OLTL Update Friday 7/8/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/8/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Vimal goes to John’s office ready to tell him something.

Todd calls Viki to confirm that he has printed an article about David cheating on Dorian. Hearing that, she tells her brother that David could sue him for slander although he tells her that the picture confirms it.

Dorian then goes to confront David after she sees the cell phone photo that makes it appear that David is sneaking around with the woman whom Echo has hired to seduce him and make it look like he is cheating.

Natalie returns to Brody happy and suspecting nothing but notices that he looks like he’s seen a ghost and his mind is a million miles away.

Blair goes to confront Tea about how she has handled representing Jack in a murder charge where he has “walked”.

Todd notices that Jack is in his office but does not appear to be working. He assumes that his son is on his computer looking at video games or porn. But he notices that Jack has accessed the article about the death of Gigi.

Shane is ready to go with his dad to his mom’s funeral. Rex affirms to his son that Todd and Jack are going to start paying for what they have done to Gigi and he has a plan in mind.

Original Todd then remembers that he has a sister named Viki whom he can trust with anything.

At the station, Natalie assumes that Brody is upset over the loss of Gigi remembering that they were once together. She tells him that she is going to be there for her brother. He tells her he wishes he could go with her. She tells him so does she. But there is already too much bad blood between herself and Jessica without Natalie and Brody showing up as a couple. He asks her if she has not yet told Jessica that they are now together.

While original Todd is outside Viki’s door, Jessica is inside telling her mom that she wants to be there for Rex and Shane even though she does not like the way Rex “handled” things with her father. She cares about Rex and Shane and Gigi. Viki asks if her daughter’s “forgiveness” extends to her sister Natalie.

Dorian notices the article where Todd has shown photos of David and his “secret woman” and does not believe him when he tells her that he would never cheat on her. He tells her he would not do it no matter how much “someone” wants her to believe he would.

Echo goes to talk to Roxy who seems to know she is up to no good and trying to upset Dorian and David. Echo asks if they could put aside their differences today and join forces in order to help Rex and Shane. She reminds Roxy that their mutual boys need them. They then go inside and Roxy hugs her son and grandson. Echo tells Rex that both of his moms will be there. They are happily at Clint’s home and Roxy sounds impressed that her son has all of Clint’s wealth but tells him he needs to hire Nigel back. But he angrily tells her he is not about to re-hire anybody who worked for Clint.

At Capricorn, Tea tells Blair that the fact that Jack has gotten away with murder is not her fault. She also tells Blair that she had no idea that Todd bribed Brad’s father until it was too late. Blair tells her that she is worried that it’s too late to prevent Jack from slipping away. She is worried that he will turn into Todd.

Todd continues to tell jack that he cannot let him incriminate himself. Jack sounds like he does not want to follow in his father’s footsteps for what he did to Marty Saybrooke. But Todd reminds his son that if he spills the beans to John, then they are both in trouble.

John tells Vimal that he knows that Todd probably threatened him with something. But he mustn’t be intimidated by him. Vimal then remembers Todd telling him that he can have him killed and get away with it if he tells John the secret but can offer him a job and more money than he will ever see elsewhere if he does what Todd says.

Todd assures Jack that he is the only person whom his son can trust to keep him out of jail. And he asks Jack if he understands him. But right then, Todd hears a “signal” and rushes to see what his computer is “telling him’. He then flies into a rage and throws things off the computer desk.

David tells Dorian he is begging her to know that she must believe him. She tells him she really wishes she could. She wishes she could just dismiss this whole horrible incident and things could just go back to the way they used to be. But she cannot ignore what is right in front of her two eyes. She reminds him that she has trusted him too many times only to be betrayed. He protests that the most recent time she had reason to believe he betrayed her he did not. He was set up by Clint. But right then, she discovers the bikini bra tucked inside his shorts and that confirms to her that she cannot trust David and demands he gets out.

At Capricorn, Blair asks Tea what she thinks should be done to maybe motivate jack to have conscience. She tells her she’s considered taking him to Gigi’s funeral but knows that he might not be welcome. Tea tells her, however, that maybe they can both go to pay their respects to Gigi and her family.

At Clint’s home, Echo tells Rex that she cannot blame Roxy for being disappointed in him for “selling” Gigi’s heart to Clint in exchange for his money. He asks her if she thinks he just did that in order to get rich. He protests that it’s the only way to get justice for Gigi. Because of money and power, Jack Manning did not have to pay for what he did. Now he has as much money as Todd and Clint and all the people who do not have to own up to their wrong doings.

Todd notices that his secret is being revealed but does not want Jack to see it.

Rex is on the phone having a secretive conversation telling someone he does not care if something “Falls out of orbit”. Just as long as Todd Manning cannot have it.

Vimal concludes to John he is sorry and cannot help him. John then asks him why he was about to tell him something last night. Vimal tells John he was drunk and not thinking and would like to go. John then concludes to Vimal if he ever remembers or reconsiders telling him something, he knows where to find John.

IN the other room, Natalie and Brody run into John and Vimal and she wonders what Vimal has gone to talk to John about.

Jessica tells Viki she can forgive Rex because he acted out of grief. Natalie, on the other hand, acted out of her own desire. She just wanted to get something and did not care who she hurt. Her mom protests that that is not correct. Both Natalie and Brody were grieving her. But she tells her mom she is sick of that excuse. Viki reminds her daughter as she recalls, Jessica has forgiven others for worse than what Natalie did. She lists Todd as one example. Right then, original Todd remembers he has a niece named Jessica. Viki reminds her that Natalie had to forgive her for what Tess did when Jessica was grieving the loss of Nash. Although it was Tess’s doing, Natalie almost died yet forgave her sister. She then tells Jessica she is going to visit Jessica’s brother Rex and mourn her friend, Gigi. And right then, when he is unseen, original Todd turns the doorknob and opens the door to enter Viki’s living room.

John invites Brody into his office and asks if there is a “problem”. Brody asks John why he called him in there. Is this about Natalie? Natalie then finds her sister and calls to Jessica but Jessica does not answer.

At Clint’s home, Echo tells her son that with all the things she has done, she is in no position to judge. And she knows that he did not sell Gigi out. But she knows all too well how people sometimes make bad judgment when they are grieving and he might want to think about what he is doing. He tells her that he has a well thought out plan to take Todd and Jack down. He reminds her that he knows that she helped him forge Gigi’s health care proxy and if she gets in his way, he will take her down too. She then smiles at her son and tells him his grandpa Asa would be so proud of him. And, she informs Rex, he doesn’t have to blackmail her. She is already on his side and knows all too well what it is like to need to get revenge.

Dorian’s maid brings her what looks to be a package sent by David. Dorian looks at the package and is ready to open it. Yet is it really from David?

David then goes to find Viki and tells her she is his only hope.

When Viki’s home is empty, original Todd enters remembering his sister.

When Todd and Jack are at the Sun office, Vimal enters. Todd assumes he is ready to start his new job. But Vimal informs Todd that he needs to know that John McBain is after him.

Echo tells Rex she wants to help him make Jack and Todd pay for what they did to the woman Rex loves. But right then, Rex turns his head to make him see something that causes him to appear shocked.

John informs Brody that Natalie told him that she and Brody are together and ready to be a family with Liam. He tells Brody that he supports all families so working with both Brody and Natalie will not be a problem for him. He then asks Brody if it will be a problem for him.

When Echo sees Blair and Tea enter to attend Gigi’s memorial service, she angrily demands to know how they could have the audacity to show their faces there after what they have put her son and grandson through. Rex then tells his mom it’s alright. He is ready to hear what the two women have to say. Tea then tells them that she and Blair wanted to express how deeply sorry they are to all the people who loved Gigi, for their loss. Blair tells them if there was anything could do in order to change what happened, they would. Hearing that, Rex thanks her and asks just what she believes she could change if Jack’s friend takes the rap for the murder.

David tells Viki he knows she needs to get to Gigi’s funeral. But he needs her help with what has happened to his marriage with Dorian.

Right then, Dorian opens her package and sees that it looks as though David and his “friend” are planning on something serious. She then notices there is a gun also enclosed in the package.

David protests to Viki that somebody is setting him up although she tells him that the pictures of his making out with another woman look pretty real. He then urges her to help save his marriage. Dorian will listen to her. But she tells him she and Dorian had a very serious falling out when she found out that Dorian left Clint in his home to die. He protests that she did not leave Clint to die. But Viki tells David she’s sorry. She cannot help him and leaves.

Rex tells Blair and Tea that they have not raised a sociopath and failed to teach their son the difference between right and wrong. And he knows that they could not live with themselves if they were the mother and step mother of a killer. Hearing that, Blair then concludes to Rex that she and Tea are going to leave and let him be alone with his family. Tea agrees that that will be a good idea and they leave together. Todd then tells them they may give his regards to Todd and Jack. Yet the two women sense that behind his cordial demeanor, he is furious with them for what Jack and Todd have done.

Brody is wondering what to tell John.

Original Todd remembers hearing all the people who know “Todd” talking about how he has not changed and is not a god man. He hears all of the voices inside his head and breaks a framed picture on the floor.

Viki tells Rex and Shane if they need anything, she is always there for them. And although they no longer live at the Carriage House, they are welcome in her home any time. Jessica smiles and tells Shane she wants him to get to know Bree and Ryder as they are his cousins. Rex thanks them and they leave. Natalie then gathers Rex, Roxy and Shane together and tells them she thinks they are ready for a Balsam family meeting. She tells them they all know what a loving and honorable person Gigi was and how they owe her a debt of gratitude. So, she tells them, while Gigi is looking down from heaven upon them, they need to make her proud and let her see them picking up the slack and taking care of each other as she has taken care of all of them. She asks her brother, mom and nephew if they promise and they all reply they promise. They all then gather in a group hug.

At The Sun office, Vimal assures Todd that he did not tell John anything although John urged him to. Todd then tells him he did the right thing and if he ever again crosses paths with John, he must let Todd know. Vimal tells Todd he still believes that he should tell John the secret. Todd then asks Vimal what he just told him about expressing his opinions. Vimal leaves and Jack enters appearing to know that his father has a dirty secret.

John then tells Brody they must know that Vimal Patel has to have some sort of secret that is benefiting Todd Manning but which is not good.

Roxy engages with Shane and laughs about how they are going to fix up Clint’s place. But Rex is distraught and not laughing. He then looks at a picture of Gigi by the fireplace and cries. Echo gets on her phone when she is alone and confirms that the package has been delivered that will put Dorian in her place.

David returns to Dorian and urges her to talk to him so they may resolve what is going on like adults. But she turns around and pulls a gun on him.

Tea and Blair return to Capricorn and confirm that they are both guilty for Jack getting away with the murder of Gigi.

Rex then tells Gigi’s picture that by the time he is done. Todd and Jack will get what they deserve.

When Jack senses that his dad and Vimal have a secret, he asks Todd if he told that guy what he did. Todd tells his son of course not share Jack’s secret with Vimal or anybody else and asks why his son would think he would do that.

Brody is then suspicious and uneasy talking to John who is ready to investigate something he senses is not right between Todd and Vimal.

Natalie takes Jessica aside and announces that she and Brody are now a couple.

Original Todd leaves Viki’s home before she returns. Viki does not see him but notices a picture broken on the floor and can sense that somebody has been in her home. She goes out to call to whoever is out there. Original Todd hides unseen.

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