OLTL Update Tuesday 8/16/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/16/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian returns home and yells when she discovers she has been robbed. David is with her and tells her he knows who did it. It was himself.

When Viki and the two Todds are paging through Irene’s diary to uncover the “mystery” of what she wrote regarding whether she gave birth to only one or both of them, they conclude that since she’s been dead for many years, they will never know. But right then, Viki’s doorbell rings. John and Brody are at the door along with Irene. Viki is stunned to see her best friend from college, mistress of her father and mother of her sister and possibly two brothers.

Roxy invites Natalie to the hair salon and tells her daughter she is worried and knows when one of her kids is having problems. So she asks Natalie what she knows. Natalie replies that it’s Rex. She is worried about him.

At Viki’s home, Irene announces that she is back in Llanview to reunite her family. She now has her “two sons”. Current Todd stares at her and asks if she is his and original Todd’s mother. John and Brody tell them they can get to all of this later. But the important thing is that she is in police custody. But both Todds and Viki want answers. She then confirms that she gave birth to two twin baby boys.

Roxy asks Natalie if Rex is seeing dead people like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe. Natalie tells her he’s been seeing Gigi. It may not be the first time somebody’s eyes have been playing tricks on them to “see” the deceased love of their life, she tells Roxy. Rex believes he has actually “seen” Gigi for real and does not believe that it’s not real. She informs Roxy that they asked for Delphina to help them find out what is up with that and find out where Gigi may be. But they came up with nothing when Delphina said “spotted pony”. Hearing that, Roxy tells her daughter that Delphina must know what she is talking about.

Kelly is with Joey crying when she sees baby Liam and baby Ryder. She talks about how kids grow so fast and how she can remember when her son was an infant.

Rex is at Capricorn sending Shane an email and appears to have a plan. Not far away, Aubrey and Cutter observe him and he tells her that he (Rex) is their perfect new “meal ticket”. He’s grieving without his son’s mother and has just gotten his hands on the Buchanan fortune. However, he tells her that it will be a lot easier if she does not fall in love with him as she did with Joey.

Kelly then tells Joey that she has to leave Llanview and go to London as soon as possible.

Dorian asks David why he would ransack their living room. He replies that he ran into “the two Todds”. He needed their help with his film so he found Irene’s diary and he knows that the part where Irene confessed to killing Victor Lord. It didn’t get forged. It must have happened. Dorian then remembers how she got falsely accused of killing Victor. And they both grimly reflect all the terrible things that Irene did in her life including putting two Todds on the planet.

Irene informs Viki and her two sons that when Victor found out that she was pregnant for the 2nd time and she now had twins, she knew she could not afford to raise twins in addition to her daughter. So one of the sons she sent off to Peter. But the other son was “special”. So she named him Victor Lord Jr. Viki then asks her if this is the first time she’s met her two sons. Irene replies no. It is not her first time at all. Brody then leaves and goes back to the station. Irene explains that when she gave birth to her son, she got a “job” at the CIA. Current Todd then concludes that since he’s never seen her before in his life, he must have been the one that she gave away. And original Todd realizes that he was raised by peter Manning although current Todd also remembers that. Viki then demands that she answers the question about why both of these fellows say they are Todd Manning. Irene then tells Viki that she must first be patient.

At Capricorn, Aubrey tells Cutter she is not about to “hit” upon Rex. He is in mourning after losing his fiancé. But Cutter tells her she might be what he needs in a time like this. Right then, Cristian shows Rex a picture he drew of Gigi. Aubrey approaches Rex and tells him that Gigi was beautiful. He tells her Gigi still is.

Brody picks up baby Liam and Kelly tells him and tells Joey that when one is an infant you must savor every minute. When Brody believes he is out of earshot, he tells baby Liam that he is worried that John will soon find out that he is Liam’s biological dad. But, he assures him, he won’t let that happen.

Natalie admits to Roxy that Delphina indicated “something” about Natalie’s future with Brody and it did not sound good.

John confirms that the DNA proves that the two Todd’s are twins. But both of them and Viki still know that that does not explain why they would both have the same memories. Irene then tells Viki and her sons that she would like to discuss it privately without the Lieutenant there to overhear. John closes the door to let her talk to them privately but reminds her that she is still in police custody. Irene then explains that she was being threatened by Victor and didn’t have many options when she had her two infant sons. So she came up with a “way” that Todd could be useful to her. She had reasons not to allow her son, Victor Jr. to be cheated out of the money that Victor had only left to Todd. So she had to take drastic measures. She explains that her “people” from the CIA approached Todd and explained how he could serve his country. Right then, both Todds seem to know that “he” refused to serve his civic duty. Viki asks what happened then. Irene answers that at that point “somebody” determined that Todd had to be “eliminated”. Both Todds then conclude that Tomas Delgado was assigned to kill him. Viki is then shocked to find out that Irene was going to accept having her son murdered.

When Brody goes to pick up baby Liam, John observes him and Brody continues to keep the secret that he knows John is really Liam’s father. John is courteous and tells Brody he is ok with the fact that Brody and Natalie are together and going to move and find their own place together.

Roxy tells Natalie she has to find out the answers about the unsolved mystery involving the tape recorder that she had but does not remember what was on it. She reminds her daughter that she had a memory lapse about some very crucial secret that Marty was holding over her head involving Natalie, Brody, John and the baby. And Roxy seems like she can sense that Natalie is neither “over” John nor he-over her regardless of their mutual acceptance of the fact that Liam is Brody’s child and she and Brody are together. Natalie tells her mom it doesn’t matter. Marty is gone and nobody will ever know what was on the tape. But Roxy tells her daughter she knows that Natalie is not “ok” and has something unresolved that she can’t ignore.

Dorian reminisces with David that maybe the two of them removed Irene’s entry so that Irene would be falsely implicated for the murder of Victor Lord and the two of them would get married.

Irene rationalizes to Viki and the two Todds that when she decided that she was o.k. ordering her own son killed, it was years after his birth, when he was an adult and she’d seen “what kind of a man” he’d turned into. But although she intended for “someone" (whom both Todd know is Tomas Delgado) to have him killed, it appeared “somebody” had beaten him to it. She remembered that Todd was found beaten and bloody in 2003 in Victor Lord’s crypt, which they all remember was the doing of Mitch Laurence, right before they met the “new” Todd (played by Trevor St. John and identical to Mitch’s brother Walker). She did wanted “Todd” (the original one played by Roger Howarth) brought to her. And it was the first time since her son’s birth when they were all together.

Kelly admits to Joey that when she leaves Llanview, they will have to put their relationship on hold. She tells him he has to stay with his father. But he tells her his father is fine without him. Yes, Clint wants the two of them back together. But now that he’s found her, he is not about to let her go again. So if she is going to London, he has to go with her. So, he asks her, is that ok? She tells him it’s more than ok. She is ok with Dorian having one less Cramer under her roof.

Downstairs, Dorian and David are happily together with the security that they have out-thought Irene and that Irene is dead. But right then, his phone rings and he tells Dorian he has gotten a call from Bev Altman. Dorian wants to come with him, telling her husband that she should go with him since she is the executive producer of Vicker Man. But David tells her it might be better if he goes without her. Bev kind of “has a thing” for him. And he will get more work from Bev if Dorian is not there. Dorian then concludes that it’s ok. She knows that she is all Davie ever wants and that she is the love of his life. She tells him he may go to his appointment and worry about nothing as she believes in their marriage. He leaves. But as soon as Dorian is gone and her phone rings, she yells at the person calling as though she believes it’s Bev. She later realizes that she has made a mistake to the caller whom she has to behave as the honorable mayor to. And it appears she’s heard something that startles and scares her.

At Capricorn, Aubrey is talking to Rex. But right then, it appears he believes that he really sees Gigi at the store.

At Roxy’s salon, she tells Natalie she has to contact Delphina in order to find out what really happened on the roof. Natalie concludes that it might be nice to find out what she almost died for. So she will consider contacting Delphina to find out if there’s any information. But Roxy reminds her daughter she likes Brody but believes that maybe Natalie and John belong together.

John tells Brody that his (Brody’s) living arrangements with Natalie are none of John’s business. Brody then leaves with the baby.

Downstairs, Viki asks both of her brothers if either of them remembers being taken from their mutual father’s crypt and taken to Irene. Irene then recently remembers asking both of them (while they are both stuck in an institution) what they remember. And “Victor” took on Todd’s memories in preparation for becoming Todd.

At Capricorn, after noticing that Rex is in mourning after losing Gigi, Aubrey tells Cutter that she just does not think it’s ok to be manipulating a nice guy who is grieving. Rex then “Sees” Gigi again and goes after her again. He stumbles into David and almost knocks him over as David enters.

Natalie returns to her mom’s home and sees John. He tells her that they are almost getting to the bottom of the mystery involving the two Todd Mannings. Hearing that, she asks what the status is on the mysterious tape they discovered in her possession the night when she got into the brawl with Marty on the roof and if there is a way for it to be released so that she can hear it. He asks her why she has interest in that tape.

Irene concludes to Viki and the two Todds that she “continued with Victor’s education”. We then see her “programming” Victor along with Todd to “be” and remember everything in the life of Todd Manning. He was a quick study, she tells them. And she knew, in time, he would actually believe that he was Todd Manning.

Kelly goes down to find Dorian and tells her there is “something she has to tell her”. Dorian smiles at her niece and tells her that is great. She, also, has something she has to tell Kelly.

At Capricorn, Aubrey tells Cutter that she heard Rex indicate that he believed he “saw” and connected with Gigi. And he got some clue regarding something involving a “spotted pony” from a psychic.

Not far away in the other room, Rex and David argue and indicate they may have had business dealings together. And it appears that David knows something about “the spotted pony”.

Natalie goes to Viki’s and runs into John. She tells him that she’d like to be able to access the tape recording about the unsolved mystery. She somehow knows that she needs the answer.

Meanwhile, we see Brody talking alone to baby Liam, while in his crib, telling his infant son that he will make certain nobody ever finds out that John is his father since he has erased the tape, destroyed the evidence and Marty is gone.

Natalie tells John she realizes that he would never trust a psychic like Delphina but she might have some answers to things that Natalie does not remember. And if not, Natalie needs the evidence for herself that could be revealed if she could listen to what Marty may have said or known on the tape that caused them to have their altercation on the rooftop.

Irene tells her sons and Viki that eventually she “transferred” all of her son Todd’s memories into the mind of Victor except for “one thing”. And right then, we see a flashback of her telling original Todd that they have been bonded for so long and now their bond must be broken. But this must be perfect right down to the last detail. So urges original Todd to forgive her and she cuts his face to cause his scar. Original Todd then tells her if she went to all this trouble to make them look identical, why do they have different faces? Viki then asks her which of these men is Victor and which is Todd.

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