OLTL Update Thursday 7/7/11

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/7/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

The doctor tells Bo and Nora that he has given up and is sorry but there is nothing more they can do for Matthew. They ask him just what he means.

In the park, after Dani confronts Nate about his secret with Deanna, he tells her for the first time that he overheard her and Destiny having a private conversation where they were not about to reveal to him that they found out that Matthew shot Eddie and let Nate take the rap for it. And he asks her what she might like to say for herself regarding that.

At the hospital, Dorian enters with flowers for Clint and graciously greets Viki. But Viki is less than friendly to her and reveals that she knows she is the reason why Clint would have died without a heart transplant.

Meanwhile, Echo meets with the woman whom she’s hired to seduce David and have Dorian believe he is cheating on her. The woman tells Echo that she’s only too happy to help her with this and it’s no “work” for her to be kissing David.

David finds Todd by the pool and asks what is up with Jack stealing his car. Why does he let his son get away with murder?

Jack goes to find Rex who confronts him telling him he’s already gotten away with murder so what more does he want?

Original Todd is in a motel room noticing that it is himself (nobody else) who has an ex-wife named Blair, a daughter named Starr, a son named Jack, a new wife named Tea. And he furiously declares that this other guy has all of hat and a boat load of money because the son of a bitch stole his life. He then takes out the murdered Agent Kent’s wallet to see his ID and declares that he needs to know all of the things and people whom he has not known in Todd’s life since he’ s been gone. And he goes on the computer to research Victorian Lord at the banner.

Dorian tells Viki there is no reason to worry now that Clint is ok. But Viki knows it’s no thanks to Dorian. Dorian tells Viki that maybe Clint does not want to live now that he’s confessed to all of his crimes.

After Nate demands to know why she kept the secret for Destiny that Matthew shot Eddie, she protests that Destiny is her best friend.; he asks her if she was going to let him go to prison.

Destiny is then in the bathroom ready to take the pregnancy test and begs for it to please not be negative.

The doctor tells Bo and Nora that they cannot do anything about Matthew’s seizures. He needs to be placed in a long term facility that can treat his condition and do rehab. They have a place not far away in Philadelphia where they can give him the proper care. There are no guarantees but he believes it’s the best chance Matthew can have. And they must move quickly since the sooner he gets in there, the sooner he can get recover and the better his chances are.

David asks Todd if he should not track his delinquent son before he runs over a basket of puppies in Todd’s car. Todd leaves and when David is alone, the mysterious woman appears in a bikini and jumps on David.

Jack drives to see Shane and Rex and they confront him asking if he is confessing that he did in fact knowingly set up the trap for Shane that caused Gigi’s death.

David asks the strange woman what she is doing. She tells him it’s pretty obvious that she is a woman and he is a man. But he reminds her that he is a married man and Dorian cannot come back to see her wearing that bikini. She then agrees yet while they are “talking”, unknown to David, Echo is standing behind the fence unseen taking pictures of the two of them.

Dorian tells Viki that even if she thinks that Dorian could have killed Clint and is responsible for his fatal condition, Dorian tells Viki she thinks Viki should be grateful to her for taking care of business for her.

Nate asks Dani when she planned to tell him that Matthew shot Eddie and let him take the rap for it. She protests that she saw no point since Clint Buchanan already confessed. But he knows that she has been keeping secrets from him along with Destiny.

Nora tells Bo that she is a bit apprehensive to have Matthew put in a rehab facility. She expected their son to get better until they could take him home. He tells her that it’s just a matter of time before he will be better. It’s just that he will be coming home from Philly instead. But she is worried that their son should come home to having parties and driving and graduating and being with his friends and not struggling to string two words together. And she asks how many battles one kid has to fight. Bo positively replies that Matthew can take as many as he needs and he knows that their son is as stubborn as she is and he will make it.

Destiny pulls out her pregnancy test but again puts it back in the box before using it.

Blair is in Capricorn on the phone telling Todd that he better find out what is up with Jack and let her raise her son. But he hangs up on her and she is furious. Tomas enters and tells her he came by to check out the stuff that Sebastian and Starr recorded today. He talks to her about his own difficulties in parenting. He then asks her if she’d like to tell him what is going on regarding Jack and reminds her that he does read the paper and knows her son has been acquitted of charges. But she does not want to tell Tomas the situation with Jack and expresses to him that she is not comfortable confiding in him since he has failed to be open an honest to her.

Todd goes to find Jack at the carriage house where he’s gone to talk to Rex and Shane and Rex asks Todd what he is doing there. Todd tells Jack they have to go. But Shane and Rex tell him he needs to wait since jack came there to tell them something. Todd tells Jack he needs to get out of there and get to work. But Jack is ready to confess his crime. Todd interrupts him and tells Rex and Shane his son is sorry for their loss but that is all he has to say and they have to leave. He tells Jack he needs to keep his mouth shut and leave Rex and Shane alone.

Blair tells Tomas that she cannot have a relationship with him with all that he is hiding. They cannot be close if she cannot trust him with anything He tells her that she has proven her distrust of him by following him to New York and spying on him. They argue and then they end up kissing.

Original Todd sits in the motel room looking at a picture of Viki on the computer and remembers his sister.

Viki demands to know why Dorian believes that Viki should be grateful to her for what happened to Clint. Dorian replies that she was able to get Echo to confess that she lied to Charlie so Charlie dumped her. Viki then tells Dorian that maybe she should thank Dorian for. But it wasn’t worth having Clint’s life threatened for it. She realizes that maybe it’s just as well she is no longer married to Charlie.. And they both have no clue what Echo is up to.

The woman takes off her clothes and tempts David. He tells her he cannot. He wants to be with his wife. But the woman wants to skinny dip with him. She asks him if Dorian enjoys doing “fun” things like that with him. He tells her she has only read the PG version of his life with Dorian and has no idea what they enjoy together. But the woman kisses him and tells him he has to admit he is getting turned on by her and not so much by Dorian.

Dani tells Nate that it certainly appears that he might be having something going on with Deanna. Whenever she sees the two of them together they are talking and acting like something is very secretive and they do not want her to know anything about it. So what is she supposed to think? But she tells him she is sorry that she did not reveal to him that Matthew shot Eddie and let Nate take the rap for that. But when Matthew was ready to die and in a coma, she felt as though Matthew had suffered enough and she didn’t want to push it any further.

Destiny finds Bo and Nora and asks them about the verdict of Matthew. They inform her that he is going to a rehab facility in Philadelphia. They sound as though things will be ok and she will be able to see their son soon. She then asks if she can go inside his room and say good bye. She then asks Matthew if he can hear her. And for the first time, she reveals to him that she is pregnant. She tells Matthew she is so scared not knowing what to do or what he wants her to do. She is not sorry that they were together. But she doesn’t know what this will mean in either of their lives. And she confirms that there is no way she did not read the test right. Right then, Nora enters to hear her saying that “it’s positive”. And Nora asks her what is positive.

In the park, Dani tells Nate she is sorry and realizes she should have said something. She then gets a call from Destiny and can see that it is urgent. He tells her that its ok for her to take the call since Destiny is her friend and needs her. Dani asks Nate what he was going to reveal to her. But he tells her it was “nothing”.

Original Todd ten remembers many years ago when he first married Blair and the fact that he has a sister named Viki whom he can trust above all others.

The woman kisses David. But he tells her that she is delusional or crazy or else she is setting him up. He then concludes that he knows she is “working” for someone who hates him and wants to ruin his marriage with Dorian. He then asks just who wants to ruin his life. It could be Uncle Clint but it seems unlikely since he’s been in surgery and ready to die and has been preoccupied. He wonders if it might be somebody who has it in for Dorian.

Viki tells Dorian she will give Clint the plant that Dorian has brought. But at that point, Dorian throws it in the trash.

Tomas and Blair kiss but she tells him that he has not answered any of her questions. He tells her that they have a natural chemistry. But that’s not all there is. He respects her and understands if she does not want to tell him everything. She tells him that’s an easy excuse so that he can avoid telling her what is going on with him.

Rex tells Todd he is right. He saw Jack at the door and didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. But he would like to hear more. Rex then appears unusually calm and tells Todd and Jack that he knows that John McBain would not have let Jack off the hook if there was not a reason. He knows that Gigi is gone and they can’t bring her back. And he tells Todd he is ready to reconcile with him and shakes Todd’s hand. At that point both jack and Shane stare at their respective fathers and appear confused and not knowing what to say or do.

IN response to Nora’s asking Destiny what she meant when she said to unconscious Matthew: “It’s positive”, destiny tells her she was telling Matthew “it’s positive” that he’s going to a place where he’s going to get better. Bo and Nora then get ready to move their son. Dani then rushes to find Destiny and asks her what has happened. Destiny informs her that she already took the pregnancy test. Dani asks her what the verdict is.

The mysterious woman rushes off and David tells her if Dorian caught her there, she’d hurt her. And as soon as the woman leaves, David notices she’s left her bikini bra behind. Dorian then returns and tells David that she found out “somebody’s true colors” when she went to the hospital to see Clint and Viki. She doesn’t want to talk or think about it, she tells him. She concludes to David she should have never distrusted him and kisses him. But he still wonders what is up with the woman coming by to seduce him.

At Capricorn, Blair and Tomas conclude that they will take things day by day.

Rex tells Todd and jack that Gigi was tough but she had a good heart. She believed in giving people second chances and realized people can be forgiven for making mistakes. Todd and Jack leave but are not exactly “believing” what Rex has said. Inside the house, Shane demands to know how his father could forgive those two despicable people after all they have done. Rex replies that he did it because it puts Todd Manning right where he wants him.

Echo meets with the woman and they are confident that the pictures will prove to Dorian that David is cheating and he might even be interested in her and ready to get rid of Dorian for real.

Back at Dorian’s, she is ready to have a good time with David. But he is a but “jumpy” when he hears something on his cell phone. He wants to “hide” something from her. But she grabs his phone and sees the picture sent to him of himself and the woman in an “intimate” pose.

Viki is on her laptop when she sees that same picture of David with the strange woman. And she exclaims that she is very disappointed in David.

Original Todd then declares that he has to find a way to get his life back. And he has to find Viki.

Alone in the park, Nate concludes that he will have to come clean with what he did to Matthew but he does not know when.

Bo and Nora tell their son that they are going to be there for him and want him to have a promising future and a great life. It will just take a little time in rehab and very soon they will have Matthew back.

Dani asks Destiny what they test said. Destiny turns her back and replies it was negative. She is not pregnant.

Todd takes Jack to Capricorn and tells his son that they are going to see his mom but he must not tell her anything about “what he did”. Hearing that, Jack protests that he did not steal his dad’s car. He borrowed it. But Todd reminds his son he is not as concerned about that as he is about something far more serious.

Rex then explains to Shane that his plan is to get Todd Manning and his evil little spawn to have no suspicion of them. They will not see it coming. And then he will make them pay and bring them to justice.

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