OLTL Update Monday 8/8/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/8/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

On both the television and You Tube, the start was delayed until after the president's press conference.

Nate informs Dani that Bo knows that he assaulted Matthew and he admitted everything to him. He knows that there is no point in lying as the cops have evidence. He tells her that Bo found his gum wrapper on the floor at the house right when he went to confront Matthew and decked him.

Nora is with Bo after he has gotten the statement form Nate where he admits that he assaulted Matthew.

At the OB-GYN room, Destiny admits to Shaun and Vivian that when she was with Matthew and they wound up sleeping together, it was a good experience. Although unplanned, he mentioned to her that he was considering being more than friends with her. Yet they never had a chance to even go out on a date before she gets pregnant and Matthew may never recover from a fatal injury. They then ask her what she wants for herself and her future. She tells them that she wants to go to college and have a career. Vivian then asks her to tell her exactly what she has concluded. Destiny then replies that she knows she is not ready for this and plans to have an abortion.

Current Todd admits to all the people who knows him as well as to original Todd that he realizes that he raped Marty Saybrooke many years ago. Original Todd listens in awe when he tells everybody not only did he do that, but not long ago, he kept her secretly in his home, after she suffered amnesia and had no memories and when everybody who knew Marty thought she was dead. He was going to keep the secret from her son, her friends and everyone. And he was going to have Starr and everyone else believing that baby Hope had died while he and Marty raised Hope alone without anyone knowing what he’d done. Original Todd listens and appears to be outraged. Hearing that, he demands to know how this guy could do something like that and none of them could figure out that that was not him and that he would never do anything like that. John then admits that Marty did not know she was falling in love with a rapist. Original Todd tells them that still does not explain why all the people who know him know that “this guy” is a fraud. Hearing that, Jack tells original Todd to shut up and not talk that way to his dad. And he tells him that the DNA test will confirm who really is Todd.

Vivian tells Destiny that she can schedule for her to have an abortion. She has that legal right. She then leaves Destiny alone in the room with Shaun who asks his sister if she is ok. She cries and tells her brother she is so sorry to have caused this trouble. She’s sorry she and Matthew did not use protection. But she is not sorry that they made love.

Nora demands to know why Bo has not put Nate Salinger in a cell after what he did to their son. Not only has he done that. He’s become a porn star. What justification does Bo have not to make Nate pay? Bo then attempts to explain to his wife that Nate did not intend to put Matthew in the hospital. And the very reason why Nate did the porn flick is justified by what happened to Matthew. She must know that injuries worse than what happened to Matthew occur on the football field or in day to day living. What happened to him was an accident. Nora furiously tells Bo that their son could be permanently damaged after suffering a fatal injury and how can Bo minimize this.

Dani tells Nate that what may be weird is that her dad might actually understand what Nate felt he had to do. She knows that her dad is willing to do whatever he has to do to protect his family and might relate to Nate doing what he did.

John tells all the people at Todd’s home that they got the DNA from Marty’s rape kit that confirms that “one” of them is telling the truth and is the real Todd Manning. But that have yet to know which one.

Nate admits to Dani that he kind of has to wonder when the day will come when the cops come to his door unexpected and put him in handcuffs. But he knows it might be worse for the commissioner knowing what has happened to his son and the fact that there’s nothing he can do about it. She then suggests that maybe if Bo and Nora wanted to arrest him, they would have done it by now.

Nora tells Bo that they cannot let this go while Bo tells her all he knows about the set of circumstances involving what happened to Matthew.

Dani then tells Nate that very possibly Bo and Nora would not want to go public with what he did because it would expose the fact that Matthew killed Nate’s father and let Nate almost go to prison for it.

Bo then reminds Nora of the very thing. She tells him that they cannot let it go that their son is in a coma. But he tells her regardless, if they pursue that, they are going to have examined Nate’s motive. So they have to face it and realize that they cannot go after Nate without giving up Matthew. He asks her if she is willing to pay that price.

Shaun tells destiny that there is nothing to forgive. He just wishes that she would have told him that she was in trouble. But she tells him that he must realize that sitting down at the kitchen table and telling her brother all about her sex life is not something she would realistically do that. He then tells her that he realizes that is something for her to only tell to her mother. She then clarifies to Shaun that she does not have a mother. Her real mother is dead. He suggests that maybe she should go to the person who raised her even if she did lie. He tells destiny that his parents who are her grandparents lied to him also. But maybe she can forgive and realize that they did what they did in order to protect her and believed it was for the best. She then tells Shaun that he may do whatever he wants. It’s his business if he wants to forgive Mr. and Mrs. Evans. But he must promise her that he will not tell them that she is pregnant. But, Vivian overhears and tells Destiny she is sorry but Shaun cannot be expected to make that promise for her since she is a minor and they have legal guardianship of her.

John announces that the real Todd Manning is original Todd played by Roger Howarth. Hearing that, everybody is stunned and Viki asks if original Todd is her brother, who is the man, standing before them, who has been known as Todd for the last 8 years?

Bo reminds Nora that they were going to let Clint take the rap for the murder of Eddie. But Matthew did not want that to happen and wanted to come clean. And had it not been for the cover-up, Nate would not have found out after it was too late nor assaulted Matthew. So, he concludes, if anybody is responsible or should be blamed for what happened to Matthew, maybe it should be them and not Nate.

Nate then tells Dani that the fear of Bo and Nora putting him in prison for what he did to Matthew is not his biggest worry. It’s the fear of losing her.

Vivian reminds Destiny that she is still a minor and not allowed to get an abortion without permission form her parents. There is no way they can wait until she is 18 because it will be too late for the procedure to be legal. Hearing that, she concludes that there is no way she can inform her legal guardians nor ask for permission to have an abortion.

Current Todd confirms that he is Starr and Jack’s father and has protected them his entire life. He asks if that is the thanks he gets. Jack tells him that he believes him. But nobody else does. He faces Blair and tells her he knows that she always knew that he was who he said he was and was telling the truth. But she does not confirm that. He then faces Starr and tells her she must believe him. Original Todd assures Todd that everything will be ok. Current Todd yells at original Todd to shut up. Blair then demands that current Todd stops playing these games, comes clean and tells them the truth. Is he really walker Laurence who falsified being Todd when he came to town, as she remembers when she first discovered that Todd did not die and had reconstructive surgery. Current Todd asks why anybody should believe there is any validity in the DNA test anyway since the way it was obtained is John stealing it from his toothbrush. Tea protests that it could be considered illegal for John to do that. But the others ask why anybody would have a problem if it confirms the truth and if current Todd has nothing to hide. Current Todd tells John that the results would have to be altered if they confirm that “this guy” is him. He then demands that John does another test and takes a sample of Todd hair.

Destiny returns to her mom’s home where she has not visited much less wanted to live for a long time. Her mom rushes to hug her and assumes she is back to live there. But Destiny coldly tells her mom (grandma) that she is not there to live. She just needs her to sign something and then she will return to living at Shaun’s.

Nate tells Dani if she gives him the benefit of the doubt, he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her.

Nora asks Bo if he believes that what happened to Matthew is their fault. He tells her that maybe they should not be looking for fault. But if their son did murder Eddie Ford, do they have the right to make Nate pay for something that was an accident that could be, to some extent justified. She then asks if she is supposed to forget what Nate did and whenever she sees Nate walking around, dating, becoming and adult and having a life, she has to forget that her son may never be able to have a future and could be stuck in a rehab facility for the rest of his life. She breaks down crying while Bo tells her they must never give up hope that Matthew will recover and be as good as new. But they must do this for his sake. And he tells her they will get through this together. She then tries to make things better and tells him she wants to drive somewhere and will be back in a few minutes. Bo goes to take a shower. And as soon as Nora is alone in the house, she grabs a secret document and goes off alone.

Dani admits to Nate that she cannot promise that she will be able to block out what she was feeling when she was that porn flick. But regarding whether she will commit to him or not, it will be her own decision and not based on anything her dad says or does about it.

John concludes that current Todd is “a match” too. Hearing that, nobody has a clue what he is talking about and Blair asks to whom? Walker Laurence?

After Destiny leaves them alone, Shaun asks Vivian what will happen when their parents find out that Destiny is pregnant. Will they authorize for her to have an abortion? And if they don’t, what will they do if she is forced to be a teenage mother.

Mrs. Evans appears to have found out that her daughter is pregnant and is shocked.

John confirms that it appears that BOTH of these two men are Todd Manning. Now how could that be?

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