OLTL Update Tuesday 7/5/11

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/5/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Minuteman, Aubrey wants to encourage Rama to cheer up and hang out with her. But, she remembers that a woman screamed from Robert Ford’s room. And she detects that it was not somebody he was “enjoying” being with.

In the other room, Robert tells Jessica he gives up on trying to get Tess back. He’s done everything he could to get her to understand why he did what he had to do. So, he tells her he will remove the gag from her mouth and she may scream. But she tells him she won’t do that. Instead she wants to apologize for what she put him through.

Vimal goes to see a depressed John at Rodi’s after Natalie has told John they are through. He tells John there is something he must tell him. But before he can get it out, John gets a call that he is needed at the Minuteman. And Todd comes by to talk to Vimal about their “plan”.

On the roof, Joey and Kelly are wondering what they should do regarding the future of their relationship. She tells him that she previously confirmed that she just wanted to be friends. But maybe now she has changed her mind.

At The Minuteman, Aubrey tells Rama that she does not want to get Robert Ford in trouble. She’s seen him with Ryder and knows he’s not a bad guy. But Rama tells her she has to call the police.

In the other room, Jessica tells Robert that she knows that she could not deal with the fact that Brody cheated on her with Natalie, lied and got Natalie pregnant. It was that and also knowing that Ryder is not Brody’s but his (Robert's) that pushed her over the edge. So she hid and ran and Tess came out. And she realizes how this has really been a raw deal for him. She knows he cares about baby Ryder and has been shafted.

A stunned and shocked Brody goes to find Natalie after having heard the tape recording of Marty Saybrooke revealing that she knows that John is Ryder’s father and not Brody. Natalie is happy and ready to move on with Brody and has no clue what has just happened. But she can see by his expression that something is not right and asks what is going on.

Blair and Dorian go to find Jack unaware of what has just happened regarding his being responsible for the attempted murder of Gigi.

Todd goes to Rodi’s knowing that Vimal might be ready to tell him what Todd urged him not to regarding the fact that John has a son he does not know is his.

Brody then tells Natalie there is something he must tell her about John.

After Kelly declares to Joey that she has changed her mind, she tells him that she knows this is ridiculous. He made the choice to disregard her and fell for a woman he barely knew who turned out to be a complete scam. He tells her he knows he got suckered by a con artist and hurt a lot of people including her. He tells her he made a complete ass of himself. But he learned some things from this. And what he’d like to do is start over. But, hearing that, she asks how. And what does that mean?

When Aubrey and Rama are in the motel room together, they hear a knock on the door. They turn off the lights so that the person will not see them. They let “someone” in and are ready to knock him out. They then see that it’s Cutter Wentworth.

In the other room, Robert tells Jessica that although Tess is supposed to be a fragment and a part of her sickness, he saw her as something real. She was a person who was wild and crazy and selfish and he felt as though he met his match. Hearing that, Jessica tells him she’s sorry but Tess is gone..

Todd goes to find Vimal at Rodi’s knowing that he might be ready to divulge the secret to John. John then tells them he has gotten a call from the Minuteman. And he has to close the bar so they both have to get out. Todd and Vimal are then left alone outside Rodi’s.

Natalie is happy to see Brody and suspects nothing. They look at baby Liam together and Brody cannot bring himself to tell her what happened.

At the Minuteman, Cutter tells Aubrey that he is there to see her and needs to talk about Joey Buchanan. He assumes that she might be ready to “take him back”.

Outside Rodi’s, Vimal tells Todd that if he comes clean and tells John the truth, he cannot get into any legal trouble. But, Todd reminds him, he (Todd) is married to a lawyer and knows if Vimal admits that he withheld information, he could get in legal trouble. And they both wonder if John should know about baby Liam or not.

David finds Dorian with Blair and attempts to distract them as Blair tells her aunt that she has found out some horrifying information about Jack. Dorian tells her niece she needs to discuss the matter with Todd. But Todd is not answering his phone and is in dispose at the time.

Todd tells Vimal that if he keeps quiet about Liam, he will be doing the kid a favor. He has a great dad, Brody. And he tells Vimal that he can make it worth his while to do what he wants. Vimal asks him what he plans to do. Todd tells Vimal he can offer him a job.

Jessica tells Robert she realizes that he is Ryder’s father and Brody is no longer an option for her. He tells her that he wanted to raise his child with Tess. Right then, before they can continue their conversation, John rushes to respond to the call assuming that there is danger. But Jessica urges him not to do anything to Robert. He has not hurt her nor broken the law. John questions what the two of them are doing alone in the motel room but Jessica tells John the cops need not get involved.

Brody tells Natalie that he got kind of “freaked out” by the thought of losing her and Liam to John. While she holds the baby and expresses wanting a future with him, he cannot divulge to her that he’s found out that he is not her baby’s father. He observes her holding the baby she believes is his and is ready to move on with Brody and “their” child, he asks her if she is really certain she is not “over” John. She tells him of course. She is ready to move on with him. If he will have them.

Cutter goes to see Aubrey at The Minuteman. He now has nothing after he no longer owns Clint’s home. He tells her he believed she once loved him. He knows he hurt her by taking up with Tess. He sounds sincere and tells her he always thought that once they got what they wanted, they would give up what they were doing and settle down somewhere. She tells him she wanted that too and realized she hurt him also. But, he concludes, it’s all over and he no longer wants her. Yet he stays with her at The Minuteman.

Joey finds out that his father made it out of surgery. He is with Kelly who is happy that Clint will be ok.

When John and the cops go to the Minuteman ready to arrest Robert Ford, Jessica assures them that there is no cause for alarm. Robert is the father of her child and they were just discussing some things. John then cuts Robert loose but warns him never to pull a stunt like this again, knowing he may have been up to no good.

When Natalie leaves Brody alone with Liam and he holds the baby, he confirms to Liam that he loves him and has yet to tell his mom.

Outside Rodi’s, Vimal asks Todd if he wants to hire him to work at The Sun. Todd tells Vimal he would be a great computer and security technician and he could give Vimal a lot of money and make it worth his while. He tells Vimal he needs to get rid of his greedy wife, however. But Vimal protests that she is not greedy. He is in love with her. Hearing that, Todd tells Vimal that with all the money he will make working for Todd, Vimal can give Rama anything she wants. Vimal asks what if he says no. Todd replies he needs to know what happens to people who cross him.

Alone in the nursery with baby Liam, Brody confirms that he heard Natalie confirming that she and John are over and she is moving on with him. That is what she wants. That is what he wants also. He assesses that he lost Ryder and Jessica and is not going to lose anyone else. He confirms to Liam that he and his baby and Natalie are all together. They are happy. He deserves to be happy. And he vows to Liam that he will not lose his daddy. He then pulls out the tape recorder wondering what to do with it. Right then, Natalie returns and calls to him.

Todd tells Vimal he knows Vimal wants money and prestige. He can make that happen for Vimal. And, he tells him, he also has a 3000lb friend who can cut Vimal’s tongue out and destroy it with the rest of his body. John returns remembering that Vimal told him he wanted to tell him something. He asks Vimal what it was. Vimal is silent.

David and Dorian are in the back yard watching the fireworks. He asks her if she really believes that he would have an affair with “that woman”. She smirks and tells him that is absurd. Why would he have cheap hamburger when he can have filet mignon.

After the cops leave Jessica and Robert Ford alone, she tells him she has to get to the hospital to be there for her dad. He thanks her for not pressing charges. She then acknowledges that he is the father of her son. She doesn’t want him to go to the jai. But she turns and tells him she has to go. He then reminds her that since he kidnapped her, she does not have a car. She tells him in that case, she will take a cab. But he offers to give her a ride. She graciously accepts and tells him maybe while in the car they can figure out how they are going to share their son.

Joey and Kelly are happily together and she holds onto him up on the roof appearing as though she wants to get back with him. And they go off together.

Aubrey is alone at The Minuteman observing a picture of herself and Joey in “happier times”. Right then, Cutter comes out of the bathroom appearing confident and flip. He tells her “when the going gets tough, the tough go scamming”. But it appears she may not want to continue doing what they have been doing together and is not over Joey. Right then, we see Rama up on the roof alone appearing like she is crying and missing Vimal.

After John asks Vimal what he was going to tell him and Vimal remembers the “offer” Todd made to him, he tells John he really did not have anything to say. And he is really “sorry” he had to bother him. Todd and John both leave. Vimal then hears his phone ringing and notices that Rama is calling him. He wonders what to do.

Natalie tells Brody she is going to get to the hospital to be with her dad. He asks if she wants him to come with her. She tells him she can go alone and he can stay with Liam. As soon as Brody is alone, he picks up the baby, holds him and knows he cannot ruin what they have.

John is alone looking “incomplete” as though he knows something.

Brody tells baby Liam that he is his son and nobody is ever going to know any different.

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