OLTL Update Thursday 7/14/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/14/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Destiny goes to talk to Dani and tells her there is something she needs to tell her. Dani tells her she also has something to tell Destiny. And it’s about Matthew.

Rick seems to know just how to “motivate Deanna” to do the porn film. Nate asks him how he thinks he can do that. He then shows her some document that she seems to know all about which she stares at in awe

Sebastian finds Starr and tells her that she needs to know about the secret he overheard between Tomas and Todd.

John calls Sam to talk to him the station. Blair accompanies him while John asks him what he might know about the dead body in his aunt Dorian’s backyard since he was last seen talking to a “strange person”

Meanwhile, we see original Todd on his computer ready to investigate “this guy” who calls himself Todd Manning.

Destiny asks Dani how Nate could know that Matthew killed Nate’s dad and if she is the one who told him. Dani then protests that Destiny not accuses her of doing that. But she realizes that “technically” she did. She tells Destiny she didn’t tell him anything he didn’t already know. Destiny asks how he found out. Dani then replies that he overheard Destiny confirming it.

Rick tells Nate and Deanna that he knows about her roots. And he knows how to enable her to pay the lawyer she needs help from in finding her mom.

Sebastian tells Starr that the confrontation between their respective dads was not simply a difference in opinion about sports or music. He knows what he heard. Her dad told his that he kept him out of prison. And his dad told hers’ that he kept him alive.

Tomas and Todd argue in front of Tea but neither wants her to know their “Secret”. Tomas then tells her that they had an important talk while she was in the shower. She asks about what. He replies about Todd’s bad behavior and how he needs to change his ways. Todd stares speechlessly at Tomas knowing that he could reveal something far more damaging. Tomas then faces Todd and asks him what he says about apologizing to Tomas’ sister.

At the station, Blair privately tells John about Sam making up an imaginary friend. John agrees that that is not uncommon behavior for a kid but asks her what that would have to do with the dead body by the pool. She tells John it may be a bit coincidental that they found this dead body right after Sam reported talking to “somebody”.

Original Todd goes to find information on the computer from Agent Kent and is stunned when he uncovers pictures and information about the Todd Manning we’ve known since 2003

John asks Sam to talk to him privately while Blair tells him it won’t take long. If he cooperates with Lieutenant McBain, they can go home and get ready to have fun at his party. John then asks Sam if he can answer some questions for him.

Destiny assesses with Dani that Nate has known all this while that Matthew killed Eddie Ford but has not breathed a word of it to anyone throughout all this time. Dani then tells her that’s not exactly true. Destiny then asks whom Nate told. Dani replies that he told Deanna.

Nate tells Rick he is a son of a bitch who cannot “force” Deanna to do that movie for him. Rick then smugly tells him he is not forcing anything. He is “negotiating” with her. She tells him he is sick. But he tells them he is giving her a chance to become famous and make money. Maybe she can do her own reality series. She asks if he thinks it’s ok to produce porn. But he tells her it’s a growing industry that can lead to many things.

Sam protests to Blair that it’s his birthday. She tells him she knows and they will go home and get ready soon. But he first needs to answer some questions for John. He then tells her that he has been asked to keep a secret. Hearing that, John tells him that he must know not to keep secrets from Mom. And he shares with Sam that he has had some interesting secrets in his work. Sam asks him if he can tell him the secrets. John then admits to Sam that he can only share with other police officers. But maybe he can make Sam a “deputy” and share some secretive information with Sam if Sam can tell him what he knows.

Tea declares to Tomas that if anybody is going to make Todd accept responsibility for his actions it will be herself and not her brother.. So he needs to back off. Todd then admits that he realized, with no help from Tomas, that he was being a jerk and did not mean to be so grabby with his wife. So he hopes she will accept his apology and know that he wants to make his marriage work.

At the station, John asks Sam to raise his right hand and makes him an honorary member of the LPD. But Sam wants to know about John’s secret. John then tells him that there was something he investigated involving a Santa in July and asks Sam if he believes that somebody would want to celebrate Christmas in July and hearing that Sam finds it odd, he tells him that that has lead him to believe that the Santa in questions is actually a Grinch. He then shows Sam a picture from the FBI of a guy on their list of suspects and asks Sam if he’s seen this man.

Meanwhile, original Todd is watching a news report of Todd Manning (the one way know?) getting shot recently and the mystery as to who shot him and the “9 lives of Todd Manning”. And original Todd shakes his head in disbelief.

When asked if Sam knows this man, he shakes his head although john assures him now that he is a deputy, it’s ok to tell John anything. He then asks Sam if this is his “friend”. Sam then replies he knows that “this guy” is not his friend. This guy is in fact a “bad man”. He is the guy who had a gun and tried to endanger him by the pool (thereby confirming that was Agent Kent.)

Destiny tells Dani she cannot believe that Nate has known all this while that Matthew shot Eddie and has not told anybody except Deanna. Dani then informs her that Nate did not just hear the part about Matthew shooting Eddie. He also heard Destiny promising Dani not tell him anything. Hearing that Destiny tells her it’s not like he promised not to tell Dani anything. Dani then concludes that Nate was waiting for her to tell him Matthew’s secret. But she wouldn’t. So the only person he could confide it was Deanna. They have been talking privately and appearing to be putting their heads together. And for a long time, she had reason to believe they were hooking up.

Deanna tells Nate that she is so desperately dependent on a way to find her mother. And she is making the “choice” to do what Rick wants in order for her to have that opportunity.

Sebastian tells Starr from what he has heard that their respective dads have some sort of secret. She asks if it makes any sense that Tomas shot her dad and her dad let him off the hook. He asks if it’s not possible that Tomas did shoot Todd, but for some reason Todd is lying by saying he did not. she asks why her dad would want to cover for a guy who tried to kill him.

Tea tells her husband and brother she is glad that the two of them can “motivate” each other. But it’s time to get ready to Sam’s birthday party. She reminds them that Blair and Sam will be there soon and entertainment is on the way. She goes into the other room and Tomas tells Todd that was a “lovely apology” and remarks that he did not know Todd had it in him.

Original Todd watches the news where they report that Blair, Todd’s ex-wife had arranged to have Manning declared “legally dead” when he was missing in action, before he came back with the new face.

At the station, after Sam reveals to John that the man he recognizes in the FBI photo is a bad man who tried to shoot him, John asks him just how that happened and other circumstances involved in that. Sam then reveals that his “friend” shot the bad man and saved his life. John then asks if Sam is sure that his “friend” never told him his name. Sam replies he’s sure that he never told him but can they get to the party right now? Blair tells her son they will soon but she needs to have a few more words with John. She privately asks John how this could have happened and somebody almost killed Sam until some stranger saved his life. John then asks her if Sam told her more about the description of the mysterious strange man. Blair replies that Sam said his “friend” had a scar on his face.

Original Todd then sees the news report where everybody believed that “he” was dead. But then they report there was Walker Laurence, assumed brother of cultist Mitch who came to town. And it wasn’t long before Walker was identified as Todd Manning himself. There was a lot of controversy and disbelief. But it was later confirmed that manning’s new identity was only “skin deep” as he copied the face of the real Walker Laurence.

Blair then privately tells John that she finds it a bit coincidental that Sam identified a man with a scar on his face when they know that that was a major physical characteristic of Todd before had his surgery many years ago. John then finds a picture of original Todd and asks Sam if “this” is his “friend”. Sam stares speechlessly at the old picture of original Todd confirming that it is.

By the pool, Starr tells Sebastian she does not know what to make of all of this and admits her dad may have been a “little off” after getting shot. And she tells him that she has heard that there are some files that Tomas allegedly has that John McBain knows about her dad. She then realizes that she has to get to her dad’s home for her little brother’s birthday party. Sebastian then realizes he should get there too and join his dad and aunt.

At Buenos Dias, Deanna tells Nate that she has been trying and failing to find her mom for years. And now she finally has a chance. She can’t just let it go because of sex. Hearing that, he protests that it’s not “just sex”. She tells him it is. And she knows that he is going to be a lot worse off if he does not do what Rick wants as will she.

Destiny then concludes to Dani that if Nate knows that Matthew killed his father, what is going to stop him from telling the whole world.

Deanna reminds Nate that if he does not perform in the porn flick, Rick is going to get him sent to prison for what he did to Matthew. He asks if that means he is supposed to get on camera and have sex with her. He has never even yet had sex with his girlfriend and he cannot betray Dani like that. Hearing that, she tells him she knows. It’s his choice. But he needs to think about this and what is more important? Doing the film or losing his freedom? Nate answers that Dani is more important. Deanna tells him that this does not have to hurt Dani. And like Rick said, it’s just business. It’s not because Nate has feelings for her (Deanna) or wants to get off. And Dani need not even know that they are doing it.

Destiny asks Dani what she thinks will happen now that this Deanna girl knows Matthew’s secret. Who might she tell? Dani tells Destiny she doubts Deanna will tell anybody. She has no motives to talk. And what would be the point in Nate saying anything? It’s not like they are going to arrest Matthew in his present condition. Destiny asks what about when Matthew gets better. It will happen. Dani replies she believes that Nate will just drop it. She then tells Destiny that it’s “her turn”. She remembers that Destiny had something to tell her. Destiny is then silent remembering that the home pregnancy test came back positive.

John urges Sam to tell him more about the man he saw who just happens to be original Todd.

Original Todd then hears a news report about Margaret Cochran kidnapping and raping Todd and becoming pregnant, resulting in the birth of Manning’s 4th child, Sam.

Blair asks John what it now means after he’s heard Sam confirm that he “knows” original Todd. He tells her it means they don’t go jumping to conclusions. She asks if her son has witnessed a murder and is now “seeing things”. He tells her that it could not have been the Todd they know. Whoever Sam saw is not his father.

Original Todd then concludes that “this person" (current Todd) does not mean a thing to him. But he knows he means something to him.

Alone with Tomas, Todd ask his brother in law if he is having fun making Todd jumping through all of these hoops. Tomas replies that he knows how to motivate him. Todd asks Tomas if he is not forgetting that Todd can hurt him worse than he can hurt Todd. Tomas then tells Todd if he so much as raises his voice to Tea or her daughter again, they will definitely find out what Tomas can do to him. Todd confirms that they are his daughter and his wife. Tomas confirms they are his sister and niece.

Nate asks Deanna how Dani can be prevented from seeing them on the porn flick. She tells him that Dani does not look like the type of person who watches porn. And it’s not like she or anyone is going to tell her. He tells her regardless, it’s out there and all it takes is once to be seen by his family or his girlfriend or anybody who knows him and he will never when, if where or how it can happen.

After Dani informs destiny she is getting ready for her little brother’s birthday party but needs Destiny to talk to her, destiny tells Dani she (Dani) needs to be with her family so she will leave her alone. Dani tells Destiny she is family and welcome to join then. But Destiny has to leave.

Original Todd figures out that it’s Sam’s birthday party and gets on the phone to sound like an “interested party” ready to celebrate . And he finds out where Todd lives.

Todd is getting ready and Tea enters ready to ask him why he is not downstairs. He tells her she looks beautiful. She tells him that he appears to be in a strange mood with the compliments, the apology and the flowers and asks if something is “wrong”. He tells her he does not know but knows he does not want to lose her. She asks why he would say something like that. He tells her that the things in life that one holds the most dear are what they are most of afraid of losing. She then tells him he needn’t be afraid he will lose her. She is not going anywhere. But, she tells him, he just needs to stop being a jackass. She then laughs and holds him. But he is obviously uneasy with his secret and what will happen if she ever uncovers it.

Destiny is alone at Buenos Dias when Deanna, Nate and Rick are not far away. Deanna confirms she will do what he wants if she can get access to the files. Rick then asks Nate if this beautiful little lady also speaks for him. He reluctantly replies yes. Rick leaves them alone and Nate concludes that he is going to call Dani.

Sebastian and Starr arrive at Sam’s birthday party. Todd somehow knows that Tomas and his son are onto him.

Original Todd is then plotting a plan after finding current Todd’ s home.

Blair and Sam arrive at Todd’s home and everybody cheers. A guy dressed as Spiderman arrives outside the door and is distracted while on his phone. Original Todd then sneaks up behind him and knocks him out.

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