OLTL Update Friday 8/19/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/19/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair comes down the stairs after observing original Todd with baby Hope. She tells him maybe he can explain why her daughter left her baby with a complete stranger. Original Todd replies that Starr trusts and knows that he is her dad.

Starr then goes to current Todd’s home and announces to Tea, Dani and Jack that this man has been lying to all of them. He is not the real Todd Manning. He is Victor Lord Jr. Todd’s twin brother.

Robert Ford returns Ryder to Jessica and asks her how her day went. She tells him that it was completely negative. She finds out that her uncle is not her uncle and that Brody and Natalie are ready to move in together. And she’s not in a good state of mind.

Right then, Rex and Natalie are in Kentucky at The Spotted Pony, which is a strip tease establishment.

Cutter goes to see Aubrey telling her there is something very important they need to discuss. But she appears non-responsive to him.

Blair asks original Todd if he has told Starr the entire explanation of the unsolved mystery. And if so, why did she not call Viki or John McBain or have any suspicions? Original Todd tells Blair that his daughter did not see the need. She tells him she does and she gets on her phone. But he tells her that he is hoping that when Starr goes to see his “evil twin” that current Todd has the decency to apologize to her.

When Starr announces that current Todd has been scamming them and has stolen the life of the man who really is her father, jack tells her he knows that she wants to believe that in order to betray their father. Current Todd tells her the truth which Tea, Dani and Jack all know is that he is the real Todd.

Jessica informs Robert Ford that Clint is staying at her mother’s home. He is not ok with that and asks if she is aware that Clint had him assaulted and almost killed in his home. He falsified DNA tests, committed hideous crimes and got away with it. And now he has his daughter at his beck and call taking care of him whenever he needs it? She tells Robert that maybe he should go and yell at Clint instead of at her and maybe Clint will have a heart attack and die. Hearing that, he asks her what he just missed.

Rex and Natalie observe the strip joint and both customers and employees assume that they are there to watch or be part of the entertainment.

Aubrey asks Cutter if he thinks it’s ok to attempt to be putting her up to scamming a guy whose fiancé has been killed on what is supposed to be their wedding day. He has no conscience or any reason for her to tolerate him. And, she reminds him, now that Joey is done with her and back with Kelly, Cutter obviously has no more use for her. But he urges her not to leave and calls her Christine. At that point, she hesitates.

Original Todd then manages to convince Blair that he is the real Todd and the other guy has scammed her.

Current Todd asks Starr if she is not aware that only he is the real Todd. She does not respond. Tea takes her aside and asks her what makes her think that this other man is Todd. Current Todd demands to know if current Todd contacted her, got to her, manipulated her and had her believing his lies. He tells her that that no good fake has played with her feelings and scammed her. She tells him that is not what happened. He then tells her that they are now going to celebrate the fact that he is her father. He then smugly tells her that she needs to get Sam and Hope and they are all going to go on a trip together. But Starr furiously tells Tea that she knows that original Todd is telling the truth. Irene revealed it to Aunt Viki and John McBain and to current Todd as well as himself. And if Tea does not believe her, she may call them herself.

When Cutter calls Aubrey Christine, she stops and remembers that it’s been a long time since he’s called her that. He then assesses that he still remembers Christine Carr, the girl he fell in love with. They both remember who she was and what she meant to him before she “became” Aubrey Wentworth, his sister.

At The Spotted Pony, a guy approaches Natalie assuming she is a pole dancer. But Rex tells him to leave her alone and declare she is his sister. She then asks her brother if he thinks it’s a lost cause for her to believe that Delphina might know what she is talking about regarding the secret of what was on the tape that Marty was holding over her on the roof and may be something that Todd Manning knows. He tells her he does not think she should let it go. She should find out what is going on just like he intends to do regarding Gigi.

Original Todd is able to confirm and convince Blair that he is the real Todd whom she fell in love with all those years ago.

Current Todd tells tea that she obviously does not need to be convinced of anything. But she firmly tells him that they all need to know the truth. She is going to contact Viki. He then sounds disappointed reflecting that it appears she does not trust him.

Blair shows original Todd a photo album of the last 8 years that he’s missed out on and all that has happened. He sees Starr’s graduation and a picture of their daughter with his brother. And he is in awe to think that his little girl has a little girl. She is beautiful. He then asks Blair if she can believe that they are grandparents. He should have been there for r this. She admits that Starr’s pregnancy was crazy. He tells her he should have been there for all of this. But he was not. But this guy was. He then furiously picks up a picture of current Todd and yells that he has lost 8 years of his life because of that bastard and he smashes the picture.

Robert asks Jessica if it’s really true that she’s found out for the first time that her uncle’s twin brother has been scamming everybody and she did not know. She tells him that it’s not a good thing and she feels betrayed. He tells her that he knows that Starr’s family is also dealing with it. He asks her why she is so upset that Brody and Natalie are moving in together. Is she still in love with Brody?

At The Spotted Pony, Natalie tells Rex that Brody thinks she’s crazy to want to chase a lead about a tape involving a confrontation she had with Marty and some secret that’s been erased from the tape. He tells her that regardless, she should check it out and it’s no crazier that following her brother to a strip join in Kentucky to chase leads about his dead fiancé.

Original Todd furiously tells Blair that this imposter, who is Victor and not Todd came and took over his life and his family. And she let him. How could she not have known?

Tea then tells Dani and Jack that Viki has confirmed that Starr is correct in what original Todd told her that he is the real Todd and current Todd is their uncle.

Original Todd demands Blair how she could let this happen to him.

Dani furiously demands that current Todd tells her how he could lie and deceive and do these terrible things to her real dad and steal his life. Dani then tells her daughter that current Todd did not intentionally set out to hurt him. He was brainwashed and unaware that he is not Todd. It was not his fault. But current Todd asks her to please back him up that he is not mistaken. He is the real Todd manning. But she tells him no.

Original Todd tells Blair she obviously did not want to find him. She gave herself to Victor, slept with him and “thought” that he was the real Todd. He was being tortured and imprisoned and threatened and almost killed. While all this while, this guy was in hers’ and the kids’ lives. She let him. He tells her if there is anyone he blames for ruining the last 8 years of his life, it’s her. She ruined his life.

At The Spotted Pony, a stripper named Colleen goes up to dance. Natalie concludes that maybe Gigi sent him there to rescue him from Colleen. She then notices a guy just grabbed her ass and she appears to want to get out of there.

Aubrey reflects to Cutter that she thought that the first time they scammed somebody and had him believing he was her brother. She thought it would be a one-time thing and they would come clean and never do it again. But he reminded her that it was not enough to pay the bills and they needed to become financially secure. He wanted her to have all the material things she never had growing up. But he never thought she’d “fall” for a mark as she did with Joey.

Original Todd tells Blair what she has done is irreparable. He has lost 8 years of memories that he can never get back. He storms out the door. She asks him where he is going. He tells her he is going to find his long lost brother and kill him.

At current Todd’s home, Jack tells the other that no matter what anybody tells him, he will never believe that scar face is his father. Todd then looks at Dani whom he knows does not believe him and tells her he realizes she need not see him as her real father now knowing that he is not. But she cries and tells him that the memories and the bonding that they had together can never be forgotten. She doesn’t know what to do now realizing that he is not really her father but she still believes that she is his daughter. Current Todd (Victor) then asks Starr if she thinks she can ever forgive him.

Blair tells original Todd that he mustn’t blame Victor. He was brainwashed and had no knowledge much less nay control over what happened. He tells her that he was beaten and tortured while this guy has stolen his life. She then tells Todd that she knows she cannot talk him out of doing what he intends to do. If he really wants to murder his own brother who has been a father to the older kids and whom Sam loves and needs and who is loved by his family, then she won’t stop him. She then pulls out a gun and tells him if he’s going to do this, he needs to “do it right” and take the gun.

Natalie tells Rex that she’s not comfortable in this joint and doubts he’s going to find Gigi there. So she needs to go.

Jessica tells Robert that she cannot dismiss the fact that Natalie had a baby with her fiancé and stole the life that she should have had. She wants them out of her life and away from her. She cannot stand the sight of those two jerks together. Hearing that, he tells her she sounds just like Tess. Hearing that, she angrily asks him how he could say something like that. She confides in him about something and he talks about Tess? He tells her he’s sorry but he misses Tess and he sees her in Jessica.

Cutter tells Aubrey he’s sorry he’s messed everything up for them. She angrily tells him she is sorry too but it’s over. He asks her where she’s going to go with no money and nowhere to go. She tells him she thinks she can figure things out sooner or later. He urges her not to leave and tells her he needs her.

Starr cries and refuses to face current Todd when he tells her that he feels as though she is his daughter. He has had this need to protect her. And everything he did to her and for her is because he loves her. He does not know how that kind of thing cannot be real. She then turns to face him and asks if it’s true that he is not her father. He confirms no. she asks how this cannot be real. But she will always love him and she hugs him.

Original Todd asks Blair if she wants to give him a gun and encourage him to use it. She tell shim that she has heard that he’s already lost 8 years of his life so it doesn’t matter if he throws his life away and goes to prison for murder. As long as he can take victor away from his family what does it matter if they lose him as well? It will devastate Starr and Dani and Jack and Sam and Tea. And Hope will grow up never knowing her grandfather. Does that sound good to him? She knows that when he sets out to do something, nobody can stop it. And he must remember that she knows him better than anybody else.

Jessica asks Robert how, after she tells him about her sister with her ex fiancé, he gets all goo-goo eyed over Tess. Can’t he get real and see that Tess is not a real person? Why would he value a sick and nasty person like Tess and not respect her? He then tells her that she is a spoiled selfish princess who blames everybody except herself for everything that happens. She tells him he’s just a shallow pathetic man who doesn’t have a clue and she demands he gets out. And right then, they end up kissing.

At The Spotted Pony, the announcer introduces a new stripper named Gigi.

Cutter asks Aubrey if she really intends to leave him and start a new life. There is too much he knows about her.

Blair tells original Todd that she won’t prevent him from murdering Victor and ruining his life. But if he goes through with doing it, he can’t expect her to be waiting for him and ready to pick up the pieces. He is on his own, she tells him. And she walks away.

Original Todd goes to overhear current Todd urging Tea, Dani and Starr to know that he is always love him. He is ready to use his gun when Jack catches him and asks him what the hell he is doing.

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