OLTL Update Tuesday 7/19/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/19/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair panics after Sam has been kidnapped. Tea assures her that Todd is going to find him and won’t come back until he is found. But Blair is worried.

Right then, Todd goes to meet the kidnapper. He comes face to face with the Todd Manning character played by Roger Howarth until 2003

Echo is determined to not let Dorian “win” and has her bound and gagged and duct taped to a chair.

Dani goes to the Minuteman and runs into Nate and Deanna assuming that they have slept together.

Todd goes to his office and asks “who the hell are you?” of the man he sees but does not recognize. Original Todd tells him that is funny because he could ask current Todd the same question.

Viki and David go to the police station when he is worried that he cannot find Dorian. He tells her he has called everywhere but has not found her. Bo and Nora are away. Knowing that Echo has probably kidnapped Dorian, David tells Viki that he wants her caught and tortured. Viki tells David she is all in favor of making Echo pay and torturing her. But, she reminds him, they do not know that Echo has Dorian. All they know is that Dorian has not answered her phone. But David tells her he knows that something is terribly wrong.

Echo tells a tied up Dorian that her (Echo’s) intentions were innocent. She only wanted to see what might happen between Dorian and David. But then the booze kicked in. And Echo overplayed her hand. And too bad for Dorian that she had to find out what Echo was doing and picked up the garden hose. She admits to Dorian that she did not mean to go as far as she has gone although now she has now kidnapped the mayor.

When Dani notices Nate with Deanna, she asks him if he wants to tell her what happened tonight. He remembers the sex scene and is silent. She reminds him that he lied to her telling her that he had to work a double shift. But Destiny told her she overheard his conversation with Deanna while at Buenos Dias and knew that she’d find Nate and Deanna at The Minuteman. Hearing that, Nate is shocked that Dani has been told where to find him and does not know how to explain.

Natalie tells John she cannot believe there is any credibility that there are “two Todds”. Even if Sam believes that his friend is the guy in the photo, John does not believe that. Does he?:

Back at the house, Blair tells Tea and Tomas that she is worried about Sam and fears that her little boy must be terrified.

Right then, Sam is alone in the motel room while original Todd is gone. He appears to be having fun with his new birthday toys and tells Spiderman not to worry. He will hold down the fort while his friend goes and “kicks the bad guy’s butt”.

Current Todd asks this strange guy who he is. Original Todd tells Current Todd that current Todd has taken his life, his job, his family and all that he had. And he (original Todd) is Todd Manning. Current Todd tells him he is crazy and appears not to know what original Todd is talking about.

Shaun goes to Capricorn and asks Cristian if he can make him the same drink that Rama only orders. Christian then concludes this can only mean that Shaun has been talking to Rama. He admits to Shaun that he thought that Rama was his friend. He realizes she was married and did not want to do anything that was not appropriate with her. But he found out that she lied to her husband about being pregnant and let Vimal get falsely imprisoned for a crime that Clint Buchanan committed. So, he does not want to hear anything about Rama or her drink, he tells Shaun.

When Dani notices Nate and Deanna together, she concludes that they were in fact there although she did not see them when she went looking for them. She assumes this can only mean that the two of them were willfully having sex.

Echo admits to Dorian that she wanted to make her suffer. She hired Ionia to seduce David because she wanted Dorian to lose the man she loves just like Echo lost Charlie. She then notices that Dorian appears to be hyperventilating while her mouth is gagged.

David is with Viki determined to take action to save Dorian from danger.

Todd asks if original Todd was dressed as Spiderman and kidnapped Jack. Original Todd smirks and asks if it’s been so long that current Todd actually believes that he is Todd Manning. Hearing that, ,current Todd sounds like he honestly hasn’t a clue what original Todd is talking about and tells him that he has always been Todd Manning and has never been known as anybody else. Original Todd tells current Todd that he has apparently fooled everybody except him. Original Todd tells current Todd he knows that he is an imposter. A fake. Current Todd tells original Todd that he is a freak and delusional.

At the house, Blair tells the others that although Sam is not her biological child, she would rather die than see any harm come to him. He is her little boy and she is his mom. Right then, John asks Tomas if he has a minute. He’d like to ask him some questions in an attempt to hopefully find Sam and the kidnapper.

Nate rushes after Dani to protest that it is “not what it appears”. She asks why then did he go to the motel room with Deanna. He replies that they went to meet with a lawyer. Deanna has desperately tried and failed to find her mother for a long time. She finally found a lead. This lawyer asked her to meet him at the Minuteman Motel. He didn’t want Deanna to go alone because this guy appeared really creepy. So they went there together and the lawyer came through. Hearing that, Dani asks if “the creepy guy” she saw was the lawyer and that is the only reason they went there together. Why, then, did he lie and tell her he had to work late? He tells her that they were afraid that the lawyer might be up to some shady business and Deanna asked him not to tell anyone. So, she must know that he would never cheat on her.

Viki tells David that although she does not think highly of Echo nor put anything past her, Echo is not so stupid that she would endanger Dorian who happens to be the mayor. She could go to prison for that.

Echo notices that Dorian is hyperventilating and assumes it’s just more drama and that Dorian has not been hurt. She then tells Dorian she will take the gag off. But Dorian has to promise not to yell. She then removes the gag. Dorian then screams so loud that Sam can hear her from the other room. He concludes that “somebody is in trouble. But Spiderman is not there to save them.”

Current Todd asks original Todd what is up and what is his problem. Original Todd then pulls a gun on current Todd.

John admits to Tomas that the cops could not find anything. But he bets that Tomas would know something about all of the files with the same symbol on them. So he was wondering if Tomas could tell him what it is.

Current Todd then asks original Todd what he wants from him. Original Todd holds the gun on him and replies that he wants answers. How did he take original Todd’ s life and his family and convince everyone that he is Todd? He wants to know that and current Todd won’t get to see his kid until he answers.

After Shaun finds out from Cristian what Rama did, he tells Cristian that she made a mistake but maybe did what she did for the right reason. Cristian tells Shaun that maybe he still has trust issues and is still burned after what Layla did. He admits that Rama and himself were only friends. But she kissed him. He does not believe that she is worth anything not to honor her commitment. Shaun then asks Cristian if he is angry at Rama or at himself for going after a married woman.

Dani emotionally tells Nate that she is afraid she has turned into a “psycho chick” to assume the worst about him. And she knows she probably missed Sam’s entire birthday party. She is so sorry about this and so hopes that he will forgive her. He tells her she must know there is nothing to forgive. She then kisses him and they agree to get together later. Alone with Deanna, he tells her he feels like crap. He made a porn flick. And Dani is the one apologizing to him. She reminds him that Rick gave them no choice and at least they both now have what they want. He then assesses that since she has the means to find her mom and he won’t get sent to prison for assaulting Matthew, what will they do now.

After Sam hears Dorian scream from the other room at The Minuteman, Echo asks what she should do. She could obviously let Dorian go. But she knows that Dorian will call the police and get her arrested. Of course they will believe Dorian’s word over hers’ since Dorian is the mayor. So, maybe her only option is now to “get rid” of Dorian.

At the police station, David tells Viki that he has reason to believe that Dorian has been kidnapped and endangered because all he found in the house after she left was a broken toy that she intended to bring to Sam’s birthday party. But she never made it. So it only tells him that somebody coerced her. Viki then tells David that they need to find out and the cops should be able to help them.

At Todd’s home, Jack tells the others that he knows his dad is not doing anything wrong or illegal nor responsible for Sam getting kidnapped. But maybe he is and maybe he knows something about it.

Current Todd tells original Todd that he did not steal anybody’s life. Original Todd tells him he knows that current Todd has been living his life throughout the last 8 years. Current Todd smirks and tells him whoever he is, he owes him nothing. Original Todd tells current Todd that current Todd stole his life while current Todd’s “pals” had him locked up and tortured and took his brain. Hearing that, current Todd asks him what he is talking about regarding current Todd’s “pals”. Original Todd tells current Todd he knows what he is talking about regarding agent Kent and all of the people who had him incarcerated. He points the gun at current Todd who defiantly tells him he hasn’t a clue who he is or what kind of delusional crap he believes. But he better leave him alone. Original Todd may shoot him if he wants. But he’s not going to listen to this ridiculous garbage.

Sam tells Starr, Blair, Tea and the others that his dad did not want him to “tell anyone”. But a few days ago, when he was working for his dad at The Sun, some unidentified guy came out of nowhere, snuck up on Jack and knocked him out. They then ask if Todd might have some clue as to who this person could be. Jack replies that Todd told him he might have something to do with origami cogs. Right then, Dani enters and tells them that she was at the Minuteman Motel and just happened to see a little boy who looked like Sam in the adjoining room. So they decide to check out that lead.

Echo needs to find a way to make Dorian “disappear” so that she cannot incriminate Echo. Right then, Sam appears in the door of the room dressed as Spiderman. Echo greets him and laughs telling him he needs to go elsewhere if he’s in Halloween costume. But Sam somehow knows he has to take action. So he sprays Echo with something.

At the Sun, original Todd points the gun at current Todd and tells him he can kill him and get his life back. But, he puts it down, realizing that even if that happens, he still won’t get the answers he wants. So, he tells current Todd, he has a better idea. The two of them need to go to his house and meet all of Todd’s “nearest and dearest” and ask them just whom they believe is the real Todd Manning. Current Todd then agrees to leave with him.

At Capricorn, Cristian makes Rama's favorite drink for Shaun. And he concludes that maybe Shaun is right that he should not be so judgmental about her.

Deanna tells Nate she is so grateful for all of his help. She knows she came to Llanview to find James. But he (Nate) is the Ford brother who really came through for her. She tells him that she accepts that they are friends and he is with Dani. She kisses him good bye and tells him she always wants to be his friend.

After tea finds out that her daughter went to the Minute Man, Dani admits that she heard she might find Nate there. Blair overhears and tells her that maybe she helped them more than they realize if Sam might be there.

While Sam notices Echo tying up his aunt Dorian, Dorian calls to her nephew before she can see who he is. He then removes his Spiderman mask and Dorian is confident that he has come to save the day.

At the police station, Viki and David conclude that he should be able to find Dorian and she now knows that he would not cheat on her. But they discover the piece of paper on which Vimal wrote to John that he knows that Liam is his and not Brody’s.

John is ready to go with Tomas to The Minute Man Motel. But they wonder where Todd is and why he is not back yet.

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