OLTL Update Friday 7/29/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/29/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the movie premier of "Vicker Man," everyone is shocked to see that David’s movie has been cut and replaced with a porn flick of Nate that appears to be manufactured by Rick.

Rex is alone in his home looking at a picture of Gigi. He tells her he knows she may not condone his being out for revenge. But Jack Manning gets to roam free with no consequences for having her killed yet Shane has to grow up without a mother. Is that fair?

Tomas meets with John outside the theater and tells him that Todd manning is not the man he appears to be.

Original Todd is dressed in a tux and ready to leave Angel Square, against John’s instructions to “crash "Vicker Man" and reveal himself. But before he can go anywhere, Baker finds him, holds a gun on him and asks if he plans to go anywhere.

Cristian Vega is alone at Buenos Dias knowing that he should not attend the movie although there is a big poster of David and The Vic Kerman. Shaun comes by and asks if Cristian has now forgiven Rama. Christian admits that the has. But he is not certain what to do with his life right now.

At the theater, as soon as Vimal’s parents see the porn flick, they are shocked. Markko stands up and blames David for ruining the film he worked so hard to produce although David protests that he had nothing to do with the porn flick of Nate. Rick stands at the back of the hallway smirking while nobody suspects him. Everybody panics. Nate and Dani are both hysterical. He protests to her that it’s not what it looks like. But she slaps him telling him that she knows that he was in a porno flick with his brother’s ex-girlfriend.

Outside the theater, Tomas tells John that he knows there is a man named baker who is on the warpath for Todd Manning.

Baker goes to find Original Todd at John’s apartment and tells him he knows that he intends to see "Vicker Man." Baker tells him that his life will soon be over.

Vimal's’ father calls to Mayor Dorian Lord and tells her he did not expect this terrible type of theater in her town. Markko tells David that he has ruined Markko’s college and professional career with this porn film. David may find it funny but he does not . Dorian and David both protest that this is clearly not their film and they haven’t a clue where it came from. Rick then stands at the back of the theater and confirms that “this is his cue”.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun assessed from Cristian that he “stepped in” to make Rama appear pregnant for her husband’s parents.

Robert Ford accidentally spills his wieners from the tray onto Rama’s dress and it appears she is not really pregnant to him. Right then, Rick stands up on the stage and introduces himself as a producer of adult entertainment and announces that tonight he gives the audience a sneak preview of his “new movie”. He asks Nate o stand up and make himself known. Dani is furious. All of the young people rush out the door. Todd stands between Nate and Dani telling him that he will never see Todd’s daughter again. It’s through.

John asks Tomas if baker is behind Todd Manning’s shooting. Tomas confirms that baker does not like to fail and that is why he’s there now. John then tells him that it’s some story and needs to know what a guy like Baker would want with Todd. Tomas tells John he does not really know. John asks if he does not know the answer or if he does not want to answer and reminds Tomas that when he wants to reveal information, he knows a lot. Tomas then replies that he used to work for Baker too.

Right then, original Todd helps Baker drag in a dead body. It appears to be Louie, John’s informant. Baker asks how much he told McBain. Original Todd informs Baker that he told John that the guy running around with his name is a fake. Hearing that, Baker confirms that that is a “shame”. He thought that all he’d need to do id dispose of original Todd, current Todd and Tomas Delgado. But now he’ll have to take out John as well.

Tomas informs John that Baker told him and others that the missions they did were “sanctioned”. But when Tomas found out otherwise, it was too late, and many people paid a huge price for “those missions.” Hearing that, John asks what exactly he is talking about. Tomas hesitates to answer.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian informs Shaun that he made a “pregnancy water balloon” for Rama to appear pregnant to her mother and father in law. Hearing that, Shaun tells him he hopes it does not back fire.

Rick smugly and confidently tells the audience of "Vicker Man" that he knows they all want to do business with him. David confronts him. But he already knows David with his production of Have A Seat hemorrhoid commercial. Dorian and Markko are both furious at how the movie got ruined however.

When Vimal’s mother notices the water spilling from her belly onto the floor and the balloon flattened to make it evident that she is not pregnant, Vimal tells his parents that they lied. They ask if maybe she lost the baby. She then confesses that she was never pregnant.

At the door, Jack ask Rex why he came there. He wasn’t invited and jack and his family were. Rex tells Jack he went to see a movie. And Jack better come with him. When the rest of Todd’s family is distracted and unaware that Rex has confronted Jack, Dani tells Starr, Tea, Blair, Tomas and Sebastian that she cannot forgive Nate for what she has just discovered about him. And they know that Todd is unaccounted for and might be ready to take action against Nate.

Rex asks Jack if he thinks he can get away with all that he has done. Jack protests that he is sorry and his friend is responsible for what happened to Gigi. But Rex conceals his gun and reminds him if he has something more to reveal, now might be the time to get it off his chest.

While Nate goes to find Dani, Robert catches him and tells him he really blew it, needs to leave Dani alone and should realize it’s too late. Todd finds John and Tomas and tells them he will protect all of his kids. Hearing that, John asks Todd why every time the two of them speak, Todd talks about “protecting his kids”. Todd tells him that that punk Nate Salinger made a porn flick behind his daughter’s back and publicly disgraced her. He won’t get away with that. Tomas seems to back Todd with that although John does not know what to say or do.

Back at John’s apartment, original Todd fights baker with a spray gun.

While at the theater, it appears the balloon breaks and water spills all over the floor. Yet all the people notice Rama when she does not look like her water is breaking.

David and Dorian confront Rick and tell him they can have him arrested as she informs him that she is the mayor of Llanview and David informs him that his father is the police commissioner. So he better give them back Vic Kerman. But Rick tells him he cannot do that. He no longer has it. It belongs to “the bootlegger who stole it”.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian and Shaun talk about what might be the outcome of his false water balloon and having Vimal’s parents falsely believing that Rama is pregnant.

Rama comes clean to her parents-in-law about what she did. He tells his parents that he went to prison for falsifying DNA test. His parents cannot understood how she could falsify getting pregnant with a water balloon. His father asks if she thought that would prevent his son from divorcing her and asks why women absolutely cannot and will not support themselves. His mother suggests that maybe her reason for doing what she did was because she really and truly loves their son and cannot los him.

Dani returns to her father’s home and shows Sebastian the musical she and Nate first did when she arrived in town when they first met and started dating. It was so much fun and a memory she has so much positive energy about. But this thing he did was so disgusting and unforgivable. He tells her that he would like to help her destroy it. They are courteous and he tells her that he intends to pack and move in with his mother. She tells him it sounds nice and asks if she can come too. She notices a picture of herself and Nate and remarks that it’s a joke. Nate then comes by to see her and she looks at him furiously.

Jack finds his dad and informs him that Rex balsam is there and was acting very weird like he was going to stalk him. Yet neither of them can find Rex while he watches them all, holding a gun unseen.

Not far away, Todd smugly tells Nate that he would like to hear his excuse to Dani or how he thinks that Todd’s daughter can be convinced that she’s falsely accused him of cheating on her.

While Baker pulls the gun on original Todd, he tells him he needs to find an unknown location where original Todd will not be seen and his body will not be found.

John asks Tomas why he is telling John about an agent who is going around killing people. He does not know if Tomas is being honest. But in order to help him, he needs the whole story and not part. Although Vimal protests that he kept the secret in order to protect his family, John needs him to come clean now. Dani then rushes out into the room crying. Tomas asks his niece what has happened. Tea and Starr follow Dani and protest that they know that Nate would never cheat on her. But she tells Tomas that her boyfriend did this to her and she is devastated. Jack is nearby and mentions: “the slime ball still needs to go down”. Rex then appears behind him not knowing exactly what he is talking about and tells him he has a big mouth and somebody needs to shut it for him.

Vimal and Rama both come clean to his parents. His father asks if she falsified the pregnancy so his son would not divorce her and asks why women cannot support themselves. But his mother says it may be possible that the reason she did it is because she truly loves their son and could not lose him.

Dani returns to the house and shows Sebastian the musical that she and Nate were in when they first met and talks about how great it was and how they started out on such a good note. And now this disgusting this has happened and it’s irreparable. He tells her that he plans to pack and move in with his mother. She tells him that sounds great and asks if she can come with him. When she is alone looking at a picture of herself and Nate and ready to tear it up in anger, Nate comes by and she tells him he is not welcome

At Buenos Dias, Cristian and Shaun agree that he should forgive Rama.

Vimal’s parents convince their son that he loves his wife and she loves him. And, his mom says, if they ever need any “pointers” in making their marriage better, they may consult with “that boy in the movie” who seems to know his way around.

When Dani sees Nate she hysterically demands he gets out. He tells her she must believe him and know that it’s not what she assumes. She tells him there is no way that he will ever convince her that he and Deanna did not have sex in a porn flick. And how could he do this to her?

Rick protests to Dorian and David that he is a legitimate screen producer and he can help them. But they walk away from him.

Jack warns his father that Rex Balsam that Rex Balsam is after him. But they cannot find him.

John leaves and goes back to his home where it appears original Todd has put a gag over Baker’s mouth.

Tomas announces to Tea, Blair, Starr, and Jack that “this man” (the one known as Todd since 2003) is not Todd Manning. Then original Todd enters and announces that he is.

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