OLTL Update Friday 8/12/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/12/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Delphina joins hands with Rex and Natalie and calls Gigi from the afterlife telling her Rex is there and needs her. Right then, there appears to be a sudden storm. Delphina then asks the “Spirit” whomever it may be to identify themselves.

Nora is on her phone calling Destiny right when Destiny is going to the clinic with her mom. She notices her phone ringing and does not answer knowing what Nora is calling her about.

Tea and Dani are back at the house both questioning which of the two men Dani’s father is.

Current Todd goes to Viki’s confident that everybody must know whom he is and that original Todd is an imposter. But original Todd is no less confident and making himself at home in Viki’s home while Viki is out.

Viki and Jessica are at The Sun Office and assuming that John will get to the bottom of who the real Todd is.

But right then, we see some “guards” dragging an unconscious John somewhere obviously to prevent him from doing what he intended to do.

Current Todd tells original Todd that just because Viki is letting him stay there, it does not mean she believes him. He then informs original Todd that not long ago, Viki wound up waitressing at a low life truck stop in Texas, let their sister Tina live there and enable Tess and Viki’s alters have come out. Original Todd tells current Todd that “their” sister has not had her real brother Todd there for her and that is why it happened.

When the guards are dragging John to a prison somewhere, one guy remarks that it does not seem as though John has “intended” to be there.

Jessica and Viki go to court for Clint’ s hearing where they are both baffled with what to believe regarding who is the real Todd. But Jessica tells her mom she is primarily concerned what will happen to her father and if he is sentence to prison. Inside the empty courtroom, Nora sits at her station after leaving a voice mail message for Destiny who plays it to hear her pleading that she not have an abortion. She tells Destiny that she and Bo want to help her, they can raise their grandchild and make sure she has all the accommodations she needs involving finishing high school, going to college and Destiny may see or baby or reconsider any time she wants. And she tells Destiny that this baby is all they have left of Matthew. She (Nora) has no choice regarding saving Matthew but Destiny has a choice regarding whether to abort hers’ and Matthew’s baby. And after hearing Nora’s message, destiny appears not certain what to say or do.

Dani is upset and expresses to her mom that she does not know what to do with Nate. She trusts him but is afraid that she is an idiot to forgive him for the porn flick. She tells her mom that the Todd she has known has always been “on her side” and fought for her. She hated Todd being her dad instead of Ross and did not give up until he gave her a reason to call him dad. She did and she meant it. But what if he is not her father?

When it appears the guys are going to imprison John, Brody and Tomas come in and surprise them, knock them out, pulls their guns and John comes to so the three of them can continue their work.

Clint enters the courtroom in his wheelchair and Viki and Jessica can see that he might not be in great health. He admits that he had an “episode” last night and had to go to the hospital the previous night but it’s nothing to worry about. Jessica then asks her mom what if her dad has another episode at Statesville. They wonder where Natalie is and Jessica remarks that her sister is probably sleeping with Brody.

Natalie sits with Rex and Delphina while the fortune teller calls to Gigi.

Dani asks Tea what she is going to do if she finds out that the man she’s always known as her dad is not her dad. Tea admits she does not know but she believes that it’s inconceivable to her that the man she married and has loved is not the real Todd. And she remarks to her daughter that she should have seen the devastating look on current Todd’s face when he saw her questioning and doubting him. So she distracted him by playing a game of money honey. He behaved just like Todd and it made her question how this guy could not be the only Todd they’ve known and loved all this while. Dani then angrily asks how much longer this is going to keep going on and when they will get an answer.

David goes to Viki’s home and notices the “two” Todd’s. He jokes about how it’s just like in the movies that only one of them is the real Todd and the other is a fake. He tells them that he needs to know for the sole purpose of needing to do business with Todd only if he has the money that only Todd has. He’s going to be in another flick and he will be playing Todd. He tells them both that he thinks he can portray the character better than either of the two “knuckleheads” can play him. And he announces that he believes he has a fool proof way to find out the truth.

John brainstorms with Brody and Tomas and he notices that it appears Tomas knows a lot about the prison where Todd has been kept in for years.

Vivian tells Destiny that she is ready and asks if Destiny is. Her mom tells her she will be outside for the whole time. But she asks them to wait and asks Vivian what would happen if she decided not to have the abortion.

The judge announces that this is the people vs. Clint Buchanan and tells Clint that he has been charged with a series of crimes including kidnapping of the DA, illegal tampering with confidential hospital records and the kidnapping and assault of David Vickers and asks Clint how he pleads. Clint replies he pleads guilty as charged. The judge then concludes that he will sentence Clint to Statesville.

In Viki’s study, David asks both Todd what happened involving his schemes when Jack was born when he did not know if Jack was his child. They both seem to know the answers and David cannot determine the truth.

At the prison where baker is nearby, Tomas asks John what type of hints he heard but Baker told him he would kill to know what it is. Brody listens silently.

Delphina determines that Gigi is gone. And everything about this encounter was completely strange including the message she gave Delphina. Rex demands to know more.

John tells Tomas and Brody that Baker is not their primary target. There is someone else.

Current and original Todd argue about who has the memories or the DNA.

John then tells Tomas and Brody that he knows Baker has some sort of secret about the DNA matches of the two Todds.

In Viki’s home, David and the two Todds bring up Irene Manning, mother of Todd. It seems they assume she’s dead but at least one of them knows she is not.

Natalie and Rex admit to Delphina that they question the message that she has found that is “spotted pony”. Delphina admits she hasn’t a clue either. She is s psychic and not an equestrian. Delphina tells them that she must charge them $50. Alone, Natalie overhears Delphina knowing that Natalie and Brody have the mistaken idea that they will live happily together with the baby that is in fact John’s.

At the Louisiana prison, John faces Brody almost as if he realizes that Brody “knows” something.

Natalie follows Delphina out the door and demands to know what she knows involving Natalie’s future with Brody. But Delphina evades her question and leaves.

When Destiny informs Vivian and her mom that she is having her doubts about whether to go through with the abortion, her mom tells her that she knows that this is a difficult decision for any woman to make but they cannot make it for her. Vivian then realizes that up until this point, Destiny was adamant that this was her only choice and was not reconsidering. She asks Destiny if she might have spoken to someone persuading her not to abort. Destiny then admits that it was Matthew’s mom.

Nora and Clint’s lawyer both approaches the judge after he’s ruled that Clint is going to prison. Nora is silent while Clint’s lawyer and Jessica both protest that it could be a death sentence for Clint to go to prison given his heart condition.

Dani cries, tells her mom she is worried what will happen if she does not like the answers and she is scared. Tea holds her daughter understanding all too well.

David tells both Todds that one does not have to be “alive” in order to be alive. There only needs to be an Oscar or Emmy or other memory.

Somebody has Baker imprisoned at the place in Louisiana while John Brody and Tomas go to find Baker and tells him if he wants to get out of there, he must answer their questions.

David tells both Todds that they must bargain with him. And right then, at that point, they both seem to understand that Todd does not negotiate nor get intimidated by David’s blackmail.

Baker struggles to answer Jon’s question regarding Todd and he is able to identify Irene. The three men then wonder why he would mention Todd Manning’s mother’s name. But, realizing he may be drugged and not know what he is talking about, they go to find the “lead” on their own. But Baker reminds them that only he has the keys to Irene’s office and so they “need” him.

Destiny tells her mom and Vivian that they must understand that Matthew is Mr. and Mrs. B’s son. They are devastated by what has happened and Matthew may never come back to them. So, this baby is all they have of their son. Mrs. Evans then tells her daughter she understands and feels for them. But she must think about the practicality and ask who is going to raise this baby and how it will affect the rest of Destiny’s life to have a child as a teenager. Destiny replies that Nora offered to raise the baby. Vivian then tells Destiny that her compassion for Bo and Nora is admirable. But she has to think about herself first and foremost. Mrs. Evans tells her that Nora had no business contacting her and trying to make Destiny feel bad. Vivian tells her that Nora may not be thinking clearly nor be fully aware of what she is saying and doing. And she reminds Destiny, if she waits much longer and then decides she will abort, it will be too late.

Alone with Rex, Natalie tells her brother she knows he grieving and realizes she should have understood that as she took a while to accept things when she lost Jared. He tells her it’s not her fault. Natalie protests that she had to invite Delphina there in the hopes of an answer. Rex is her little brother and she hated to see him in so much pain. She just was hoping there would be some peace. Rex grimly tells his sister there will be no peace without Gigi. Natalie puts her arms around her brother.

In the courtroom, Viki asks the judge if it would be alright for Clint to stay in her home. She admits that she has a large place to live with many rooms and a full staff to care for him. The judge then agrees to fit Clint for an ankle monitory so he can live at Viki’s home under house arrest. He tells Viki he does not know how to thank her. She then tells Clint that he may not want to thank her when he finds out that he is not her only “house guest”. Nora obviously has her mind elsewhere. Viki thanks her. She asks for what. Viki replies for not arguing about letting Clint live at Llanview since she knows Nora has the power to stop that. In response to that, Nora tells her that she does not, in fact, have the power to stop very much anymore.

Vivian tells Destiny that she still has some time to decide whether she wants to abort or give the baby to Matthew’s parents. Yet while they are inside, Mrs. Evans has left.

When Nora is ready to leave the courtroom, Mrs. Evans appears out of nowhere, hauls off and slaps her and tells Nora how dare she get off harassing her daughter and interfering in Destiny’s life.

Baker gets wheeled into Irene’s office in his wheelchair and helps John, Tomas and Brody gain access.

David announces to the two Todds that if they do not know the secret about Irene and do not want to do business with him, he has no incentive to help them so it’s “happy hunting”.

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