OLTL Update Thursday 7/21/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/21/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Buenos Dias, David informs Bo that Dorian was missing and he could not find her. He then shows his dad an article in the Sun about how “Spiderman saved the day” and that Sam Manning has rescued Dorian from Echo DiSavoy.

Dorian returns home, walks into Kelly’s room and is startled to see her niece in bed with Joey.

Cutter Wentworth, Aubrey and Rama are all stuck together in a room at The Minuteman after all getting thrown out of Clint’s home by Rex. Aubrey then gets mail and sees her divorce papers have come and are finalized. She is not happy with that.. Rama then remarks that it will only be a matter of time before Vimal files for divorce with her.

Vimal is then alone in Todd’s office writing a letter of resignation to Todd and tells him that Lieutenant McBain needs to know that Liam is his father.

Rex goes to the police station and asks John why his mom is in jail. John confirms that she kidnapped and tried to kill the Mayor of Llanview. Rex asks what he needs to do to get her cleared of charges, reminding John that he is now rich and can buy the cops off as all the other rich people are able to do. John tells Rex that he may find a good lawyer to represent her if he so chooses but Echo was witnessed at the scene of the crime and caught red handed holding Dorian captive. Rex angrily reminds John that there was just as much evidence that Jack Manning was responsible for Gigi’s death. But that wasn’t enough for the cops to make him pay. Hearing that, John protests that Rex must know that the last thing he wanted was to let that kid go. He tells Rex he is sorry for what happened but there is nothing he can do at this point yet he must do his job. Rex tells John he needs to take care of his family. John agrees that Rex should focus on his family. Rex then asks John what he thinks Rex is focused on instead. John replies he believes that Rex is focused on revenge.

Bo confirms with David that it appears they have caught Echo red handed. He wishes all cases were this easy. He informs David that he and Nora have yet to find out who assaulted Matthew and put him in a coma. All they have found so far is a gum wrapper that none of them chew that was found on the floor. David asks Bo if he wants David to check it out for him. Bo replies no. It’s ok. He will let David know if he needs any help. And they both know that David is lucky that he was able to prove to Dorian he did not cheat and got her back.

Kelly asks Dorian if she can give her and Joey just a little bit of privacy. Dorian tells them she can do that and is very happy they are together again. She informs them that she and David are back together and it appears echo set him up. And when she confronted Echo, Echo kidnapped her. Hearing that, Kelly and Joey are very surprised to know that and have yet to see the article about how Dorian’s great nephew is a super hero. Dorian reminds Joey that he should have seen that he had been scammed by his ex-wife when Kelly told him yet he did not. He tells Dorian he now knows that Kelly was right and his divorce to Aubrey is now final.

Rama tells Aubrey that she broke Vimal’s heart and has good reason to be furious with her for lying about being pregnant. His parents are flying from around the world to celebrate. Hearing that, Cutter tells her it’s no big deal and couples break up all the time. She tells him not in the Patel family.

Right when Vimal writes his resignation letter in Todd’s empty office, his parents arrive unexpected. He does not know what to say or do and they are unaware of all that has happened in his life. They assume he’s happily married, ready to have a baby, has a great job and they may know nothing about his being sent to prison for falsifying DNA.

Jessica tells Natalie and Brody that this is her home. If Natalie and Brody are going to be messing around, they need to do it elsewhere. Natalie protests. But Brody tells her she (Natalie) has the right to be comfortable in her own home. So he invites Natalie to move in with him. Hearing that, Jessica angrily tells them that sounds like a great idea and she will go and help Natalie pack up all her stuff to get her out of there. But, she reminds them, smirking, that maybe they won’t be entirely “comfortable” living right down the hallway from John. And she makes a remark about the falsification that Liam was John’s child.

Vimal’s parents tell their son that he must smile. Everything is looking up for him. Yet they can clearly see that he is not ok.

Rama tells Aubrey and Cutter that she needs to look at the paper and search the classifieds because she needs a job. She goes out the door. Alone with Aubrey, Cutter reminds her she is “free”. Hearing that, she asks if he means from jail. He tells her no. From her marriage. Yet he can clearly see that she is not over Joey.

Dorian tells Kelly and Joey she wants to make sure that she gives them tickets to the Vickerman party that she and David are hosting the following night. But Kelly tells her aunt that she really misses her son and she and Joey are planning to travel to see him informing them that Zane is going to be in a play. Hearing that, Dorian tells them she’s glad that Zane is exploring acting like David is. And if he ever needs any acting tips, maybe David can help him. They laugh.

At Buenos Dias, David invites Bo and Nora but Bo tells his son he’s sorry. He and Nora haven’t had a lot of time together in a while and can’t make it. David remarks that he has not forgiven Rex Balsam for letting him get sent to the Moroccan prison. Hearing that, Bo tells David that Rex is suffering enough right now.

Right then, at the station, John tells Rex that he has been able to figure out that Origami cogs, the “organization” that wants to hurt Todd Manning, comes from Rex. Rex then admits that he did, in fact, set up a company in Gigi’s name. John then tells Rex if he wants to go after Todd’s money, he’s all for it. But if Rex’s plan involves something a little bit beyond that, then John will have to do his job and enforce the law.

Dorian joins David and Bo and when she finds out that her “father in law” cannot attend their party, she asks him if he does not remember that he works for her and lets him know that the cops need to lock up Echo DiSavoy for a long time. And if Clint does not get incarcerated for all of his crimes as soon as he has recovered, it could look very suspicious when his brother is the police commissioner.

Aubrey appears depressed when she tells Cutter and Rama that Joey might be ready to marry Kelly Cramer and forget all about her soon. Cutter then reminds them that maybe they all need to get jobs. He encourages Aubrey to continue to join forces with him in what they did. But she does not seem to want to do what they used to do for greed and deception. And, it appears neither does Rama knowing that it’s also cost her the man she loves.

Vimal tells his parents that he and Rama are not having a son. His mother then assumes that can only mean Rama is pregnant with a girl. He then leaves and tells them he has to take care of something right away and then he will be right back.

Natalie asks Jessica if she ever plans on getting over the fact that Natalie and Brody are together. Jessica asks her what she thinks the “time frame” should be for getting over her sister sleeping with her fiancé. Natalie reminds Jessica that maybe she needs to get over it just like Natalie had to get over it and forgive her for locking her in a room and setting off a bomb that could have killed her. Jessica then tells Natalie that she (herself) was sick. Natalie tells her that that that excuse as well as her unwillingness to forgive Natalie and Brody is getting old. Natalie demands to know how Jessica cannot understand how she (as Tess) can hurt as many people as she wants and gets a free pass. Jessica goes on about her sickness that she cannot help and which nobody understands. Natalie tells Jessica if she can never forgive her that’s fine with her. As long as Jessica leaves her alone from now on, she will be content. Robert Ford then walks in and confronts Natalie for “yelling” and asks her what is wrong with her when there are kids in the house and asks Jessica if she is “ok”. Natalie then walks out the door. Jessica yells to her that she better stay away from her. She then breaks down crying and Robert holds her while she cries in his arms.

John tells Rex he does not want to come after him. But if he has to, he will. Rex then tells him she wants to see Echo. Brody then comes through the door while John takes Rex to visit his mom. Right then, Brody notices the note that Vimal wrote to John that John has yet to see, that confirms that Brody is not Liam’s father. And he notices that it has been signed as anonymous. But he reads “someone” saying “believe me. I know”. He then brainstorms out loud about who would have known that Marty was going to alter the DNA. He then concludes it must be Vimal Patel. Natalie then walks in, sees him, and asks if he is ok.

Kelly and Joey are in bed together but she tells him she has to get back to work soon.

Rama notices that Capricorn is looking for a bartender. But she concludes she cannot work with Cristian Vega. He hates her even more than Vimal does. Right then, Vimal walks in and tells her he hates to say this but he needs her help.

Jessica tells Robert she does not know what to do with this situation. She tells him that Natalie and Brody and the baby and the whole situation makes her crazy. She “clarifies” it’s not like “tess is ready to come back” crazy. She then realizes that he would probably like that. But he tells her he really understands what she is feeling since he lost someone too. Hearing that, she appears sensitive toward his “loss”.

Right then, Brody makes sure that neither Natalie nor John ever find out that Vimal knows that Liam is not Brody’s son.

Robert is ready to take Ryder on visitation and Jessica encourages him to go and have a good time. But he invites her to join him. She tells him she has to stay with Bree. He then reminds her that his little brother Nate works for the parks department and knows they are hosting and event for kids. So, he encourages her to bring Bree and join him and Ryder.

Rex goes to find Bo at Buenos Dias while he’s having lunch with David and Dorian and urges Bo to help his mother to get released from jail. Hearing that, David reminds his father that that no good woman kidnapped his Dorian and Rex enabled him to rot in a Moroccan prison. So, he asks Bo, who is he going to back. His “fake” son or his real one?

Aubrey goes through the job ads in the paper and remarks there’s nothing in there that she’s qualified to do. She mentions to Cutter that she notices that David Vickers is hosting a party and she bets Joey will be there with Kelly so that’s somewhere she doesn’t want to go.

Outside the door, Vimal tells Rama he needs her help in lying to his parents that they are still together and having a baby. Hearing that, she asks why he would want to lie since he is against that. He protests that his parents are at his door waiting for her. She tells him they will notice that she is not pregnant. Sooner or later they will expect a baby. He then realizes that it’s true that one lie will lead to another lie. This was a bad idea. And now the only thing to do is tell them the truth. He walks away.

Brody goes to Todd’s office looking for Vimal and meets his parents. Seeing Brody in uniform they ask if he’s there to arrest anyone. They tell him that they love their son and ask if Brody has any children. He replies he has a son named Liam.

At the police station, Natalie and John wonder what caused Brody to rush off so suddenly and where he went.

Vimal returns to Todd’s office to see Brody with his parents and is worried that Brody wants to arrest someone. His parents clarify that everything is ok. They are ready to move in with Vimal and Rama. But he tells them that his wife might not be there. Alone with Brody, Vimal asks him what he can help him with. He tells Brody that this appears to be serious. Brody tells him it is.

After Aubrey shows Cutter the invitation to David’s movie premier, she can see that he has a plan. He asks her if she wants to go there with him.

Kelly and Joey are happily together but she tells him she doesn’t want them to make the same mistakes. He tells her he doesn’t want that either but he wants them to have a future.

Rex walks away when Dorian and David tell Bo he has to throw the book at Echo and Bo realizes that he must do his job. He tells them however, he cannot discuss this case at the Buenos Dias. He then tells David and Dorian he has to get back to Nora and Matthew. Alone David and Dorian notice that Rex is still there. Dorian approaches him and tells him she knows he is going through a terrible time. But his mother has to pay for what she has done. Rex then faces her and tells her his mother won’t because Dorian will drop the charges.

Jessica tells Robert she and Bree will join him and Ryder. She smiles while she observes her baby’s father with their son.

At the station, John seems to notice that “somebody” moved something from his desk. If it was not Natalie, it must have been Brody.

When Brody is alone with Vimal, he tells him he’d like to talk to him about the note Vimal wrote to John McBain.

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