OLTL Update Tuesday 8/9/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/9/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John announces that it appears that lab results have confirmed that both original and current Todd have the same DNA. Viki and Blair both remark that that cannot be possible

Baker is alone in his private “lab.” He goes to meet a woman who asks about this trip to Llanview and hopes he did not spend his time destroying her “life’s work”

Destiny goes to talk to her mom and shocks her by telling her she is pregnant. Mrs. Evans asks if she needs permission to get an abortion.

Nate goes to talk to Nora and knows she is angry at him. She reminds him that she would like to talk to him since her son cannot speak for himself.

David is playing the movie, Fin, and talking to the unconscious Matthew in his hospital bed. He tells his younger brother he knows that they can brainstorm how to make another movie and maybe they can portray the life of Todd Manning. He remarks that it appears that Todd has enough going on in his life for “two people”.

When the DNA results are revealed, Blair demands to know what it means. Tomas replies it means that there are two Todd Mannings.

Baker’s “contact” tells him that there may still be time to “fix this”. But they are going to have to work quickly. So, she asks him, where they stand. He replies that when he found out that Kent had failed with their “mission” he went to attempt to solve their problems. But there was a difficulty involving a detective named John McBain. We do not see the woman’s face but hear her voice.

All of the people who know Todd question if the results are accurate. John tells them all that he has seen and known all of the procedures done and knows that these two men share the same DNA.

David talks to Matthew as though his brother is awake and seems confident that he need not worry about Matthew getting better. And David is obsessed about finding the right actors for his movies.

Mrs. Evans acknowledges that if her daughter waits until she is 19 to have the abortion, it will be too late so she needs her permission. Destiny then acknowledges that Mrs. Evans is still legally her mom and hopes that she will not refuse to do what her daughter asks just because she moved out.

Nate protests to Nora that he did not intend to put Matthew in the hospital. He only hit him once. Matthew got up and appeared to be ok. She tells him that is fine and good but will not bring her son back. He tells her with due respect, it also won’t bring his father back

Tea mentions that it’s entirely possible that “someone” would tamper with the DNA results. Right then, Dani enters and wonders why everybody is there together. She then stares at original Todd realizing she may have never met him.

Baker explains to his private contact that “the fugitive” would have been eliminated were it not for John McBain. He tells her that he is certain that McBain is still “in the dark” about their secret. But she tells him that she is not primarily concerned about McBain. Her main concern is “the fugitive” whom Baker admits is “out of their jurisdiction”.

At the house, Dani stares at original Todd and remarks that he looks just like the pictures she saw of him before the surgery. He remarks that he knows her. She is Danielle, his daughter with Tea and she is even more beautiful than the pictures he’s seen of her.

Nate informs Nora that he never even met his father. All he knows is that he terrorized his mother, his older brother and anybody who could not defend themselves against him. He does not blame Matthew for what happened to Eddie. The world was not safe with him walking free. But he lost it and snapped when he learned, for the first time that Matthew killed him and let Nate take the rap for him. But he would never try to kill Matthew nor wishes him harm. And he tells Nora he hopes every day and night that her son gets better.

David continues to attempt to get Matthew to wake up and talk to him, encouraging him to know that he is the one person who can help him get his career and his life back and help their family with all they are going through right now. He urges Matthew to wake up but Matthew remains comatose.

Mrs. Evans tells her daughter that she is so sorry that she lost her trust and that Destiny did not believe she could go to her mom and talk to her when she was in trouble. She holds Destiny in her arms and destiny cries.

Current Todd asks Tea if she can prove that he, not Ross Rayburn, and not original Todd is Dani’s father. But Viki tells him that if John made certain there was no tampering, then they must all consider that it’s accurate that Roger Howarth is Todd. The others all conclude that there is no way to prove anything at this point. But Starr tells them she thinks she knows of a way to prove it once and for all.

Destiny’s mom tells her daughter she knows she was hurting and that Destiny had every right to be angry that they did not tell her that they were not her birth parents and Greg was. But the just thought that it was kinder for her not to know that. She tells Destiny that at a time like this, a family must come together. She is a social worker and knows all about how decisions like this are hard. But they can get through it if they take things one thing at a time. First, she asks, is Destiny sure that she is pregnant? Destiny tells her yes. Vivian confirmed it. Her mom asks who all knows. She replies Shaun, Vivian and Dani. Mrs. Evans asks what about the father of her baby. Destiny remarks that he can’t exactly “know”. Her mom asks why. Destiny replies that he’s been hurt. It’s Matthew Buchanan.

In Matthew’s hospital room, David urges him not to give up and not to let Nate Salinger win.

Nate then asks Nora what she plans to do. He reminds her that she and Bo both have his written statement and all the means necessary to prosecute him for assaulting Matthew. Nora is silent.

Mrs. Evans tells destiny that she knows how close Destiny has been with Matthew. But she also has her family. And she needs to know that abortion is not the only options. Destiny tells her mom that even if Matthew was awake and well and everything was great between them, she is not ready to be a mom.

Baker tells the woman that he tried and failed to get the fugitive out of McBain’s jurisdiction but it was easier said than done. She then assesses that she gave him specific instructions meaning that the fugitive could not have any contact with Todd manning. And Baker failed with that. So, she asks, does he have any other ideas for what they can do now?

Starr tells the others that she is gifted in science and has an explanation for why both of these men share the same DNA. They must be twins.

Nora admits to Nate that if she went to court and put him on the stand, he would be asked his motives for punching Matthew. He would reply that Matthew shot his father. And if she sends Nate to prison, the same thing will happen to her son. She cries and looks away. But Nate tells her that there are ways to prevent Matthew from going to jail.

Mrs. Evans tells her daughter she will sign the authorization for the abortion and will go with her if she wants. Destiny tells her she would like her mom to go with her. Her mom tells her that she respects Destiny’s decision to go back to live with Shaun. But they have her bed all made up for her. Destiny then tells her mom she is ready to come home. But, she tells her mom, she does need one thing for her.

At Todd’s home, Tea concludes to the others that they still have yet to come up with a theory for why both of these men claim to be Todd Manning. They both conclude that they are Todd and the other is a fake and both want another test.

Baker tells his contact that he grants her that the situation is untenable. But it can be salvageable.. She then tells him that she happens to know that due to his inability to do his job, the fugitive has escaped and can go wherever he wants, contact anyone he wants and disclose any information he wants and they have no control over it. The fugitive has managed to kill someone and has gotten away with kidnapping a child.

Both Todds are getting another swab test in front of all of the witnesses.

Nate tells Nora that he could write another statement and leave out the part about Matthew killing his dad. He could say that he was jealous of Matthew, possibly with Dani, and assaulted him because of that. That way, Matthew won’t be convicted and Nora will be able to convict the guy who assaulted her son.

Destiny goes to see Matthew when David greets her and asks why he hasn’t seen her recently, if she’d like to see his movie and do yoga with him. She then tells David if he does not mind, she would like to talk to Matthew alone.

Nora tells Nate she will not support his committing perjury. He tells her if she does nothing, wouldn’t that be obstructing justice. He tells her he is so sorry. She cries and tells him she believes he means it. But it’s not enough.

Current Todd tells John if he’s finished, then he would like his house back. Blair wants Star and Jack to come home with her. But he wants to stay at Todd’s. Starr tells Dani she can stay there with her if she wants. Dani tells Starr she'd like to talk to her mom. Original Todd tells Dani he’s there for her if she needs him. She tells his she does not think so and runs out the door. Current Todd asks where John went and who is going to take “this joker” to jail. Tea replies that he is out on jail. They wonder where original Todd is going to stay. Current Todd suggests maybe there’s an empty crate by the docks. But Viki firmly tells them that original Todd is staying with her for as long as he needs to and if anybody has a problem with that, it’s too bad. Original Todd concludes that he will hopefully get his life back.

Destiny tells unconscious Matthew that she had to tell him, alone, that she cannot have their baby. She will have to have an abortion.

Blair returns home with Starr and Jack. He tells them that very possibly original Todd is a clone. Starr angrily tells her brother that is not possible. It’s absurd. There is no scientific validity in cloning. He tells his sister he knows she just wants to get rid of their dad and believe this imposter. Blair asks her kids to stop arguing and clarifies to Starr that Jack has only known of current Todd as his father. Starr tells her mom she wishes she could be as sure as Jack is that current Todd is not the imposter. Blair admits that she also questions it and can see the likelihood that original Todd has been exiled and they’ve all been scammed by a man who is not the Todd they know.

Original Todd goes with Viki to her home realizing that she may be taking her chances trusting a stranger. But she assures him that she knows he is not a stranger. He is not a fake. She knows her brother. He then asks her what her theory is for why there are “two” of him. She admits she has no answer for that. And the only person who could answer that question is the woman who gave birth to Todd Manning.

That is exactly whom Baker is talking to. We see her face, and she is ready to come to Llanview to do what she needs to do. She is Irene Manning whom Viki and everybody remembers and believes has been dead for a long time.

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