OLTL Update Thursday 8/18/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/18/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr rushes down the stairs of Dorian’s home and is surprised to see original Todd. She asks what he is doing here. He asks if a dad can’t just pop in to see his little girl.

While Brody is with baby Liam in Viki’s home and assures his infant son that he will make certain that Todd never tells anybody that John is his father, Natalie enters and asks him what is up. He then stares at her stunned and speechless.

At Capricorn, Rex somehow knows he needs to find a place called The Spotted Pony in KY. He tells Cristian he knows there is some significance related to Gigi. Cristian tells him he knows of a way he can book a flight right away. Not far away, Cutter overhears unseen and appears to be worried. He gets on his phone telling somebody they need to meet him at Capricorn right away and does not care about their objections because this is an emergency.

Tomas and Blair are together not far away. She is not certain whether she wants to trust him or move forward with him or not.

Dani is wondering if current Todd is really her father or not.

At Dorian’s door, original Todd tells Starr that she does not need to take his word for it that he is her father. He is the real Todd Manning.

Rama enters to meet Cutter after he’s demanded she get there due to his “emergency” and demands to know what he wants when she was in the middle of a romantic dinner with her husband. He tells her she “sold him out”. She argues revealing that the two of them have some sort of secret regarding the Spotted Pony. He tells her he knows that she told Rex Balsam about the Spotted Pony. Not far away, when Rex asks Cristian why it is that he assumes Rex can fly to KY right away, Cristian asks him if he has not forgotten that he has inherited the Buchanan fortune. Rex then gets on his phone to get the jet fueled to get to Anchorage, KY.

Jack manning goes to see Shane who is ready to slam the door in his face. He urges Shane to let him in reminding him that school is about to start soon. Hearing that, Shane tells Jack he’s sure that Jack and his friends can’t wait to have him come back so they can harass and bully him. But jack protests that he is not there with any ill intent and wants Shane to know that if he comes back to school, nobody is going to bother him again.

Natalie rushes in to hold her infant son suspected nothing about Brody and ready to move in with him. She tells him that she had a meeting with Rex and Delfina. And although Brody might not trust Delfina, she was helpful to Rex and also appeared to have some information for her (Natalie) regarding Marty and why she pushed Natalie off the roof. Hearing that, Brody is worried. He asks if there is any way anybody could know what was on the tape when it’s been erased. Natalie happily tells him she thinks that Delfina already has or very soon will be able to shed some light on it.

At Capricorn, Tomas asks Blair if there is anything he needs to suspect about her “dilemma” involving Todd.

Original Todd tells Star he wanted her to be the first to know that it’s him, her father. He knows she has good reason to be angry with him since it’s been a really long time. At first she does not know what to say or do but then rushes into his arms and tells him she does not need proof that he is her dad.

Dani asks current Todd why there are “two” of him. Tea asks if the DNA tests were rigged. He tells them know. It turns out that Starr is right. He and “this guy” are brothers. Tea asks if he has an identical twin. He confirms that the story is that Irene gave birth to both of them but had to give one of them up. One of them she named Victor Jr. and the other she named Todd. Current Todd confirms to Tea and Dani that Irene brainwashed Victor into believing he was Todd. Tea then demands to know which one he is.

Brody tells Natalie that he doesn’t think she should trust or believe Delfina has any credibility regarding a blank tape. She tells him even if he is skeptical, Delfina seemed to know, without being told, that the tape was of Marty’s therapy session that had access to the tape and knew what Marty said on it. So she wants to get to the bottom of that..

At Capricorn, Rex is on the phone ready to fork over $5000 for his trip. Cristian tells him he’s a bit concerned about what Rex might be getting himself into as he overheard Rex’s conversation with David about the spotted pony. Not far away, Cutter and Rama are discussing the very same thing.

Shane asks Jack how stupid he thinks that Shane is to believe that he has reformed himself. He knows that jack has been the “ring leader” in all of the despicable things that he’s done. But it just so happens that the one time he was not was the night when Shane’s mom was killed. He let his friend Brad take the rap for that, didn’t he?

Starr cries and tells original Todd she cannot believe that he’s hear and asks how could “he”(current Todd) do that to him. He tells her that it may not have been current Todd’s fault. He did not know that he was doing that. Irene explained the whole situation to the two of them and to Viki. She is in police custody. Starr asks original Todd where “Victor” (current Todd) is now. He tells her that he’s “not taking this so well”.

Current Todd again expresses that he does not appreciate being doubted by Tea and Dani. But she tells him that they just want to know. Dani then yells, telling him she knows he is not her dad. Tea protests to her that current Todd has not lied. And Current Todd smirks confirming that he is the real Todd, Dani’s father and Tea’s husband.

Natalie tells Brody that she really wants to unravel the mystery of what Marty said on the tape. He asks her if she has heard that anyone besides Gigi knows. Hearing that, Natalie asks him why he is suddenly interested when he previously told her he does not believe in psychics. But he wants to know who else might know. Natalie tells him he does not want to know. But he asks her to tell him. She tells him that Delfina informed her that her uncle Todd knew the truth. Hearing that and knowing for a fact that Todd knows, Brody is now concerned although Natalie finds it very far-fetched since Todd is not likely to know Marty’s inner most secrets. Why would she tell him of all people? Natalie then tells Brody there’ sonly one way to find out if that’s true. So she gets on her phone to call Todd and ask him.

Shane tells Jack he knows all about his plan to get revenge upon him for the time he dropped the weight on Jack’s foot. He set him up and wanted to lock him in the basement. And they killed his mom. Jack protests that it was an accident and he had no clue about the carbon monoxide.

Cristian observes Rama and Cutter talking and asks her if she is ok.

Not far away, Blair tells Tomas that she is ready to move on. But Todd is the father of her children and they were together for a long time. So she just needs to unravel some unsolved mysteries.

After original Todd tells the story that Irene revealed, she asks how he could have been in captivity all of those years. He tells her that the only thing that kept him sane was remembering all of the people he loved and whom he was determined to get back to. Right then, unexpectedly, Hope walks into the room. Starr rushes to hug her daughter and asks why she is out of bed.

Dani hugs original Todd confirming that she believes him. She tells him she does not know what she would have done if she’d found out that he is not her father. He then tells his daughter and wife that it’s time to celebrate. He is the real Todd and the guy who can book extended beach vacations. He asks his daughter if she does not like the beach having grown up there and tells them he wants to take them to Hawaii. And both Tea and Dani are very excited to go away on vacation with him.

Brody takes Natalie’s phone from her and asks her why she wants to call Todd Manning or believe Delfina’s crazy story. If Todd had no contact with Marty, why would he know anything about what she said? And he wouldn’t admit that he lied. He tells her that she is back. Liam is safe. And Marty is gone. And isn’t that all that matters? She tells him she still does not feel she should let this go. He tells her he wants to focus on their son and on them and other things do not matter.

Tomas asks Blair if she did not want to consider moving on with him. She tells him she did. But, that was before “the man with her ex-husband’s old face” kissed her.

Rex walks in the door to see Jack and demands to know what he is doing and tells him he better get out or he will throw him out. Jack appears to want to talk to Shane but Rex closes the door on him and tells his son he mustn’t believe a word that little punk says. He is a sociopath with no remorse for anything he does. Just like his dad.

When Hope comes into the room, original Todd is really happy to see her and Starr is encouraged to let her “dad” meet his granddaughter. He asks to hold the little one and they laugh together.

Blair tells Tomas she is a bit concerned about his working with people who killed people for a living. He tells her that it’s in his past. She tells him that so many promises are broken and people assume that they can dismiss something just because they believe it’s in their past. She tells him she has so much on her plate and needs to get home to her kids. She leaves.

Cristian goes to the table where Cutter and Rama are talking remembering that he is not to be trusted for what he did to Jessica. Cutter reminds him that he got Jessica the “help” that her family needed for her. But Cristian knows that Cutter is not to be trusted and tells him that Rama is his friend and if she needs any help from him, she must let him know. When he leaves and they are out of earshot, Rama remarks that Cutter has made a lot of enemies in this town. He tells her whatever he’s done here is childsplay compared to what he did at the Spotted Pony.

Rex tells Shane they may forget all about jack. He’s not worth it. And he asks his son how dinner was. Shane tells his dad that his grandma made lasagna but it was nowhere near as good as his mom used to make it. Yet, Shane tells his dad, he could almost sense his mom’s presence in the room. Rex then tells his son that he is going to go away for a few days and then come back. Shane asks if it involves Jack and his dad. Rex tells him that he will make certain that those two pieces of trash pay for what they did but this is not about them. Shane asks what it is about. Rex tells him he will be sure to tell him when he gets back but for now, he needs to get ready and plan his trip. He’ll be back really soon and asks if Shane will be ok. Shane tells his dad he’s working on a new comic book. Rex hugs him and tells him hopefully he will “have something” for him when he comes back

Brody tells Natalie that they need to find themselves a place to live. They talk about a backyard with a fort and he tells her that even though Liam is only an infant, it’s never too soon to teach him some things about exploring the outdoors. He’s watched that boy and seen that he has great tactical maneuvers.

Original Todd plays with Hope’s dolls and jokes doing their voices, talking about the “evil Dorian” who wants to influence her granddaughter with the princess doll. Starr laughs and admits to him that although her aunt has not yet “influenced” her daughter to be like her, Dorian did recently buy Hope a princess doll that Hope threw into the pool in order to wrestle Sam for a froggie that she like better. He then asks if they could all go to the zoo tomorrow. Or they could get Chinese and hang out at the Penthouse. But then he remembers that his daughter has “lived without him” throughout the last 8 years. Her phone rings and it’s current Todd asking her to get home because he has “something to tell her”. She then tells original Todd that she has to leave if the father she’s known for 8 years wants to tell her something so she can hear him. But original Todd offers to put Hope to bed while his daughter leaves. She then tells him where to find all of her favorite toys and gives her daughter to her “original” dad. He tells her he has missed her. She then admits that she has missed him too.

Current Todd confidently tells Dani and tea that they need to get packed. Jack is on his way and he knows that Starr is ready to leave for Hawaii with them. Dani tells him there’s no way Starr could already be packed. But he tells her they can go by her place and help her collect her things so they can all go on their trip. Dani goes upstairs and Tea reflects that this is the happiest their daughter has been all summer. He tells tea he realizes she may have had reason to doubt him before learning the truth. She leaves to go upstairs. When Todd is alone, he walks around the room and tells Irene she can go to hell. He is Todd Manning even if she calls him Victor. This is his house and this is his life. And nobody is going to take it away from him.

Brody and Natalie are happily together planning on their new home together. He goes out the door without revealing to her what he’s worried about. But as soon as he’s outside, he is determined to prevent Todd Manning from ruining his future with what he knows. And as soon as Natalie is alone, she looks up Todd’s number and gets ready to call him. But before she has a chance to, her phone rings and she gets a call from Rex. She asks her brother what is up. He tells her that he found out about the Spotted Pony, knows where it is and would like her to come with him. He’s leaving town tonight and could really use her help, as he needs someone who is thinking straight and has his back. He tells her that he has the Buchanan Jet fueled and ready to go. Natalie confirms to him that she is on her way. And Rex determines that he will “find” Gigi.

At Capricorn, Rama tells Cutter not to worry. She won’t let Rex Balsam find out his “secret”. But Cutter is worried. Tomas then enters and Cristian remarks that he has not seen him in a while. He knows about the “Todd thing” and what Tomas used to do. Tomas asks if he was surprised. And they reveal that they know each other’s families. Cristian tells Tomas he believes his dad would be proud. He also tells Tomas that Blair is a great woman and a good friend and he hopes that Tomas will treat him right. He’s known her for a long time and knows she will give him a chance.

Original Todd is alone with baby Hope. He does the voices of dolls where it appears one is her boyfriend and the other is herself telling him that her grandpa Todd won’t let him take her out in his new car. He tells the little one she must beware and know that sometimes people are “not what they look like on the inside”. Right then, Blair enters and hears his voice from outside.

Jack returns to current Todd and tells him it’s pathetic that “that loser with the scar face” pretends to be him. Todd realizes that he has not told his son what he’s learned. Starr returns and asks her dad what he’s told her brother and why Jack affirms that original Todd is a fake. Current Todd replies that he told Jack the truth. It’s all settled. He is Todd Manning.

Original Todd tells baby Hope the story, using the two dolls about the girl who saw that the guy was nasty, smelly and ugly but knew that deep down, there was something really good about him. So she fell in love with him. Blair overhears and walks into the room before he can see that he’s being overheard. He tells his granddaughter that “that kind of love lasts forever”. He then turns to see Blair unexpectedly and she smiles at him.

When Starr returns to current Todd’s home, she is not happy to hear that current Todd wants to take them all on vacation tonight. Tea and Dani ask her why she has a problem with it. Starr then tells Tea she cannot go. She urges her stepmother to see that current Todd has been lying.

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