OLTL Update Wednesday 7/13/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/13/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert Ford goes to see Jessica telling her he needs to talk to her. But she tells him she has already let him see Ryder and he needs to get out of there now.

It appears that Sebastian has “plans” with Starr.

When Starr is by the pool in a bikini, James goes to find her and they are happy to see each other.

Dani is on the phone to Nate worried about Matthew in the hospital.

Deanna is searching for her mother and talking to a lawyer at Buenos Dias.

Destiny is sitting nearby with her brother and his girlfriend Vivian. Vivian seems she may know that it’s entirely possible that Destiny needs to seek resources for pregnant teenagers.

Nora tells Bo that she is not ok with Matthew being in a rehab facility. Although Bo tells her that their son will be getting better very soon, she tells him it’s not the same. He should be with them by the pool and having fun with his friends.

Todd and Tea are in bed together when she tells him she “has a headache”. He reminds her that she has had a headache for a long time. He asks her what it will take to make it go away. He then tells her maybe they should save time and get a divorce right away. Hearing that, she asks if that was supposed to be funny. He tells her that maybe they should consider it. She tells him that maybe this conversation is a bit premature. He protests that he had to keep his son out of prison and does not know why she is still angry with him. He knows she would have done the same thing with Dani. He asks her why they have to fight. Why can’t they enjoy sex? She tells him she has to go and shower. He reminds her that she is supposed to be his wife. She then reminds him that she thought she was his lawyer and tells him he better make up his mind.

Tomas wants to spend time getting to know his son. But his son notices that he (Tomas) has to pick the background music. He tells him that it’s pretentious crap.

James is concerned about the music that Starr is listening to. She tells him she is so psyched today and asks how he has gotten off work. He tells her that he has made time for her and is concerned that they have not had a lot of time together. She asks if he has issues with all the time she has been spending with Sebastian.

Deanna is desperate to find her mom yet has no money although Rick knows of ways to make her rich so she can afford all she needs. Nate is not far away from her but on the phone with Dani who can tell that his mind is somewhere else. Right then, Rick finds Nate and reminds him that the Buchanan kid is not doing so hot. And if he were to tell Matthew’s parents what he knows about Nate, it might not be worth it for Nate to refuse to cooperate with him. He remembers the conversation when he talks to Deanna about the fact that he’s heard that Matthew is going to a rehab facility and may not even recover. He knows that his parents have obsessed about how their son got injured and he’s worried that he will be charged with a serious crime.

Nora tells Bo that she is not ok until she finds out what put Matthew in this condition. He tells her they may never know. She reminds Bo that the last time they spoke to their son, he was trying to tell them something. It sounds as though somebody besides themselves, Clint and Destiny knows that Matthew shot Eddie. And that might be the person who hurt him and put him in the hospital.

When Destiny talks to Shaun and Vivian, Vivian tells her she wants her to join a group at the hospital that talks about teen pregnancy. Destiny asks her what that would have to do with her.

Robert Ford tells Jessica that he has some plans and has drawn up a custody agreement with a lawyer. He wants her to look it over and hopefully they can come to some sort of agreement. She tells him that he is making ultimatums to her. But he tells her he does not wish to do that. He wants her to read it before she assumes the worst. He tells her that he is sorry but wanted to do something that would benefit them all, especially Ryder. He just wants her to read what he has drawn up. All he wants is visitation rights and does not intend to make trouble for her or for her family. At that point, she apologizes and realizes it is not he whom she is angry at nor whom is giving her cause for alarm.

James tells Starr that he has an inflatable sea horse for Hope so she can have fun in the pool. Starr tells him that is really sweet and he doesn’t have to buy things in order to get Hope to like him. He tells her that he plans to be a part of Hope’s life and also her mommy’s life for a long, long time. They kiss and he tells her that they have enough time for all that they need to do whenever they want

Sebastian and Tomas argue about the types of music they each like and they admit that they do not “get” each other’s music. Sebastian yells at his father telling him his music is too “old school” and tells him that he does not appreciate his son’s music and looks down his nose upon him. Right then, Dani enters and demands they stop arguing.

Nate tells Deanna that he is stuck between a rock and a hard place where he either does this porn flick or he goes to jail. But either way he is hurting Dani.

Nora tells Bo that the reason nobody has come forward for hurting Matthew is because they are afraid they will get in trouble. It’s pretty obvious somebody assaulted him since he went into a coma shortly after he revealed to them that he killed Eddie and the word was out.

Todd tells Tea that he just wishes he could get a little support. He has a lot going on at work. She then asks him exactly what has happened to him at work. He tells her that he just kind of “lost this deal” and wishes he had his own wife on his side. She protests that she wants to be on his side. But if it involves helping him let Jack get away with what he did, she is not with him on that. He protests that he won’t let his son go to prison and wishes she understood. He also reminds her that she has been forewarned about what she’s getting herself into and knew who he was when she married him. She asks if that is really true and questions of he is the same man she married.

Jessica reads the papers that Robert has drawn up and tells him she does not want to assume the worst but needs to talk to her lawyer. She tells him although she is not vilifying him, she has some personal stuff going on and no sense of humor for anything. He asks her what has happened. She tells him that Natalie and Brody have betrayed her and have the gall to start seeing each other and rubbing her nose in it and she is furious with them. She will never trust or forgive her sister. He tells her in a way that may be the best thing that has happened for him. She tells him that Tess is not coming back again although she did in response to that very thing and she knows that realistically, without Tess, Robert is at a loss. She sounds sensitive to what this may be doing to him.

Destiny protests to Vivian that is not about to join her teen pregnancy group at the hospital. And she has to excuse herself and rush to the bathroom to throw up.

Nora then tells Bo that they have to get to the bottom of what has happened to Matthew and get some justice for their son. She asks if he is with her or not.

Deanna talks to Nate about what they should do regarding Matthew.

Dani hears Tomas and Sebastian talking about their different tastes in music and in breakfast and their respective lifestyles. She then tells them that she needs to go and find his sister. Alone with Dani, Sebastian tells her he can see she is not ok. She tells him that she and her boyfriend are in a big fight and he hung up on her when they last spoke on the phone. She tells him she really can understand his difficulty with his dad when they’ve been reunited for the first time in so long. She remembers very similarly negative feelings that she had for her dad not long ago. Hearing that, Sebastian tells her, regarding her dad, he wanted to find something out. Did she know what he looked like before he got plastic surgery for the scar on his face?

When Todd and tea are yelling at each other and he tells her she better not walk away from him and he sounds like he might be violent, Tomas walks in to witness them and angrily tells Todd he better get his hands off of his (Tomas’) sister.

Bo tells Nora of course he is “with her”. He loves her and will always be there for her. He agrees to investigate what might have happened to Matthew. They remember that Blanca Morales told them she knew that Matthew shot Eddie. The last person he saw and who knows that he was the one who shot Eddie was Destiny. Obviously she would not have hurt him. She’s in love with him. But there must have been someone whom Matthew encountered after he spoke to destiny and that is probably the very person who put him in the hospital.

Deanna and Nate are wondering what they are going to do if Rick carries out his threat to expose him for assaulting Matthew.

Not far away, after Destiny has left to go to the bathroom, Shaun reveals to Vivian that he overheard what appeared to be a conversation about Matthew and Destiny having sex. When they knew he overheard them, she told him he heard wrong and that she and Matthew are only friends and have never slept together. Hearing that, Vivian tells Shaun she can see he did not buy that. He tells her he really doesn’t and knows that his sister did “have a thing” for Matthew and it may very well have happened. Vivian then confirms that she needs to stop pressuring Destiny. But she has confirmed that it’s entirely possible that she is pregnant.

Robert tells Jessica that he feels very similarly betrayed by the loss of Tess as she is by losing Brody to Natalie. She does not want to hear him talk about being in love with Tess at first but later recants and tells him maybe he should share with her about that.

Starr and James are together in an intimate moment by the pool talking about their future together.

Sebastian tells Dani that he and Starr were talking about her little brother alleging he saw somebody with a scar on his face and she so coincidentally realized that her father used to have a scar just like she heard Sam report that he saw on a man he spoke to outside the house. Sebastian tells her he finds that very strange.

Tea tells Todd and Tomas she has to go and take a shower. Alone with Todd, Tomas tells him he better not even consider laying a hand on Tomas’ sister. Form the other room, Sebastian overhears the two men argue and Todd reveals to Tomas that he better not threaten him. He kept Tomas out of prison for attempted murder and Tomas reminds Todd that he has the goods on him and knows Todd’s “secret”.

Robert asks Jessica if she seriously wants to hear him talk about Tess. If so why? She replies that she wants to know his thoughts and feelings because Tess is like this locked mystery to her that she avoids and does not understand but Robert got to know her and probably does know her much better than Jessica herself who becomes her. He then tells Jessica he knows that Tess is loud and nasty and a total bitch. Hearing that, Jessica angrily recalls that she had the gall to send her mother a picture of her husband cheating on her and went on the news with that. Robert agrees that Tess can be nasty and mean. But when he got beyond that part of her, he could see that she is smart and funny and strong and a person of quality underneath it all. And he sees her as a scared little girl who just needs to be loved and accepted for who she is.

At Buenos Dias, Nate agrees to do what Rick wants. Rick then tells him that is a good choice. It will keep him out of the slammer. But, he clarifies, he does not want Deanna to be in the film.

Nora and Bo conclude that they might be able to uncover evidence since their home, where Matthew probably got assaulted, has not been cleaned since they’ve been so busy since he’s been in the hospital. And they haven’t been there in long enough to be able to see what they might be able to uncover or who came to the house and confronted Matthew after Destiny left on the day in question.

Tomas tells Todd if he catches him bullying any women again, all bets are off. Sebastian overhears and listens intently.

Starr and James are ready to have sex. And right then, Sebastian enters and calls her. They are startled and Sebastian can see he has interrupted them at an inconvenient time.

Bo and Nora look around the house for evidence of things dropped on the floor that could give them a clue who was in their home or what happened to Matthew. At first they are afraid that too much time has passed. But at that point, she uncovers a gum wrapper knowing it’s not a flavor of gum that Matthew likes or would buy. He tells her he could have been Destiny’s. She tells him he could have been from the person who assaulted Matthew.

Destiny rushes home not knowing what to do regarding being pregnant.

Jessica and Robert end their conversation in a friendly manner. He tells her that he will go home assuming that is what she wants when they hear Ryder crying. She then tells him he is invited to come up with her and he may change their son’s diaper. He goes up the stairs with her.

Sebastian appears to be insanely jealous of Starr and James together. James leaves them alone. She asks Sebastian what is so important that he could not wait to tell her. He then tells her that he knows there is something secretive going on between their two respective fathers.

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