OLTL Update Monday 7/25/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/25/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Nate is working in the park, Dani goes to see him and has packed him a picnic lunch. She tells him she wants to make it up to him for accusing him of sleeping with Deanna.

At Todd’s home, Tea furiously tells her brother if he does not tell her the truth, he is not welcome to stay there. She defended him to her husband, the police and many others. But he apparently does not trust her.. Hearing that, he protests that he needed to “protect” her from knowing the truth. She tells him she does not need to be protected. She is an attorney and she needs him to tell her the truth.

Meanwhile, Starr and Sebastian are in the park together “brainstorming” what may be going on with their two respective Dads. They agree that both Todd and Tomas are acting “very strange” and appear to be afraid of some secret coming out that apparently only the two of them know.

John goes to meet the “anonymous man” who has called him, at the docks. He does not recognize original Todd when he sees him. Original Todd informs him that he is in fact Todd Manning.

Destiny is at Buenos Dias when she runs into Vivian. She greets her but goes out the door and avoids her knowing that her brother’s girlfriend might want to discuss something she does not.

At the park, Nate affirms to Dani that he would never cheat on her. Deanna just needed him to go with her when she met the lawyer at The Minuteman who had a lead on her mom. She’s gone now and hopefully everything is ok. She tells him she is so sorry for not trusting him. He tells her he always wants to give her reason to trust him. At the time, he suspects nothing. But not far away, Rick spies upon them and makes himself known.

Tomas admits to Tea that he used to work for the CIA. He was the perfect candidate for the job since he was always traveling, spoke several languages and told people he was a world renowned concert pianist. She then concludes that must be the reason why her brother disappeared for all this while. He admits that he had a secret life. She assesses that all that time she and their family mistakenly accused him of not caring about them. Yet he was serving his country.

Dorian notices Todd talking to Agent Baker (who held original Todd captive). She asks them if they would like to tell her what is going on. She is a bit suspicious about seeing a strange person in her yard after her nephew got kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Sebastian informs Starr that he overheard a conversation between his dad and “some guy” (Baker). He knew his dad lied to him when he said he was just talking to a salesman. He knows there is something going on and Todd is in on it too.

Original Todd tells John that “some guy” has stolen his identity, his life, his property and his family. And “somebody” is trying to kill him. John finds that hard to believes asks who would try to kill him and why. Original Todd tells John he is not really certain but needs to know if John will help him or not. At that point, John pushes him up against a wall and places him under arrest.

Rick finds Dani and Nate in the park and remarks there’ nothing like a pretty girl kissing a handsome guy in the park. Assuming that he is the lawyer who helped Deanna, Dani tells him Nate just told him that he enabled Deanna to find her mother. He then asks if that is in fact, the “story” Nate told he.

Tea asks Tomas what his job with the CIA has to do with her husband. In response to that, he asks his sister if she really wants to go down that road.

Todd and Baker tell Dorian that Todd has hired him as a P.I. to find the guy who kidnapped Sam. Hearing that, she seems satisfied with that explanation and suspects nothing.

John tells original Todd he knows that he kidnapped Sam Manning. Original Todd protests that he did not kidnap Sam. He only borrowed him. He would never hurt a child. He had to take Sam in order to motivate his “dad” to cooperate with him. Hearing that, John is curious to hear more.

Sebastian tells Starr that there may be an actual guy walking around with the face of the previous Todd Manning. And he heard both Tomas and current Todd talking to this other unidentified guy (Baker) in the backyard.

At the docks, original Todd tells John that he was stuck in a compound and tortured for 8 years. Yet he does not know where he was, the name of the organization nor the people or circumstances involved. It was a windowless sound-proof place where he had no contact with anybody nor any information. Hearing that, John asks if he gets these crazy stories from the television or internet. But original Todd protests that he is not making this up. Why would he? And why would anybody believe that a guy who does not look anything like him and who is not him is, in fact Todd Manning after getting plastic surgery. Who in their right mind would believe that? And he tells John that if he leaves him there, he’ll be dead by the next morning. Somebody intends to kill him. It’s that guy named Agent Baker. Hearing that, John knows that that name sounds familiar. Original Todd also tells John he met a guy named Louie who said John was a good person. He wonders if that is true. Hearing that, John remembers that he knows Louie

Tea concludes to Tomas that there must be a reason why he and Todd are keeping a secret together when they do not like or trust one another. She then asks if he might know a secret about Todd that Todd “depends” on him not to tell anyone. She then asks if that might be the reason why Todd dropped the charges against Tomas and lied that Tomas did not shoot him when he did. She asks her brother if he did, in fact, shoot her husband, now knowing that Tomas would have motives to want Todd dead.

Starr tells Sebastian it appears the more they know about their dads, the weirder it gets. He then asks her how Sam is. She replies that Sam is great. He believes he had fun with Spiderman and then got to be the hero who saved his aunt Dorian’s life.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny tells Vivian that she cannot participate in teens for prevention of pregnancy group that Vivian leads at the hospital. She is busy with work. Vivian tells her she believes that may be but there is another reason why Destiny does not want to join the group. She then asks Destiny, flat out, if she is pregnant.

In the park, Nate confirms to Rick that he told Dani everything about his being a lawyer who helped Deana find her mother. Rick smirks and indirectly indicates that he could spill the beans and tell all. Dani then gets a call and as soon as they are out of her earshot, Nate demands to know why Rick can’t leave them alone. He did what Rick wanted and he can’t have Dani finding out about the porn flick. Rick then laughs and tells Nate he may relax. He just came by to give him the DVD to do what he wants with.

At the docks, John is not sure what to make of original Todd or his stories but realizes that maybe he can provide some information or answers to some mysterious questions..

When Agent Baker is talking to Todd and Dorian and convinces her that he will help them find the guy who kidnapped Sam, he gets a call and takes it where they cannot overhear. Apparently somebody informs him for the first time that original Todd is still alive. He is shocked and not ok with knowing that. Alone with Todd, Dorian tells him she appreciates his help with a P.I. Alone, Baker tells his contact he better get rid of “him” now. Or else that person will be next.

Tomas tells Tea that he saw who shot Todd in the building and tried to stop the shooter.

At the docks, right when original Todd urges John to know that if John leaves him there, he will be dead by the next morning, and John is not certain what to do, they suddenly hear gunshots.. John then draws his gun and confirms that original Todd is telling the truth that somebody wants him dead.

Baker ends his phone call and returns to Dorian and Todd. She seems to trust him and tells Todd that the man needs to do his work before this “maniac” hurts somebody else. He seems gracious to the mayor although he knows Todd does not trust him.

Tomas tells Tea that he saved her husband’s life when “somebody” was ready to shoot him.

Alone with Todd, Dorian tells him she knows they’ve had their differences. But Sam saved her life and she thinks it’s really great that he hired Baker to protect his family.

John takes original Todd to his apartment at Angel Square. Original Todd “jokes” about assuming John is gay and tells him he’s not his type. John tells him it’s mutual. But he’s taken him there to find out some information.

In the park, Sebastian is surprised to find out that Starr likes reptiles and snakes and tells her that he would have never guessed that about her. He saw her as more of a “girlie girl”. It was that as well as finding out she is a mother that surprised him. They smile at each other and seem interested in continuing to talk and get to know each other.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny demands that Vivian tells her why she suspects that Destiny is pregnant. Vivian tells her that mood swings indicate it. Also first she’s hungry. The next minute she’s not. Plus, Shaun overheard her and Matthew having a secretive conversation about having sex. Destiny protests that Shaun did not know what he overheard. She and Matthew have never had sex.

When Rick holds the DVD he recorded of Nate and Deanna’s porn flick, Dani gets off her phone and can sense they are having a private and intense conversation and asks what is up. Nate tells her that it was found in Deanna’s files about her mom. Rick then tells her it’s a “home movie”. Something like a baby on a bear skin rug. He faces Nate and asks if he knows where to find Deanna’s address so he can send it to her. Fearing what will happen if it remains in Rick’s possession, Nate “intensely” tells him he will send it to her. Rick then tells Nate he knows he could count on him. He remarks that Nate is a “stud” who always knows how to “make the ladies happy” while he glares at Dani. He then tells Nate he must make sure that he gives it to Deanna knowing that she will want to see it. He then leaves. Alone with Nate, she asks him if he’s sure that he’s a lawyer. Nate tells her he realizes that Rick is “weird”. She remarks that it’s not cool that he charged Deanna so much for finding her mom. He then tells her she need not worry. That sleaze ball is out of their lives for good. Nate then pulls out his “favorite gum” where he again carelessly discards the “incriminating” gum wrapper that was found in Bo and Nora’s house when he went to confront Matthew.

At Buenos Dias, Vivian tells Destiny she can see how stressed Destiny is. Destiny protests that her best friend is in the hospital. Vivian tells her that there is no guarantee about what will happen when Matthew is in the rehab facility or if he will recover. She tells Destiny she knows how lonely she must be feeling. That is why she brought it up. She is a doctor, she reminds her. She is also Destiny’s friend so Destiny can trust her. Destiny then angrily tells her if she says one word of it to Shaun, she will never forgive her. Vivian promises not to tell Shaun but reminds her that all the pretending in the world is not going to change the fact that she is pregnant.

Sebastian tells Starr that he, like her, is a snake lover. He shares with her that he had a Boa constrictor as a kid. She asks which kind his snake was, revealing how knowledgeable she is about snakes. She talks about her dad taking her to see some snakes when she was a child. And it wound up with her seeing some man who was chained to a wheel. She was no older than Sam. She told a lot of people about it but nobody believed her because she told some untrue stories. Yet, she remembers, story, like Sam's, was true.

Original Todd explains to John that when Agent Baker was holding him captive, that he managed to escape unseen and the people in the institution do not know. He also overheard John talking to the John and “the other Todd” arguing about where Marty Saybrooke went and something to do with her deceased husband. So when John and current Todd were distracted arguing, he snuck, unseen, into the flight headed for Llanview. John is now aware that he is not lying about that since he would not know that information but asks original Todd if he does not know who “these people are” or what their agenda is. Original Todd confirms no. He does not. But he knows that the guy who is running around telling everyone he is Todd Manning, is “one of them”.

In Dorian's backyard, after Baker is gone, Dorian notices business card that says Malcolm Baker, Secret Agent.

John asks original Todd why he would assume that currently Todd is “one of them”. Original Todd tells him it’s the only explanation he can come up with. He confronted “the guy” and he denied everything. Hearing that, John is very surprised to find out for the first time that original Todd actually spoke to the current Todd. Original Todd tells him the reason he took Sam in the first place is so he’d be able to confront and find out what is going on with “this guy”. Current Todd did not tell him anything, he informs John. And the reason is because current Todd is “one of them”.

Tea then urges Tomas to tell her what he may know about this unknown person who tried to kill Todd. He then replies he cannot tell her any more. She tells him he cannot tell her that her husband is a marked man and not tell her who is endangering him. He tells her that Todd is involved in very dangerous business. He may already be putting her in danger for what he’s told her so far. And he wants to take both her and Danielle somewhere where they will be safe. But she refuses to go anywhere without Todd and storms out the door although her brother calls to her and urges her not to go away.

In the park, Dani and Nate are happily together and having their lunch. She then invites him to join her to see Vicker Man.

At Buenos Dias, Vivian urges Destiny to talk to her although Destiny wants to avoid it. Destiny then angrily demands Vivian leave her alone and she better not dare tell Shaun what they talked about.

As Starr and Sebastian are observing a green mantis and both fascinated, they start kissing.

Baker goes to the docks on his phone and is shocked to find out that original Todd is alive and well and at large.

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