OLTL Update Monday 7/18/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/18/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd and the entire family are ready to bring Sam his birthday cake and let him blow out his candles. But they discover that he’s gone. And it appears, so is “Spiderman”.

Right then, original Todd takes Sam with him to his motel room and removes his mask. Sam then notices that Spiderman is his mysterious friend who killed the “bad guy”. He is not afraid but asks original Todd why he brought him there.

John and Natalie are brainstorming how it could be that that Sam Manning would have identified his mysterious friend as the Todd Manning with the scar on his face many years ago. She tells him that it’s not possible that Sam saw that man. That face and that man do not exist anymore.

Vimal Patel goes to Todd’s office ready for work but is surprised when he sees Rama.

Destiny is standing outside The Buenos Dias looking stunned and speechless. Nora observes her and asks if something is wrong.

Meanwhile, Nate and Deanna are agreeing to Rick’s terms and reluctantly going through with their film shooting. Outside the door, after Destiny has informed her that she heard that they are there, Dani is ready to find them.

Original Todd tells Sam that he had to bring him there and Sam can somehow sense that original Todd may be lying to him.

Nora tells Destiny that it appears that she(Destiny) has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Destiny tells her she was just worried about Matthew. Nora then informs her that she just went and saw her son. He seems to be making progress although they don’t have any guarantee or time frame on when he will be back to normal. She assures Destiny that she is confident that they will find the person who did this to Matthew in fact, she belives they have a lead.

Dani knocks on the door of The Minuteman. Rick enters to ask her if he can help her. She is unable to see Nate or Deanna together but she tells him she needs to find Nate Salinger. She is his girlfriend. Hearing that, Rick tells her that it’s not a good sign for her to be looking for her boyfriend at a motel.

Rama tells Vimal she happens to know that Mr. Manning is doing himself a favor by hiring him. Knowing and remembering that Todd “relies” upon Vimal not to tell John that Liam is John’s son, Vimal replies that Mr. Manning had no choice except to hire him.

Natalie tells John that this whole investigation about original Todd looks very suspicious. Yet they seem to know that current Todd has some sort of secret.

Original Todd tells Sam that he (himself) has been able to disguise himself. And Sam needs to beware of the “green goblin”. He tells Sam that he needs to protect him from people who might hurt him. He then apologizes for having to put Sam “in the middle of this”.

At Todd’s home, after noticing that both Sam and Spiderman have suddenly disappeared, they go looking for them and Blair uncovers something that makes her scream.

Sam asks original Todd just what his plans are.

Nora informs Destiny that she and Bo have retraced all of Matthews steps from whenever he could have gotten hurt. She asks if they came up with anything or know if somebody assaulted Matthew. Nora then shows her the gum wrapper and asks if she chews this gum or knows who might have or who would hae been in the house with Matthew before he got rushed to the hospital. Destiny then replies that she has never chewed that gum and it did not come from her, thereby confirming to Nora that somebody else was in their home with Matthew after Destiny was last there and that could be the person who put him in the hospital.

Blair screams when she sees a strange naked man passed out in the yard. They find out that he was supposed to play Spiderman and assume he’s the same guy who was previously there and who took Sam. But he hasn’t a clue what they are talking about having gotten knocked out and knowing nothing about it. They then are able to find out that this guy is who he says he is and it was “somebody else” who was previously there dressed as Spiderman and who took Sam.

Sam talks to original Todd suspecting nothing when original Todd tells him that he has to take action against a phony who took his life from him. Sam seems to “agree” that he is justified to do that, having no clue what original Todd is planning to do. Original Todd then gives Sam the bag of birthday presents that he has collected from the house and tells the boy he may open them and enjoy his birthday. But right then there is a knock on the door. Original Todd tells Sam they must ignore that.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny observes the mysterious gum wrapper that Nora shows her and concludes she does not know anyone who chews that kind of gum. But she will be on the lookout. Nora admits that she always thinks about her son and they share a common bond. She tells Destiny all about a “mother’s bond” with her son (unaware of what Destiny has found out). She tells Destiny she knows Destiny will some day be a mother and know all about it. And she tells her she wants Matthew to grow up, fall in love and have kids of his own. Destiny then admits to Nora that there is something she has to tell her.

Rick and the photographer are ready to shoot the sex scene between Nate and Deanna. He kisses her and they fall on the bed together.

Rama tells Vimal that Mr. Manning was smart enough to see that her husband was the best man for the job. But he tells her that is not true. He now has a criminal record after getting fired from his last job. And nobody would hire him now no matter how brilliant she tells him he is.

John goes to Todd’s home to investigate how to find this strange person dressed as Spiderman who took Sam. And it appears they might be able to find out what is going on yet.So Big

Right then, Dani goes to knock on the door of the room where Original Todd and Sam are. He does not open the door. She mistakenly assumes she will find Nate and Deanna in that room but gives up and walks away. Original Todd opens the door to confirm that she has not seen him or Sam.

Original Todd then tells Sam he wants him to open and play with his new toys while he(original Todd) goes and make some calls to the “green goblin”.

Sebastian confirms to John that he did hear Spiderman talk. He said: “my pleasure” when they asked him to take the picture. John concludes that they will put a tracer on the phone. But the others believe there’s no way this guy will call. Jack chimes in telling them that this guy must be a sicko who “likes little boys”. Blair and Tea ask him not to be so sick and morbid. Right then, the phone rings. Todd gets it and asks who this is. Original Todd confirms this is Spiderman and he has Todd’s son.

Rick and the photographer are happy with the “results” of filming Nate with Deanna. Rick smirks and asks if they did not get turned on by each other. Nate is ready to physically attack him and tells him to shut up. Deanna tells Nate it’s not worth it but they did what rick wants and now need him to give them what he agreed upon for them.

Dani appears in Buenos Dias and sits with Destiny and Nate. Still having no suspicion about Nate, she tells Nora she is confident that her son will be better soon. She knows he’s a fighter from the moment she met him. He got out of the wheelchair against all odds and will beat this too.

Vimal tells Rama she needs to leave him alone about how he got this job. And he is concerned about a “good man” who deserves to be treated better than he has treated him.

John attempts to investigate with all of the people at Todd’s home about the identity of Sam mysterious friend with a scar on his face. IN the other room, current Todd asks “Roger Howarth” if Sam is ok and tells him he needs to talk to his son. But original Todd tells “Trevor St. John” that he(himself) is calling the shots. He needs current Todd to meet him somewhere and not tell anyone or current Todd will never see his son again. From the other room, Tea asks her husband whom he is talking to.

At Buenos Dias, Nora leaves Destiny and Dani alone. Dani asks her what she was about to tell Nora. Destiny changes the subject and asks Dani what she found out at The Minuteman. Dani tells her she did not find Nate or Deanna there. She just found Rick and this “strange guy” (original Todd whom she’s never met nor could she identify) who had a little boy about Sam’s age with him. But she suspects nothing.

Rick tells Nate that Nate has his word that after doing what Rick has asked, he will not tell the Commissioner or D.A what he did to their son.

Rama tells her husband even if he thinks she is a selfish person who does not care about others, why would she lie to him about Todd Manning valuing his work. He tells her she needs to go. His boss does not like strangers in his office. She tells him she is not a stranger. He tells her she is to him. But she tells him she can see that he has something on his mind that is bothering him. So whatever it is, he needs to “Fix what is wrong’. He then concludes that she is correct. He has to stop living in fear of Todd Manning’s threats and do the right thing.

Tea asks Todd if his private phone calls was regarding Sam. He tells her yes. He called some of his private investigators. But there is somewhere he needs to go where he cannot tell her. She urges him to be safe and not do anything stupid.

In the motel room, original Todd tells Sam he has to go somewhere. And he asks Sam to give him a “Spidey promise” that Sam not open the door or go outside, answer the phone or talk to anyone. He tells Sam that “the spidey suit” has spidey powers. He puts the smaller spiderman suit on Sam and assures him he will be safe and he must know that his new friend will “win” because he is the “good guy”. Sam suspects nothing and seems to trust him.Well

Blair demands to know what this strange guy would do with her son. John does not know the answers but tells her he will put out an APB on the suspect.

Rick gives Deanna the information about where to find her mom although Nate remarks that she paid a steep price to get an address. He tells her that he’s glad it’s over and he hopes to God that Dani never finds out.

Dani admits to destiny that she is suspicious about Nate not answering his phone when she called and lying about working late when he was not. What doesn’t he want her to know about?

Vimal goes to John’s office and finds that it’s empty. So he writes John a letter informing him that he is Liam’s father and not Brody Lovette. Marty Saybrooke altered the test results. This he knows. He then remembers Todd threatening him if he does not keep the secret for him and how he can give Vimal a good paying job and an opportunity he cannot turn down if he does what Todd wants. Vimal then leaves the note for John and leaves his office.

John and Natalie leave Todd’s home. Jack asks Tea where Todd went. She tells him his father went to go find Sam. He asks her if she believes this crap about Sam’s imaginary friend. She admits she is not sure.

Starr admits to Sebastian that he is worried about this creep, whoever he is, who has her little brother. What if they never get him back?

Tea informs Blair that Todd went to look for Sam and said he will bring him back. Even if Blair may question what Todd is telling them, Tea tells her that Todd told her that he is not coming back until he finds Sam. And that she can believe.

John tells Natalie that maybe their perp stole the costume but may not have had a chance to find the shoes. She then asks John what is on his mind. John tells her that there has got to be a connection to how Sam gets mysteriously and suddenly kidnapped by a strange unseen person right after Sam identifies that he met original Todd. She then asks John what he is saying and tells him it’s not as if there could be two Todd Mannings.

Right then, current Todd goes to meet the “kidnapper” and is stunned when he comes face to face with the “other” Todd Manning.

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