OLTL Update Friday 8/26/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/26/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Rex discovers that somebody has “erased” Gigi’s date of death from her grave stone, he calls Natalie to show her. She is shocked.

Blair and Tea discuss the fact that the man with the line on his face is the real Todd and has been telling the truth the whole while and they have all been falsely believing that “Victor” is the real Todd. Blair asks tea if, after she found out that her husband lied to her, did she walk out on Victor. ? Tea replies no. She slept with him.

Rex tells Natalie that he finds it a bit odd that while none of the other gravestones have anything done to them, Gigi’s has the date of death removed. He tells her it means that Gigi is trying to tell him something.

Shane calls Brody over to the house and tells him he needs his help with something. With or without his father’s help or knowing, he wants the cops to go after the people who killed his mom.

Natalie tells Rex that it does appear that there are too many coincidences; Madam Delphina had a premonition about Gigi and about the tape that Natalie forgot about. They went to the Spotted Pony and just happened to run into Gigi’s sister’s friend, Kimberly. She asks what he believes is going on here. He replies he thinks that Gigi is still alive.

James opens his door and Starr tells him that she was able to see him. They had Dorian’s going away party and she had to leave. She cries and remembers when she was a child talking to Dorian about her aunt always being there for her if she is afraid of anything. James sees her crying and holds her in his arms.

Natalie reminds Rex that Clint has Gigi’s heart. He tells his sister he knows it’s crazy but she is alive somewhere. She then tells her brother if he is really “seeing Gigi” and not a ghost, why didn’t she say anything to him and why didn’t she appear right where he was yet did in a strip club in Kentucky. Rex then tells his sister that if she thinks he’s crazy she may check him into St. Anne’s. But he has to find out what is going on.

Original Todd goes to The Sun Office. Current Todd’s secretary tells him she can call security and have this man removed. But Current Todd tells her that won’t be necessary. Original Todd then faces current Todd and tells him he needs to know that he (original Todd) is the real Todd Manning and this is his office.

Blair asks Tea if when she noticed how “devastated” Victor was to find out that everything has been taken from him and that he’s been brainwashed into believing that he is Todd, did tea sleep with him merely out of pity? And if she says otherwise, doesn’t Tea realize that original Todd has the right to reclaim everything that is rightfully his.

At the gravesite, Natalie tells Rex she is on his side and hopes that he can find what he wants. He hugs his sister and tells her he doesn’t know what he would do without her. She tells him same for her. Alone, he asks Gigi where she is.

Shane admits to Brody that he does not know where his dad is and would not have bothered Brody if he thought he could count on his dad to do something about the Mannings. He asks Brody if he believes that Jack Manning’s father pulled strings so that he could get away with a crime he did not commit and if Todd lied for his son. Brody replies he does believe that is in fact the case. Shane then tells him that since he’s a cop, he’s got to find a way to get the truth out of Todd.

Blair tells Tea that original Todd has been justifiably angry and devastated about all that he has lost. Tea protests that it’s not the thought of Victor. Blair admits that original Todd was ready to kill Victor and would have done it if she had not talked him out of it. Tea asks her what she did. Blair replies she gave original Todd the gun.

At The Sun office, original Todd reminds Victor that they both heard what Irene said. He is her son Todd and all that Victor has had throughout the last 8 years is rightfully his. So he better get out of this office and give original Todd his life back. Victor then asks “or what?” Original Todd puts his hand in his pocket to hold the concealed gun that Blair has given him.

Rex rushes to find Bo at his office and tells him he needs his help. Bo tells Rex whatever he needs assuming it might be something “simple”. Rex then tells Bo he wants him to exhume Gigi’s body and see if it’s really her in the grave.

Right then, Kimberly goes to stare at Gigi’s grave as if she may know a secret.

Original Todd notices the picture of the family that Victor has had that is really his. He tells Victor his time is up. He does not get to be the newspaper bad guy anymore, pretending to be him surrounded by the people whom the real Todd loves. He tells Victor this is his life and he (himself) is taking it back. But Victor tells him no. this is his legacy and he will not give it up.

Tea asks Blair if she is crazy to have given original Todd a gun where he could have murdered Victor. Blair tells him that no murder was committed. But they all need to realize that what is “Victors” is really Todd’s.

Bo asks Rex why he wants him to exhume Gigi. Rex tells him because he questions whether she’s really there.

Brody tells Shane he knows that he wants to make Jack Manning pay for what happened to his mom. His friend already took responsibility. But Shane protests that it’s obvious that jack is guilty and is lying. He informs Brody that the other day, Jack came to the house to apologize for bullying Shane and promised if Shane comes back to school, Jack will make certain that nobody bothers him. Now why would he do that if he were not guilty?

Bo asks Rex if anybody besides himself saw Gigi. Rex admits no. But that does not mean that it’s not real. He has a vision that maybe Gigi is there alive somewhere and needs his help. Bo asks how exhuming Gigi’s grave is going to help her. Rex tells Bo it will confirm whether she’s there. Bo then asks how Shane feels about having his mother’s grave dug up. Rex replies that his son does not know but will thank him if he’s found out that his mother is alive and well. And even if he fails to find her, at least he tried. Bo asks Rex if he knows of the trauma it will put Shane through if he goes through with this. Rex ask Bo if he knows of the trauma it is putting both of them through to see Jack Manning getting away with what he’s done and Shane having to grow up without a mother.

Shane then tells Brody that he found a very “odd” behavior in Jack. He was almost in tears like he wanted to be felt sorry for. Shane angrily demands to know why Jack can feel sorry for himself and expect others to care about him after what he and his dad did. He tells Brody he wishes they were dead.

When Bo raises objections to exhuming Gigi’s grave, Rex tells him with or without his help, he is going to do it.

Original Todd tells victor that this is his paper. He started it. He made it everything that it is. But Victor argues that he owns everything that is owned by Todd Manning and original Todd does not even have and ID to prove he is whom he says he is.

Starr is missing her aunt Dorian with James.

While Kimberly goes to Gigi’s grave, she notices men ready to exhume Gigi’s grave. She asks what is going on. They tell her that Gigi’s fiancé wants her grave dug up. Bo and Rex are not far behind. Bo tells Rex that he intends to help him but is worried that this might not do any good and might cause more pain.

After Shane tells Brody he needs to make Todd Manning and his son pay, Brody then remembers that he was able to “motivate” Todd to keep his secret. He tells Shane that Gigi would not want him to behave like Todd or Jack Manning. That may be the way they do things but not the way Shane and his mom do. And, he reminds Shane, it will not bring Gigi back. Shane asks Brody if Todd and Jack will not be brought to justice. Brody then confirms to Shane that he can promise that they will get justice for what happened to Gigi and Todd and jack will pay. But he does not tell him what he is thinking.

Tea tells Blair she is worried that original Todd had taken the gun and might have used it. And if Blair tells her he did not, she needs to open the safe and prove to Tea that it’s still there. They then walk to the safe where Blair tells Tea she’s a pain in her ass.

Right then, original Todd sits at current Todd desk concealing the gun and telling current Todd (Victor) that he will give him a short amount of time to reconsider and give him back what is rightfully his.

Bo gets Gigi’s grave exhumed and they see her in the casket looking just like she did before she died wearing a white dress confirming that she is there. But Rex somehow knows it’s a lie and is not going to let it go.

James asks Starr if it has not been a major shock for her to find out that the guy whom she’s believed is her dad is really her uncle Victor. She tells him that there are enough weird things about her dad as it is. But then it has to get even weirder. She then admits that she got into a fight with Dani about it.

Shane goes to the gravesite to find his dad and Bo and demands to know how they can dig up his mom’s grave. Rex attempts to tells his son he’s sorry but there’s “something he wanted to see” although he cannot tell Shane what hat was.

James tells Starr there is no way that she could have known that Victor was not her dad. She tells him that there were some terrible things he’s done in the last 8 years that are not something her dad would have done including what he did to her and to Cole when she was pregnant. She then remembers years ago, when Victor confirmed to her that her dad had plastic surgery when she, at first did not believe that and that this “new man” was somebody completely different. But he confirmed to young Starr that he is her dad. He tells her that it’s not her fault that Irene programmed him. And it’s over and they need to all try to move on. She tells him she hopes she can do that but she does not know if her uncle Victor can.

When tea is with Blair, she gets a call from Bo informing her that Todd has just barged into Victor’s office. Hearing that, Blair tells her she is going with her to intervene.

Victor reminds that “these kids who claim to be his” have told him they do not care if he is their father or their uncle. They love him. He tells original Todd he knows that Jack and Dani will never accept him. Not even Starr will. He concludes if original Todd wants to get rid of him, he will have to kill him. Right then, the cops enter and Victor tells them they must arrest this man. Bo enters and original Todd tells him he needs to arrest this man for stealing what is rightfully his. Bo tells him he’s looked into this situation and they cannot just take Irene manning’s word that he is who he says he is. He concludes that until original Todd can prove to a court of law that he really is Todd Manning, he does not have the legal right to take what belongs to Todd Manning. Victor then smugly confirms that this loser has to go. Alone with him, Tea reveals she is not ok with what has happened to original Todd.

As soon as Kimberly is alone, she goes back to Gigi’s grave confirming that she knows something about Gigi’s death and about Clint.

Starr and James are together at his apartment when she says she has to get back to Hope. He tells her he is always there for her. And she kisses him and then leaves.

Alone at the Sun office, Victor asks Tea if they cannot sue original Todd. She tells him original Todd can sue him. He tells her that this paper would have folded without him during the recession. But she warns him that original Todd is not going to give up.

Blair then confirms to original Todd that although Tea is on Victor’s side, she is on his side. And once original Todd is alone, he has a plan.

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