack tells his mom that he loves and respects current Todd regardless of whether he’s really Todd manning or not. And, he tells her that “scar face” has his issues also. She then remembers her conversation with original Todd where she gave him the gun knowing that he probably would not dare use it. She then searches in the safe and sees the gun is gone.

Tea calls original Todd to talk to her and informs hi that Irene called “her” Todd and wonders what she wanted. He tells her he knows that current Todd is a good little monkey and will follow mommy’s orders. She asks what orders. He replies that “mommy dearest” is going to sick big bad Victor upon him.

Irene tells current Todd that she cannot “help” him from behind bars. She asks her why she thinks he would want or need her help. She reminds him that in just a matter of time, the real Todd will take everything from him including his money, the love of the kids. He’s already taken Blair and soon, he will take Tea from him.

Tea tells original Todd that he is being paranoid about Irene’s private meeting with current Todd. He reminds her that he thinks he has justification to be paranoid after he’s been exiled, tortured drugged and almost killed by that woman. He is done with her. But Tea tells him she does not think he is done with Irene. Not until he finds out why she kept him in that place for 8 years and just what she wanted from him and form his brother.

Natalie asks Jessica if she remembers all of the pain that Kimberly caused their father. Jessica tells Natalie that maybe now there is no cause for suspicion. But Natalie says she knows that Kimberly has ulterior motives. Jessica asks Natalie if she means like herself and Brody. Natalie then smugly tells Jessica she can cry and guilt trip her and Brody all she wants. But the two of them are family whether Jessica likes it or not.

Right then, Brody is brainstorming with John about the “secret” of the two Todds while Brody knows he better “motivate” Todd not to reveal his secret and now he knows how to do that.

Jessica tells Natalie that the difference between the two of them is that she (herself) has self-respect, something that Natalie, the town tramp wouldn’t understand. Clint tells his two daughters they both need to stop this. They are behaving like spoiled brats. Jessica then gets a call from Blair. Alone with Natalie, Clint tells her that he thinks she needs to admit to her issues with Jessica and try to come to a resolution. But Natalie tells her father she has no issues. She's completely ok to have nothing to do with Jessica ever again. Brody then calls Natalie and she tells him that she is ready to find a place to live with him. The sooner she’s out of the house, the better things will be. And she is unafraid to have Jessica and Clint both hearing her loud and clear.

Kimberly tells Shaun that she still thinks of her best friend as alive. He wants to “keep” her alive and not buried in the cold ground. He tells her he’s ok with that. It’s sad when anybody dies. He then asks her if she’s heard of Stacy’s sister. She then remembers noticing the date of death being scratched off of Gigi’s gravestone. He knows she has something on her mind and asks if she is ok. She tells him she’s fine and in reference to Gigi’s death, she agrees that it’s tragic for any young person to die.

Current Todd goes to talk to Irene alone at the police station. She tells him that she knows who he was until she “reformed” him> he was a pathetic and weak loser. But she gave him the life and the character and the privilege that he would not have gotten without her. She tell shim that even if he loses everybody he’s ever known and loved and they all devalue and dismiss him, he will have her. He needs her. She will always love him. She smirks and he attempts to strangle her until John comes in and pulls him off of her. Brody is right behind him and remembers his "bargaining chip" with Todd when he sees that Todd may have had access to "talk" to John alone.

Original Todd tells tea he has no clue what Irene Manning would want with current Todd or with him. She asks if he does not want to at least find out. He tells her that the time and energy spent doing that would be wasted when he wants to spend it getting to re-connect with Starr and with Jack and get to know the beautiful daughter he’s had with Dani. It’s worth so much more than being concerned about whatever his crazy mother might want.

Natalie announces that she is going to go upstairs and pack although Clint urges her not to want to defy her sister.

Brody goes to face current Todd after he’s had his discussion with Irene. And he looks smugly at John. Todd walks away but Brody corners him and tells him he saw Todd talking to John. He just wants to make sure that “their little arrangement” still stands. Todd tells Brody that he’s now decided that the one thing he cannot do is leave a man in the dark about his child and his life. Even if the man is John. So he is going to tell John about Liam the first chance he gets. He then calls Tea who is at The Sun office talking to original Todd. Tea then notices original Todd’s concealed gun.

While current Todd walks out of the police station revealing that he is not going to “cooperate” with Brody, Brody stares at him and pulls out his gun looking like he has a plan.

Clint asks Jessica if it’s asking too much to ask his two daughters to peacefully co-exist. She replies yes it is. He reminds her that she and Natalie are sisters. She asks him if he has followed his own advice with his brother, Bo. He tells her he regrets his spiteful behavior with her uncle Bo and does not want her and Natalie to do what he has done. But she ask shim just want he plans to do regarding Kimberly.

After Shaun is done talking to Kimberly, he goes inside to meet Destiny and informs his sister that he and Vivian are going on vacation but he wants to have dinner with her and Dani although he can see that Dani has something on her mind.

Rex is right then alone in his house staring at a picture of Gigi declaring that he knows she is really gone. He cannot get her back. But he will get back what is rightfully theirs'

Current Todd returns home calling for Tea. Jack finds him that he is worried about something. Original Todd has a gun.

Brody happily holds baby Liam ready to move with him and Natalie into their new place. Alone he tells his infant son that he won’t’ let anybody “mess with their family”. Like Victor Lord Junior. And he reveals, where he may be overheard, that he is not really Liam’s father. John McBain is.

Jack tells current Todd that he needs to know that original Todd wants to kill him. Current Todd tells his son it's mutual. They both want the other dead. But Jack somehow knows that original Todd is not making empty threats. And “somebody” might really want to kill current Todd.

Brody admits to baby Liam that he took drastic measures involving threatening current Todd’s life. He had to “play the Navy seal card”. But he had no choice. He cannot let John take his baby form him.

Jack urges current Todd to know that original Todd is not joking. He has to take this seriously. He won’t let anybody take his dad away from him. But current Todd tells his son he is not worried. Nobody is going to kill him.

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