OLTL Update Thursday 8/4/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/4/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the park, Tomas can see that Blair does not know whether to believe that the Todd she’s known for 8 years is the father of her children or if “original Todd” is.

Current Todd finds Tea and discovers that she went to “do some research” by going to the jail cell and talking to the very man who claims to be her husband and daughter’s father and who kidnapped Sam and attacked Jack. She cries and avoids Todd when she asks her to look at him. He asks her to tell him what she sees when she looks at him. She replies that she sees her husband but does not know what to believe regarding whether or not he is lying to her.

Right then, Viki goes to the jail cell to visit original Todd. She stares at him when he tells “his sister” that she needs to see that he is her brother and she knows it. But she tells him she knows that he is the man who kidnapped Sam and who claims to be her brother although she cannot believe that it’s possible. But she stares at him and asks just how he was able to make himself look exactly like the way she remembered her brother until 2003 when he changed his appearance from Roger Howarth to Trevor St. John playing Todd.

John takes Baker to the station and baker asks if John really believes that there are “two Todd Manning’s”. John looks through Baker’s wallet and notices that his business card says Malcolm baker security. He tells him it appears that Baker is not part of the police or security system. And he wants to know what Baker knows about this man (original Todd who has appeared out of nowhere after everybody has believed his face has been changed 8 years ago) who claims to be Todd Manning .

In the jail cell, original Todd explains to Viki that he was drugged and tortured and held captive for 8 years. Hearing that, she asks why. He admits he does not know but they said he had something he wanted although they would not say what it was. And he escaped, came home and was so looking forward to starting his life gain. But then some guy he’s never before seen is somehow known as Todd Manning and has stolen his life. Hearing that, Viki tells him that she knows who her brother is. Original Todd tells her that he knows that Blair, Tea and the kids may not want to “admit” that he is the only real Todd Manning. But she (Viki) is the one person whom he can trust beyond all others. So he urges her not to give up on him although Viki does not know what to say or do.

Blair tells Tomas that she thinks he is keeping a secret from her involving this mystery as to how this man who looks exactly like her children’s father used to look has come out of nowhere claiming to be Todd when she’s believed for 8 years that another man is Todd. So she’d like him to tell her what he has left out that he knows about this.

Not far away, in the park, Jack tells Starr that he knows who their father is. And this guy who may look like Todd 8 years ago is a fake. He could care less what this guy wants and hopes he crawls in a hole and dies.

Tomas confessed to Blair, for the first time, that when he admitted to her, recently, that he used to work for the CIA, he did not tell her all that was involved. One specific thing is that he was working alongside an agent named Baker. And their work involved “special operations”. Hearing that, she asks just what “special operations” he is talking about. He then replies that he thought he was helping his country. But he now knows he was not. She then asks just what he was ordered to do. He replies that he was an assassin.

At the station, Baker tells John that he must know that original Todd is a “loose cannon”. He tells John he is in over his head and does not know that this man is a desperate and dangerous man who wants to pass himself off as Todd Manning. But he must be stopped before more people get hurt or possibly killed.

At the jail, Viki admits to original Todd that 8 years ago “her brother” was beaten very badly and nearly died. In order to survive, he needed surgery and it altered his appearance. Hearing that, original Todd tells her that he remembers seeing her in the cemetery needing to be convinced that he was dead. It took a long time for her to believe that he was dead. And, he tells her, the only difference between then and now is that now there’s “some bozo” claiming to be her brother. But, he tells his sister, in her heart, she knows that that guy is a fake and he (himself) is her brother.

Jack tells Starr that it’s obvious that the guy claiming to be their father is a con artist and what kind of an idiot would make himself look like someone’s face many years ago. She then tells his brother that he was very young when their dad had their surgery but she was older, knew and remembered things that he does not. She knows who their dad was before and it’s more than just his face and body. There are too many coincidences of how this guy would remember her like calling her Shorty and other aspects that he could not know or pull off if he was not the father she knew years ago. Jack tells her that it’s not that hard for someone to figure out things and falsify who they are and why is she abandoning their father (Trevor St. John). She protests that she is not doing that but she has to explore what might be possible.

Tea is also telling current Todd that she must explore what is possible. Even if this other guy had his face reconstructed to look like Todd used to, how could he know so many things that only Todd would know. Current Todd then tells her that he could look on the internet and find out many things. But she remembers that original Todd knows about their secrets during their first marriage. Current Todd lists all of the things that he remembers throughout the history of their relationship. He tells her that only the two of them would know that on the island when she was with Ross Rayburn, there was a confrontation. And then they had Dani. He asks her what original Todd said to her and if it’s causing her to doubt him, he thinks he has a right to know. She asks why Tomas said that he is not Todd Manning.

Tomas then shows Blair a picture of Todd played by Roger Howarth years ago and informs her that he was given orders to kill this man.

In the jail, Viki asks original Todd how he would “know” about the cemetery. He asks because he was there. He was furious and wanted to leave town. He remembers when Starr was an infant, Blair wanted to abandon him and he wanted to leave and never come back. But Viki put Starr in his arms. We then see the scene of Roger Howarth’s Todd holding baby Starr alongside his sister. He tells Viki she enabled him to learn to love his little girl and profoundly changed his life.

Jack tells Starr if she believes this strange guy, then she is turning their back on their dad. He asks how she can betray and question current Todd after all he has done for Jack. Hearing that, Starr asks her brother just what their dad did for him. Hearing that, she asks Jack just what Todd did to “help” him that she does not know about. Was it something involving helping Jack get away with what happened to Gigi Morasco. Jack then confirms that is correct. Todd was able to establish that Jack “didn’t do it”.

Tea furiously tells Todd he better tell her everything he knows right this minute or else.

Baker tells John that he is telling him the truth that the man who is currently locked up is not Todd Manning. John then asks who he is and reminds Baker that the cops can let Baker also spend the night in jail.

Original Todd tells Viki that, years ago, when he was ready to take over the Buchanan’s fortune, it was not one of his “best moves”. But he really did believe that Asa was faking a heart attack. Yet, he recalls that his sister knew otherwise. We then see the flashback of Roger Howarth’s Todd telling Viki, years ago that Asa believes he’s God and her telling her brother that if he believes it God, he needs to pray for forgiveness because Todd will regret it if that man dies. And she motivated Todd to right the wrong and told him that even if nobody else could love Todd, she always would. Viki then listens in awe remembering their conversation all those years ago. And original Todd asks her if she was lying when she told him that.

Tomas tells Blair that he was right in Llanview 8 years ago to eliminate Todd but somebody got to him first. He confirms that he knows Mitch Laurence had Todd beaten and left for dead in Viki’s mausoleum which is where Tomas found original Todd. He admits that there was a “change of plans” and Baker decided he did not want original Todd dead but he wanted Tomas to leave him as he was. Hearing that, Blair is horrified to learn that Tomas made to attempt to help the father of her children and demands to know what kind of monster he is.

Not far away, Starr reminds Jack that the man they have known as their father for the last 8 years beat up Cole and threw her down a flight of stairs. He reminds her that it was an accident. But she suggest that maybe the father they “really have” would not do that, in addition to having her falsely believing that her daughter was dead, while he kidnapped Marty after she suffered amnesia and everybody thought Marty had died, and was ready to run away and raise baby Hope with Marty. The dad she knew would never do that to her. Jack then asks her how she would know and if she was a pregnant teenager before Todd got his face changed? No. He asks her if she is just trying to get revenge upon the dad they know because she’s angry at him. And he tells her she can continue to believe “this nut job” but she must leave Jack out of it.

Todd admits to tea that he had some secret money laundering deal with Tomas and Baker. And he heard that baker sent somebody to shoot him recently and Tomas saved his life. So he and Tomas did not want to get her or the kids involved so they kept it a secret. She tells him that still does not explain why Tomas said he is not Todd Manning.

Tomas tells Blair that he knows there is no excuse for what he did but he believed he was serving his country. She then concludes that there must have been no flea market in Paris, just more lies. He tells her that he found out about Todd, did some digging and then found out the truth about the people he was working with. So he contacted his friend, Claude. He was able to end his job with the CIA but did not get over his guilt. He wondered what would happen if Blair was left alone to raise her kids. He didn’t know what to do so he started painting.

Todd asks Tea he does not know who this guy is with his old face who appeared out of nowhere. She is similarly baffled remembering that she also fell in love with “that face”. He tells her he wishes he had better answers for her.

Viki then admits to original Todd that she did promise to always love her brother and means it. She looks at him and admits he has her brother’s face and his memories. Original Todd remembers Viki looking for him. But she has been conned to believe that this “fake” is her brother. Hearing that, she tells him that is crazy. He tells her he knows he is crazy. He has been pushed to the edge. But the only thing that kept him from going insane or dying, when they were both the children of the monster, Victor Lord, was her. She saved him. Hearing that, Viki remembers her special bond she had with her brother that kept them connected. But it’s impossible. This guy cannot be Todd. But he protests it’s not impossible knowing she could see good in him when nobody could. So, he asks her, is what he’s asking of her now any different?

At the station, a guy appears with a court ordered subpoena signed by a federal judge demanding the release of Agent Baker. And, he adds, that they will also need “the man with the scar on his face”.

Tomas admits to Blair that he went to stop the shooting. But his friend informed him that Baker intended to shoot Todd. Blair asks why Baker would want Todd dead. Tomas tells her he assumed that Todd stopped playing by the rules. She asks why, then, he did not just go to the cops. He replies that if he or Todd did that, it would make her and Tea and the kids potential targets. So he and Todd both agreed to simply keep their mouths shut. Yet there is still no answer about which of these two men in the real Todd Manning.

Original Todd cries as he tells Viki that she was the one person who made him realize that he had a heart and a soul and that he had the right to live and that everything would be ok. So she cannot let him down now. She then admits she does not know what to say or do and leaves.

At the station, John asks Baker and the guy who wants Baker freed, that he is going to find out why they held original Todd captive for no apparent reason.

Tomas informs Blair that the first “sighting” of original Todd was when Sam identified him as the guy with the scar whom he met in the backyard. Then, he notices that original Todd appeared in town. But, they both realize, that Tomas has no proof of who really is Todd Manning. She then asks him if this is just another one of his lies. He then admits to her that he hasn’t given her much of a reason to trust or believe him.

Todd tells Tea that he knows “somebody” wants her to distrust and leave him. And he’s afraid she is playing right into. He urges her not to do this to “them”. Right then, Jack walks in the door and declares to his dad that he believes him.

Baker tells John that he will put “the prisoner” (original Todd) into his custody. John admits to Baker that he cannot stop him. But when John is alone with a uniform cop, they confirm that they are not going to let Baker out of their sight and are going to do a DNA test on original Todd.

When original Todd is alone in his jail cell, Starr comes to see him.

Jack tells current Todd he does not care what anybody says, does, thinks or believes. He knows that current Todd is his father and he is on his side.

Original Todd looks emotionally at Starr, telling her he knows that she believes him. But she asks him just what he believes he “knows” about her or where he might have found it out.

Tomas tells Blair he wishes he had some answers for her regarding who is the real Todd Manning and who is not. But that won’t be revealed until they get the DNA test results.

Viki goes to find John and asks who “that man” downstairs in the jail cell is and is he or is he not her brother. John then tells her he thinks the answers will be revealed in this report that he is holding in his hand.

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