OLTL Update Friday 7/15/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/15/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Original Todd knocks out the guy dressed as Spiderman outside the door of current Todd’s home when they are ready to Sam’s birthday party, it looks like original Todd has a plan.

Natalie goes to John’s office and he shows her a file that he found in Todd Manning’s office. She asks if the file has anything to do with the dead body found at Dorian Lord’s.

Jack walks into Todd’s home and his mom asks if Dorian is on her way. He tells his mom that Dorian didn’t come with him but she said she wouldn’t miss it.

Dorian walks outside by the pool and discovers Echo. She demands to know what echo is doing there. Echo tells Dorian she is there to see Dorian’ s husband.

David finds Viki who has grudgingly agreed to help him find out who might be setting him up to make it appear that he is cheating on Dorian. And he has too long of a list of enemies or people who might wish him harm. He knows that Viki might have reason to be his enemy with their negative history and when he pretended to be Viki’s brother years ago.

Inside Todd’ s home, he tells Tea that “Superman” is late and better get there soon or he will be out of a job. Sebastian tells Starr that he has to find out the secret between their two dads. Dani then gets a call from Nate who tells her he is sorry. He cannot make it to Sam’s party. She asks why not. Not far away, destiny overhears while sitting at Buenos Dias and knowing that Nate is not working late there as he tells Dani.

Outside the door, original Todd puts on the superman suit after he’s knocked out the guy who had it on previously. He makes sure that his face is not seen and goes to knock on current Todd’s door. Todd opens the door and tells him it’s about time he showed up. He cannot see the face and hasn’t a clue who it really is. He asks Spiderman what took him so long and “spiderman” does not reply. When original Todd does not speak, current Todd tells him he better get in there and entertain Todd’s son or he will be out of a job.

Nate calls and tells Dani that he has to work late. That is the reason why he cannot make it to Sam’s party. She is ok with that. Deanna tells him that he need not worry. He could not have admitted to Dani that they will be performing at the Minuteman. They get up to leave. Destiny overhear sand concludes that Nate is cheating on her best friend.

Echo asks Dorian if she’d like to see a DVD about David’s secret encounter and sneaking around on her. Dorian tells her she may hand it over and get out. Echo then concludes that she now has Dorian right where she wants her.

David attempts to “brainstorm” with Viki about all of the people throughout his history that may have it in for him.

Destiny calls Dani after overhearing Nate’s and Deanna's conversation. She tells Dani that there is something she needs to tell her. And it’s not a good thing.

“Superman” is dressed in his suit without his face or voice known at Sam’s party. Nobody suspects anything.

John informs Natalie that Sam Manning alleged that he saw a guy outside right at the same time this guy got shot. Sam informed him that he could ID his “friend” from a list of suspects. And he shows Natalie the picture of original Todd to indicate that Sam identified his “friend” as him.

Sam tells his family about the superman character who is just like the guy before them who they cannot identify. Sam tells them he knows that this guy can “sense danger” and is his hero just like his “friend”. They all laugh and suspect nothing. Little does anybody know? Sam asks “spidy” if he can sense danger. But he does not talk. Sam then asks Spiderman to show him his suit.

In the other room, Tomas tells Todd that he (Todd) does not look very happy. Todd tells him he would do anything for his family. Sebastian and Starr observe them and he tells her that it looks pretty suspicious but she does not want to stress about it nor suspect anything. Jack then finds his dad and tells him about the “mysterious person” who entered Todd’s office and knocked him out. Neither has a clue who that would be much less that he is standing right in front of them dressed as Spiderman.

Destiny wonders if she should tell Dani that Nate appears to be cheating on her.

David goes through all of the people who might wish him harm. Viki tells him that this is an afternoon she will never get back and a waste of their time to belabor the long, long list. She tells him he’s made many enemies. And she assumes it’s likely that the culprit is a woman he may have scorned and who wants to break him up with Dorian.

Echo tells Dorian she is “really sorry”. She saw something in the paper about David and this actress. She asks Dorian if she thinks that she (Echo) does not know what it’s like to have one’s heart broken.

Natalie tells John that maybe Sam noticed that his dad (current Todd) killed this guy in the backyard and didn’t want to admit it. John tells her that it does not add up since current Todd had an air tight alibi when the man got shot. She tells him that not unlike Jack, Sam might have a way of enabling a fellow “Manning boy” to get away with murder.

Todd tells Jack he bets that whoever knocked Jack out was somebody involved in Origami cogs.

Blair tells Tea that John asked Sam some questions about the dead person who got shot. Tea asks if some stranger just happened to get shot on her property right in front of Sam. She asks Blair if she thinks Sam’s imaginary friend could be the dead man. Blair tells her no. But Sam positively identified his “imaginary friend” when John showed him a picture.

Inside the other room, Sam wants to be photographed with Spiderman. Todd and Tomas watch him almost as if they know that original Todd is alive and in the room.

Viki tells David she wants him and Dorian to be together and she would never want to undermine their relationship. And, she reminds him, she has to get to Sam’s party. She then concludes that maybe he is not the target. Maybe someone is trying to hurt Dorian.

Echo tells Dorian that she is not worried about having a bloody Mary at brunch. She tells Dorian that she saw the newspaper article and thought Dorian could “use a friend”. She asks Dorian if Viki has not “been a friend” to her. Dorian tells her that Viki has been preoccupied. Dorian tells Echo she (Echo) knows all too well what it’s like to lose a man. Echo tells her it’s thanks to “her good old pal, Viki”. Dorian then tells her it was not Viki’s fault that she lost Charlie. Yet it seems they both believe that Viki is not either of their friends.

Viki and David continue to brainstorm about who might be “orchestrating” that he is cheating on Dorian.

At Buenos Dias, Dani tells Destiny she needs to know what is going on. Destiny tells her that she was just thinking about Matthew but knows that nobody can help her. So Dani may return to the party. Dani then asks Destiny if she might have seen Nate. She remembers that he told her he was working a double shift. But right then, Destiny admits to her that Nate is not working. He is with Deanna.

Rick then meets Deanna and Nate at the Minuteman and is ready to get them on camera.

Natalie asks John why her uncle would have something “so heavily encoded”. She tells him that it’s possible that she could decipher what the code is. Right then, a cop enters and tells John that they have gotten a “hit on John Doe’s prints”. John then tells them it’s time to find out.

Blair is ready to take a picture of Spiderman with Sam. But Spiderman does not speak. The people all talk about arachnids and what type of “person” this might be. And Blair takes pictures of all of the people in Todd’s life with Spiderman.

Natalie and John are getting closer to finding out the identity of “John Doe”. And they find out that Tomas Delgado is also involved in this operation.

Original Todd continues to play Spiderman unidentified and hears current Todd proposing a toast to all of the people in his life. They all gather around and wonder who will take the next picture of the entire family together. And Todd then concludes that he will have Spiderman “make himself useful” and gives him the camera to photograph them.

Back at Buenos Dias, Dani and Destiny wonder just what Nate and Deanna may be doing together.

At Minute Man, Rick reminds Nate and Deanna that this is a “film” about a guy who put the police commissioner and DA’s son in a coma and doesn’t want to go to prison for it. And a girl who desperately needs to find her mother.

At Buenos Dias, Dani tells Destiny that she will just call Nate at his mom’s house. But Destiny tells her she knows that is not where he is.

Dorian is able to put two and two together remembering that Echo is a “photographer” and it might “shed some light” as to who is sending her the pictures of David with the other woman.

Viki then concludes to David she knows of one enemy of Dorian’s who blames Dorian for the loss of her man and might want to pay Dorian back. And this woman operates as a photographer. David then asks just who Viki is referring to.

After Dorian admits that she is “onto” Echo, Echo tells her she has to go. Dorian tells her she knows that she did it. Echo tells her a “girl has to eat”. She tells Dorian that she could have left Echo and Charlie alone. He was done with Viki. They were happy until Dorian ruined them. Dorian reminds Echo that she ruined her own relationship with Charlie. And she now knows that David has been telling the truth yet she distrusted him. She is not going to lose David. But Echo tells her she has already lost him.

David tells Viki that if she is correct that it’s Echo, then they have finally gotten their answer. He asks Viki if she can prove it. Viki admits that she only has her own theory but it sounds like Echo would have motives to seek revenge upon Dorian.

Dorian and Echo get into battle and spray each other with lawn hoses.

Nate and Deanna wonder what their “screen names” should be. He tells her that he can hopefully find a way for no one to ever find out.

Dani then concludes to Destiny that she is going to rush to The Minuteman Motel.

Natalie and John conclude that Todd and Tomas Delgado and the murdered guy all have a common connection. But they have yet to find out the exact thread they are all connected to.

Todd and his entire family stand together and he yells at “Spiderman” to take the picture. He demands that he “shoots”. Original Todd replies that it would be his pleasure and he takes the picture. Again nobody suspects him. But Sam approaches him and asks what he “wants to do now”.

Rick is ready to “motivate” a reluctant Nate and Deanna to play their parts and go at it on camera.

David returns to Dorian’s and tells her that Viki helped him to figure out what happened. She must know that it’s all a set up. But he sees that Dorian is not there and discovers the two hoses (used in combat between Dorian and Echo) and concludes this is “not good”.

Dani goes to the Minuteman and knocks on the door outside the room where Rick and the cameraman are photographing them.

John informs Natalie that Sam informed them that John doe was shot buy a guy whom he identified as Todd Manning when he has the scar on his face.

At Todd’s, everybody suddenly discovers that Sam is missing. And so is Spiderman.

Original Todd takes Sam to the motel where he has been staying and takes off his mask to reveal that he is Sam’s “secret friend”. Sam suspects nothing but asks his “friend” why he brought him there.

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