OLTL Update Friday 8/5/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/5/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr goes to see original Todd in his jail cell. He looks at her and tells her she must know that he is her father. She tells him she can see that he “knows” something about her and she is going to find out whom he is and if what he says is true.

Shaun and Vivian are with Destiny after discovering that she is pregnant. Vivian tells her that she has a decision to make.

In the park Liar tells Tomas that although it may sound simple that a DNA test will confirm just who the real Todd is, she realizes that being patient is not her strong suit. And they still need to find out how this whole thing happened involving original Todd being locked away and if the Todd we’ve known since 2003 is in fact an imposter.

Jack confirms to current Todd that he knows that only he is his father and he is on his side.

After Viki has visited original Todd in the jail cell, she goes upstairs and talks to John who tells her that a simple test will determine who the real Todd is manning.

While Vivian is with Destiny in the exam room, Shaun and Dani wait outside. He tells her he cannot imagine his baby sister having a baby and he is worried that she is alone without Matthew Buchanan there for her although they know the obvious reason why he cannot be there. She assures him that she is there for her friend and knows that he and Vivian are also there. Vivian then comes out and announces that Destiny wants to see Dani and talk alone to her without Shaun.

Blair tells Tomas that they both need to go and talk to the Todd they’ve known for 8 years and she wants to hear his side of the story.

At the station, Viki tells John she is almost afraid to see the results. What if the man she’s known and trusted for 8 years as her brother is an imposter. He then assesses that the guy downstairs must have really done a number on her. Viki then admits that that guy knows so many things that only Todd would know and he told her she is the one person above all others whom he could trust. And if he is Todd, then the guy who has been betraying her brother for year has completely pulled the wool over her eyes.

Downstairs, Starr tells original Todd that he has yet to convince her that he is who he says he is. He then tells her she may ask him any question she wants. She then asks the first question regarding if he remembers her favorite animal when she was a little girl. He remembers Fred the frog and asks Starr for the next question, sounding very confident that she will not catch him in a lie.

Hearing that jack believes and trusts him, current Todd affirms to Tea that his son believes him and asks her where she stands. She does not answer.

Shaun angrily asks if he is supposed to wait outside and not be there for his little sister when he’s been the one who’s been taking care of her. Vivian protests that he must respect his sister’s wishes to talk to Dani alone. Destiny then comes out and tells Shaun she does not mean to shut him out. But he tells her that their family has already had too many secrets. He can’t be shut out and asks her to please let him be a part of it.

Todd tells Tea that maybe he should contact Dani and find out if she believes that he is really her father. Tea tells him that she did in fact ask their daughter to be part of this discussion. But early this morning, Dani told her she had a very important appointment that she had to attend to. Todd then asks her if it’s not illegal for John McBain to take a DNA sample from his home without asking him. She then responds to that by asking why it would matter whether John wants to do a DNA test if he has nothing to hide.

Viki admits to John that she has noticed her brother doing despicable things like raping Marty Saybrooke and attempting to get her son Kevin framed for the crime. She tells John that they both came from and abusive upbringing with a sick father and are both damaged people. But John remarks that although she grew up in the same environment, she is not a sociopath. She admits that her brother is a rapist and capable of some hideous things. But she also knows that her brother is capable of infinite love and is a wonderful person in many ways.

Starr quizzes original Todd and he is able to answer all of the questions about all of the details of her childhood. But she is able to see that he has a read a book to familiarize himself with the answers and has cheated.

Tomas tells Blair that he knows she has never loved anyone as much as she has loved Todd. And he is hoping that she can break this cycle. But realizing that she does not know who the guy in the jail cell is, she admits to Tomas that she cannot answer that until she knows the whole story.

Vivian announces to Shaun that she has examined destiny and has determined that her pregnancy is normal. However, knowing that this is an unplanned pregnancy and that this is somewhat advanced, they need to explore all of the options. Vivian admits that a possibility would be to terminate the pregnancy. And just the mention of that horrifies Shaun to think that his sister would have an abortion.

John tells Viki that using the excuse of daddy abusing him to be a rapist and pedophile is not something he respects. She tells him she knows all too well about her brother’s issues. John then confirms with Viki that Gigi Morasco was a close friend of hers’ and just what are her thoughts and feelings about the fact that Todd enabled his son to get away with killing her and has no remorse for doing that.

Tea admits to Todd and Jack that she does not know what to say or do regarding the present situation. Alone with Todd, Jack assures his dad that he does not care about any DNA tests or why another guy would have the face he used to have. Current Todd is still his dad and he knows that his dad has his back and won’t let him go to jail and so he won’t abandon the man he knows is looking out for him.

Viki then admits to John that she does not forgive Todd for letting his son get away with murder.

When Todd and Jack are together, Tomas and Blair walk in through the door and tell Todd they need to talk. Todd tells them he does not want Tomas in his house. He will give him a couple minutes to get out of this house and will then have him arrested for trespassing.

In the jail call, Starr tells original Todd that he cheated and must admit it. He tells her that he remembers every detail of his life. She tells him that people forget details and don’t always remember everything in the distant past. But she knows that this guy has been carefully memorizing everything about the life of Todd manning. She angrily concludes that her dad would not stay away from his family for this long. She does not know why he is doing any of this. But it is cruel. She then drops her stuffed animal. And she reveals to him, for the first time that it belongs to her baby daughter. Hearing that, original Todd is in awe to find out that Starr has a child. Starr then faces him and asks if he does not know about that. Original Todd tells her that it’s not entirely his fault when information like that does not travel to the place he has been imprisoned all this while. But, he asks her, is it true that she has a child. Starr tells him that the pregnancy was an accident. But she is beautiful and perfect and she loves Hope more than anything. Original Todd then asks who the slime bag is who knocked her up.

Shaun asks Destiny if she would even consider an abortion. She replies she does not know. Shaun asks if there are other options. Vivian mentions that she could carry the pregnancy and find a family to adopt her baby. Destiny asks if she has the option of a “do over”. Shaun then furiously asks Vivian if she thinks that his sister should give up her baby to strangers and/or have her life ruined. She tells Shaun that he mustn’t yell at Vivian. It’s not her fault. Shaun then furious tells them that the person who is at fault is very lucky that he’s in a hospital because if he were not, Shaun would beat his ass and make him sorry.

Original Todd repeats his question to Starr asking who the slime bag that knocked her up is. He remarks that he will beat the punk’s ass. Starr then replies that the father of her child is not a punk. He asks her if this loser has ever heard of a condom. She admits that she and her boyfriend made a mistake. Todd demands to know who her baby’s father is. She replies that his name is Cole Thornhart and he is Marty Saybrooke’s son. Original Todd listens in disbelief and asks if it’s true that he and Marty Saybrooke have a mutual grandchild. Starr answer that “he” does not have a grandchild. Her father does.

Blair tells current Todd that Tomas is not going anywhere and that they would both like some answers from him. If he can’t answer their question, John can easily do that with DNA.

Tea goes to talk to John when he’s talking to Viki about Todd. And she asks him if he is aware that going into Todd’s home to get DNA from his toothbrush is illegal search and seizure. He asks her if she does not realize that Todd’s sister has the right to know the answer to this question. Tea admits that John and Viki are correct that they all have the right to know who the real Todd is and who is lying to them.

At the house, Todd confronts Blair and Tomas who wonder why he is “afraid” of a DNA test.

At the hospital, Shaun panics and Vivian runs after him. Destiny tells Dani she doesn’t know what to do. Dani tells her that maybe she can find a good family who can raise her baby. Maybe a married couple whom she meets and realizes are good parents. She tells Destiny that many people grow up with adoptive parents and it goes ok. Destiny asks if it’s not kind of weird to watch someone else raise her baby. She then concludes that maybe the “easiest” thing for her to do is to keep the baby. But Dani tells her she must know that there is nothing “easy” about being a teenage mother. Destiny reminds Dani that Starr has made it work. But Dani reminds her that her older sister has had her life interrupted and has undergone a hardship having to raise Hope. She’s fortunate enough to have a family to help her and loves her baby but it’s not a great situation. Destiny then concludes that she thinks she knows what she has to do.

Original Todd cries when he faces Starr and relives the first time he held her in his arms when she was a baby. Viki put her in his arms and his life was renewed. She does not know what to say or do. John then asks the cops to let original Todd out if his cell. He asks both original Todd and Starr to come with him.

Vivian tells Shaun she realizes that Destiny and Matthew made a mistake and should have used a condom. But Destiny is intelligent and can have a good future and they must realize she can make a good decision. Destiny then enters and tells them she has figured out what she is going to do.

Viki and Tea enter the house and announce that they have agreed to something. Todd asks what Viki is doing in his house knowing that his sister has a plan. As John, Starr, and original Todd enter behind them, John announces that they are now going to find out who the real Todd Manning is.

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