OLTL Update Tuesday 8/23/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/23/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Bo walks into the cemetery up to Asa Buchanan’s gravestone and greets his deceased father.

Clint is in Viki’s home where Nigel has gone with him. He tells Nigel he is not hungry while he is in a wheelchair> but Viki tells her ex-husband that he better eat. And there is an alternative for him, involving a jail cell. Clint tells Viki he does not like being bossed around and does not like it when people leave. In the other room, Joey is ready to leave for London with Kelly. While on the phone with him, at Dorian’s, she hears the doorbell ring. She answers it and sees John at the door.

At Viki’s, she tells Clint that they have all of their kids there. And now he actually has a chance with Rex and Shane. But Clint reminds his ex-wife that Rex and Shane have kicked not only him but Nigel and everybody else in his life to the curb. He tells her he has a better chance of getting Asa to come back from the dead than he has to bond with Rex or Shane.

We then see Kimberly going to what a pears to be a hospital clinic lab and she is talking to Stacy, Gigi’s deceased sister, informing her that she ran into Rex the previous night.

David then appears to surprise Dorian with a surprise dinner. He intends to move to Stockholm. But she tells him she cannot move there. Their lives are there. He tells her not for long. He can take care of her in style there. He got a movie deal and she can now say good bye to Llanview.

John tells Kelly that he guesses he is there to see the Mayor.

Outside, David tells Dorian that he has gotten a movie role although he’s not certain what it is. He’s forgotten and “guesses” it’s something involving a comic strip and that will be skyscrapers with his name on them.

Aubrey goes to Viki’s home and asks Joey what he has been up to. He does not want to talk to her and tells her he’s busy. She remarks that she’s seen luggage and wonders if he’s going on vacation. He tells her he is moving out of town for good.

Dorian tells David that she has plans with her own career. Her country has called her. She is going to Washington, D.C. Kelly informs John that she is moving back to London.

Rex informs Natalie for the first time that he “ran into someone” last night after she left.

Meanwhile, Kimberly tells what may be an unconscious Stacy that she talked to Rex and heard some “bad news” about Clint.

Viki tells Clint that maybe Shane could use a little comfort or have his grandfather there for him after losing his mother. He needs to realize that he is Shane’s family although Clint does not see it that way. And right then, Nigel reminds them that today is the 4-year anniversary of Asa’s death.

At the gravesite, Bo tells his father he cannot believe it’s been that long. He wishes that Asa was just hiding out somewhere and regrets that he had to slap Asa with the arrest warrant. If he had it to do again, he’d have forgotten it. He tells Asa if there could be a miracle or some way for Asa to come back to him, he would look the other way. They all miss Asa so much, Bo tells him. He knows that Asa might hurt or cause some controversy for the people that knew and loved him. Bo remarks that he’s sure that Asa would not be happy to see what a lousy job everyone has been doing without him. He tells Asa that if he were there, things might be better for people. They would listen to him. He tells his deceased father that they need him. And he, personally, needs his father.

The ABC Special Report interrupted the episode until 2:20 PM

Dorian tells David if he takes her to Stockholm, he’s asking her to give up her dream. He tells her if she expects him to stay with her in Llanview and/or go to Washington, DC with her, she’s asking him to give up his dream. They then conclude that “somebody” is going to have to make a compromise.

While Bo is at the gravesite, he notices Renee. She tells him she hopes she is not interrupting. Bo then tells his former step mother to get over there. He holds out his arms to her and hugs her.

David tells Dorian if they can have health care insurance, than he is in. The country needs her. She asks him what about Sweden. He tells her they may forget Sweden. She will have the hottest husband in town. She asks him if he would even give up his Hollywood dream for her. He tells her that nothing he’s ever done is any fun without her. But she tells him if he goes to Washington with her, they might as well get divorced right now and she walks away angry.

Aubrey tells Joey that she has kept her wedding ring. She admits that every day, she has looked at it on her finger and thought she must give it back to him. But she could not do it. She admits that things are not going great for her in Llanview. And he tells her that Kelly is going with him to London.

At Dorian’s home, John informs Kelly that he is done with Natalie. She has chosen Brody over him. She tells him he cannot give up on Natalie. She almost made the biggest mistake of her life believing she needed to give up on Joey because he chose Aubrey over her. But she realizes he will make his own decision and she hugs him good bye.

Rex informs Natalie that he found Stacy’s best friend, Kimberly. Natalie tells her brother that that skanky pole dancing slut is lucky Natalie did not see her after she broke Natalie’s dad’s heart.

Kimberly tells what appears to be Stacy that she heard that Clint was going to get sent away. But he got off, luckily on house arrest with that woman who was Gigi’s friend and Clint’s ex-wife. He saved him from dying in prison after he had to have a heart transplant. But, Kimberly admits, she feels incomplete knowing that she has left Clint.

At Viki’s, Nigel brings Clint a glass of juice. In response to that, he tells Nigel that his father would be spinning in his grave. Every anniversary of Asa’s death, they have a glass of bourbon. He knows that Asa would be disgraced to find out that he and Nigel and all the others have been thrown out of his house. So, he tells Nigel and Viki, he needs to get the car to the front entrance and go back to his house. But Viki reminds him that he better not dare to do that or he is in violation of his house arrest terms. As soon as Clint is alone, however, he tells his deceased father that he is not going to break the promise he made to him.

David asks Dorian how they could get to “divorce court” so soon. She tells him that if he goes with her to Washington with her long hours and no time together and with his having to give up his career, their marriage wont’ last. She knows it will be only a matter of time before he looks elsewhere.

Joey tells Aubrey she may keep her wedding ring. He gave it to her in good faith and she must keep it. She tells him she’s sure there are a ton of charities who would want it. But he tells her he wants her to have it.

Natalie tells Rex that he cannot tell Clint about Kimberly. She is the reason why he sent David Vickers away and why he want to Bo and Nora’s wedding with a shot gun and probably a major factor of what caused all the trouble Clint got int. And does he think a “little house arrest “ at Viki’s is going to prevent Clint from risking more consequences if he so much as hears that Kimberly is back on the pole and Rex saw her? Rex then concludes that maybe they should not tell him.

David tells Dorian that he can finish up his film shooting and be able to go with her to Washington without having to give up on his dream. She asks if she really thinks they can do. He tells her he knows they can.

Kelly returns to Joey and sees Aubrey who wishes her luck in moving with Joey to London. Kelly thanks her but tells her they do not need luck. Aubrey leaves and Joey kisses Kelly. Dorian then walks into the room and tells Dorian he’s there to talk to her because she is the mayor. One reason is when the cops were interviewing Irene Manning, she asked repeatedly about Dorian. John asks Dorian if she knows anything about that. Dorian smirks and tells him that she may want to mayor to spring her from jail. But that woman is whacked and Dorian could care less about her. Yet John does not seem to entirely believe that. She tells John she has been appointed to the US Senate and asks her to wish her luck.

Natalie tells Rex if he has a secret, he may tell her anything. He then admits to his sister that he has been having “visions” of Gigi. And she said that he mustn’t give up. Natalie asks what that would mean.

Kimberly tells “somebody” they must hang in there. Once she gets David Vickers out of the way, she will hopefully get Clint back. She promises to be back soon and promises to always “take care of” the person (Stacy?)

When Clint is alone without Viki, he tells Nigel that he needs to get the car. They are going to Asa’s. Even if it’s illegal, they need to get there and drink Asa’s bourbon and toast to him. Rex is out of town. And they will be gone before anyone notices. Nigel reminds Clint that his ankle bracelet will activate and he will be thrown in jail if he does that. But Clint tells him they have made Asa a promise and they must do it.

David and Dorian are ready to set their plans into motion.

In the other room, John remembers Kelly telling him that she, like him, was hurt and ready to dismiss the person she loves and asking him if he plans to do that also.

At Asa’s gravesite, Bo and Renee talk about how they miss Asa and which he could come back. He tells her that he wishes his father would come back and believes Asa is the only person who could set them straight. They both realize that neither he nor anyone might listen to him. And she tells Bo that she can sense that there might be something going on with him besides only missing Asa. He then tells her that he is a bit worried what would happen if Asa were to see the mess they have all gotten into without him.

At Viki’s, she and Joey hear an “alarm” that appears to be from Clint’s ankle bracelet. Joey rushes into the room and discovers that Clint is gone and wonders where he went. David then opens the door and is shocked to see Kimberly at the door. At the private hospital, by the “unseen person” whom Kimberly was talking to, we see a picture of Kimberly and her best friend, Stacy Morasco (Gigi’s sister).

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