OLTL Update Monday 8/15/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/15/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Nora has stepped out of the courtroom, with her mind clearly elsewhere after Clint’s trial, Destiny’s mom, Felicia finds her and hauls off and smacks her unexpectedly. She demands to know who Nora thinks she is interfering in Destiny’s life and telling her (Felicia’) daughter what to do. Hearing that, Nora appears shocked and asks if Destiny is alright. Felicia replies that she is “fine”. She is a teenage girl who is about to have a baby.

Right then, Dani finds Destiny assuming she’s gone through with having the abortion and asks if she should not be at home resting. Destiny replies that she could not go through with it and is considering keeping the baby.

Starr is singing with Sebastian who wants to promote her as a professional vocalist. He also informs her that his dad has gone off on a mission with John McBain.

John, Brody and Tomas gain entry to Irene’s locked office with the help of Baker. John pulls a gun on her knowing that she’s about to “take action” with something and tells her she better not even think about it.

In Viki’s study, both Todd’s are looking through books to find information. Both is confident that neither will disprove that they are Todd Manning and they get into a scuffle.

Sebastian informs Starr that both of his parents want him to distrust and believe the other is crazy. She tells him she doubts anything he can tell her regarding that can top what she’s just found out about her own family. He asks her what is up. She tells him it appears two different men are both her father.

Destiny informs Dani that Nora Buchanan called her and urged her to reconsider and offered to raise Matthew’s baby for her. She knows that Matthew’s mom is justifiably distraught after losing her son and can’t let any other part of him go. Hearing that, Dani tells Destiny she does not believe that it was fair of Nora to guilt trip Destiny into having a baby just to please her and because of Matthew. And she asks Destiny what she (Destiny) wants. Destiny tells Dani she is not certain what she wants regarding this situation but she knows she wants Matthew back.

Felicia tells Nora she can see that Nora is so proud to have been able to persuade and influence Destiny with a guilt trip that caused her to throw away her life. Nora protests that it was Destiny’s own decision. Her mother tells Nora that her daughter was fine with the choice she had made until Nora got to her. Nora protests that if Destiny has changed her mind, she might not have been certain she was making the right choice to abort. Felicia tells Nora that after all that talk about “a little piece of Matthew”, Nora knew how to intimidate Destiny. Nora cries and tells her she is sorry. Felicia tells Nora she understand what it’s like for one to want a piece of their child to hold onto but Nora has no right to manipulate her daughter into having a child when she’s already decided not to. And Nora has crossed the line.

Téa asks Blair if she’s heard any word on the DNA test results. But they have not heard from Tomas or John. Blair informs Téa that Tomas seems to know a lot more than he lets on and told her he would find out which of these guys is the Todd that they have both been married to and loved.

When John, Brody and Tomas all corner Irene, she tells them that they need to calm down and know that this is a government facility and reveals that she knows a lot about the history of both John and Tomas.

Blair informs Téa that apparently, Tomas has had to go and find baker and get information from him about who is the real Todd. Téa asks if it could be true that he brother was an assassin. Was it his job to kill Todd when he was told that Todd was a threat? She asks Blair if the reason why Tomas is telling her all this is because he believes Todd with a scar on his face is the real Todd. Blair replies that neither he nor John nor anyone knows but are going on a mission to find out. Téa asks Blair if neither of them would not know the man they have both been married to.

When the two Todds are arguing in Viki’s home, she informs them that Clint is resting in another room and asks what they are fighting about. They reply it was Irene’s diary. For some odd reason, David Vickers had it and offered it to them for a favor in exchange. She then asks why David would have it and if it will give her the answer of who is really her brother.

Blair admits to Téa that she could not believe that current Todd is the Todd she knows and believes he was Walker Laurence. They both wonder if they were wrong to believe that current Todd is their “mutual” husband. Téa admits that Dani is confused. Starr admits that so is Starr but Jack is 100% convinced that current Todd is the right one. But Téa asks if maybe they all wanted Todd back so badly that they believed what he said and only saw what they wanted to see.

Viki looks through Irene’s diary and tells her “two” brothers that she’s read this before. She reads that she wrote that while college roommates with Viki, she wondered if she should tell Viki that she slept with Viki’s father. She then finds that Irene wrote about her unexpected first pregnancy with Tina. She then remembers that Irene confessed to killing Victor and Viki recalls that it was bookmarked as evidence in his murder trial. She then concludes she would not put it past Irene to be capable of murder.

Irene tells John that he cannot take over the US government. He tells her that he thinks he can supersede her because she’s under arrest for the conspiracy to commit murder and the attempted murder of Todd Manning.

Viki continues to page through Irene’s old diary while both Todds listen in suspense.

John places Irene under arrest although she asks him what he really wants. He replies first, they are putting her out of business. And second, she will tell them what she knows about Todd Manning.

Vii tells the two of them that they still need some answers to the unsolved mystery so she is looking for any clue that Irene might have. Right then, she admits that she has stumbled across something that might be just what they are looking for.

Felicia informs Nora that she must know that Destiny was looking ahead to her future and had many colleges interested in her and many choices and goals in her life. Nora tells her that Destiny would not have to give up anything as she and Bo can raise the baby.

Destiny then tells Dani that Mrs. Buchanan said she could raise the baby. Dani asks Destiny if she wants Nora to do that and asks her why she decided to have the baby. Destiny replies because Nora was right. This is all they have of Matthew. Dani then asks her if she intends to have her baby like Starr did.

At Capricorn, Starr fills Sebastian in on the details that he missed at David’s movie premier where it ended in a big scene where his dad announced that her dad is not the real Todd Manning. And Tomas seemed to know who really is or who claims to be. She tells him they were all waiting on a DNA test that could answer that question once and for all. But then the two DNA tests came back identical. Hearing that, he asks her if she wants to get started with recording music if she needs a distraction. But she tells him that she has her own things going on with James.

Téa and Blair are both wondering how or if they can determine which of the two men is Todd. Neither can tell by kissing or sleeping or even being married to either one.

Viki reads the entries in Irene’s diary about when she got pregnant first with Tina and then with Todd. She reads that Irene cried when her baby boy was gone. They then acknowledge that it appears she was referring to only one baby and not twins. Viki reads more about how Irene gave her infant son to peter and Bitsy and how her baby boy can be so irrational. Current Todd then reflects that he cannot believe that she gave him to then. Viki then reads that Irene wrote that although she is not happy to give him away, she believes he will be better off raised by then than by her. And she states “at least one of her children” will have a decent life. At that point, both Todds question if she is talking about one of them versus Tina or one versus the other.

John informs Irene that right now there are two guy who say they are Todd Manning who seem to have the same DNA. He and Tomas both demand that she tells them who is the real Todd and who is the imposter. She smugly tells them that that sounds very inconvenient but she can’t or won’t help them. John then tells her that she will.

Viki reads to the two Todd’s that Irene wrote that she had to give her up baby boy but at least she still has…. And the writing stops there. And they are left in suspense as to whom or what she was talking about.

Starr informs Sebastian that she informed James that he kissed her. Hearing that, he asks if James is going to hunt him down for that. She tells him he won’t have to worry about that. She assured James that it meant nothing to her. Hearing that, he does not appear “ok” to know that Starr may believe that or want James to believe it.

When Nora informs Felicia that she and Bo can raise Destiny’s baby, Felicia asks her if she thinks that Destiny will just hand her baby over as if Destiny is “the help”. Nora protests that that is not fair. She and Bo have never seen Destiny that way and have only seen her as a beautiful intelligent young woman and Matthew’s dear friend. Felicia then tells her, in that case, she needs to think about Destiny for a moment. She will have to carry this child for 9 month. Nora is a mother and must know what it’s like to give birth after carrying a baby for 9 months. Does she think that Destiny can just contentedly go off to college and think about her next class? She tells her no matter who raises this child, Destiny will never have a life that’s worth anything. How does Nora think that Destiny can just walk away from her baby? Nora then tells Felicia she is so sorry and cries.

Dani tells Destiny that she won’t let her baby grow up like she did or like Dani did. The baby will know the truth about whom it’s mommy and whom it’s daddy is. Dani then informs Destiny that on that note, she now has found out that neither she nor her mom know who her real dad is.

Téa tells Blair that they all know about Todd’s intimacy and sexual issues in the past. Téa then “confidently” tells Blair that Todd has no difficulty having sex with her. At that point, Blair clearly does not want to hear Téa’s reporting that Todd is interested in her when not so much in Blair. But Blair at that point, Blair informs Téa that not long ago “Téa’s Todd” kissed her (Blair)

Viki then confirms to both Todds that Irene has not uncovered the answer to the question about whether she had one son or twins all those years ago.

John tells Irene that she might die unless he wants to come with them to Llanview and tell them what they need to know about the two Todds.

After Blair informs Téa that current Todd kissed her as well as original Todd, Téa demands to know when it happened and reminds Blair that Todd is her husband. Blair then asks if she is jealous.

Sebastian sounds disappointed to know that Star has chosen James over him and that she only has a “business” relationship with her.

Destiny asks Dani if it’s true that Dani finally learned to trust and recognize Todd manning as her father and now she has to face the possibility that Todd is not her father. Dani tells her that she has felt close to both of her parents. Destiny then admits to Dani that even though she’s found out that her mom is really her grandmother and she has felt betrayed to learn that for the first time, she still feels as though Felicia is her mom.

Right then, Nora sits beside Felicia on the bench outside the courtroom and apologizes for interfering and tells her she will go and talk to Destiny and tell her she's ok with Destiny making her own decision. But Felicia informs Nora that even if Destiny wanted to have an abortion now and got her mom’s authorization, it’s too late. She tells Nora, however, that as much as she does not like what happened, it prompted Destiny to have to go and get her mom’s permission for the procedure and it got her child back. She tells Nora that she hopes that she can have her child back and tells her that she prays for Matthew every day and does not want Nora to give up. She walks away and Nora tells her she hopes that they can get past that and become friends.

Viki and the two Todds discover that it appears that Irene has deliberately cut out the page in her diary that reveals her secret as if she does not want anybody to know.

Right then, Blair and Téa get into a physical fight over jealousy about Todd.

Nora tells Felicia that they are the mutual grandparents of this baby and will have a family connection for the rest of their lives. But Felicia gets up and grimly tells her she can’t even think about that right now. She has to think about something that will affect the rest of her daughter’s life that nobody expected. And she walks away.

Starr sings a romantic and inspiring song “One Life To Live”. Sebastian is impressed but asks her if she is sure she wants to record. She tells him when she sings, it’s the one time when her life works for her.

Tomas walks in on Blair and Téa yelling and having a brawl, each telling the other that she could take Todd from the other. They then ask him if he and John got any answers. He replies yes.

Viki tells her “two” brothers that they can argue and speculate all they want but may never get an answer what Irene wrote in her diary. It’s a secret that she’s taken with her to the grave. She then hears her doorbell ring. She notices John and Brody. And standing right beside them, she seems somebody who “looks just like” Irene and she is stunned.

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