OLTL Update Monday 8/22/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/22/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Capricorn, Starr talks to Dani about this being another chapter of the story Growing Up Manning, where they both find out that their father is really their uncle.

At current Todd’ house, he asks Tea if she trusts him anymore. He asks her if it’s not true that she loves Todd and not himself. He is not Todd. He is just an idiot whose mother sold them off without his knowing. She looks at him sensitively and asks how Irene could do that to him. He tells her that he was supposed to have all the money and wealth but he's lost everything. Everything he has is really the “real” Todd’s (played by Roger Howarth), including her. He tells her that he does not want to drag this all out so she is free to go if she wants.

Right then, Jack catches original Todd at Dorian’s house while original Todd hides his gun in the private safe. Jack tells him that he is a fake and a leach and he does not trust him.

At Viki’s home, Jessica yells at Robert Ford and demands he gets out of her house. But he kisses her. She hauls off and slaps him and is not impressed.

At The Spotted Pony, right when Rex and Natalie are about to give up on finding any information about the “vision” he has that Gig may still be alive, the announcer introduces a new stripped named Gigi. Rex notices the new stripper and is stunned. We see her legs but not her face. But then the camera moves up to see a woman with a similar face but longer hair that Gigi.

Original Todd tells Jack he needs to know that they are father and son although Jack does not believe him although he’s heard the correct story that this man is Todd and the father he’s known is named Victor. He tells original Todd he could care less. Current Todd is his real father who loves him and original Todd is nothing to him.

Dani asks Starr what it could be like to be brainwashed into thinking one is someone else. Starr reflects that their “dad” is getting things he never had. But Victor has lost everything. They both confirm that they love the man who is really Victor although Starr has known them both. She tells Dani that she has mistakenly though he is her dad for 8 years and should have sensed that he was not.

Current Todd (Victor) tells tea that now she must believe that everything he said and did and all that he was was merely a scam. So, he concludes, she is free to go. She is off the hook. She asks him if that is what he wants. He tells her he knwos her and how she hates nothing more than being lied to. So, that obviously must put a kibosh on the whole “until death do us part” thing. She asks if he even wants to hear what she has to say. He tells her he knows that she wants to play lawyer and mention all of his sins. And she’s going to ask the ladies and gentleman of the jury how a woman like herself could want a scam like this guy.

At The Spotted Pony, Rex notices that the stripper with the name Gigi is Kimberly Andrews, Gigi’s sister Stacy’s best friend.

Jessica gives Robert Ford some frozen peas after she hit him in the face. He tells her he did not know how it happened that he kissed her. Knowing that he’s going to protest that he wants Tess back, she tells him she does not want to hear his “interest” in a fragment who is only her sickness and not a real person. But he clearly has feelings for Tess. He tells Jessica she’s been wonderful letting him see Ryder and being courteous to him at times and he hopes that things can go back to the way they used to be. She tells him honestly, she does not know if that is possible.

After Rex catches Stacy’s (Gigi’s deceased sister) best friend, Kim on the pole and using the name Gigi, he demands to know how she could defile his Gigi’s memory. She tells him she is “paying her respects” to her best friend Stacy who used the name Gigi when she did her “work”. He tells her he does not want her doing that because she is defiling the memory of Gigi, the woman he loved who is dead now.

Original Todd attempts to explain to Jack that he was brainwashed and imprisoned for 8 years. Jack asks if he is supposed to feel sorry for him and tells him he remembers that original Todd didn’t’ even want him as he was going to give Jack away to nuns in a Mexican airport when Jack was a baby. He tells original Todd he may have Starr fooled but he won’t fool Jack.

Starr admits that there were moments when she doubted the current Todd (Victor) was the father she loved and knew. He assaulted Cole and threw her down a flight of stairs. It was an accident but his behavior was not something that her real father did. And she knows that he brainwashed Marty Saybrooke into believing that she was going to give up Hope for the two of them to raise and had Starr believing that her baby died. Hearing that, Dani then angrily asks Starr why, if she had her suspicions about current Todd, did she let Dani bond with him.

Tea tells Todd that when she went to the clinic and was told that she was going to die, he was not going to accept that and was going to fight for her. She knows all of the very negative and terrible things “he” did to her. But she remembers that she has also known original Todd. Current Todd is afraid that he has lost her forever. But they end up laughing about how their lives are messed up. He reaches her to her but she pushes him away. He tells her he does not need any “explanations”. But he knows he has asked her a simple question yet has not heard an answer. He declares that he loves her. He realizes he is not whom he thought he was but he still loves her. However, if she does not feel the same way about him, he needs to know it now.

At 2:23 PM until 2:36 PM, the show was interrupted by the president’s statement on Libya.

Rex tells Kimberly that he bets that the psychic who got the “idea” that he’d find his Gigi at The Spotted Pony thought that because she mistakenly thought that Kimberly was Gigi Morasco since she uses the name Gigi as a dancer.

Jessica tells Robert Ford that she does not think they should have any more contact if he can’t get over Tess.

Starr and Dani get into a terrible argument where Dani defends Victor as he is the only father she’s known and has no recollection of original Todd whom Starr has known. Starr tells her that she is less concerned about a man who is not her father as she is by the man who really is whom she knew until 2003.

Original Todd then tries and fails to win Jack over but Jack will not budge.

Tea declares to “Victor” that he has not lost her. And she kisses him.

Jack tells original Todd to go to hell. He does not belong there so original Todd better get out of Jack’s house before Jack calls the cops. Original Todd leaves but he concludes that it’s not Jack’s fault that he’s an obnoxious little brat. It’s the fault of the son of a bitch who raised him. And he pulls out his gun again.

At The Spotted Pony, Kimberly’s employer notices her talking to Rex and tells her if she’s not going to work, he can get another girl in her place. She tells him she is working but saying good bye to an old friend. After finding out that Gigi is dead, Kimberly asks if Shane is ok. He tells her he’s great for a kid who lost his mother. She asks if he’s seen or heard from Clint Buchanan. He tells her yes. In fact he found out that that nasty piece of trash is his father. He falsified DNA tests and committed felonies and now Rex owns everything that is Clint’s. But it means nothing to him without Gigi.

Kimberly tells Rex that she wonders if maybe losing her is what caused Clint to “turn”. He tells her he has no clue. She tells him she has to go but is really sorry about Gigi. He tells her everybody is and walks out the door.

Dani and Starr end their argument and apologize for yelling at each other. They promise never to fight again and realize they need each other. They both realize if the two of them could fight like this, they need only imagine what their two dads are feeling knowing how neither of them likes to be “cornered”.

Tea concludes to “current” Todd that it’s just the two of them so they are going upstairs. But right then, outside the door, original Todd appears.

Current Todd and Tea are undressing and together on the bed unaware that the “real” Todd is outside the door.

Jessica admits to Robert Ford that sometimes she thinks he’s the only person she can talk to. She can no longer talk to Natalie nor to Brody nor even to her mother. He seems to understand what nobody else can. She tells him they “have no choice” except to see each other from time to time since they are co-parents of Ryder. But they are both confused about what the nature of their relationship is.

While at the Spotted Pony, when he least expects it and is distracted with other things, Rex sees Gigi right in front of him (a vision of her)

Outside the Spotted Pony, Kimberly asks deceased Stacy if she could ever guess who walked into the club tonight.

Jack goes outside the door to see that original Todd is gone. He then finds the safe where original Todd has kept his gun.

Original Todd goes into the house that is currently owned by current Todd and walks up the stairs.

Current Todd is in bed with Tea. And he tells her it’s so strange that he has no memory of anything except being Todd Manning. She reminds him that he cannot “be him” anymore. He tells her he’s afraid he’s starting from zero. She tells him she’s scared too. But she is with him. They have a challenge ahead of them. They are both alive, strong and healthy and they can survive this as long as they are together and love one another. Original Todd walks into the room unseen and notices them.

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