OLTL Update Monday 7/11/11

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/11/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian is ready to shoot David although he protests to her that he did not cheat, does not even know the woman who is seducing him and has been set up by “someone”.

Natalie announces to Jessica that she and Brody are going to be a couple an raise baby Liam together as a family. Hearing that, Jessica angrily tells her sister she may have Brody. Jessica does not want him. She could care less what they do. But they do not have her blessing.

Brody is in John’s office wondering whether or not he should tell John that Liam is John’s son. John tells Brody that he knows that Todd Manning and Vimal Patel have some sort of secret and it might have something to do with what is on the tape recorder that Natalie had when she got into her altercation with Marty. John still has not heard the tape. Brody still has it in his possession and remains silent not knowing what to do.

Todd is busy with Jack in his office ready to have his son working for him on The Sun and intends to cover up the fact that Jack is responsible for the death of Gigi.

Rex is determined to get revenge upon Todd and Jack. Echo comes into the room to overhear her son telling Gig’s picture what his plans are.

Original Todd sneaks into Viki’s living room remembering all of the people in his life and how it appears that the Todd we know is not a good man. Viki then returns and notices a picture frame on the floor and broken glass. She can see that someone was in her home when she notices the door is ajar. She goes outside to ask who is there knowing that someone is there. Original Todd hides unseen.

Jessica asks Natalie how long she and Brody have officially been together. But she then tells her sister she may forget it. She doesn’t want to hear or know about it. Natalie protests that she did not steal Brody form Jessica as her sister accuses. But Jessica tells her she did. As soon as John was no longer available to Natalie, she hopped on the first available man. Jessica is angry and distrusting of Natalie and Brody.

At the station, John tells Brody he remembers a tape recorder although he has not heard what Brody has heard, which is, in fact, Marty confirming that John is Liam’s father and not Brody. Brody does not want John to see or hear the tape. But John asks where the tape is and tells Brody he needs it.

At Todd’s office, Jack asks his dad for “lessons” on how to follow in Todd’s footsteps. Todd asks his son how he could want to be like Todd. Jack tells him that nobody messes with his father. He is powerful and rich and what is wrong with wanting to be like him?

Echo asks Rex if he wants to go after Tea and Blair and make them pay along with Todd and Jack.

Starr goes to Capricorn and talks to her mom and stepmom about how she could see that Rex is angry and wants to make their entire family pay for what has happened to Gigi and they could be in his “line of fire” along with Todd and jack.. Blair assures her daughter that she and Tea are “big girls” and not worried about Rex. Todd can take care of himself and she need not worry about Jack. But Starr tells them, it’s not Jack she is primarily concerned about. It’s Sam. He appears to have an “imaginary friend”.

Outside Viki’s door, when she calls to the unseen person who is original Todd, she notices Bree outside and assumes that it was her granddaughter who made the noise, smashed the picture and opened the door to go outside. Bree tells her grandmother she is worried that her mom and aunt Natalie are in a big fight. But Viki assures Bree that things are ok. Original Todd observes realizing that he has never met Bree since he’s been gone.

When Dorian and David are arguing in her backyard, he observes a dead man and asks Dorian who that would be.

Echo tells her son that she is not going to go away, leave him alone nor stay out of his business now. He is now stuck with her whether he likes it or not. She abandoned him when he was a baby and she’s not going to do it now. And she tells him there are better ways to get back at people for Gigi’s death than to physically hurt them. And she asks if that is what he has in store for Tea and Blair.

At Capricorn, Starr tells Blair and Tea that her little brother seems to really believe he’s seen a strange man outside in Dorian’s backyard. Blair tells her daughter and Tea she believes it’s harmless, no cause for alarm and many children do things like that. Tea tells her step daughter that many children have imaginary friends. Dani did. She did as a child. Blair remembers Starr did also. Tea asks what makes Sam’s “creation” any more suspicious than what you hear from kids all the time. Star replies because Sam alleged that “this guy” had a line on his face. Hearing that, Blair and Tea admit that they are a bit shocked remembering that is exactly the way Todd looked before he got plastic surgery, many years before Sam was born.

John asks Brody why he (Brody) would keep the mysterious tape recorder in his possession. Brody attempts to explain that Natalie had that tape recorder in her hands when Marty pushed her and he kept it because it might reveal what their fight was about as well as a “secret” that it seemed Natalie wanted to reveal and/or something Marty knew.

Natalie tells Jessica that she cannot apologize for the rest of her life for what she and Brody have done. Jessica could not deal with finding out that they slept together the one time and that Brody. So she bailed. They did not know if she would ever come back and tried and failed to get Tess to go away. Jessica tells Natalie that she cannot be trusted and had no respect or regard for the fact that Brody was Jessica’ fiancé. She (herself) and Brody were going to get married and have a baby and build a life together. And Natalie lied to her, lied to John and she and Brody snuck around behind her back when she was ill and could not help it. But Natalie tells her sister she needs to get over it and realize that other people’s lives don’t stay on hold forever because of her.

Todd tells Jack that although there is nothing wrong with his son wanting to be rich and powerful, maybe he should have more honorable goals than wanting to be like his dad and hopes that Jack realizes that his father wants to teach him how not to be like his father by having him working with him on The Sun.

Viki goes down to hear her two daughters arguing and tells Jessica she has gone too far. She needs to know that Bree has heard the two of them fighting and it’s upset her. Jessica rushes in to be with her daughter. Alone with Natalie, Viki urges her daughter to reconcile her differences with Jessica. But Natalie tells her mom she is tired of Jessica blaming her for everything, vilifying her and wanting her to feel bad. She tells Viki she is done talking. She and Brody are going to be a couple and raise their son and if anybody has a problem with it, that is just too bad. And she walks away.

At The Sun, Todd tells Jack that he has “something” that John McBain would kill to be able to have. Jack does not know what exactly his father is talking about but appears intrigued.

When John and Brody are talking, a uniform cop enters to inform them that a dead body has been found on Mayor Lord’s property. Hearing that, they wonder how someone could have been killed in Dorian’s back yard, who the person would be and who would have killed them.

Original Todd gets on his phone to confirm that he has killed Agent Kent and the person he is talking to will be next. His contact tells him he should have never done that. Kent was one of their best. He asks Original Todd where he is now. Original Todd replies that he has found his way to a “sleepy little town”. He met this great little kid named Sam who tells him all about his family and his father named Todd Manning. He has noticed the life of this guy named Todd Manning but knows that could not be because he is Todd Manning.

Jack asks his dad if it’s true that McBain has no clue that Liam is his kid. Todd tells him yes. And that is a secret he trusts with his son not to divulge. He tells Jack he needs his help on the computer to prevent “somebody” from messing with a Manning. It sounds like it’s something complicated that Todd is not telling anyone except his son.

Rex tells Echo that he does intend to hurt all of Jack’s family. Blair and tea will see Jack and Todd ruined. And it won’t be pretty. She asks just what he plans to do. He tells her she need not worry. It won’t be with bamboo shoots under their fingernails or the Chinese water torture. But he has a plan on mind.

At Capricorn, Tea tells Blair she agrees with Starr that it’s a bit weird that Sam would have made up a story that he saw a man with a line on his face when it just so happens that Todd used to have a line on his face long before Sam was born. How would Sam know about that? Blair tells them that Sam has seen many pictures of his father years ago and he may have just concocted that and it’s not so unusual.

Jessica tells her mother that Tess is not coming back and she has resolved that she is not going to be a coward and rely on Tess to fight her battles for her. She is not afraid of anger and of some grim realities. She then asks her mom if Tina might have done similar behaviors toward her. Viki admits it was somewhat that way. But she needs to know that Natalie did not set out to hurt her. Jessica tells her mother she wants to own responsibility for her behavior but why couldn’t Natalie and Brody have just left each other alone? She will never forgive them for that.

Natalie then goes to the station and is shocked to see what she remembers as “her” tape recorder in a plastic bag.

John goes to Dorian’s home and asks Dorian and David what they may know about the dead guy they just found in the back yard. And he seems to know that neither of them could have killed him. David asks if they did not, then he only wonders who did.

Original Todd tells his contact, on the phone, if he messes with him, original Todd will make him pay just like he did with Kent. And that is a promise.

Rex tells Echo he will first is to hit Manning’s wallet, take away all of his toys and all of his power. She is a bit worried that Rex could run into trouble if he messes with Todd, reminding her son that Todd has been rich for a long time and has experience dealing with adversaries who want to ruin him whereas being rich will be “new” to Rex. But Rex tells his mom that all of the actions he will take with be from Buchanan Enterprises and its subsidiaries. And none of the “origami cogs” actions will be traced back to him. Hearing that, she asks him just whom “origami cogs” is. Rex tells her that he found it from Gigi.

Starr tells Blair and tea she still thinks they should talk to Sam about his “sighting” of a man who resembles Todd before he had his plastic surgery. Blair laughs and tells her that her little brother simply has a wild imagination as she remembers Starr also did even if Starr does not remember. Yet Starr tells her mom she remembers some things that Blair does not that were, in fact, real.

Todd goes to Viki’s home and assumes she must have smashed the picture she had of him. She tells him if she was going to smash something it would not be a picture. She is angry at him. But he is her brother and she will always love him. Right then, original Todd overhears and walks away before they can see him.

At Dorian’s home, she tells John that David has a slut coming over to see him whenever she’s gone and the two of them were plotting a plan to kill her. David protests that that is not true. Dorian tells John that the slut’s name is Ionia Masters. And she wants Dorian’s husband to kill her (Dorian). John tells the two of them he takes that with a grain of salt and can see that they may have their own issues that they need to sort out.

When Natalie discovers the mysterious tape recorder at the police station, she needs to know how it got there. And right then, she remembers right before her confrontation with Marty (before she lost her memory about what she discovered on the tape) that she was ready to play it. And right then, she declares that the memory of what was on the tape is coming

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