OLTL Update Wednesday 7/6/11

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/6/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

While Nate is working outdoor at the park, Rick the porn producer is determined to get both him and Deanna to be in a film. He tells Nate he may not have a choice since he can inform the police commissioner and DA that Nate is responsible for putting their son in a coma.

Dani finds Destiny alone and looking depressed. She asks her what is up. She then discovers that Destiny is ready to take a home pregnancy test and asks her why. She then concludes she can figure out the reason why.

Starr and Hope go to meet Sebastian at Capricorn after he’s told her that maybe he can promote her as a singer. But she is shocked at what she observes when she sees him.

A nurse at the hospital gives Rex Gigi’s personal things. But he appears distraught and not ready to discuss funeral arrangements.

Viki is inside Clint’s hospital room after he’s done with surgery and tells her that Gigi’s heart is a take and he is going to live. But he seems less happy than she is.

Todd finds Jack lounging by the pool and demands to know what he is doing there relaxing. He has work to do.

Rex is upset and does not want to talk to anybody about Gigi dying.

When Viki is with Clint, Shane walks into the room and demands to know how they could do it. Why does Clint get to live when his mom had to die?

Todd asks Jack why he does not plan to work. He tells his son that that it’s time to grow up and come work for him at the Sun. Jack tells his dad he’s changed his mind.

Shane tells Clint that he knows that Clint believes he’s better than him and his dad and his mom. But he has some news for them. It’s Clint who not good enough for his mom’s heart. He does not deserve to live. Right then, Rex rushes in and Shane tells his dad he does not want to talk to him. He authorized for his mom to die so that Clint could have her heart.

Bo and Nora are ready to ask Matthew what he was ready to tell them about when Eddie got shot. Matthew appears to be getting better but they are not certain what he will tell them and he’s not yet able to talk.

Nate tells the porn producer that he is not going to respond to his threats regarding getting him in trouble for assaulting Matthew. He has heard that Matthew is going to be ok. So the Rick needs to leave him and Deanna alone.

James is not far away in the park telling Deanna that he is a bit concerned about this new guy in town who wants to promote Starr as a singer. He is worried that Sebastian may want more than that with Starr. She asks if Sebastian is not Starr’s cousin. He tells her that he’s her step mother’s nephew which means they are not related by blood.

Dani asks Destiny why she suspects she is pregnant. Did she sleep with Matthew and not use protection?

Bo tells Nora if they want their son back good as new, they need to be patient. But she tells him that patience is not her strong suit however she will try. He asks if she could hold down the fort for a while. He needs to go and find his brother. She stays alone with Matthew. Dani and Destiny enter and when they are out of an ear’s shot, Dani tells Destiny she has to take the test. Why hasn’t she found out whether she is pregnant? And if she does not believe that it’s possible, then why did she buy it in the first place? Destiny replies that Starr just got her worried but she knows she could not have gotten pregnant by Matthew.

Nora sits alone with her son and is ready to read to him. Mathew is silent but remembers Nate barging into his home and decking him telling him he knows that Matthew killed his father and was ready to let Nate take the rap for it and go to prison. Nora then can see that her son appears like he was going to say something.

Rick the porn producer tells Nate he may call him if he ever changes his mind. Nate tells him he won’t so Rick needs to get lost.

Deanna asks James if he might be jealous by Starr’s new friend. Right then, she gets a call that appears to be her mom who needs her to run an errand. She tells him that it won’t be long. He then concludes it will not take long to find out what Is going on with Starr’s new “God’s gift to music”. Deanna then rushes to talk to Nate.

At the club, Starr tells Sebastian if he refers to her daughter as “it” one more time, she will remove his tongue. But he is able engage Hope in being interested in music and declares that she is a “natural”. Starr then tells him she had to bring her daughter because she’s having some difficulties. But she remarks that Hope seems to like him and it’s surprising since she usually does not take to strangers. She reflects that Starr does not appear to like James. He asks her what about Hope’s father. She replies that her father is in prison. Hearing that, Sebastian appears shocked.

Rex goes to see Clint and tells him his son is right. Clint does not deserve to live.

Jack asks Todd why he has to work. He is not certain he wants to g out in public and be accused of being responsible for the death of Gigi Morasco. .There’s an incriminating article about him in The Banner. Yet he has been acquitted of all charges. And he shows Todd the article in the paper. Although he has not been charged with a crime, everybody who reads it will mistakenly think he’s guilty. Right then, Todd grabs the paper and tells his son he needs to see it. Blair then enters and demands to know what is going on.

Starr asks Sebastian if he’ s going to show her what he has found and wants her to sing. He tells her no. That is not the way he does things. He wants her to find something and put it together. he then gives her a microphone and she sings. Hope listens as he does and he tells her he was impressed. And he has recorded her.

Nora asks Matthew what he is trying to say. And it appears he cannot vocalize what he remembers although he has a clear memory of his altercation with Nate shortly before he was rushed to the hospital and fell into a coma.

Deanna finds Nate and asks if he is ok. He tell s her that he is not going to let Rick, the porn producer threaten him anymore. Dani then enters and asks what they were talking about. He tells Dani that Deanna just told him some stuff about her mom. She then tells them she has to get back to work. Alone with Nate, Dani demands to know what just happened there.

Viki takes Shane aside and tells him she knows that in time this won’t hurt so much. She tells him she really loved his mother. She will always remember their friendship and when they first met in Paris, TX. A part of Gigi will always live inside her and she knows Gigi will always live in Shane. She leaves him alone with Rex who asks his son if he is ok. Shane furiously demands to know how his dad could do this. Rex replies he knows that this does not make much sense now. But he will take him home and tell him everything.

Blair demands that Todd and Jack tell her what she just walked in on. What are they afraid that Jack will be accused of? She asks if Todd is implying that his own sister would allow something to be falsely printed about Jack in the Banner. And why does he want to accuse John of making a false arrest? She demands that Jack tells her what he is guilty of.

After Shane and Rex leave the hospital, Clint tells Viki that of course Rex and Shane hate him but at least Rex gets all his money to make him happy as that’s all Rex cares about. She asks him what he and Rex talked about that persuaded Rex to give Clint Gigi’s heart.

Rex takes his son home and demands that they talk. He tells him that he never wanted to give Clint Gigi’s heart. Shane asks his dad why he did it then. Rex replies that he’s now gotten all of Clint’ money and power. Shane furiously asks his dad if he would kill his mother for money.

Clint tells Viki that Rex agreed to let Gigi die and let Clint have her heart because of the one and only thing that has always motivated that gold digging loser; money. She tells him she finds that hard to believe and if he now has a second chance at his life, she begs him not to waste it by hating his own son. He then asks her just what kind of a life he can have. When he thought he was going to die, he confessed to everything. Bo then walks in and tells his brother he can see that he’s beat the reaper again and he knew that Clint could do it. Clint asks Bo how Matthew is. Bo tells him his son will be alright. Clint then confirms to his brother and ex-wife that everybody believes they are so happy for him but they have all forgotten about his crimes. When he thought he was going to die, he was ready to confess to all that he has done. But now that he realizes he is not going to die, maybe it’s now time to pay the piper.

In Matthew’s hospital room as he attempt to talk, he goes into a cardiac arrest. Rick the porn producer comes by the hospital and observes unseen.

Dani demands that Nate tells her the secret he has with Deanna. He urges her to know that it is not what it looks like. But knowing that he will not tell her their secret, she demands to know if he and Deanna are messing around behind her back.

Rex tells Shane that they cannot stay at the carriage house because it was Gigi’s home. But now they have the Buchanan mansion with a pool and horses and servants and all the things they could ever want. But Shane again demands that his dad tells him how he could forget about his mom.

Alone with Todd, Blair tells him he’s been keeping too many secrets from her including that Jack has been arrested. He obviously did not want her to know about it and wanted to cover up the fact that Jack is responsible for Gigi’s death. She had to find out about it from Tea. Todd has not returned her calls. So why doesn’t Todd just admit it?

James comes by to observe Starr at the club with Hope and Sebastian while he remains unseen.

Rick returns to Deanna and informs her that he went to the hospital and noticed that Matthew Buchanan took a turn for the worse. So he can continue to “motivate” Nate with the threat to tell Matthew’s parents what he did. So they have to do what he wants.

Not far away, Nate assures Dani that he is not messing around with Deanna. She (Dani) is his girlfriend. But Deanna has a secret that she told him in confidence. Dani then tells him if she is his girlfriend, he cannot keep secrets form her. He then asks her what about the secret she has kept from him.

Bo goes to see Clint in his hospital room and Clint tells his brother that nothing has changed regarding the fact that he is not going to change his mind about his “decision” regarding Matthew. He wants his nephew to live a long and healthy life. Bo leaves Clint alone with Viki and she asks what this secret he has with Bo regarding Matthew. He asks her to let it go. But she tells him she will not. And he is in no position to argue with her. Who is he protecting? Is it Nora? Clint replies no. It is not Nora.

The doctors go to find out what happened to Matthew. Bo, Nora and Destiny have to wait outside not knowing what will happen. Destiny then gets on her phone to call Dani but gets her voice mail.

Rex points his finger at Shane and tells him that he is wrong to think that Rex will ever forget Gigi. She is the love of his life. Shane asks why then is he taking the Buchanan’s money. Rex replies that Jack Manning has been able to get away with anything he wants to do because of his rich family. The law could not touch him or Clint or anybody with money to buy their way out of trouble. And from now on, they will have the same power and nobody will mess with them again. Shane reminds his dad that this still won’t bring his mom back. Rex tells his son although that is true, the people who killed her will not get away with it. So they need to pack up and move out of the carriage house.

Todd asks Blair if she wants their son to go away for murder and be in prison for rest of her life. He reminds her that “what’s her face” is dead and locking jack up won’t bring her back. Hearing that, Blair furiously tells him that “what’s her face” had a name. And they cannot let Jack get away with what he has done nor turn a blind eye to what is happening to their son. And right when they are arguing, Todd notices that “somebody” has taken his car. It appears that would be Jack. Todd asks Blair if she wants to have their son arrested for car theft as well.

Viki finally puts two and two together and figures out that Clint is taking the rap for murdering Eddie in order to protect Matthew.

The doctors try to save Matthew but tell Bo and Nora it’s too late. There is nothing they can do.

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