OLTL Update Thursday 8/25/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/25/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Current Todd is alone in his office appearing worried and like he has a plan. Brody enters and tells him he wasn’t sure he’d found him there knowing that this is Todd Manning’s office and it’s turned out that Current Todd is not really Todd Manning> But, Brody tells Todd, he is the man Brody needs to see.

At the police station, Natalie tells John that she has brought the “mysterious tape” back that Gigi had in her possession when she died that they cannot know what was on it since it’s been erased. He asks her if Delfina might have shed some light on what it said. She replies that she did.

Bo is on the hone attempting to get Matthew to talk but it appears he’s is not able to talk to his son when Nora is there with him. Right then, David enters and informs Bo that he is leaving town.

Kimberly enters unexpectedly to find Clint at Viki’s home. He is happy and surprised to see her. She tells him she has just found out that he almost died and she knows of nowhere else to go.

Viki goes to see Dorian and tells her hat she has heard that Dorian is stepping down as Mayor. Dorian informs Viki that she is going to take over a Senator’s seat in Washington. And she has to leave in an hour.

Todd’s secretary asks Todd if he wants her to show Brody to the door. Brody is wearing his street clothes and not his police uniform. Todd tells her it’s ok and he won’t ask her to remove Brody form the premises. She leaves Todd alone to talk to Brody and he asks him if he plans to ruin Todd’ s life now that he’s found out that Todd is not really Todd. Brody tells Todd actually he is there knowing that Todd may want to ruin his life with Natalie with the secret he knows.

At the station, Natalie tells John that Delfina said that what was on the tape and what Marty knew is something that would change people’s lives although Natalie still does now know exactly what that would be. She does however, know somebody who would know, she tells John. And that would be the man she used to believe was her uncle Todd.

After David informs Bo that he is going to Hollywood, Bo congratulates his son. David tells his father that ever since he found out he was Bo’s son, it’s motivated him to aim a little higher.

Viki reminds Dorian that she almost had Clint killed. Dorian tells Viki she did not do anything wrong. She came to Viki to give her the information that Charlie was sneaking around behind her back with Echo and believing a lie that Echo scammed him with. Viki owes her for that. But Viki remembers that because Dorian withheld medical treatment for Clint, his heart is permanently damaged. Clint’s life is ruined because of her. And Viki blames her.

Kimberly tells Clint that she has something to tell him regarding the secret she had to tell him.

Dorian reminds Viki that she finally has been able to kick Charlie to the curb. Clint is alone, single and homeless. And it gives them a chance. She reminds Viki that she has to stop being so self-righteous and holier than thou and stop defending Clint. Clint had David falsely imprisoned and almost ruined Dorian’s life. He caused Jessica to have a breakdown and ruined many things in Viki’s life.

Brody tells Todd that he knows how to “motivate” Todd to keep his mouth shut about knowing that Liam is John’s and not his.

John asks Natalie why current Todd (Victor) would know what was erased from the tape. She admits she does not know but believes that Delfina appeared to know something. She does remember that she and Marty were fighting about that very thing on the roof. It had something to do with John and with Brody. And, she tells John, Brody told her that maybe it does not matter. Marty is gone and can no longer ruin their lives nor threaten them. They have a baby together and are moving on and what’s done is done. Yet they know that some things are “incomplete” in their lives.

Clint asks Kimberly why, if she had a secret or was in trouble, she did not come to him or trust him. She tells him that she heard that he had a heart attack and had to come and make sure he is ok because if he died, she would not know what to do. He then informs her that Gigi Morasco’s heart saved him and the doctors tell him he’s going to live. But, he asks her, what she has been doing since she’s been gone. He’s tried and failed to find her and wonders what has been going on in her life since they last spoke. She the replies the “same old same old”. Clint wonders if that means she back to stripping or if she has some other type of secret.

Viki reminds Dorian that if she does not let Clint stay in his home when he does not have his own home, and he’s stuck in Statesville, he could die of a heart attack. Dorian asks Viki if she thinks that it’s ok for Clint to get to stay in the lap of luxury with servants waiting on him hand and foot and Viki taking care of him and dismissing his horrendous crimes is unacceptable. She asks Viki if she has forgotten what Clint did to David and how she can let Clint escape the consequences of his actions. Viki then tells Dorian she understands her feelings and wishes her well. She tells her good luck and good bye. She gets up to leave. But right then, Viki discovers that the door is locked so she cannot leave Dorian’s office. Dorian then attempts to get it unlocked but it appears they are stuck in the room together.

Right then, while Natalie is with John, she gets a call from a prospect on a place for her and Brody to move into together. John then remembers Kelly encouraging him not to give up on Natalie. But after he notices her getting the phone call and making plans with Brody, he does not reveal his conversation with Kelly to her.

Clint remembers Kimberly in her favorite boots. But he wonders why he would leave a “dead girl” her favorite boots. She then tells him that it may sound crazy. But when Stacy drowned in the lake in the middle of winter, he thought she might need them. Clint, however, knows that Kimberly must have a “real reason” for being there.

While Viki and Dorian are locked in the room together, they get into a big argument and verbal warfare. Viki tells Dorian that she is not Dorian’s “nemesis”. But Dorian is her own nemesis. She is maybe Dorian’s “frenemy”. Dorian tells Viki she is so uppity with all of her sophisticated words. They talk about how they thought that they had reconciled their differences. Viki tells Dorian she can follow and watch over her while she’s in Washington. Dorian then smirks telling Viki it will have to be so exhausting for Viki to have to keep “them all” in line. Viki tells Dorian it will only be Dorian whom she’s been watching over. Viki then tells Dorian that regardless of their issues, Dorian is her friend and she regrets if she’s caused her pain. Dorian then tells Viki she hates her because it was she (Dorian) who wanted to “be the bigger person” and say that. And they both reveal that they will miss each other.

Brody tells Todd he will make it simple for Todd. He is trained as a Navy Seal. And if Todd dos anything to ruin his plan, Todd is a dead man.

Viki and Dorian argue and blame the other for being locked inside the room. But we relive their history together from when Dorian was married to Viki’s father and they were both young women. We see their “enemyship” and conflicts. We see when Dorian told Viki she knew that her husband, Viki’s father, Victor Lord molested Viki when she was a child and Dorian’s desire to be there to offer support for Viki as they were both child abuse survivors. We see how Viki has saved Dorian’s life on many occasions throughout their love-hate relationship, how each has had the others back and when they declared may be worst enemies but are also best friends.

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