OLTL Update Monday 8/1/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/1/11

Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex goes to the theater with a concealed gun, hides behind a curtain and pulls it at Todd unseen. But he later pulls himself together knowing he cannot go through with it. Gigi would not want that.

Right then, Tomas announces to Todd’s family that “this man" (Trevor St. John playing Todd) is not the real Todd Manning. And right behind him, Roger Howarth appears and announces that he is.

Right then, Bo and Nora get a message from David telling them that his big movie premier was blown to pieces. Nora tells Bo she thinks his son is exaggerating. How bad could it be? Right then, Destiny knocks on their door and tells them she needs to talk to them.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun tells Vivian he knows she has something on her mind and asks what it is. She replies it’s Destiny.

John returns to his apartment and notices that original Todd has escaped and a strange guy (Baker) has been tied to a chair.

Starr stares at the man she knew many years ago as her father in disbelief as do Blair, Tea, Jack and all the people who knew Todd as played by actor Roger Howarth until 2003. Right then, Rex continues to aim his gun at Todd unseen from behind the curtain. But he gets distracted by a text message.

Starr stares at original Todd and declares that he is real. Original Todd confirms that he is real. He faces current Todd and tells him he is not. And he tells Current Todd he better stay away from his (original Todd’s) family.

Nate goes to see a distraught Dani who demands to know how he could do a porn flick with Deanna behind her back. He protests that he did not want to do it. But Rick threatened them. She asks what is involved in that. He then tells her that Rick knows something he did that was very bad.

When Destiny goes to talk to Nora and Bo, she cannot bring herself to tell them that she is pregnant by their son.

When Vivian tells Shaun that she is concerned about Destiny, he remarks that he sees his younger sister as a little girl. But she tells him that Destiny is not a little girl and that is the entire point and why she is hesitating to tell him what she knows about Destiny. He then tells her she must tell him. She then replies that Destiny is pregnant. Shaun is shocked and speechless.

Nora and Bo tell Destiny that they are hoping that Matthew gets better soon and know that she is thinking about him. She then admits to them that she does in fact need to tell them something involving Matthew.

After Dani demands that Nate tells her what Rick knows that he did? He then answers that it involves Matthew Buchanan before he got sent to the hospital.

Original Todd tells the people in his life that he's been locked away for 8 years and the only thing that kept him alive knew that he would get back to them someday, some way.

When John notices Baker, he pulls out his wallet and asks what he is doing there. Baker smugly tells John that he knows that this is way beyond John’s pay grade and he does not have to answer John’s questions. So if John is smart, Baker tells him, he will cut Baker loose and let him find the “real” Todd Manning.

Original Todd looks at Blair and tells her that she was his wife and had his children and she knows in her heart who he is. She cries and current Todd stands behind her looking at original Todd in disbelief.

John is ready to arrest Baker although Baker tells him he will regret it. John concludes that he will take his chances. Baker tells him what he needs to do instead is find the guy who tied him up and escaped from John’s home before it’s too late.

Current Todd concludes that he (Todd) was the freak who kidnapped Sam. He also knows that he knocked Jack out. And if original Todd tells him he is a fake, he knows that original Todd is a freak.

Shaun tells Vivian he knows his little sister. She is not sexually active. She studies, works and hangs out with her friends. She does not have a boyfriend. Vivian tells him that she slept with Matthew. He does not want to believe that but realizes it could very well be the case.

Nora and Bo tell Destiny that they are investigating who might have been in their house right before he went to the hospital who might have hurt him. She cannot think of anybody who would wish Matthew harm. But they tell her that they discovered a mysterious gum wrapper that does not belong to anybody they know.

Nate then gets ready to confess to Dani what he did to Matthew.

Original Todd tells Starr she must believe him. They have always had a special connection. So she must tell them all that he is in fact her father. He remembers calling her Shorty. Current Todd then tells him he needs to leave his (current Todd’s) daughter out of this. Jack then tells his sister she cannot be taking this guy seriously. Current Todd is their father. But she protests that she has to consider the possibility that what original Todd is saying is correct. Tea then protests that she knows her own husband. Blair then asks if this might be a secret that only Tomas knows.

Shaun admits to Vivian that he walked in on a conversation between Destiny and Matthew that sounded like they had sex. She tells him that he knows what he heard and that explains why she is pregnant.

Destiny is stunned when she is able to put two and two together remembering that Nate found out “accidentally” that both she and Dani knew that Matthew killed Eddie and let Nate almost go to prison for it. Nora then asks if she might know who hurt her son.

Nate admits to Dani that he went to confront Matthew, furious at finding out for the first time that Matthew shot and killed Eddie and was willing to let Nate pay for the crime and not come clean to admit that he did it. He punched him and had no clue that one punch would put Matthew in the hospital and in the fatal condition he is now it. But that is what did it.

Rex goes home and talks to Gigi about how he has completely lost it. He was about to murder Jack Manning a kid along with his father because they have gotten away with what has happened to her. He cries and tells her he does not want to kill anybody. He just wants her back. And right then he sees her face.

Tea asks Tomas if before he told them that current Todd is not whom he says he is, he was begging current Todd not to say something. Is that what it was? Before Tomas can answer that, original Todd asks her how much proof she wants. He was the one who was with her on the island many years ago before she married Ross Rayburn. Right then, John arrives and is ready to take original Todd back to his apartment. But original Todd tells him he is not going anywhere. He will not let that man take any more of his life. And he pulls out his gun and aims it at current Todd. John then faces original Todd and tells him he can’t do this. But original Todd tells him that this guy stole his life and his kids and everything that is his. Current Todd then remarks that this must confirm that this guy is truly crazy if he’s willing to kill in order to get current Todd’s life.

When Nate admits to Dani that he assaulted Matthew and put him in the hospital, she concludes that must explain why he later acted “concerned” about Matthew. And of course that was the big secret he had with Deanna and the reason why Rick was able to get them to do the porn flick. He threatened to send Nate to jail, so Nate did it to keep Rick quiet. She furiously asks him why he could share this secret and confide in Deanna but not in his own girlfriend.

Destiny cannot bring herself to tell Nora or Bo that she is pregnant. But Nora remembers the last time they spoke, she admitted that she and Matthew may be more than friends. At that point, Destiny tells them she has to go.

Vivian admits to Shaun that it’s entirely possible that Destiny is not pregnant as she has denied it. But, she reminds him, she is an OB-GYN and should know the symptoms of when someone is pregnant. Shaun then tells her he has to go and find his sister. But she tells him they have to be calm and rational and she has to come with him if he talks to Destiny about this.

John tells original Todd if he shoots them, then he will go to prison and never get his life back. Current Todd then asks John if he believes that “this freak” had Todd’s life. John then urges original Todd to know that if he is who he says he is, then he will have the right to get his life back. But he didn’t fight and go through all he’s had to go through to get his family back only to lose it all by committing murder. Did he? Original Todd then puts the gun down although current Todd tell shim that this guy kidnapped Sam, assaulted Jack and is threatening to kill Todd right in front of all of these witnesses. So John must arrest him.

Right then, Rex comes face to face with Gigi and is in awe.

John tells original Todd he is taking him in. Original Todd asks if he is kidding and doesn’t he know that it’s illegal for the “other Todd” to be taking another man’s life. John tells him he knows where to find current Todd. Current Todd then demands that Tea goes with him because he doesn’t want to listen to this ridiculous crap any longer. But she does not listen to his “instructions”.

Dani cries and asks Nate if he would not trust her to keep the secret about Matthew. He then replies that he would never ask that of her so she may do whatever she has to do but he asks her if she intends to tell Matthew’s parents.

Current Todd notices that Dani is gone and is glad that his daughter found out that her sleezeball boyfriend is doing a porn flick behind her back and will soon “come around”. He then faces Starr and Jack who both remember the “old Todd” and they do not know what to say or do. Original Todd faces them both. Jack doubts original Todd but Starr does not know what to believe. O. Todd faces Blair and asks if she does now know him. She admits she does not know He shows her the wedding photo that Tomas found and kept in Paris for all these years.

Rex then believes he has seen Gigi and goes rushing to find her.

After Destiny leaves Bo and Nora, they assume that destiny might know who assaulted their son but are unaware that she is pregnant.

Outside the house, Destiny gets on her phone and leaves a message for Dani telling her it’s urgent and involves Nate.

Dani is with Nate, distraught to find out that Nate kept the secret from her and assaulted Matthew who used to be her good friend. He tells her that the movie and Deanna mean nothing to him. He loves her. She means everything to him. But she demands that he lease. He then goes out the door.

Original Todd holds the wedding picture at Blair. He reminds her that that was the two of them and he remembers being at Dorian’s the day when she showed that picture to Starr. She asks if he was stalking her. He admits he may have been and heard her telling “their” daughter that she had never been so happy as she was on that day. And he kisses her while the others stare stunned and speechless at them.

Bo and Nora conclude that even if the find out who hurt Matthew, the truth will come out that Matthew killed Eddie Ford, if that is the reason why the person assaulted their son.

Destiny goes to find Nate and tells him she needs to talk to him.

Rex frantically rushes to find Gigi but she is “gone”.

Current Todd returns home with Tea and tells her she cannot actually believe that this imposter is himself. Can she? She is silent. He tells her he does not know who this man is or why he is doing this to them. He is Todd Manning, he tells her; her husband and Dani’s father. He’s the man who has always loved her. He reached for her. She cries and does not know what to say or do.

Back at the theater, original Todd kisses Blair and tells her he knows she would never forget him. She does not know what to say or do. Starr and Jack stare speechlessly as he tells Blair that she must hang onto the picture of the man who is himself and who made her so happy. He leaves her alone with “their” two kids. She puts her arms around Starr and Jack.

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