OLTL Update Thursday 7/28/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/28/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Everybody is getting ready for David’s premier of Vicker Man. Robert Ford is working as a caterer but optimistic about the event and tells Nate he’s really glad that he reconciled with Dani and knows his brother would never cheat on her.

Dani is getting back from shopping and wants to make it the perfect night with Nate and asks her mom for help in selecting the perfect clothes and make up.

Tomas calls John’s phone and leaves a message on his answering machine about Todd Manning. Original Todd overhears and picks up the phone to attempt to have Tomas believe that he is John. He asks what John wants to tell him about Todd Manning.

Current Todd is at his office getting ready to attend by still very guarded and afraid of a secret coming out.

David is with Dorian talking to reporters about all of the actors who are hired to play him. Vimal attends with his parents. The still suspect nothing and remark they wish that Rama could join them. He tells them that it’s too much stress for a pregnant lady”.

Blanca Morales appears to be interviewing David and Dorian and wants to know about the woman who tried to destroy their marriage. They notice that woman walk in however, wearing the clothes that only Dorian believed she owned. And Dorian is furious

John goes to Todd’s office and leaves when Jack returns. Jack asks his father what John was there for. Todd reminds his son that he told John he was attacked by an unseen person in Todd’s office. It’s not about the Gigi Morasco case nor the Origami cogs. Todd tells his son that whole thing is dead and buried.

While original Todd is on the phone with Tomas pretending to be John he tells him that Todd Manning is a menace. But Tomas terminates the conversation telling him that he has to get to the movie premier and will see him there.

Starr runs into Markko who fills her in on his and Langston’s work on the production. He tells her that he and his ex-girlfriend are learning to trust each other. He asks Starr about herself and James. She tells him it’s great but she’s sorry that James won’t be able to make it tonight because he has to work. Markko then reminds Starr that he’s heard about “this Bas guy”. He asks her how Cole is and if she sees him. She tells him that she takes Hope to visit him. But Markko seems to know that she has gotten to know Sebastian and asks if it’s not more than that, based upon what he’s heard from Langston. Starr smiles and tells Markko they need to get on the set.

Dorian is furious and confronts the woman who tried to take David form her. She tells her how dare she steal Dorian’s dress and her spot. She tells the press that this woman is an imposter and has worked with the scam artist and criminal Echo DiSavoy to do terrible things. And if there is any justice, they will not get away with it.

At Rex and Shane’s new home (previously Clint’s) Rex can see that his son is depressed and lost his faith in super heroes. He’s writing a cartoon but it’s not the inspirational way that Shane used to write them.

At Todd’s office, Jack tells his dad that he does not believe it’s over. He knows that John was there in order to get him in trouble.

Vimal informs his parents that Aubrey and Cutter were not allowed past the door. Hearing that, they ask if Aubrey and Cutter are not staying at the hotel taking care of his pregnant wife. Vimal then confesses to his parents that there is something he must tell them. But before he can, Rama appears and tells them she would not miss this for the world. She is wearing a beautiful dressed and disguised as though she is really pregnant. When his parents leave them alone, he asks her what is going on. She tells him that Cristian Vega “got her pregnant”.

Dorian and David tell the press that that woman seduced David and threatened to kill her. The woman tells them that all charges were dropped against her. She is playing the lead role. But Dorian tells her she better get out or there will be trouble.

Starr and Blair are both ready to attend the party in their best clothes and jewelry. Blair informs her daughter that she is ready to consider a relationship with Tomas although her daughter notices Blair is wearing the earrings that Todd gave her right when the picture was taken that Tomas has kept for years and painted her picture from.

At Todd’s home, Sebastian confronts his father telling him he knows that he is hiding secrets and must have been a spy for the CIA. Tea overhears and clarifies that his father was not a spy. But she tells her brother that she and Blair already both know so he needs to come clean to his son. He then confirms that he worked undercover in the CIA. But Sebastian still needs a straight answer about whether he shot Todd. Dani is also curious to know what he knows about the shooting of Todd. But Tea and Tomas tell their two respective kids that they cannot discuss it and need to get ready to attend a formal event.

Jack reminds his dad that they cannot cover up what happened to Gigi. He knows he caused it.

Rex notices a new “story” his son is writing about a kid named Shamus who is crippled and attempts to save his mom from the bad guys. Shane angrily tells his dad there is no point. Bad guys never have to pay. Not in real life. Rex then assures his son that he promises he won’t let them get away with it.

Jack then tells his dad that you can’t just “choose” to feel ok and pretend things did not happen that did. Todd tells his son that he realizes that but they have to get over it. He tells him they have to go and “see this lousy movie”. But Jack asks what if McPain is there. Todd tells him if he is, they can make fun of his lousy haircut.

John returns to his home and original Todd assumes that he intends to “go to a party”. John clarifies he did to “say” he was going to any party. But original Todd clarifies that John “kind of did”. He then informs John that he answered his phone while he was gone. Hearing that, John is angry. Original Todd, however, tells him in a flippant manner, that he encountered that “ditzy blond”, Natalie’s mom. So, in order to disguise himself to Roxy, he took a stack of towels, put them over his head and pretended to be John. And when Tomas Delgado called, he mimicked the voice of John. John then demands to know what is wrong with him and if he wants to get himself killed.

Tomas is ready to escort Blair to the show. Starr goes with Sebastian but she reminds him he is not her date.

Dorian tells the “rival woman” if there is anything good about her is the character she plays. The woman tells the press that Dorian Lord is just a glorified Llanview housewife and she is a real actress. Dorian tells her that she (herself) is the real Dorian Lord. The other woman is not. So she better get out. Blanca Morales wants to cover that whole story and urges people not to miss Vicker Man.

Vimal observes Rama’s false pregnancy and tells her he doesn’t want any more lies. She then asks why he did not tell his mother the truth. She then informs him that she was working at Foxy Roxy’s and overheard his mother going there to get her nails done and still unaware that she will not have a grandchild. Not far away, Rick the porn producer enters. Robert notices him and asks Nate if that is not “the porno guy” who was filming at The Minuteman. As soon as Nate hears that he panics and Robert asks his brother what is wrong.

Rex tells Shane he will bring Todd and Jack Manning to justice. When he’s done with them, they will be bankrupted and ruined. Shane asks his dad what good that will do when his mom will still be dead.

John reminds original Todd that he has a bulls-eye on his head and could have gotten everybody in this building killed. Original Todd tells John that he only intended to help and got some useful information from Tomas. John asks just what Tomas told him. Original Todd replies that for one thing, he told them there will be a movie premier tonight. And, by the way, he tells John, he better get changed. He asks John if he will not wear the tux. He tells John that he just wants to help. He makes jokes and asks John if he cares about his image. John does not have a sense of humor and tells Todd when he leaves, o. Todd better not even think of going anywhere. O. Todd asks what he is supposed to do when he’s all alone in the apartment. John suggests he may channel surf. O. Todd then turns on the television and sees Blanca interviewing Dani and asking about the rumor that she was conceived on a desert island and just recently found out Todd Manning is her father. He observes current Todd talking about how his company will not be taken down by origami cogs, revealing that he is still unaware of where the company comes from. Rex and Shane watch them on their television intently with their “eye on the prize”. Blair, Tomas, Starr and Sebastian enter to join Todd and Tea. Dorian joins them, greets Markko and asks why he did not bring Langston with him and that she thinks they should get back together. She leaves with David. Starr then introduces Markko to Sebastian. Markko tells Starr he knows that Sebastian has “goals” with her. Not far away, Nate goes to demand Rick tells him what is going on. Robert asks what they are talking about. Rick then “indicates” to Robert that he did in fact, encourage and get Nate to do a porn flick for him. Alone with Nate, Robert tells his brother that if he wants to be respected in his career as a film maker, he can’t soil it be doing porn films for low life like Rick.

Dorian finds Robert and tells him he was not “hired” to chat with the guests and reminds him that the wieners are getting cold. Nate finds Dani and she informs him that she saw “that skeevy lawyer” who gave Deanna the lead on her mom. And she wonders how he got in. Markko then goes to find Robert Ford and informs him that he has gotten many film opportunities at UCLA and he may owe it all to his former teacher. Robert appears surprised that Markko would be courteous to him and asks how Langston is. Markko tells him she is good. They are not back together. And he knows that Robert “got his heart broken”. He informs him that Starr keeps them all in the loop about what is going on.

Vimal’s mom declares that her son is so successful and her grandson is on the way and this is such a happy time. Blanca then asks Starr if she and Sebastian are cutting a new single together and remarks that talent must “run in both families”. Original Todd again observes all of his and Tomas’ families together and is urging John to walk in the door and blow them all out of the water. Everybody notices Blair’s earrings that she tells them was a gift from her ex-husband.

Alone in the house, Rex watches and smashes pictures on the floor and tells Gigi he “must do it”.

Blanca and the crew sign off right when everybody goes into the theater to attend Vicker Man. John then enters after the crowd is gone.

Original Todd notices Blair’s earrings on the set and remembers that he gave her those earrings.

Inside the theater, Tomas recognizes that he painted her wearing those earrings. John then approaches Tomas and asks if he has something to tell John about Todd Manning.

Original Todd then concludes that he thinks he is going to a party.

Dorian gets on her microphone and welcomes everybody and tells them that this is a production based on a love story of her and her husband David Vickers Buchanan.

Rex comes down the stairs of Clint’s home and opens up a safe to pull out a gun.

Dorian declares, on the stage that she is Mrs. David Vickers Buchanan. And more importantly, she is hosting the David Vickers Buchanan story. We then see a Moroccan seen with camels and notice that Harrison Ford plays David, Edna Beasley plays Nora, Mia Korte plays Blair and Mel Gibson plays Clint. David narrates that he had it all and was ready to marry the woman he loved. And then tragedy struck. Right then, the screen goes blank. Dorian apologizes and assumes there must be “technical difficulties”. But right then, we see a new film on the screen called “ditch the diploma” in which Nate enters a room at the Minuteman wearing a cap and gown and then comes in to announce he heard “somebody” was failing sex Ed. But luckily for them, he aced the class. He then removes his gown and is seen naked. Robert watches not knowing what to say or do. Nate, Dani and Starr all watch with their mouths hanging open. Nate pulls out a bikini bra. We see Rick standing in the back row smirking.

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