OLTL Update Friday 7/1/11

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/1/11


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert Ford has taken drastic measures with Jessica to get her to “reconsider”. He has her bound and gagged at the Minuteman and tells her that all he wanted was to have a future with the woman he loves and his child.

Ina room nearby, Rama cries and tells Aubrey her that her marriage is ruined and it’s all her fault. Vimal knows all of their secrets including that she lied about being pregnant and had Vimal falsely imprisoned for the sole reason that she wanted to take Clint’s money.

At Capricorn, Todd reveals to Vimal, for the first time, that John McBain has an infant son he does not know about. It’s the baby known as Brody and Natalie’s Liam.

When Brody is alone at the station and confident that he and Natalie can move forward with “their” son, he plays the tape which reveals, for the first time, that Marty switched the test results and that she knows, with certainty that Liam is John’s child and not Brody’s. He plays it several times hoping that he has heard wrong. But each time, he hears Marty’s voice confirming that John is Liam’s father.

Natalie goes to see John to announce to him that they are through and she is going to be seeing Brody, whom they both believe is her baby’s father. John tells her he also has something to tell her having just been encouraged by Blair to go and save his relationship with Natalie.

Joey and Kelly talk on the roof. He wants to get back with her but realizes it may be too little too late and there may be no chance for them.

Robert takes Jessica to the Minuteman Motel determined to get Tess back. He wants to make certain that Tess is ok. Seeing that Tess is not coming out, he angrily tells Jessica that she only sees Tess as a puppy who does all of her “work” for her and whom she has no respect for. But Tess means something to him. He loves Tess and knows she loves him.

Natalie tells John, at Rodi’s, that she has something to say to him that is not easy to say. He tells her she may go first. She tells him it’s about herself and Brody. Something has changed. And it came as a surprise to them as well as to all others. It has kind of snuck up on them and they are just getting used to it. Hearing that, John asks her to say it. She then declares that she and Brody are together.

Brody then plays the tape to hear Dr. Buhari asking Marty if she is really certain that the baby is John’s and not Brody’s and Marty confirms that is true and that she had to take drastic measures to break up Natalie and John.

Vimal tells Todd he knows, with certainly that the biological parents of Liam are Natalie Banks and Brody Lovett.

Brody continues to hear the tape Marty confessing to her shrink that she altered the test results to make it falsely appear that Brody was the father of Natalie’s baby. But she knows, unequivocally that the father is John.

Vimal then tells Todd he knows the test that he changed. It was not for Clint’s daughter, Natalie. He altered the test results for Jessica but did nothing to the test for Natalie’s baby. But Todd informs him, for the first time that one thing he is unaware of is that he was the not only person who was there to alter a paternity test on the night in question.

We then see Brody playing the tape of Marty confirming that she altered the test results after Vimal left the hospital DNA lab and nobody on the planet knows to this day except the two of them (herself and Dr. Buhari as they speak).

At the Minuteman, Rama tells Aubrey all Vimal did was love her. He made her his queen. And when he was in prison falsely accused and lied to about being pregnant, she was flirting with another guy. Aubrey protests that it was not her fault that the whole thing came down the way it did. But Rama cries and declares that Vimal deserves someone better than her.

Vimal tells Todd he is mistaken to believe that Natalie’s paternity test could have been altered. But he then remembers seeing Marty there after he left. He asks Todd if it could really be true that she falsified the test to have Brody Lovett appearing to baby Natalie’s baby’s father and not John.

Brody then crouches on the floor, distraught when he plays the tape of Marty confirming that she has had him and Natalie falsely believing that he is Liam’s father when it’s John’s. He then wonders what he is going to do.

At Rodi’s, Natalie declares to John that she realized that she and Brody felt terribly guilty for what they did to him and to Jessica. She was determined for a long time, to fight to get him back. But she has now concluded that he is correct. The two of them do not have a future. She and Brody do. Hearing that, John concludes that maybe he should be happy for her. He also remarks that it may be none of his business. But how is Jessica taking this?

At The Minuteman Motel, Robert has a “restrained” Jessica hearing him saying that this is where he and Tess declared their love. They made love and they proved that they were right for each other. But he had to be an idiot to distrust her and attempt to have her committed to St. Anne’s and forced her to go and take up with Cutter Wentworth. He knows that Cutter just wanted to use her for her money and betrayed her. But he loves her, knows she loves him and he is not going to let her get away or lose herself ever again. He then notices that she is unable to talk but wonders if maybe Tess can hear him.

Vimal asks why Dr. Saybrooke would have confided in Todd that she switched the test results. She doesn’t exactly trust Todd. But Todd tells Vimal whether he believes it or not, the fact remains that Marty switched Natalie’s paternity test. Vimal then asks Todd how or if he’s going to break the news to John McBain. Todd tells Vimal he doesn’t plan to do so. Vimal asks Todd if he’s never going to tell John he has a son. Todd tells him that’s correct.

Natalie explains to John that Brody had good reason to give up on Jessica. She was Tess and with Robert Ford and even after she’s come back, she blames Brody for everything and it appears they have irreconcilable differences. And, she tells him, that even if herself and Brody have reason to regret what they did to him and to Jessica, they cannot put their lives on hold. They have a son together and plan to be a family.

Joey tells Kelly that he wasted a lot of time and made a tragic mistake with Aubrey. She tells him that she came there for a reason but maybe they should not put a “label” on why she’s there. She tells him she thinks getting caught up in “what if’s” is not the thing to do. He tells her that he is the king of bad ideas and does she not remember Reverend Joey. He was a spiritual advisor. But he made a very stupid judgment call with Aubrey. She tells him she knows that he was in love with Aubrey. He tells Kelly he was in love with someone but it was not Aubrey.

Aubrey tells Rama she wants her to get back with Vimal just like she wants to get back with Joey. She knows that Vimal is a good man who is worth it for Rama to fight for just like she previously thought was the case for herself regarding Joey. Yet, she declares to Rama she realizes that there’s no hope for her and Joey.

Robert gets a “glimmer of hope” that Tess is back. She is able to make herself heard. He then removes the gag from her mouth and she yells “help” loud enough to be overheard by Rama and Aubrey in another room.

Natalie tells John that she does not want what happened between herself and Brody to erase the “progress” that they have made. She knows that even if she and John have a problem to deal with, she is hoping that they can be friends and accept what is going on. He asks her if she is asking if he thinks he can accept her with Brody. She tells him she wants to find out if he thinks it will be an issue for him.

After Jessica screams and Robert believes she’s Tess, he tells her luckily for them both nobody has heard them. But right then, Rama and Aubrey knock on the door.

Joey tells Kelly that when he was drifting through Europe for all of those years, he wanted to have a future with her. But he met Aubrey. And he took her back to Llanview where everybody has all of these ideas about him. People believe that he’s a dreamer, a flake and does not know what he wants. So he wanted to prove them all wrong. Yet although he thought he wanted Aubrey, he could not get over this little voice always in his head telling him that the right person for him is Kelly.

Vimal drinks and tells Todd that he needs to do the right thing and realize that John McBain is a decent man. Todd tells Vimal he is obviously under the influence if he cannot see that John is nothing more than a shallow worthless person hidden behind a badge. He betrayed Todd’s niece and cheated on her and did not deal with his problems. And does a man like that deserve to be a father, Todd asks Vimal? So, he confirms to Vimal, that this must remain their little secret.

John then confirms that he accepts that Natalie is going to have a future with Brody and tells her he wishes the two of them the best.

We then see Brody gritting his teeth and forcing himself to go and reveal the truth with what he’s just found out about Liam.

Todd gives Vimal $100 for a cab, tells him drinks are on him and declares that he is Vimal’s best friend. Vimal then asks if he should spend the night at The Minuteman although Todd tells him the place is beneath him. But Vimal concludes if that is the case, at least he knows that Rama could not be staying there.

Rama and Aubrey continue to knock on the door when Robert won’t answer. He then goes out to see them after hiding Jessica from their view when he sees Aubrey on her phone ready to call the police. He then convinces the women that he didn’t hear them knocking and had to get his pants on before getting the door. And they just heard his new “conquest” screaming while they were having sex. He tells them his “companion” is “very vocal”. Hearing that, they conclude that there is no cause for alarm and let him get back to what he was doing. He then gets back to Jessica/Tess and tells her that he was desperate and knew he couldn’t exactly tell them what was really happening.

After Natalie declares to John that she and Brody are moving on together and he tells her they have his blessing, she then remembers that he was going to tell her “something”. She asks what it was. Yet John cannot get it out remembering that he intended to get back with her.

Brody cries and determines that Liam will always be his son and that will never change. But what is he going to do he wonders.

John replies to Natalie that he didn’t have anything important to tell her. But she knows otherwise. He then tells her he just wanted to find out how Rex was doing and for her to let her brother know that John is there for him if he needs anything. Natalie tells John she appreciates that and leaves.

Kelly tells Joey she does not know what to say. He tells her she need not say anything. He does not intend to pressure her. But he knows that seeing her with John made him crazy and insanely jealous. She admits the only reason she was with John was because she was insanely jealous of him with Aubrey. He then concludes that that is really messed up.

Vimal goes to The Minuteman to sleep after drinking with Todd and runs into Rama and Aubrey. Aubrey tells him that the two of them don’t have anywhere to stay and Rama is going to fight for him. But he tells both women that they have gone too far in ruining peoples’ lives. They just don’t care and keep telling lie upon lie. But he’s going to stop this madness once and for all and tell the truth for a change. He’s not going to let John McBain be lied to.

Robert tells Jessica that he had an idea that maybe he could bring Tess back. He’s sorry. But he misses her so much. And now he’s proven to be the bastard that everyone thinks he is. He did not want to do this. He just wanted to be a father to Ryder and a hero to Tess. So, if Jessica does not understand and won’t let Tess back, he will let it go and accept things the way they are. He then removes the gag from her mouth and tells her she may now scream. But she does not.

Aubrey continues to encourage Rama to know that Vimal is still in love with her and not give up on him although Aubrey tells her she’s a really good liar. Aubrey then declares that the two of them can spend the night together in the motel room watching chick flicks and doing each other's nails since they are in the same boat. But they are both empty inside.

Jessica calmly declares to Robert that she is not going to scream. She is going to apologize for what she put him through.

A distraught Brody goes to see Natalie. She is happy but sees by his expression that something is not right and ask him what is up.

John is alone and depressed at Rodi’s after Natalie has left. He hears another person enter and declares they are closed. But it’s Vimal who informs him that he did not come there to drink. He’s there to talk. To John.

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