OLTL Update Tuesday 8/2/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/2/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly and Joey return to Dorian’s home after travelling. David then informs them that he did not get to have his premier. Hearing that, Kelly asks if it was cancelled. He furiously replies that he had no intention of cancelling the production he worked so hard on.

Destiny finds Dani and finds out that Nate has had a “secret film” that she did not know about. Destiny then informs Dani that there is “something else” about Nate that she does not know.

At Buenos Dias, Robert Ford finds his brother and asks what is wrong. Nate tells Robert that he has to quit his job and leave town k before he gets prosecuted and thrown in prison. Robert asks why that would happen. Nate replies that it’s only a matter of time before everybody knows that he put Matthew Buchanan in the hospital.

Viki wheels Clint into the courtroom while he grimly tells her that it’s just a matter of time before he goes to prison. She protests that his children love him and do not want to see that happen. He tells her he knows that Rex wants him put away.

Echo goes to see Rex and asks how things are for him and his son. He then replies to her that last night he was “visited” by Gigi.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun informs Vivian that destiny was asleep when he got home last night and was gone by the time he got up this morning. He tells her that he cannot bear to think of his little sister in trouble and not able to tell him. She then asks him just how he would approach her regarding his suspicion that she is pregnant.

Destiny then tells Dani that Bo and Nora informed her that they discovered a gum wrapper in their home that is not theirs’ nor Matthew’s nor hers’ yet was found right before he got rushed to the hospital. She also informs Dani that she has seen Nate chewing that brand of gum. At that point, Dani realizes that Nate is ready to get found out.

Robert asks Nate just what he did to Matthew Buchanan. Nate replies he decked him. Robert asks why.

At the courthouse, Bo tells Nora that although he is not on good terms with Clint, he is not about to let his brother go to prison for something he did not do. Matthew is in the hospital and so their son might never be found out. But what do they do?

In the empty courtroom, Rex informs Viki for the first time that he can see that Rex is ready to do battle and is on a “dark path”. Hearing that, she tells her ex-husband that hearing that is kind of an improvement from Clint where he is speaking about Rex regarding something other than not wanting to believe he is his son. Clint tells Viki he still believes that Rex is trash and he knows all too well that his “son” is going down the path of revenge just like his father has.

Echo tells Rex that she can understand very well how it is that he has “seen” Gigi. She has had similar visions” of seeing Charlie. He first protests that she does not understand. He did “see” Gigi but later realizes his mom is right. He was seeing what he wanted to see.

Echo tells Rex that she wants to celebrate his getting her out of jail and she will make them breakfast. He then remembers Gigi making peanut butter smoothies. But she tells her son she wants to be there for him. He tells her that she does not owe him anything. She tells her that she is amazed that Clint “helped” them and she promises she will never put Rex in that situation again. But Dorian made her so crazy about making her lose Charlie that she lost it. She tells Rex she knows he would never do something so irrational. But he asks her if she thinks she is the only person desperate enough to get back at someone. And he admits that he almost committed murder last night.

In the empty courtroom, Viki reminds Clint that he is about to be charged for a murder he did not commit. She tells him it was one thing to want to protect Matthew when Clint believed he (Clint) was dying anyway. But now that he is going to live, he must protect himself. But he is ready to confess.

Nora asks Bo if he knows what keeps her going Matthew. He is fighting back and ready to come home to them. It may take years. But their son is waiting to return to them. He is waiting to have this normal life. And are they going to throw him in prison. She reminds her husband that this is a question that they have never answered and she asks him if he could send their son to prison. He reminds her that it might not just be up to them. There is someone else who knows that Matthew killed Eddie. They could come forward.

Robert asks Nate if he is certain that Matthew is the person who killed their father and let both Nate and their mother take the rap for it, stood there and said nothing. He tells Nate he might have “hit” him also. But Nate asks if he would have caused a fatal injury like this. Robert tells Nate that he still does not understand why he had to bargain with rick to do the porn flick in order for Rick not to tell the police commissioner and DA. He asks Nate if anybody else might know besides himself, Rick and Deanna. Nate answers that Dani knows. Hearing that, Robert asks Nate if he thinks she might do something about it.

Destiny then tells Dani that she must tell Matthew’s parents that Nate is the one who hit Matthew and put him in the hospital.

Kelly and Joey ask Dorian what is “up” with her not pressing charges against Echo for kidnapping and trying to kill her. In response to that, she awkwardly tells them that she and David have decided to “take the high road”. David tells them that he and Dorian are not going to let Echo ruin their future in movie making and he asks them to watch his premier on DVD. But they tell him that they have to get going. Alone with Dorian, David asks her why don’t they take the DVD to Bo and “step Nora” and watch it with them. But she tells him she would rather spend quality time alone with her husband. And, she reminds him, she has “things to do”.

Echo asks Rex just what happened last night. He admits that he had the TV on last night and just happened to see the David Vickers movie. Normally, he would not have been upset and may have laughed. But then he had to see Todd and his entire family happily and casually attending. Blanca Morales asked Todd and Jack about what was done to Gigi and they blew it all off as if they could care less and will never have to accept any consequences. Shane does not have a mother. He has lost the woman he loves. But Todd gets to keep his kids, his two wives and all of his money and his perfect life. So he got a gun and was ready to blow Todd and his entire family away for what he did to Gigi. But he realized that Bo would have to arrest him as it would be unlikely he’d get away with it. And then, in the car, he heard Gigi telling him that even if he got away with killing them, it would not bring her back and he must think of what it would do to Shane. Hearing that, Echo tells him he did the right thing. But Rex tells his mom that regardless of what he does, Gigi is gone. He cannot get her back and he cannot go on without her. What is he going to do? She holds him in her arms.

Dani asks Destiny how she can get her boyfriend prosecuted for attempted murder. Destiny asks her if she can let him get away with what he did to Matthew. She admits that she could not bear seeing him having sex with another girl on a porn flick. It caused her to just about lose it. But she does not know what to say or do or think and cannot send Nate to prison. So can Destiny just give her some time to think about what she is supposed to do now? Destiny then admits to her that she has also kept a secret from her and she is so sorry. Dani asks Destiny what is going on. Destiny replies that she is pregnant and cries.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun reminds Vivian that his sister is a child herself and how could she be having a child.

Nate admits to Robert that he was not about to tell Dani what he is going through. After she saw that porn flick and then heard that he kept the secret from her about what he did to Matthew, he felt his big brother is the only person he could confide in and ask to help him.

Bo and Nora are right outside the courtroom where Viki and Clint are talking. Clint’s attorney enters and Clint introduces him to Viki and tells him that since he confessed on television, it’s pretty obvious he has no choice except to plead guilty. But his lawyer tells him no. He can offer Clint a better option.

Bo is on the phone to Matthew’s doctor and hears that his son is completely non responsive and there’s no assurance he will ever get any better. He then pulls out the gum wrapper which he’s kept in a plastic bag.

Robert Ford tells Nate that the Buchan’s are good people. They may be angry but might understand. Nate reminds his brother that he put their son in the hospital and he may never recover. Robert reminds Nate it was an accident and Nate needs to get out and face the world. Nate reminds Robert that he is afraid that too much of “the world” has already seen him last night. Robert admits that is fair enough but does not want his brother to sell himself down the river. He leaves and David enters to confront Nate about ruining his movie the previous night. David then notices Nate’s favorite gum and asks if Nate could give him a piece.

After Destiny admits to Dani that she is pregnant, Dani urges her to tell someone. She knows that Destiny’s brother’s girlfriend is an OB-GYN. But Destiny informs Dani that Vivian already knows and she doesn’t know what to do.

Shaun tells Vivian that if Matthew was “walking around”, he would not hesitate to beat down his door to confront him. But she tells him that they do not know that Destiny and Matthew did not use protection.

Kelly and Joey join Clint and Viki in the courtroom. Viki goes to speak to Nora at the door and protests that she knows so many of the things Clint did are just awful especially what he did to Nora. But before they can continue their conversation, the judge enters and instructs everybody to sit and announces that this is The People vs. Clint Buchanan.

Vivian tells Shaun she is able to figure out that given the timing of when Destiny would have slept with Matthew, she must be in her 2nd trimester. Yet neither have a clue what to say or do.

Dani asks Destiny what she plans to do and if she may have considered keeping the baby. But before they can finish their conversation, Nate is at the door and asks if it’s ok for him to be there now. Dani firmly tells him it’s not ok. She and Destiny have something very important and he has to wait. But destiny tells her it is ok. She will leave and Dani and Nate may speak.

David goes to see Bo informing him that he is not ok with “Hold the Diploma” ruining his movie. But it would be an honor for him to let his father and step mother be the first to see his movie. But Bo tells his son that Nora is in court. And they are worried about what happened to Matthew. David tells his father he cannot let Matthew take the wrap for something that Clint should be charged with.

The judge tells Clint all of the charges he is charged with including unlawful solicitation, kidnapping, extortion, false imprisonment of David and many other things that he is certain he can get Clint nailed for. He also speaks of the murder of Eddie Ford for which he is ready to charge Clint for murder in the 2nd degree. But Nora stands up to interrupt as does Clint’s lawyer.

Rex tells his mom he cannot listen to her telling him that he will get over Gigi and find someone else. He tells her that Shane is his only reason to get up in the morning. She tells him that he will have to listen to Gigi and remembers that Gigi waited 10 years for him. So what would she want for Rex’s future? But before they can continue their conversation, Echo hears the doorbell ring and goes to get it. She notices Dorian and demands to know what she wants. Dorian tells echo that she is going to bring her to justice. Alone, Rex tells Gigi that he has to make things right.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun tries and fails to get Destiny to answer her phone. Vivian tells him they must now go and look for his sister. But before they can do that, Destiny appears and tells them she needs to talk to them.

Echo reminds Dorian that the charges were dropped and Dorian cannot take it back unless she wants to go to prison for attempted murder when she left Clint on the floor ready to die of a heart attack. Dorian then tells her that she just came by to give her fair warning that Dorian is still the mayor of Llanview and Echo can’t continue to do what she thinks she can get away with. Rex is in the other room and again he sees Gigi.

Nora stands up in the courtroom and announces to the judge that the commonwealth is dropping the charges against Clint. The judge asks her why.

David is at Bo’s home and wants to see the movie with him although Bo is lost in thought. David then asks Bo if he wants some gum and pulls out the same kind that Nate chews.

Dani admits to Nate that she keeps seeing that porn flick in her mind and it makes her ill. But she is not going to let him go to prison.

Bo stares gravely at the gum and asks David where he got it. David replies it was from that kid who was the star of the porn flick “Hold The Diploma”

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