OLTL Update Thursday 8/11/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/11/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tomas goes to see John and tells him he needs his help in getting to the bottom of the mystery of the two Todd Manning’s.

Current Todd goes to Blair’s home with an article he’s written in The Sun that says: “I am the only Todd Manning”.

Jessica enters her mother’s study and is stunned to see her Uncle Todd as she remembered him years ago before the plastic surgery.

Starr and James have just made love and she tells him it feel so right maybe because they’ve waited. She tells him she’s so glad that it finally happened but she tells him she has to go. She must pick up Hope. Her family is freaking out about whether her dad is her dad. And regardless of the results of the DNA test, it’s going to be a sticky situation. He then offers to go with her, unless her dad has a problem with his being there. He then realizes that nobody is certain if the Todd he’s known is really her dad. She tells him that it might be a good thing because the farthest thing from her dad’s mind right now is her personal life.

Jessica tells original Todd that he looks exactly like Todd used to look and asks who he is. He then tells her she may sit down and he will tell her.

John tells Tomas that even if the DNA results are in today, they could be in conclusive.

At the gym, Rama and Vimal are together and he tells her that he does trust her but knows she may be interested in Cristian Vega. She tells him he may go and talk to officer Lovett while she goes and talks to Cristian. She goes to find Cristian who asks her how the “fake belly” he made for her to look pregnant went. She replies that at David Vickers’ premier, there was a scuffle that caused the water to spill all over everywhere and everybody knew she was faking her pregnancy. Right then, Vimal goes to talk to Brody who is pumping iron.

Natalie goes to talk to Rex who she can see is missing and “seeing” Gigi. She tells him that she and Echo are both worried about him as he should know that letting Gigi go was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. But she is buried and she’s gone. But he protests that he knows he “saw” Gigi and then she got away. He tells his sister he knows Gigi is in trouble. Natalie then gets on the phone. Rex asks her whom she is calling. She replies the only person who can “help” them with this.

Todd calls to Starr but Blair reminds him that their daughter is already out. He is worried that Starr appears to have possibly “gotten sucked in by this guy”. As has Blair, and Viki and just about everybody except Jack who is the only person on his side.

James asks Starr if she is seeing the possibility that original Todd is really her father. Didn’t she previously consider that he had “read up” on Todd’s private stuff and remembered the answers to the questions that she asked him? She admits to James that it seemed that original Todd knew more than what anybody could have faked.

Original Todd explains to Jessica that he was locked away and drugged for 8 years until he boarded a plane and found his way back there after regaining his memory of his life. And he’s had dealing with John McBain. She asks whether or not he does in fact have Todd’s DNA. Original Todd replies to Jessica she should know that he does. But apparently this “other guy” does too.

Natalie tells Rex that she believes that Delphina could help them since she helped Natalie when Liam was missing. Rex does not want to talk to Delphina. But Natalie tells her brother he needs to give it a try. She then lets Delphina in who seems to know that Natalie has some things unresolved and unknown with her infant son.

At the gym, Rama tells Cristian that revealing the truth and coming clean about her fake pregnancy was the best thing for her and for Vimal. She admits that she has had her doubts since they were first married. But now she no longer has her doubts that Vimal is the one and he really loves her. And she owes it all to Cristian in motivating her to be honest.

Vimal tells Brody he really thinks he should come clean and admit that John McBain is Liam’s father. And he tells him he will no longer lie for Todd manning.

While in Asa’s old house, talking to Rex and Natalie, Delphina knows that she hears “some Texan” talking about her being some whacky fortune teller. They know who that is and Natalie explains to her that her brother’s fiancé is “no longer with us” and she and Rex need clarification of the status of Gigi.

At the police station, John gets off the phone and informs Tomas that he’s now found out that Baker and some woman are in Louisiana. He tells him he is ready to go down there. Tomas asks why Bo can’t go. John tells Tomas that he does not want to get Bo mixed up in this. And he tells Tomas that he (Tomas) is coming with him.

Original Todd observes Jessica, tells her it’s good to see her and acknowledges that she has two kids and that would make him a grand uncle. She remarks that she was his favorite niece. He asks if she is still writing. She replies that she works on The Sun. He asks if she is “working for” that imposter on Todd’s magazine. She protests that she does not know that current Todd is a scam. For all she knows he could be. He then reminds Jessica of their history and asks if she ever had any doubt that “this moron” might not be him.

Current Todd tells Blair she must know better than anyone whom he really is and he does not know what to do in order to convince her. She then shows him the way and kisses him.

James asks Starr if when she went to the jail to see this guy who looks just like her dad used to look, did she have moments where she thought he really was her dad. She admits that she is very confused as to whether he is or not and it’s almost as if she has two dads. She wishes the DNA test can resolve this all once and for all. And she wishes she could just turn off her brain like a light switch. And they continue to kiss and stay in bed longer.

When Blair kisses current Todd, she tells him that it was a test to find out if she feels what she felt when he was the love of her life many years ago. Hearing that, current Todd asks her how he “did”. She cannot answer that however.

At the gym, Vimal informs Brody that Todd Manning will do anything he can to prevent John McBain from knowing his son.

Rex doubts Delphina's powers when she tells him that his “sighting” of Gigi is all in his mind. He tells her and tells Natalie that he knows Gigi is out there. Delphina tells him, in that case, he may take them to where he sees Gigi.

John asks Tomas what Blair’s thoughts and feelings are regarding the “two” Todds.

Jessica informs original Todd, for the first time, that she has had some personal tragedies recently that has caused her personality to fragment and to become an alter named Tess. Hearing that, original Todd laughs in disbelief, never knowing this side of his niece. She explains to her uncle that her husband died and Tess came out, asked Todd to let her stay at his home. He knew that she locked Natalie in the basement. And, she admits, she should have realized, when she became reintegrated, that Todd’s behavior was a little off. Hearing that, original Todd asks her what current Todd did that he is unaware of. She replies that current Todd did not tell Viki that her daughter was sick and her other daughter was locked in the basement. Hearing that, original Todd tells her she must know that he would have never done that. Jessica then explains that in current Todd’s “defense”, Tess was blackmailing him by threatening to expose his secret that he was hiding Marty Saybrooke in his home when Marty did not know who Todd was. Hearing that, original Todd demands to know why nobody questioned that and protests to her that he cannot see his kids. He has no power over his company that his being ruined and he’s sleeping on his sister’s couch. Jessica tells him she is sorry but does not know what to say or do or believe.

At the gym, Rama tells Cristian he is the kindest and most wonderful man and she hopes he can find somebody who can make him as happy as she is with Vimal.

Nearby, Brody tells Vimal that even if Todd Manning dislikes John, he could still tell him that Liam is his son since Todd is completely unpredictable. Hearing that, Vimal tells Brody he knows exactly what he means. When he walks into work at The Sun he does not know what to expect. It’s as if there are “two” Todd Mannings.

Blair tells current Todd that the kiss may have felt familiar but she is still not certain what to conclude. He then tells her that he knew it was a lost cost to expect her support.

Jessica admits to original Todd that she does believe that it’s true that regarding the time when current Todd neglected to get her the help she needed when Tess was wreaking havoc, that her uncle’s behavior was a bit off. Original Todd then asks his niece how things are with her now. She smirks hearing that question and admits that her sister has sunk to an all-time low. She has slept with Jessica’s fiancé, has had a baby with him and they’ve moved in together. And now it’s possible that her father will spend the rest of his life in prison. Hearing that, original Todd is shocked to know that Jessica’s family has been shattered. But she coldly tells him that he may “take care” of his own twin and she will deal with hers’.

Delphina seems to know what is really up with Rex and his “connection” to Gigi.

At the police station, John asks Tomas just what was involved in Marty Saybrooke leaving town. How did she get away and where did she go? Tomas hesitates to answer that but when John tells him he must trust him, he admits that Marty found a disc that could implicate both Todd and himself. So she motivated Todd who later motivated him, to help her escape when she was going to be charged with the murder of her doctor. And they helped her get away. John then realizes he needs the help of a trained Navy SEAL. So he calls Brody who is at the gym and tells him he needs to get down to the station and talk to him.

Delphina lights a candle and sits at the table holding hands with Natalie and Rex and calls to Gigi from the afterlife.

Todd asks Jessica if she’s still working for the Sun. She replies she took a leave of absence to be with her children. Hearing that, Todd disparagingly reflects to her that it must be nice to be able to do that. He wishes he could have the option to work or be with his children or to even see them. In response to that, Jessica looks at him with sensitivity looking like she may really see him as her uncle Todd whom she’ s known all her life.

James tells Starr if she wants to get away from her family, she is always welcome in his home. And she may bring Hope, even though Hope hates his guts. Starr affirms to him that her daughter does not hate his guts and they kiss again. She tells him she has to go yet they cannot tear themselves away from each other.

Blair is then alone in the house reliving kissing current Todd, remembering when she kissed original Todd and remembering kissing Tomas recently. And it appears she has a dilemma on her hands.

Brody goes to the station to meet with John and Tomas who are planning a mission to a swamp in Louisiana to find Baker and his secret.

Original Todd goes to Viki’s home sounding smug, calling to his sister and telling her they need to talk about “this stray dog she has taken in”. But Viki does not respond nor appear. He then sees original Todd making a sandwich, making himself at home at Viki’s and acting no less confident that he is her brother.

When Delphina calls to Gigi with Rex and Natalie sitting with her, there appears to be a minor earthquake.

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