OLTL Update Tuesday 7/26/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/26/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Todd’s home, Tomas reveals to his brother in law, for the first time, that he used to work for the CIA.

Tea goes to John’s apartment at Angel Square and is suspicious when John hesitates to answer the door. He knows that original Todd must hide before he opens the door but he then opens it to let her in. She is suspicious and asks him who he is hiding in there. From inside the bathroom, original Todd overhears.

Brody and Natalie are with Liam at his apartment at Angel Square. He appears to be “working up” to telling her something. But he tells her that he just wanted to give her the heads up that he has to work a double shift. She tells him that she wanted to come by with Liam because she wants to get away from Jessica.

At Viki’s home, she talks to Jessica and Bree, noticing that her daughter and granddaughter have just gotten back from joining Robert Ford on his visitation with Ryder and her granddaughter is getting to know Ryder’s daddy and calls him “Uncle Bobbie”.

In the park, James asks Robert why he invited Jessica and Bree to spend the afternoon with him. Won’t it just lead to more heartbreak over the loss of Tess? Robert tells his brother that he noticed that Jessica is in a big fight with Natalie and Brody and depressed and he wanted her to join them and have an enjoyable afternoon. James tells him that he finds it odd that Jessica would want to join him when not long ago she would not give him the time of day. Robert tells his brother that Jessica has been nice to him and they “had fun”. But James is concerned of what his brother might be getting himself into.

In John’s apartment, tea tells him she is a bit suspicious when she knows she heard another voice besides his while outside the door. And she needs to talk to him about Tomas.

Tomas tells Todd, privately, that his story about Tomas shooting him does not hold up. Todd reminds him that if tea or anybody else finds out all that was involved the night of the shooting, they (himself and Tomas) both go down.

After Sebastian has kissed Starr in the park and she has not stopped him, she tells him she did not want that.

Robert asks James what he suggests he should do with the mother of his son. Should they be enemies? James tells him no. But he is concerned about Robert not maintaining the realistic boundaries between himself and Jessica and getting his hopes up that Tess will come back...

Viki similarly remarks to her daughter that she can see Jessica and Robert Ford are finding ways to “co-exist”. Jessica remarks that Robert is a nice guy and good dad. And the reason he invited her was merely to “take pity” on her. Hearing that, Viki asks her daughter why Robert felt sorry for her. She replies he walked in on a confrontation between her and Natalie. She must have looked pretty pathetic. She tells her mom it’s clear that she and Natalie cannot live under the same roof. Viki does not want her daughter to conclude that. But Jessica informs her mother that Brody has asked Natalie to move in with him. And she cannot deal with the three of them always together in her face. And one thing she cannot help but wonder is what John McBain will say and do when he sees that Natalie is living with Brody right down the hallway from him.

At Brody’s home, he tells Natalie that he backs her and does not believe she should put up with Jessica always wanting her to feel like the bad guy and Robert Ford always coming to Jessica’s defense... He meant what he said. He wants her to move in with him.

At John’s apartment, Tea tells him that she can provide some useful information for him. Unknown to her, original Todd overhears from John’s bathroom while she tells John that in exchange for her assistance, she would like protection for her and her family which includes Todd.

Todd and Tomas are back having their private conversation about the same thing.

She tells John that neither her husband nor brother know that she’s gone to talk to him.

Tomas tells Todd that he made it very clear to Tea that she won’t get anywhere if she investigates their secret. Todd tells him she may not be the only one they need to worry about.

John then tells tea that he would like to help her but cannot unless she tells him what she knows. She then informs him that the CIA is trying to kill her husband. John then admits that now they are getting somewhere. Original Todd continues to listen intently.

Sebastian attempts to kiss Starr again and she slaps him. She tells him that she has a boyfriend whom she loves. And she will not play his game. She tells him he is arrogant and if he cannot accept her with James, then he may forget all about her.

James tells his brother he knows that Robert is waiting for Tess to come back. And she only does that when Jessica is in a desperate situation and needs help. Robert tells his brother it’s not that simple. Tess is a part of Jessica. James tells him that regardless, the person known as Tess is not there and the longer he hangs around with Jessica, the harder it will be for him to accept that.

Viki tells Jessica she knows she and Natalie have some serious issues but Jessica has no right to ask her sister to live there. Jessica asks her mom if she is saying that Jessica should leave. Viki tells her no. but this is her home and she decides who lives there and she wants both of her daughters there. She asks Jessica if she knows how close her father came to dying and she may regret pushing Natalie away. Jessica asks her mom why she assumes that and asks if Viki is not getting along just fine without Aunt Tina. In response to that, Viki tells her daughter that that is not entirely true. Years ago, Viki and her sister Tina were both very stupid, she tells Jessica. And she regrets pushing her sister away just the way she knows Jessica will feel the same way regarding Natalie.

At Brody’s home, Natalie tells him that she believes it might not be a great situation for them to live so close to John. She knows that John still looks at Liam as if he is his.

Tea informs John that her brother informed her that he worked for the CIA and that he knew of some “corrupt pockets” there. He would not tell her much. John concludes that he knows the CIA has some files on Tomas and Tomas has been focused on Todd since he’s kept that painting. He asks her if she knows what kind of motive Tomas would have for wanting to kill Todd. She tells him that it’s his job and not hers to figure that out.

Tomas tells Todd if he is not around his family, he is in no position to “protect” them. Todd asks what they need protection from. Tomas informs Todd that a man came to visit him today. An acquaintance of Todd’s; Baker.

Tea tells John that this whole thing involving Todd, Tomas, the CIA secrets and Sam’s imaginary friend who looks just like the “old Todd” seems a bit coincidental. She tells John she won’t ask for his help. She’s going to leave and find some answers on her own. Original Todd continues to listen intently from the bathroom.

In the park, James tells Robert that he knows that his brother might not be able to accept falling for a girl who is not available to him. Robert asks his brother if he had a similar situation regarding losing Deanna and now being with Starr. James tells him that he and Deanna are through and he is with Starr. But he might have more doubts than he realizes.

Sebastian runs after Starr and tells her he does not mean to disrespect her or her music. She asks if he also does not mean to disrespect her boyfriend.

Jessica tells her mom that she does not intend to hold a grudge against Natalie. But seeing her with Brody and knowing what they did behind her back makes forgiving them easier said than done. Jessica then asks her mom if she has similar issues with Todd. Hearing that, Viki reveals to her daughter that she is just about at the end of her rope with her brother and wonders what types of secrets that man has.

When Todd is talking to Tomas, he remembers original Todd telling him he won’t let current Todd steal his life. He does not reveal to Tomas anything specifically about that but tells his brother in law that he may have a lot more to lose than Tomas has.

At John’s, he tells Tea that is certain that she can convince her brother to tell her what is going on. And if he is going to find out, the last thing he needs is for her husband and brother to both be suspicious. So he tells her he promises to be in touch when he knows something and that she did the right thing coming there. She then asks him to prove it while she goes out the door.

Jessica asks her mom how it is that Sam alleges that his “new friend” looks just like Todd used to look. They both remember that Todd has surgery to replicate the face of Walker Laurence. Jessica admits to her mom that her uncle Todd has not been himself and it’s just not the same. Viki tells her daughter everybody changes. Alone, Jessica affirms not Natalie. She is the same lying opportunist she always was.

Brody asks Natalie if there is any way to reconcile her differences with Jessica or for John to be ok with their situation. He tells her that maybe they can find their own new place. But, she asks if they are not moving a little too fast, reminding him that just this morning they agreed that they should take things slowly. She asks if the reason they should be together is solely because of Liam. He tells her that he wants his family which is not just Liam. He does not want to lose either of them. She tells him he will not. She is there. And she kisses him.

Robert asks James why Starr is spending time with this other guy who is her step mother’s nephew. James replies because the guy has enticed her into recording music and he is too busy working extra shift. Robert suggests maybe he not work so many extra shift. James asks if he has recently seen their electric bill. Robert tells his brother he need not worry about that. James then tells him he did not mean to judge him regarding the Tess situation. He just doesn’t want to see his brother getting his hopes up. James then goes to find Starr and Sebastian together and talking and overhears him asking her if she’s “going to tell James”. And he asks what he was asking her whether she’d tell James.

Tea returns to her husband and brother and asks Tomas if the reason he did not tell her is because he did not think she could keep a secret. He replies no. He did not want to put her in danger. He needs to keep her safe. Todd is silent and then corroborates that they need to trust Tomas. She finds it very hard to believe that the two of them trust one another. And she tells Todd she’d like to ask him one question. Who was it who tried to shoot him?

After Tea leaves John’s apartment and original Todd comes out of hiding, he asks john if he believes a word of what Tea brother and this guy who pretends to be him are saying.

Natalie and Brody are undressing and sleeping together.

When James finds Starr with Sebastian he asks what he missed. She replies that their dads are just being strange. Sebastian does not seem to want to let her go but she tells James he is all hers and she and James leave together as Sebastian is clearly discontent.

Natalie and Brody are happily together and she tells him she wants to move in together. It will be good for them and for Liam. And there is nobody and nothing that will get in their way.

Robert goes to return Ryder’s blanket to Jessica. She is very impressed that he knows that their son can only go to sleep easily if he has it. She is happy to see him and it appears it’s more than just “co-parenting” between them. Inside, Viki is looking discontentedly at a picture of Todd.

Original Todd tells John that John seems like a smart guy and so he must know that Tomas Delgado and the one who says he’s Todd have both taken his life away from him.

Todd and Tomas admit to Tea that they are not entirely certain who tried to kill Todd but Todd has a lot of enemies.

Original Todd asks John if he believes that current Todd and Tomas are in on this scheme together. John tells him yes and all they need do is prove it.

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