OLTL Update Friday 7/22/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/22/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, John tells Natalie that it appeared that Brody removed something from his office and he demands to know why. In response to that, she remarks that he appears to be very suspicious of Brody lately and asks him if he blames Brody for global warming.

At Todd’s home, Sebastian tells his father he finds it very suspicious that Sam suddenly got kidnapped and wonders what Tomas might have to do with it. Tomas tells his son that John is a police officer who has to explore every angle. Yet his son wonders why John suspects his father or what he might have to do with it.

Near the pool, Blair wonders why Todd is so on edge when Sam talks about his “friend”, Spiderman.

Somebody catches original Todd and attempts to drown him but it appears he survives and a stranger saves his life unexpectedly

Brody goes to find Vimal at The Sun and tells him that he knows he wrote the letter to john that John and not Brody is Liam’s father.

At Buenos Dias, Rex tells Dorian he knows she will have “incentive” to drop the charges against his mother. She could get charged for the attempted murder of Clint. She prevented Clint from calling an ambulance when he had a heart attack and is the reason he needed a heart transplant. She tells him if echo told him that, nobody will believe her. She is a known liar.

Original Todd comes to at the docks, sees a stranger man and wonders if he intends to kill him. The stranger tells him no. He intends to save his life.

At Todd’s, Tea asks Sebastian what he and his father were arguing about. Hearing that, he tells his aunt that he has a better question. What is the secret between her husband and his father? Tomas is then talking to the guy who was holding original Todd captive before original Todd escaped.

Brody tells Vimal that he already knows that John is Liam’s father but asks Vimal how he found out. Vimal dos not tell him that Todd was the source. Brody then concludes the reason must be because Vimal saw Marty alter the test. He then asks why Vimal kept the silence for this long and has now decided to come forward. Vimal replies that t he has learned that nobody deserves to live a lie like that and John McBain deserves to know the truth.

At the station, John tells Natalie that it appears to him that Brody is keeping a secret about something although he does not know what.

At the docks, the strange man asks original Todd who he is and why is somebody trying to kill him. Original Todd replies that that is a good question.

At the Sun, Brody tells Vimal that he knows that all people want to protect the perfect image of their family. He informs Vimal just had a conversation with Vimal's parents. Hearing that, Vimal demands to know what Brody might have told them. Brody then replies that he really said nothing when he heard them speak about their perfect son with the perfect career and how it appears they have no clue that he went to prison after falsifying a DNA test. They believe he’s the perfect husband and father and they are awaiting the birth of their precious grandchild who does not exist. Brody tells Vimal that he will not reveal the truth to them if Vimal keeps the secret he knows about Brody. But Vimal tells him that he has to come clean both with his own situation and with the fact that Liam is John’s child and not Brody’s.

At the docks, Original Todd tells the strange man that it’s kind of a long story what has happened to him and he doesn’t know half of it himself but knows that a stranger has stolen his identity and his life.

Outside Todd’s home, the man who held original Todd captive before he escaped tells Tomas that he has made a serious mistake.

Inside, Tea explains to Sebastian that Tomas has always been very protective of her and so has Todd. They are not the best of friends and so each wants to protect her from the other. But he tells her that it seems a bit odd that the two of them don’t get along yet have a secret together and whenever they are alone they speak privately so that nobody can overhear or know. He knows the two of them are suspected by the cops and up to something.

In the yard, when Todd hears Sam speaking favorably about “Spiderman, he yells at his son that Spiderman is a fake and he must never speak to him. Starr then overhear and demands that her dad stops yelling at her little brother and demands to know what is going on with him.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian reminds Rex that Clint is in a lot of trouble and headed to prison as soon as he gets out of the hospital and it’s unlikely the cops would believe a word he says about her. He then tells her that Rama Patel also knows that she almost had Clint killed. She reminds him that Rama Patel is the wife of the man who switched the paternity test that would indicate that Clint is not even Rex’s father. And that brings up the questions of why Rex would care about Clint. Rex replies because Clint took Gigi’s heart and so Dorian is the reason why Gigi was cut open. She tells him that since Gigi was an organ donor, her heart would have gone to someone other than Clint sooner or later anyway. Rex reminds her that her sociopath nephew and his sick friend killed Gigi. He is not going to let Dorian take another woman from his son. He will take her down first.

Vimal gets on his phone afraid that Brody will tell his parents that he went to prison. He tells Brody he has to tell them because he cannot risk their finding it out from some police officer. But Brody tells him he swears he will never tell them. He then apologizes for blackmailing him. He is not going to do that. He then urges Vimal to please realize that all his life all he ever wanted as family and for months now he thought of Liam as his. He knows that Vimal feels the same way and can understand that he loves Liam and must know that John wants nothing to do with Liam or Natalie so he need never know. And he (Brody) imagine his life without them. He reminds Vimal that he already lost one son because of him. He lost Ryder because Vimal altered the paternity test and it cost Brody his son and his son’s mother. So he urges him to please not take Liam away from him. He loves Liam.

Natalie and John investigate some suspicious and secretive activity going on on Todd Manning’s computer that may be relevant to this mysterious unidentified person who appeared in the Spiderman suit and kidnapped Sam. She asks if he thinks that Todd and the suspect may have met face to face at some point regarding the kidnapping.

Starr asks her dad if he is ok. He was yelling at Sam and she’s worried. Todd then tells his daughter in case she has not noticed, some freak dressed as Spiderman kidnapped his son and Sam has this idea that this guy is his hero. She tells him she realizes his understandable concern regarding that but has another question. She informs him that she heard that Sam saw a photo of what Todd used to look like “before”. And he said that was the man in the Spiderman suit. He tells her that Sam is lying. She used to when she was a child. All kids do that. She asks what if there is a man out there who looks like he did before the surgery. He tells her that cannot be. Only he is her father. And whoever this guy is with the line on his face, it does not matter. He (himself) is the only Todd Manning.

Tomas asks the man who held original Todd captive before he escaped (Agent Baker) why it was that Sam identified Todd manning before the surgery. Agent Baker tells Tomas that it does not matter. The man in question with the scar on his face is dead. So maybe Tomas needs to drop the whole thing and go back to Paris.

Sebastian asks Tea if she trusts Todd and/or Tomas any more than he does. He tells her that their little secret might very well have something to do with this Spiderman character kidnapping Sam and isn’t it kind of “coincidental” that Sam identified the guy in the Spiderman suit as her husband before he changed his face.

Original Todd tells the strange man that it appears that not only “this guy” but everybody in his life believes that the guy (the Todd we know) is him. His new acquaintance finds that a bit fishy but tells original Todd he is willing to take his word for it. He asks original Todd just how he plans to get his life back.

When he is overheard by his son, Tomas tells Agent Baker if he ever appears near this house again, he will regret it. Baker then leaves and Sebastian demands to know who that was. Tomas replies it was just some salesman trying to sell them cable. Sebastian then asks his dad how he could let “some salesman" get him that worked up and on edge.

As Todd is talking to Starr and telling her she must know that he will do anything to keep her safe, he gets a call.

Original Todd tells the guy he met that the problem is if he goes to sees his family, they will all believe that he is the imposter and that this guy who stole his life is him. So it’s correct to say that he has no plan of action. He tells his new acquaintance he appreciates his hospitality and is pretty certain that he is still a pretty wealthy guy and in time, he can help a poor man like him to get back on his feet. The guy laughs and doesn’t seem to believe that that could happen. Original Todd tells him one thing he knows is that he is a survivor and knows how to get back on his feet. The man then tells original Todd that he does know one “good guy” in town who is a cop and owner of Rodi’s. You can trust him, he tells original Todd. His name is John McBain.

Natalie asks John if he thinks that Sam’s kidnapper and Todd may have arranged to meet secretly and not tell anyone. They both agree that it’s entirely possible that Todd would do that. A cop then enters and tells them he ran a DNA test and got a hit. She then tells him with some luck, they will find out who kidnapped Sam.

Brody tells Vimal that he owes Brody. But he is just asking him as a father who understands his situation if he can refrain from ever telling John. And if he does plan on going through with telling him, could he give Brody a heads-up? He does not know how to prepare for losing his child.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian informs Rex that the cops found her mother holding her hostage. So even if she does not press charges against Echo, the commonwealth will. He tells her that if she wants her “happy ever after” with David, she needs to convince Bo and Nora to drop the charges. Otherwise, she can kiss her husband, her family and her freedom good bye. Right then, Blair enters with Jack and Sam. Dorian smiles and holds her arms out to Sam while he rushes to hug her and remarks to Rex that his aunt is going to have a fun party. Rex then stares coldly at Jack and remarks that it must be nice to have something to celebrate.

Tea reminds Tomas that there are some very suspicious things going on that both he and Todd might know about. First Sam identified his imaginary friend as the man dressed as Spiderman who kidnapped him in a picture John McBain showed him of Todd when he had the line on his face. In response to that, Tomas tells his sister that from day one, he has been urging her to leave that man and realize that he is trouble.

Outside, Agent Baker meets Todd outside the house. And Todd asks him what he knows about that whack job guy with the line on his face who says that Todd stole his life and identity. And why does this guy (whom Todd is now speaking to) know so much about him?

After original Todd’s new acquaintance reveals to him that he knows John McBain, original Todd is in shock to hear John McBain's name. He then remembers when Agent Baker held him captive, he was also demanding that original Todd tells him what he knows about John McBain. Original Todd’s new acquaintance tells him that he sometimes helps John McBain with confidential information and tells Todd he may call John and tell him Louie sent him. Original Todd then concludes that he will just handle it on his own. But his new acquaintance reminds him that “on his own” almost got him killed. When he’s alone, original Todd gets on the pay phone to call John. Recognizing the number, John assumes that Louie is calling him. Original Todd tells John he may guess again. John asks original Todd who he is. Original Todd does not “identify himself” but tells John he thinks they should talk alone. John tells him ok but asks what this is about. Original Todd replies that this is about Todd Manning. When John gets off the phone, Natalie asks him what that is about and if he plans to check it out or needs her help.

At Buenos Dias, when Sam notices Dorian talking to Rex, he tells his aunt she has to stay and join him and his brother and mom. She tells her nephew she’d love to but she and his uncle David have to plan their party. Rex then calls to her telling her if she does not drop the charges against his mother, she will never see David or her family again. Rex appears distraught to see Jack free and happily with his family.

John goes to the dock to meet the anonymous “contact” (who is original Todd) He notices however nobody is there and calls that they may come out come out wherever and whoever they are.

Starr and Sebastian are at the park together when she tells him that her dad has been acting really weird regarding Sam’s new “friend” . NO less weird that Sam identified his friend as having Todd’s old face. And when Sam told their dad about that, he went crazy. He asks her what she means by that. She tells him that Todd freaked out saying that guy is not their father as though he is afraid that his kids would believe otherwise. Then Todd got “all sentimental” like he never does, she tells him. He spoke of how much his kids mean to him and it was very weird that he told her about the first time he held her when she was first born. This was a behavior she’s never seen in her dad. He was scared and she knows he does not appear scared very easily. And it looked like he was afraid of losing his kids.

Agent Baker tells current Todd he need not worry about the mysterious kidnapper. He is dead in the Llantano River. Little do they know that is not true.

John then goes to see the assault weapon used to attempt to kill original Todd but does not see any people.

Tea tells Tomas maybe he needs to get out of her home if she cannot trust him.

Todd asks Baker if it’s true this mysterious guy is dead and just who is he.

Original Todd comes face to face with John on the docks.

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